Scales of War: Rescue at Rivenroar

From the journal of Varis

It is my first visit to the Antler and Thistle and I am enjoying a relaxing drink with an old acquantance Aelfyn, a foundling raised by the Eladrin in the Feywild who I have know of since he was a child. The atmosphere is dramatically broken as the front door flies off its hinges and an armed gang of six goblinoids pile into the pub laying about the patrons with blades and shouting out something about Sinruth and the Red Hand. Several of the partrons die in the initial onslaught. One throws a burning torch behind the bar.

A spell drops a couple of them and some fighter types in the pub wade in to help as two more goblins enter. The fire starts to spread but I step in and extinguish it with a wave of my hand. The fighters also seem to be making some headway. I assist with a couple of scorching bursts and judicious illusory ambush. Soon all the goblins lay dead.

We then become aware of commotion outside. Looking out we see several buildings are burning and an ogre pulling a wagon with hobgoblins on the back. The ogre is carrying a keg with a fuse coming out of it.

From the journal of Seranna

There is commotion in the city. Hobgoblins have been marauding through the streets. Women and children cry out in pain and horror. The ogre lobs his cask of pitch at the patrons coming out of the Antler and Thistle. A dwarf is hit by the explosion. The cask is burning. A dark skinned dumb looking thuggish human standing over 6ft tall, charges the ogre. The ogre punches him in the face and he gains a nasty bruise. This makes no difference to his slovenly appearance. Seranna runs down the street to see what's happening. A chisled looking man runs in and out of the combat. Some hobgoblin ogres are in a cart behind the ogre. A grizzled looking elven warlord charges in and is thumped for his troubles. More people in the streets join the affray. The thuggish human hacks at the ogre with his axe. The ogre pulls out a club and swings it at the thug and a dwarf. Seranna shoots two arrows at the ogre grunts in pain. It is bloodied. The hobgoblins shoot at the group attacking the ogre. The thug is looking hurt. He cries out and slices into the ogre with his battleaxe. The dwarf cleaves at the ogre and Seranna shoots another arrow into its chest. A blue dragonborn cleric uses his godly powers to use radiant strikes against the hobgoblins. The thug buries his axe in the ogres shouder. He keels over. Arcane powers from the rugged looking human engulf the hobgoblins in the wagon. The pitch barrels ignite. A rough looking thiefling shot hellish flames into the barrel. The hobgoblins run off. The final barrels go off. After the skirmish we discover that the chisled human is dead. The exploding barrels had killed him.

The attacking hobgoblins are repulsed by the city watch. Buildings have been burned down and commoners slaughtered. There is much wailing and gnashing off teeth. In the morning a council member sends a message to us. We are to meet him in an hour. The council member is controversial. He uses adventurers to deal with jobs. Other council members aren't keen on this. There are rumours of bribery and corruption. An hour later we are waiting for the meeting. Eoffram Troyas appears. He is dressed in noble attire and is wearing a chain of office. He says that he is considering offering us a job. He wants to know a little about our background. We have a couple of roguish types, the bruttish thug, a cleric, a thiefling, an elven ranger. The dwarf offers him one of his brews. One of the rogues claims to have killed a couple of ogres - likely story.

The city watch at one of the gates had their throats cut. Treachery is suspected, although the hobgoblins. Six people have been dragged off, as well as some trophies. The hall of great valla was raided. They took an ornate helmet a ceremonial longsword, some iron gauntlets a battle standard and some shields. The captives include an acolyte, a knight, a guard captain and his son, a cook and an old crone. The city watch are busy repairing the walls. He thinks he can convinceWe are to track the raiders, rescue the prisoners, find the items. We are offered 500gp between us. He advances us 10gp each. This afternoon there is an open meeting. We are to attend.

There is a lone hobgoblin from last night in stocks. A couple of town watch flank him. Ran the dwarf and Ackunto try to intimidate him. The hobgoblin clams up and refuses to talk.

Meanwile we had a look at the dead city watch. Someone had creeped up behind them and cut their throats. We look for tracks outside. We pick up the tracks and see that they head North East towards the mountains. Red Rock, a frontier mining town lies on route. We head back into town. We try to persuade the hobgoblin to talk using a mixture of bluff and diplomacy.

At the council meeting The citizens want to know what the council is doing after the raid. After that they ask what they are doing to rescue the villagers that have been taken. The Order of the Thistle has been hired to rescue them. We stand up. We receive a round of appause. After th meeting a destraught woman approaches us. She is the guard captains wife. She pleads with us to rescue him.

