Setting the Scene

The U.nited T.erran R.econisance and P.rotection F.orce or UTRPF is Humanities protector. Mankind is spreading into the local galactic area,with established colonies on Alpha Centuri, Wolf 359 and other systems. However some colonies have not contacted Earth for some time. Something is afoot....

  • Shirley 'Bomber' Bates ("don't call me Shirley!") , male demolitions expert
  • Wulf, male heavy weapons expert
  • Marcus Trent, male engineer
  • Trevor, male navigator
  • Jonesy Birgut, Radio Operator
  • Plus a number of others (NPCs)

From the journal of 'Bomber' Bates

We are summoned to a briefing room. Captain Listar hands a briefing out. It seems that the research vessel Integrity is now a month overdue. It was supporting a research facility on Procyon A2. Our objective is to find the Integrity and secure the safety of the scientists and staff in the facility. Sounds like a piece of cake to me! Nothing to blow up, no 'extreme prejudice'! Boring...! We will travel on the Trailblazer - at jump-19 it will still take us over 3 months to Procyon A2.

3 months of card games and vids.....

We emerge from hyperspace. An emergency transmission is repeating over and over. Mayday. We can't hold them off much longer. We are retreating to the medical building. We try to make contact but there's no response. We also detect the transponder of the Integrity, on the surface about 60 miles from the research facility. Lots of life signs!

We take the ship into the atmosphere and head for the Integrity. Dense temperate forest covers the ground. The Integrity seems to have landed in a small clearing. There isn't room to land the Trailblazer. We then fly over the research complex. There is no signs of life but there does appear to be human remains lying on the ground and the body of a large dog in a fenced compound.

We decide to investigate the Integrity first so we return and rappel onto its roof.. Wulf takes point. The ship is empty - there is no sign of life. We make our way to the bridge and I examine the ships logs. Seems the ship landed and the marines secures the perimeter and then escorted some scientists into the forest. The remaining crew then started to disappear (including the navigator and pilot) and the ship eventually came under attack from some things that looked like large, spiny dogs. Stranded the crew defended the ship as long as possible and when the perimeter lasers ran out of ammo they tried to reach safety of the research facility.

Suddenly a scream comes over our communicators. Our CO is being attacked. We rush to find him and he staggers out of one of the WCs, arm covered with small furry creatures. I rush forward with Wulf and we start to pull the creatures off him. The CO is in a bad way, unconscious or dead on the floor. I take some damage but we manage to kill the creatures. The CO is still alive but in a bad way. The doc binds his wounds and also helps me. Since the CO is down I'm now ranking officer. We arrange for an emergency evac for the CO while myself, Wulf and a couple of the others check out the perimeter. We find a lot of bones, human and otherwise and the remains of a trail hacked out of the forest.

We decide to investigate the research facility.

From the journal of 'Bomber' Bates

The ship lands just outside the complex & we depart, making for the nearby medical complex which was the last known location of the science team. Wolf and I take the lead. We have barely moved away from the ship when we are attacked by a large black dog-like creature which savages Nathan, the medic. Marcus shoot at the creature, grazing it. Louise also shoots it but it seems quite tough. I fire a short burst, killing it. Marcus runs to help Nathan while myself on Wolf watch the surrounding area i case there are more of the creatures. We can hear movement but don't see anything. Suddenly three more of the creatures appear between ourselves and the ship. Louise opens up with her assault rifle on full auto and kills all three. Another one appears and leaps at me. I kill it with a short burst. These creatures are starting to become annoying! Two more jump Louise badly wounding her. We kill them and make for the medical complex.

When we knock on the door someone opens it. Inside is an officer, 2 guards and 3 civilians. There are also 8 stasis chambers, 4 of which are occupied. The officer is called Captain Kowalski (retired) & the security officers are Baker & Stanley. The captain was part of the security detail associated with the mission. Shortly after the Integrity left on its mission the complex was attacked ny the Hell Hounds. The scientists tell us the hell hounds are alien (not from this planet as the creature do not show any dna similarities to the local flora & Fauna. Thec reatures seem to have appeared at the start of the rainy season 6-months ago.

