The Wild Hunt

  • Cliff Star (34) – Special operations for the US Marshalls. A jock who amounted crippling debts but managed to get into the US Marshalls after college. Still suffers with his addiction.
  • John Jones (37) (JJ) – PI with a BA in Law. Has a limp in his left leg from an old shrapnel wound gained in the 1st gulf war where he was a GI. When he was pensioned out he got his degree.
  • Kim Wong (46) – Psycological Crimes Specialist. Lives with his grandmother (90 years old) in the suburbs. Kim is truly an ugly person but his natural empathy for other ugly people has allowed him to excel at his job. He also has an interest in Tae Kwon Do (he is a brown belt), and ancestor worship from Japanese mythology.

Monday Oct 26th – Midday

John is in the office, Cliff is pumping iron at the gym and Kim is with his grandmother at hospital where she is being tested for some kidney issues. Both Cliff and Kim get a phone call from their superiors, some bizarre murders have occurred and a task force is being assembled, we have been asked to stay at the Vista International Hotel & report to City Hall in Lower Manhattan at 8pm. John is asked to consult on the case as well and is also asked to attend.

Headlines – 2 murders in Soho , Police baffled.

We all meet in the conference room at city hall and introduce ourselves; there is a Simon Magnus present who is a consultant on the case. After a few minutes Captain Matheson, Sergeant McGonagal, Dr Conrad, Dr Gourdie & DA Chester Boulder walk in. Some of us know something about most of them.

  • Captain Matheson – NYPD no nonsense police officer, detests the media, considers anyone who hasn't been shot as not worth the effort. Member of the NRA, rumours that he beat up a reported, fought in Vietnam earned the nickname Monster Matheson.
  • Dr Conrad – psychiatrist helps track down violent offenders, well know in academic sector and does lot of lecture tours.
  • Dr Gourdie – police coroner, Saudi Arabian well respected, nickname Dr Ghoulie, works long hours, has yellow skin and dog like features. Has been seen caressing corpses late at night….
  • Chester Boulder – more of a politician than a law man, does not like to be crossed and has ruined many a persons career. 1 st wife died in a mysterious boating accident.
  • Simon Magnus – a consultant on the occult, know as a bit of a weirdo, speciality in “vampires” (like they exist), heir to the Magnus fortune.

So we start.

They believe they are serial murders and the press need to be kept out at long as possible. 2 dead bodies of young women, we are all given autopsy reports and background profiles. They have 2 witnesses they thought that the 1 st witness was drunken ramblings until they heard the 2nd witness.

Horace Cobb was the 1st witness, a pretty woman was attacked near to where he was lay in a blanket. He smelled a horrible stench and started puking. He noticed a man in a large black trenchcoat and dark clothing and wide brimmed hat. The man picked up the woman as if she was a rag doll and states “I thirst”. Horace then passes out with fear and alcohol.

Kate Rowlins, she is severely traumatised as she resided with the 2nd victim. She was administered a sedative, the thing was in a trenchcoat and wolf like. It morphed as it walked and moved, blazing eyes, horrible smell, I turned around and saw fangs then I ran.

They believe that a group of fanatical people believing in the occult are attacking these people. Drinking there blood and so on. A sadistic psychotic psychopath high on drugs. A few months ago a bunch of Goths killed there parents and that is one lead, some forensics needs to be attended to etc

1st victim died Saturday night body found Sunday morning.

2nd victim late Sunday evening, rowlings and 2 nd victim found Monday morning.

We decide to go to the scenes of the crimes. Hobb was passed out near a statue of Columbus , we find some footprints in a flower bed near to where the body was found. The shoe is a flat basic shoe around size 12, we follow the tracks and they end at a wall the wall is huge and we judge that they could not climb the wall.

We walk to the second crime scene, again it is cordoned off. We don't find anything at this scene however.

Tuesday 27th Oct

We attend the morning meeting at 8am there has been a 3 rd murder overnight. Same characteristics as on the previous murders, Nancy Hardy aged 38 brunette. She is quite famous as a mystery writer. Turns out Kim Wong has read all of her novels he is a huge fan and belongs to her fan club. He lets out a small cry as he hears the devastating news. Captain Matheson looks at him in disgust.