We leave the city and pick up the trail. We notice some cracks in the ground. We expect that there are tunnels in the ground. Prodding the ground we see a waren that drops down 10ft. Ran the dwarf and Keela are lowered down into the warren. They see some large insect-like lizards ahead. The dwarf shouts treasure. Keela climbs up the rope fast as lightening. The dwarf is right behind him. The lizards come up out of the ground. We engage them in combat. A young one falls. The dragonborn moves in and breathes fire on them. The adults fire spikes at us. The spikes are poisoned. Kronk is soaking up the damage. We are concentrating our attacks. This tactic seems to be working. Keela and Seranna finish off one adults between them. We are victorius. We venture down into the warren. We discover some dead bodies including a hobgoblin. Searching the bodies we find 20gp, a pair of burglers gloves and a potion of healing. We bed down for the night. Towards lunch time we are at the foothills of Red Rock. On a hill there lie the ruins of a keep. Kronk knows that they are the ruins of castle Rivenraw. The keep was the home of an outcaste family. The tracks are making for the keep. We see smoke coming from a fire.

From the journal of Seranna

We head to Redrock. We see crows circling the buildings. It's a small village that has been haphazardly put together. The buildings have been burnt down some time ago. There are half eaten bodies. There are some hobgoblins but the majority of bodies are human. The cleric collects the bodies together for a funeral pyre. We stay the night planning to burn the bodies the next day. We head back up to the keep. There are no signs of people keeping watch in the tower. We plan to head straight up to the keep, not wanting to wait another day to scout it out. We make it to the sides of the keep. The wall is a ruble so it's difficult terrain. We scrample to the top of the walls. Smoke is coming from the inner courtyard. The inner keep is still largely intact. We spot a side entrance. We decide to go through it. Next to the campfire are three bugbears. Near them is some rubble with some steps going down.

Kronk tries to bluff them. Akuntu warlocks curse one. Erandan charges in stabs the ugliest one with a longsword. The Ran the dwarf charges in hacking at one. Seranna looses two arrows into the ugliest bugbear. The bugbears retaliate with morning stars. Erandan takes most of the damage. Erandan hits and steps back. Seranna looses another two arrows into the bugbear who is starting to bleed profusely now. Kronk finishes off the ugly one. Ganging up on them seems to be working. Akunto fires a bolt of dark crackling energy at the last bugbear and Ran finishes him off.

We descend into the catacombs beneath. We see dim illumination ahead. Akunto discusses snacks. Seranna moves down and looses arrows into a scarred hobgoblin. Kronk charges in and Akunto fires dark energy into the same one. A goblin comes through the door. The hobgoblins strike at Kronk with a flail and a goblin looses a crossbow bolt into him. The cleric is hit by a flame from the braziers. Seranna looses arrows which strike both hobgblins simultaneously. Erandan stabs a hobgoblin and another goblin appears with a crossbow. A hobgoblin falls with an arrow in its throat. We engage the goblins in close combat. A party of goblins and hobgoblins head in. The cleric summons a guardian of faith which kills three hobgoblin grunts. Kronk gains the leaders attention by delivering a brutal strike. The sergent falls under a hail of arrows.

We are in an entrance chamber. There are engravings above the doors. One says Von Urstadt crypt, the others say Rivenraw and Von Gelacht crypt. We pick the Von Urstadt crypt. We head through and see guards chambers. We head left and see a painting of a sinister castle in a swamp. In the crypt room are five sarcophogi and some big flaming scorpions. We attack them and in return they spew lava at us which imobilises those struck. We make quick work of them. We open one and some spectres appear. They psychically damage Kronk and Akunto knocking them prone. They charge us and most of us are knocked prone by psychic damage. Seranna shoots one and Akunto shapes his hand into a claw and a great talon of sulphurous darkness forms around a spectre raking it and dragging it away.

From the journal of Ackuntu

This is looking bad. One of the wraiths screams again and most of the party fall over in front of me. One of the wraiths floats to the middle of the group, preventing the cleric from advancing. We concentrate fire on him and it vanishes. The cleric pushes forward and channels his god to turn them, but fails to cause them much problem. Everyone gets back and and slugs them some more, but the remaining 3 are still up. I hear running down the corridor - reinforcements are here, I hope.

The spectres scream again knocking over the front of the party, then one of them floats through the wall to the back rank and unleashes another scream on us, knocking the rest of us on our asses.