We ask the ship to move into the compound to make it easier for us to escort the science team on board. We make our move. The Hell Hounds start to move into the complex from the south. I throw a frag grenade - big bang - yes! Wolf hits them with his howler maxchine gun. I throw an incindiery grenade which seems to slow the charge. We hold them off with a combination of grenades and autofire while the civilians and the pods are moved into the ship. Then we beat a hasty retreat (I leave behind a couple of primed satchel charges as a surprise).

We return to the other ship to retrieve the stasis units. We use a cargo net to lift the stasis pods.

We search the surrounding area for the expedition that left the intrepid &eventually pick up the transponder signals. There are no life signs though & given the area is heavily forested we don't investigate further.

The pilot spots a large structure about 20 miles away. We lay in a course, It turns out to be a large golden pyramid - 200 x 200m at the base.

We return to earth and get debriefed ...

Barely have any time for shore leave when we are reassembled and sent back to Procyon A2. This time with a brief to escort a team to recover the Integrity and to then investigate the pyramid structure. Securing the Intrepid is straightforward - it hasn't been disturbed since out last visit. We fly to one of the poles and are ordered to dig ice to refuel the Intrepid (this is't what I signed-up for. Maybe I can speed things up using explosives!).

The Intrepid departs and we fly on to the pyramid. We notice a ramp descending beneath the pyramid and decide to investigate.

From the journal Wulf

We set up a perimter of the disco lights ready for a party and take half of all the ammo into the APC along with one of the cages to try and catch one of these critters alive. The pyramid appears to made of a gold mysterious alloy. We experiment - when it was shot it diffused and left a white residue when looked at no damage appeared to have been done. Piling back into the APC we drive down the ramp into the pyramid and find a big empty room with large pillar in the middle and one door exiting the room Wel have to leave the APC to go further on. Wulf checks out the door. The smart bookworm says smarmily that the symbols signify its a door. We force the door open and see a ladder going up.

We send the scout up the ladder to check for any bad guys (bugs?). She sees another door with a platform". We head up the ladder to the door. Wulf is reduced to using a pistol. The door opens into a corridor. The scout goes ahead again and finds that the corridor opens up into a room with a lift and a number of doors, again all without power.

One door open up into a room with some couches. A small metallic spider -creature jumps out and attacks. Bomber shoots it for pitiful damage and its tries to inject him with something but fails. He then blows it away. There appear to be another two in the chamber. The scout finishes both off with some impressive shooting.

Next door leads to a T-junction. We leave someone to watch.

Next door we try opens into an empty room.

The adjacent door opens into another room with small couches. We are attacked again by the metallic spiders. I shoot one three times with a tazor it arcs and falls over. I pin it to the floor with the howler and it stops moving. We then have a debate about what to do with it, deciding to leave it for later As we leave it jumps up to attack and gets blown away.

The next room is similar and also contains a spider. We shoot at it and miss. Spider jumps at Bomber and misses, another appears from behind a couch. Yet another is hiding round the corner. Another two appear from a couch. One attaches to Bomber but he knocks it to the floor with rifle then misses. Someone else finishes it off.

We open last door while debating about using a granade to clear the room. Another one jumps out and misses me, I shoot it with a single shot from the howler.

Examine the centre column its got four doors(i.e. four lifts). The xeno scientist wants shooting due to sarcastic blatantly obvious remarks.

Another spider jumps out from one of the lifts.

Go to the T junction turn left an empty room with two doors open door with couches and displays.

Next door has empty shelves.

Go back down the corridor into another room with benches. With tools on them.

Go back to lift and spot a door in roof of lift. The lift shafts go up and down farther than when we came in. The scout goes up first but can't bridge the gap to the door. We notice there are some planks that can bridge this gap. We open the doors. Three spiders are waiting for us - they die horribly.

We appear to be in some sort of control centre with three chairs one of which is a different shape. Some lights appear on one chair. The scientist thinks they might be power controls. I never would have guessed that!

We descend down the list shafts to the lower levels.

The shaft opens up into a big room with a pit in the middle filled with water. Some sort of monorail system appears to be in the ceiling. A big couch appears at the far end of the room. Some sort of vehicle appears to be above the couch. There seems to be spaces for another 500 of these vehicles.