Cliff goes to use the police databases, Kim goes to the autopsy and JJ goes to the library to look at newspaper cuttings.

Nothing at the library or in the police databases, at the autopsy Kim sees the same stuff on this victim as on previous victims. Apparently the blood was drawn out after strangulation.

JJ goes to lunch with Simon Magnus to compare notes on the case. They meet in a Japanese restaurant and enjoy a lovely meal and discuss the case. Simon believes that it is a vampire. Nutter. Well JJ seems to think so anyway.

Kim on hearing that a vampire may be on the loose gets some holy water from a local Roman Catholic Church.

Cliff, Kim and JJ all go back to researching in the libraries and on the computers we find lots of information on vampires and so on.

We get back information on the shoe imprint, it is a size 11 from a make of dress shoe which is no longer made. We also get the lab reports back some people are saying that the tissue is inorganic and some experts are saying that it is extra terrestrial, it is crystalline in some respects. The saliva is type o negative and has crystalline fragments in it, there was also some blue ichor found. Which was organic and highly poisonous, it is apparently non terrestrial life with an indefinite life span.

Simon believes (nutter) that we have a greek revenant known as a vrykolakas. The history of them is based back in the days of the roman emperor Hadrian. Fire is the only effective way of killing these vampires.

We then proceed to stakeout two areas where we think the vampire/vrykolakas/weirdo may strike. A killing occurs close to the first murder, it is definitely another killing the same as the others. Wilma Plymouth 24 years old brunette, musician out on a date with Quentin Collins.

JJ and Magnus go to the crime scene, the body is lying in situ and looks like the other corpses. They find an old wide brimmed Fedora hat, which is down the alley towards a dead end.

Cliff and Kim go to the hospital to interview Quentin. We manage to persuade the doctor to let us speak to him, his back is broken. Wilma was lifted one handed as I was thrown away at a wall, I glimpsed his face it was a giant set of jaws and fangs with no other features.

Wednesday 28th Oct

At the morning conference a new article has been published by the press called “Vampire On The Loose”, the reporter implies he has insider information from occult experts and police officials. At a press conference they announce additional protection within Soho .

They believe that two gem stores nearby which were robbed may be connected. On the video cameras it showed a fleeting image, the gems were always flawless and the smell of death was present in the store. A huge set of jaws appears to have opened the vaults in all cases. There are 2 video tapes, virtually nothing can be seen, even with computer enhancement diamonds appear to move as if with an invisible force.

  • Royal fine gems owned by Bernhard Steiglitz. European ancestry.
  • European Treasure owned by Larissa Mctavish. American Scottish ancestry.

When we researched the Fedora it had a manufacture date of 1924. We all go and perform research on various occult things. Simon Magnus was fired from the task force as he was a nutter. He won't help us out anymore.

JJ searches out the Goths who may have been involved previously in killings. They hang out in the Catacombs (club) and Night Dark Designs (shop).

The owner is called Macala who has filed down vampire teeth. JJ asks a load of completely useless questions and is about a persuasive as a dead toad. They believe they may end up being scapegoats if the killer isn't found.

Kim goes to the Catacombs in the evening while the other 2 stakeout near the one of blocks.

The Catacombs is set up to follow the Egyptian god Bast. Essentially the place is quite messed up; anyone in here is really quite disturbed. Kim goes to see the manager he explains that one guy names Gregor was going to go and try to find the vampire to make a deal with it. Gregor sometimes works in a tattoo parlour called Jesus Wept, he also attends raves one of which is occurring at the weekend. Another one to consider is Palmer (dentist) who is a dominant S&M junky, people think he is a little too sadistic and has 3 female submissive brides.

Another murder occurs a block away from the blind numpties called JJ and Cliff. Victim number 5 is called Danna. Body found in a dead end alley nears Hobbs court.

Dana Little, small, green eyes, blonde married no children, worked at a nearby hospital as a surgical resident. When we arrive at the crime scene we are introduced to two new members of the task force. Not sure why an attorney is being added to the team, think the city is starting to get worried about being sued for not protecting its citizens.