A human woman with a pair of basterd swords comes flying in and hacks at the shade at the back with great effect, with hacky hacky slashy slashy the shades dissappears into nothing - leaving just the 2 at the front. Wow.... that is some nice leather armour...!

It's not looking good there, Kronk goes down when one of them screams and Rangrim isn't looking much heathier. The human woman with the basterd swords and all the leather straps goes leaping to the front of the party and hacks another shade to bits. There is some more sword swinging before it's again the woman with the leather who hacks it to bits. Her name is Mynn.

I go searching the sarcaughigus. There's some money and some nice looking scale armour, I notice dwarven runes on it - magical dwarven crafted armour. Also a belt of vigor that increases healing - we give it to one of the thugs so he can stand up a bit longer.

The women hear a voice from the door "help!", when the dragonborn Kal hears it he immidately opens the door and walks down the corridor. The women sneak ahead to scout - there are stairs down which lead to a dungeon.

Suprise suprise it was a trap. There were a pair of jailors waiting for them. Stupid cleric. Stupid women. The rest of us are still in the burial chamber playing cards. The women run away past the cleric. Kal engages both hobgoblins but their attacks slow his movement down. The women - Mynn and Kella turn around now there is something big and stupid between them and the hobgoblins and attack back. Kella is throwing shurikan and Mynn attacking with her bastard swords.

The rest of us hear the fight and put down our game of dice and head to investigate. Mynn dives between the hobgoblins and slices before the rest of us all pile on. There's 6 of us and 2 of them, I'm liking these odds. There is stabby stabby and blasty blasty and that is the end of the 2 jailors.

We head down to the jail - 4 cells, 3 empty, one has a human male. Sirtanian - keeper of the great hall of trophys in the town. He doesn't know why they took the things from the hall - none were magical, merely trophy's taken from the various battles. Aparently the cook is somewhere downstairs. He is able to help us increase the map of the area. Rangrim and Serana escort him out of the fort to set up a camp somewhere else.

We rest for a time then continue onwards. We head up some stairs to a large chamber - there are 4 hobgoblins and 2 goblins here. We charge forwards and 3 hobgoblins have fallen before they even have time to draw their swords. Kronk is engaging both the goblins at once. As the rest of us move in the goblins split up to flank kronk, one of them is frothing and raging and takes a hugechunk out of our stupid fighter.

Kal heals kronk then slays the remaining hobgoblin, as it dies he invokes his god of death and heals Kronk some more. We have the goblins surrounded now. Mynn falls back to plan B: Just whack them. The raging beserker falls to our attack, leaving just the leader. He continues to attack Kronk even though he is surrounded and his armour bursts into flames. He is one hard ass basterd and keeps 4 of us engaged. Then Kronk batters him and caves the goblins skull in with his axe. All over. He has a duelists short sword that goes to the sneaky rogue and the fireburst chainmail. The only chain wearer we have is the dragonborn so the cleric takes it. All this good loot of the thugs, were is the goblin shamen with a nice rod.

We carry on down the tunnels, it opens to a chamber - there are a pair of small drakes at the entrance to the chamber with hobgoblin achers behind them. The guard drakes move forward and attack Kronk, for little gribblies they tear big holes in him. Kella decides that she needs to get into the fight and so runs forward, uses Kronk as a springboard to leap over him and over the guard drake, landing on the other side she sticks both her swords into it's back. Wow... thats some impressive flipping.

Erindan decides that the leaping and flipping is far too much like hard work and merely teleports to the other side of the guard drakes. We have them trapped now but the hobgoblins take advantage and shoot Mynn and Erindan. Kal blasts one of the drakes and Mynn buries her swords into the other, killing them both. Kal uses the blessing of his God to heal some of our injuries.

From the journal of Mynn

We advance on the goblins around the spiral staircase, attacking as a team. The goblin on the rear side of the stairs takes a number of hits, as reinforcements charge up the stairs. Kallosian creates a blizzard from his mouth and it passes over the goblins, killing 3 outright. The rest of us step into the gaps created by Kal, attacking whatever we can reach with our weapons. We're swarming over these hobgoblins. They don't stand a chance! Ackuntu blasts one ofthe remaining goblins and it explodes, causing the remaining goblin to run. It manages a half step before being run through by Rangrim and Kel.