The next room is large with four of these bigger spiders!!. I fire with flechete hitting all but only dropping one. Bomber fire bursts and drops another two. One shoots Amanda for large amounts of damage. I fire at the last with the howler for large amounts of damage.

From the journal Jonesy

Shall we switch the power on, thats the question, whats the answer? I dont know personally think we should just leave but hell what do i know i am just a lowly radio operator.

During this lull in the proceedings let me tell you a little about myself, I am Jonesy dont know me mum or dad. Don't want to anyway. Apart from that thats me, lowly radio operator, once applied to be a Scout but was refused, and now i carry around a radio, wow what a way to make a clone feel useful.

We are marines lets turn on the power and blow things up!!! Woot!

Looks like we are taking Amanda back to the ship to put her into stasis. Then we switch the power on. Then we watch the shit hit the fan, hopefully this time i wont be the fan.

Looks like we are turning it on, here we go... think Me, Lucy and Marcus are going to be turning it on. Standing behind Marcus and giving advice. Lucy is thinking of flipping the switch and managed to achieve something none of us have managed to do in a long time, 1 in a 100. She's lost it she doesnt know what to do bloody woman.

Trevor has had enough and is attempting to work out what is going on, he cannot work it out, for gods sake this is stupid, i press a button... nothing happens, Marcus tries a random button... nothing happens... i think pressing random buttons is really going to hurt. Haha Marcus has powered it up! I knew pressing random buttons was the best idea.

Marcus and Lucy stay in the main control room, the rest of us go downstairs to retrieve the spider and examine the ships.

We start thinking about how to move the big bloody spider into the lift. I provide a running commentary to the control room and the Trailblazer. Bomber sits on the couch and a set of lights turn on in the control room looks like Bomber's about to be taking a trip. Nah doesnt wimps out and he gets off of the couch.

Bomber now comes up with a fantastic plan... lets go into the woods today, where i am sure we will have a big suprise :)

While we are away Lucy and Marcus come under attack by a little dinky spider. They spaz about for a bit trying to knock it off Lucy they eventually do and they start letting rip with the big guns! What a cool idea in an alien ship with loads of sensitive controls. Come on hit something cool...... nah boring nothing happens. Blew it away no more little dinky spider. Apparently there were two little dinky spiders they blew up.

We send Wulf ahead, good idea lets send the really big guy with the big bloody gun to capture a wee beastie. Nah change of plans again Bomber has decided he will provide cover for me, Trevor and Bomber. Just a side note i think Bombers' leadership sucks talk about changeable mind or what, i mean we have even allowed the bloody navigator along. Actually on another side point. What kind of bloody idiotic General send a bunch of misfits like us with no real science team to explore a hugely important scientific discovery!!. Rant off.

We walk back nothing exciting in the forest.

Lucy has worked out how to turn the pyramid off! Yay.

Me and Bomber have gone and sat on the couch Lucy hits a few more buttons on the console to try and see if we can go up... dun dun dun... v.exciting. Bomber is going up on the couch, looks like I aint though.

Wow cool i am being crushed... i am a squidgy. Ow that hurt, Bomber has gone up i got squashed by the couch.

Bomber is now on the ship and looks like Bomber is about to be launched as the ship moves along the monorail. The launch fail, boring. Bomber is stuck on the ship and Lucy has established communication with him. I am laughing an awful lot.

I come under attack by a little spider and then some more spiders all told while fighting a retreat i kill about 10 of the little buggers. Get in the lift and a couple are sat in the lift as well, blow them away and start going up in the lift.

They cannot let Bomber out of the ship as a load of spiders are sat outside the ship. Me and Wulf go back down to help out Bomber.

Two spiders jump Bomber as the ships front glass shoots off. The other three come towards me and Wulf. Wulf blows all three away. Bomber and me kill off the remaining two spiders. We try to turn the power off with the intention of dragging the ship out behind the APC... we cannot turn the power off. Lucy does not know why.

The pyramid starts a countdown, the sentries start shooting us, we get on the ship and take off. The pyramid explodes along with several others which appeared to be in a star pattern around a central larger area, maybe another large pyramid?

We decide to skip the secondary objective.



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