  • US Attorney – James Franklin
  • CDC Researcher – Theresa May

Thursday 29th Oct

We all congregate in the morning for the briefing by Captain Matheson, Dr Gourdie confirms similarities in the manner of the murders. Kim retrieves the information on Palmer and proceeds to his address. Theresa is examining the ichor and checking records on databases around the world, she didn't find much but is still working on it. JJ goes to the tattoo parlour to try and find Gregor, the shop isn't open till noon, he tries knocking but no one answers. James was getting tax returns and files on the victims to try and see if any connections exist. JJ starts asking questions around the area of the catacombs. JJ discovers that a shop owner called Van Scorcesay went on vacation recently saying he was feeling ill, but he had been overheard saying that he felt an evil presence nearby. Kim gets to the dental parlour, but a sign on the door says that the practice is shut for 2 weeks. Kim proceeds to stakeout the property, he attempts to be inconspicuous but fails miserably probably.

Theresa finds a link to a case in the 1920's she goes into the archives to try and find more detailed records. James checks computer records to find out when Van S left the country. A huge biker type bloke turns up to the tattoo parlour. JJ and Cliff enter the shop and proceed to question him and after long discussions and several threats and lots of swearing. JJ and Cliff threaten to put cops outside the shop therefore stopping customers entering. After they threaten the bloke several times he makes the point that he isn't Gregor!!! LOL idiots, didn't ask him his name. Gregor hasn't been into work for a couple of days, he works for the owner (biker guy).

Kim meets Doctor Kurt Peter, to try and re-question Kate Rowlands, she is in a near catatonic state. His office is a bit odd, he has a picture of Peter and the Wolf, several books on war wounds and cannibalism. Kim is allowed to question the young lady and try to treat her. He is from Liepzig. Kim manages to get through to the young lady and she seems to be recovering albeit slowly. The attorney does what Kim tells him to do i.e. searches out the “brides” of Dr. Palmer. Firstly he goes to get CCTV and so on from the Catacombs. They have no CCTV, all transactions are cash and ID is checked at the doors.

JJ and Cliff found the tenement where Gregor lives, Xavier and Wolfen also lived with him, they were asked to move out after they were found eating kittens and sucking blood and other sick stuff. Gregor wants to find the vampire and pledge his undying loyalty. We try and discover Gregor's name from the tattoo parlour, work records and so on. They are trying to get CCTV pictures of his face as well.

We receive a phone call around 8pm a woman left the Palmer house and got groceries she then returned, she carried 3 bags, it appears Palmer is staying there still.

We hear reports of an incident on Broom Street, yet again none of use were near the scene. Three patrol cars are near the scene of the crime, another car is flipped over. All the policemen are dead, heads crushed, dismembered and very very dead, bodies are literally ripped apart. Cliff doesn't react well to the horrific scene in front of him; he goes a little loopy and sits down for a bit to recover his self. There are claw marks everywhere but no ichor and no dead female this time. The attorney is trying to make up evidence to try and get warrants to tap phones, arrest people and just generally arrest the whole of New York.

Friday 30th Oct

Newspaper reports indicate that we may have a suspect but the judiciary is not willing to sign warrants, this is believed to have been leaked by one of the task force. Was in fact our Attorney blokey. Our 2 suspects are Gregor and Palmer but we still have no evidence against either.

Kim goes to see Kate again but he doesn't appear to be making any progress and neither does Kurt.

Theresa goes to the chemical labs and gets some information that the doctor who analysed the samples went for early retirement and move to 316 Hobbs Lane in New York. There was an old notebook found which detailed some books and some ramblings about Azoth.

Peraselsis – illiasta or azoth is the foundation matter, he is the original alchemist, chemical wedding, blood angles and curves to create this blue substance.

I know nothing about the other names on the list that Theresa found either.

Hobbs Lane is researched – the name Hobbs court comes from where Hobbs Lane was!!! Eureka. Examining city records finds a map of the area in that time. We overlay and discover that the wine shop is where 316 Hobbs Lane is under.

We finally have a breakthrough. Tonight we investigate the building!!!

We go to a judge and try and get a warrant to enter the premises. We play on the Eastern European Angle, and this being ground zero for the killings. The leftie, democrat judge gives us short shrift. We feel we need more Holy water. We get some holy water, some from catholics and some more from Greek Orthodox – just in case. The PI goes for a look around the building. He sees that the back door isn't an option. We buy some night sights for the stake out.

