The Asylum

  • Filburt-Filburt Du Pont, Dilettante
  • Dr Alan Fleischer. Teacher
  • Rory Flannagan, Jornalist
Beginnings (November 1922)

Rory hears that there have been more deaths than usual at one of the local asylums - Greenwood Asylum for the Deranged.  One of Filburt-Filburts associates, Amelia, happened to be committed to the asylum due to drug use and is one of the recent deaths.

Filburt is racing.  Dr Alan is in the crowd watching and Rory is there to report on the race.  There is a freak accident during the race and one of the drivers is seriously injured.  Filbert gets caught up in the accident and can only manage 4th place.

That evening Rory and Alan attend a sťance.  The medium has a message from 'Crispy' asking about the latest dance craze and football.  Rory is speechless, clearly overcome with emotion!

The next day I visit Amelias grave.

That afternoon my father rings me.  Amelias father has been in touch and he'd like me to look into her death - assure him that it was nothing more than a tragic accident.  I arrange to visit the asylum at 11am the next day.

I speak to the director, Edward Green and the coroner Dr Mike Hannover.  Amelia was treated by a Dr Fraygan, the owner of the asylum.  Amelia was being treated with psychotherapy and various medications for hysteria and emotional upset.  She seemed to suffer from a heart-attack. Dr Hannover confirms her death was caused by a heart attack.  There have been other deaths recently - all seemingly involving some form of heart failure.  I arrange to speak with Dr Frayling the next day.

Over lunch I meet again with Dr Hannover. He shows me his files on Amelia.

The Asylum building is an Italianate mansion with two wings, one 2-story and one 3-story.  There is a hefty gate at the front.

Rory and Alan pursue their own investigations. They find out that Dr Grayling has been hanging out with squatters up on the nearby Stonecrest Hill.  They speak with the local preacher God Bespoke Johnson.  He rants and raves, praising the lord - he seems somewhat crazy.

The squatters are known to be unchristian, thieving, bullies.

The next day I meet with Dr Frayling. He is well-mannered and well-spoken. He talks about the good record of the aslyum, despite the unfortunate deaths recently. He gives me a tour of the asylum. He seems quite decent.

the investigators paths never cross. Independently we each conclude that everything is normal and the deaths just unfortunate co-incidence.  Filburt-Filburt makes a donation to the asylum in memory of Amelia








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