We stop to take a look around the room, noticing finally that it's a dormitory for the hobgoblins. Seranna and I stock up on arrows and, with a look of glee, I take a Longbow and add it triumphantly to the Equipment section of my character sheet. After looting what other items we can find in the stinking living area we decend the staircase to the floor below. There's a large dimly lit room, an ajoining smaller chamber containing a pair of altars. The larger room contains.... MORE SARCOPHAGI! We contemplate the best way to awaken whatever sleeps within, all at the same time (just incase they're not linked)...

We examine some, they're named; Damien Rivenroar is the first we see. Ignoring the only exits, the door and corridor, Kel and his team head over to examine the altars - they're dedicated to Bane, though they weren't always so - they were Vecna's once! That might explain why the Rivenroar family were expelled from Rhestilor! There's a handy pit for disposing of bodies in the corner of the room that we missed earlier. Over at the doors we hear some moaning... another kidnap victim?.. Who cares, we have coffins to loot! Like a bunch of muppets, Seranna opens the doors at the same time as Kella 'accidentally' nudges the lid of one of the sarcophagi off.

Unsurprisingly dead things leap out of every hole and a pack of giant rats hide behind the doors. Things look dire! With an explosion of action, Kronk smack's a zombie round the chops before anyone else can react! We follow his lead, slicing, shooting and stabbing, shortly before the zombie's retaliate. From the final tomb a dead creature arises, red arcane flames streaming from each hand. He gestures and a bolt of necrotic energy impacts Kella, and in answer Ackuntu blasts it twice, flames wreathing the vile creature. Kallosian steps up and uses his Turn Undead, pushing two zombies away and blasting them at the same time.

We focus our attacks on the nasty looking caster but he remains standing through the onslaught. Kella's new pet zombie gives her a friendly pat around the head with a decaying fist. The nasty arcane user attacks the group of 3 attacking him with a mind blast, knocking two of them, and his zombie, backwards. Arindan sticks his longsword through the magic using dead thing, killing it once more. With the threat from behind gone we shift our focus to the remaining zombies and the rats. Rangrim and I hold the line at the door and I kill the two rats facing us, the hits from myself and fighter gradually eating away at them. As the rat dies a zombie shambles up behind me and punches me in the side.

Ackuntu and Kella look for treasure in the coffins, Ackuntu finding a rod in one, which he immediately uses to blast the zombie that hit me. Kal and Arindan attack the zombies, killing one. Stupid fighters! Rangrim steps forward, allowing the rats to move in and surround him, one rushing past to attack me. It bites me and I immediately feel unwell, I think it's given me a disease. I dispatch another rat, Arindan a second, and the final rat bites Rangrim, infecting him with the same disease I have.

We examine the coffins and find some gold and nothing else. Kallosian looks over the nasty creature, announcing that it was a wight. We follow the corridor behind the 'rat door' and find a room with 4 statues, they look like huge dogs with extra tentacle-arms protuding from their torso's. Natalia is behind the statues, whimpering in a corner. She's covered in bite marks - she's got my disease too! Ackuntu moves to investigate an altar in a corner, another one that was Vecna's but has been rededicated to Bane.

Kallosian lifts Nat into his arms and we decide to leave, retracing our steps back to the entrance. We arrive at the camp shortly after and Natalia, Rangrim and myself begin our recovery. Rangrim recovers from the bite after Seranna administers some care to him, Kallosian's less adept hand leaving myself still diseased. Kal's sympathetic abilities bring Natalia out of her stupor and she gratefully gives us some information. Adronsius is held in a Family crypt, beginning with a 'J', near to Castilan's holding place - we think that's up the spiral staircase somewhere. Beyond that she's not much use, having been thrown in to feed the rats.

We head into the area labelled "Von'Jelak", believing it's best to follow Natalia's information. We arrive in a large room covered in glowing square on the floor, the walls lined with spaces for the dead. It's dimly lit by the glow from the runes, pulsing every few seconds, illuminating a number of small drake swarms. We charge into combat with them, Kella at the head - she slices a group of drakes, pushing it back into the runes, at which they flare up doing some damage to them. The drakes advance, swarming at Kella and pulling her to the floor, so that the rest can bite into her flesh - they rip her to shreds and she stops moving.

The rest of us charge in, I open with Jaws of the Wolf, tearing into the nearest group of drakes, that Seranna fiishes off with a pair of arrows. The fighters charge past us to attack, Kallosian healing the fallen Kella. Kella stands and Rangrim goes prone, dragged down by the drakes to be bitten. Another group pulls Kronk to the floor and proceeds to bite also! Our fighters are all on the floor! I step over Rangrim, straddling him, and slice into the drakes, Kallosian steps up beside me and smites the drakes attacking Kronk, healing both Rangrim and Kronk as he does so. Kronk defends himself while on the floor and Ackuntu kills a second group. We rally and attack the remaining groups of drakes, Kallosian's Guardian of Faith again does damage to all the groups of drakes.