Half of us are going to the goth nightclub to see if Gregor appears. The rest of us are staking out the off-licence. At the off licence nothing is observed. Cliff and Kim stake out the nightclub. The music is depressing – music to slash your wrists too. Around about midnight Kim gets lucky. A guy points Gregor out to him. Gregor has hooked up with a strange older gaunt looking guy wearing a long dark trenchcoat. We follow them into the gents. The place is empty apart from a foul stench. There are no windows. There is an incident going down. Four Goths run screaming. One female and three males. A car hits the female who was running down the road screaming. Another bloke is brandishing a penknife and stabs himself in the neck. The police arrive on the scene almost immediately. An ambulance arrives soon after. The survivors are taken to St. Vincent Hospital. We head to the hospital. The two survivors have lapsed into a coma and are pronounced. THC Ketamine and LHD and alcohol were found in the chemical workups. The ketamine is a variant. We ask the police at the scene to follow up on the drug angle. At one point all four of the dead had crossed paths with Gregor. He is a small time drug dealer.

Sat 31st Oct

The autopsies of the Goths doesn't reveal any new info. The 8am meeting points out the link between Gregor and designer drugs. There is also the diamond thefts and the murders. Hmm can't seem to see a link. Both the guy in the nightclub and the guys Horace Cobb and Kate Rowlins & Quentin Collins mentioned both had dark long trench coats. The foul stench is a theme. Teresa is going to oversee the drug analysis. JJ goes to the goth shop. Maybe he has changed his tune and will be wearing purple and black soon. The club will be closed for a few nights. Cliff and Jacob question some of the Goths. Nobody knows where Gregor is. Some are concerned that there bad drugs hitting the streets. There is a rave going on at Halloween. We are given a mobile number to call about the rave. Some of the Goths say they will call if they hear about Gregor. The PI revisits the off-licence looking for clues. We reinterview Horace Cobb but he hasn't heard anything new. Theresa gets some info on the Ketamine. It has some strange side-chains – it shouldn't exist. A rat given the drug had no physical side affects but went into a coma and died.

A 12 th century hermetic philosopher – he wrote a book mentioning Azoth. Azoth was a substance in the protoplasmic. A ritual where blood, angles and curves could be used to created be Azoth. Another philosopher mentioned how an artificial diamond could be created that was spherical and angular at the same time. He thought it would be an anathema. He disappeared soonafter. The book talks of the Banefull dust of Hermes Trimestes. In 1350 a sword belonging to Paracelsus was created with a crystal pommel and the word Azoth engraved.

Kim karate kicks in the door to the apartment above the off-licence. The PI finally manages to pick a lock and they gain entrance to the store below. They search the place. They go down to the cellar. There are wine bottles but nothing more.

James Franklin heads off to the Smithsonian to see the weird sword. He looks at the collection. Nobody else has been to see they recently.

In the evening we ring up and get the location of the meeting for rave Collumbus circle. It's on the edge of Central Park. We meet some people and in the location and head off. Other groups meet up with us. We pass a location for the Ghostbusters and people shout out references to the film. I am the gatekeeper etc. We head to the park and strawberry fields. We arrive at the rave. There are large water bins. Ravers are dressed, snug, geek, porn star and goth. Drugs are everywhere. We dance badly. We text the police task force. We look for Gregor and a guy in a trenchcoat. People start having trips and seeing the past, and heading back and back. They start to scream.

In an 80' radius the air begins to shimmer. The task force hears a babble. At midnight a hazy image of a strange dark corkscrew, with a strange city. In the city can be seen strange red glaring eyes. The red eyes seem to be moving much closer and appear in the eyes. All the evil in the universe seems to be concentrated in their eyes. Bodies start to be ripped apart. Cliff and Teresa run off. A pair of huge jaws appear raining ichor on the people. Gems rain down.

Task force descends on the rave. Any ravers that didn't run were ripped to shreds. There were a number off mad people as a result. There is no sign of Gregor or the man in the black trenchcoat.

Theresa and Cliff are in need of therapy. Theresa saw the creature and needed hospitalisation. People in the raves were hunted down by beasts.



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