Kella falls over again, the drakes finding a tasty meal in her and Arindan is forced to run to her aid. I flip over the top of Rangrim, and run to aid Arindan. The others team up on the second to last group of drakes, Ackuntu killing them. The drakes drag Arindan down next to Kella as the others hail ranged fire at the last group of drakes. Arindan and I face off against the drakes, Kallosian runs in and saves the day, blasting the drakes out of existance and healing Kella. There's a magical bastard sword lurking in one of the tombs that I swipe and test out.. It splits into 2 identical swords on command!

Ackuntu deciphers the runes - they say "Von'Jelak". We open the only door in the room and find the dwarf Adronsius, Kella easily opening the shackles that hold the battered dwarf to the wall. He's been beaten daily and is in an awful state, though he manages to tell us where Jellisa is as we make our way back to the camp to rest.

From the journal of Seranna

We try to heal Min and the Natalla but fail. We must be tired after all this fighting. The next day we head back in. Ackunto stays behind to look after the sick. We follow the directions given from the wrong place. There is no left hand turn. However there are some red doggy style spikey things (rage drakes). We let them come to us. The first one goes down in a hail of arrows and axe blows. These military tactics work a treat. We open a door and see a woman in an arcane field. She tells us to let her out. We scuff out the chalk marks and the circle breaks. She says Kartenix is dead. The goblins showed her the body. She says that she was minding her own business when she was grabbed from the town. She told us that the Goblin leader is trying to resurrect the hand. We escort the crone out to the camp. Heading back we find some stairs heading down. In the last three steps aare engraved the names Von Adres, Kauthin Crypt. There pictures of people carrying baskets clockwise around a circle. On the walls are pictures of people trading. Into the floor are sunk three sarcophogi. Shakled to the wall is Jalissa the acolyte. We talk to her saying we are here to rescue her. She throws her arms around Cals neck and kisses him. "Oh thank you, thank you". Questioning her she says that we heard the boy nearby. She asks Cal to stay by her. When he denies her she burst into tears. Calosian takes her back to the camp.

We open the sarcophogi. Spectres appear out of the tombs. Kronk is first off the mark striking at two spectres twice. Rangrim finishes off the first spectre. A spectral barrage knocks most o us to the ground. They turn insubstantial and head out of the room. Searching the sarcophogi there is some gold and a magical bow. Seranna takes this. In the next room is a huge sunburst mosaic. Lines of pews are before a rune encrusted altar. The altar is dedicated to Vecna. Two thrones sits at the end of the room. One is a flaming skeleton. One has a rotting body. "Intruderth" it lisps "arithe my warriors." Skeletons arise from the ground. Min, Rangrim and Kronk charge ino the room laying about them. Min and Kronk are surrounded. The flaming skeleton throws a flaming orb at Min who is set alight. Cal runs is turning the undead. The leader is sent flying. He then breathes fire on them. Spectres creep up on Seranna. The spectres reappear and Kronk is knocked off his feet. The rotting figure makes a horrific face which knocks the rogue and warlock flying. Kronk strikes the spectre brutally and it disappears. The warlord charges the flaming skeleton hacking at it til it crumbles. The rotting creature gestures and the spectre reappears. The spectres run off. The roting leader and a skeleton remain.

From the journal of Ackuntu

Kronk goes chasing after the fleeing wright, catching it with a sword blow. We split up - some around the skeleton, some after the wight and min attacks the spectres but misses.

The spectres knock me over and float away. The wright continues to flee from the other direction, half the party chase him while the others surround the skeleton. The wright has fled to the next room, he has a boy hostage! He threatens to kill him as he backs out.

Min moves next to the skeleton just as it is hit by an arrow and explodes a shower of bones, knocking her bleeding to the floor.

Kella flips behind the wight and drives him back away from the boy with a positioning strike. The wight is knocked right next to Kronk and Kal, who open the can of whoopass on it.

The rest of the party are trying to pound the skeleton and get to Min before she bleeds to death.

Kella takes down the wight and Kal runs back to heal Min. He gets into the room and uses his holy power to heal her just as the skeleton explodes into sharpnel that would have killed her instantly. As it happens, she is left standing, covered in her own blood and slaying slightly (1HP after HP - would have been -19 otherwise.

We convince the boy that he wants to go out with Min who tags out with Ackuntu. We search around the room and find a hidden treasure stash with an Amulet of health some jewelry, and some silven leather armour. Also hidden there are the items that were stolen from the town.

We head onwards deeper into the dungeon. Eventually we reach a room that is filled with hobgoblins. FIGHT TIME!!

Ramgrim goes charging in and is soon surrounded - good dumb defender, pulling all the beasties in. I blast a hobgoblin off the face of the planet and spread my curse onto all of them. Kronk goes charging in but has been hexed and is injured each team he moves. Stupid fighter keeps on moving and takes a world of magical pain! He is badly injured without even landing a blow.

Kal moves in and breaths a cone of cold over the hobgoblins, killing 2 of them. The rest of us pile into the room and soon most of the grunts are down, leaving just the hobgoblins heavies and shamen. One of them has called for reinforcements.

A big hobgoblin with a spiked chain enters the room, Kronk insults him so the hobgoblin charges straight at him. The shamen backs off and casts a vexing cloud over the party, making it hard to see the hobgoblins in the middle. One of them thumps kronk with his staff, setting off and electric surge that dazes the dumb fighter. Most of us are tied up with the hobgoblin heavies, Kal and Kella disengage to get the shamen before it can cast anything worse.

Arindan orders Kal and Kella to set up a flank, letting Kella stab the shamen right and proper. The shamen counters by shifting out the way and blasting Kal. Rangrom takes a hit from a lightning battleaxe, sending bolts of lightning out across the party. The goblin boss with the spiked chain wraps it around Rangrim and drags the dwarf onto his spiked armour.

I blast but miss with both my attacks - it's all going wrong now! Kella and Kal stab up the shamen but she is still alive. The 3 hobgoblin heavies are steadily injuring the party. Rangrim comes up with a plan and shifts back away. One of the hobgoblins drags Arindan towards him and wounds him badly.

I blast the shamen and kill her, then move a bit closer to the fight. I hate to get near to this - but the dumb fighters are looking like they are going to drop so I have to get my hands dirty. See if any of them want to attack the big nasty warlock! Now their opponent is dead Kal and Kella can move, except Kella has been blinded by the shamen. She throws a knife blindly and manages to avoid hitting anyone.

Seranna lets rip with a pair of arrows and one of the hobgoblins in the middle drops - now there are only 2 and we can split them up. Rangim MARKS something! We are shocked. More shockingly Rangrim actully manages to hit the enemy! By the gods I think that stupid dwarf has actually learned how to fight! The lead hobgoblin is still swinging his chain and is yanking Kronk around.

We are trying to mob the 2 remaining hobgoblins who shift to fight back to back. Arindan goes down, I grab his worthless erindan body and drag him away from the hobgoblins. It's still looking dicy, if a few more of the toughs go down I'll have to beat a swift retreat.

I turn one of the hobgoblin pair into a smoking corpse. Kal, Kronk and Rangrim are screaming for aid. I move in against the remaining hobgoblin. I am not making a habit of this, they'll think I am just as dumb as them. We have him well and truely surrounded but he is fighting to the death, whacking out at the dumb fighters who are yelling him. I am happy just to set him on fire a few times.

The hobgoblin spins around with his chain and yanks Rangrim to the ground before stamping on his balls. The dwarf groans on the ground, I call upon more hellish fire against him then move next to him and hurl an insult of my own. His mother sucks demon balls. Lets see if he is stupid enough to hit a warlock instead of the fighters. Rangrim gets up and tries to hit him but fails dysmally. The goblin whips the chain around and but fails to hit Kronk. Devils damnation he's tough!

The hobgoblin spins his chain and catches Kal and I, the flames of my power ingulf him. Kella slips in and stabs it with her sword and it goes down. We start looting and find a chunk of gold and a lightning battleaxe that Rangrim takes. We find a letter in the pocket of the leader. Someone giving him advice on where to attack and that there was a traitor within the town. Also an orc horde is going to attack the dwarves using a secret tunnel system to take them by suprise.

We retreat out to our camp. With some more treatment Min fully fights off the poison. We head back in to find the captain of the guard, his body is in the bottom of the pit. That's everyone accounted for so we head home. Gold is apportioned out and the council see the letter. We pick up some horses and use the party treasury to buy healing potions for Kronk, Rangrim, Arindan and Kal.



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