Scales of War: Bordrins Watch

From the journal of Ackuntu

We leave Bridol, after Kal manages to upset the boy we rescued.

We stop at an inn, alas there is nobody with enough money to be worth me to pick their pocket so I have to pay, how annoying.

We recon we are close to the dwarven city when we are attacked by a band of orcs wielding clubs and axes. I blast them with a fiery bolt that destroys one of their flanks. Kal shields us all. Kella slips off into the woods.

The remainder charge us. Kronk is hit by some axes before he dismounts and cleaves the 2 next to him. Most of the weaker ones have fallen by the time Mynn flips off and hacks at one of the large orcs. Wounding it badly. Kal rides past them, weakening the orcs and healing us. His horse bolts and throws him off a little further down the road.

Kella throws a shuriken into an orcs back as Arindan charges forward and attacks the orc at the front. The orcs fight back wounding kronk and arindan. Even the weakened one hits hard. Serana has managed to get her bow off her horse and shoots the orcs. Mynn moves across to hold the line and stops the one of the orcs flanking Kronk.

I teleport off my horse and blast an orc, Kella leaps over it, spins it around and kicks it backwards as she gets behind their line with Kal. Arindan tries to attack the spun orc but misses. Serana shoots it with 2 arrows but it is still standing. Kronk swings his axe but misses.

Arindan heals himself while Kella stabs one of the orcs in the back. The orc turns around and whacks her back before Kronk crushes his skull. Only 3 orcs left. Mynn drops one, Kal brands another and I finish it off with an eldritch bolt. Mynn finishes off the last one.

The horses have bolted, Serrana tracks them down and rounds them up, which only delays us by an hour. We arrive at OVerlook - clearly a dwarf city as it's almost totally square. The outer walls are 100 feet tall and fully manned (dwarfed). The cities inner walls are 20 feet tall. The gate guards are not too impressed with the orders accomplishments and wave us in.

We are stopping in "The Blister" section of the city, filled with gambling dens, bars, wineries, dens of inequity and gambling whores! Kal asks if there is anywhere else, I find a few places but frankly prefer the scumbags so tell him no. He doesn't seem to impressed, I don't think he believes me.

We find an nice seedy inn, Kal goes to bed early while I take the girls gambling, but it's clear that our opponents cheat even better than we do - I manage to limit my losses to only 10 gold, but Kella is fleeced right and proper and ends up down nearly a hundred. The other ring has mostly the slum areas, the next most ring middle class businesses and trade town, the inner ring is Stonehammer - the higher class district. In the innermost ring is the High Hall where the movers and shakers Hi Ho.

Morgoff Stonefists heads the council of 5 dwarves that runs that city. They are advised by representives of each district. Best way to get to see the council is via the representive. We decide that the best way is via Kal talking to the temple of the Raven Queen. The temple is one of the most run down districts of the city - some of the temples have already closed due to the squalor. The Raven Queen temple is still there and they give us a letter of introduction for the temple district representive.

The representive is named Cirrus Goldfinger, he's a merchant in trade town. He agrees to let us see the council the following day at noon. The following day we head to the inner city, there are guards on the gates but they expect us and we are shown in and met my cirrus, who takes us into the council. Kal does most of the talking, keeping to the facts of what happened. - We recon trying to bluff out 5 short gits running the cities is not for the best. They thank us and invite us back to an open meeting the following day.

Most of the militias and adventurers will go to bolster the fortress of Bodrins Watch. The Fast Riders will investigate the rumours of the tunnels under the mountains. They need someone to warn the Monestary of the Sunken Chain. I sigh, knowing exactly what is about to happen, and lo and behold Kal stands up - the Order of the Thistle will warn the Monestary. FOR NO MONEY! Why are we doing this? Why? Why?

We slug our way up the mountain to the monestary, it's exhausting - now I know why the dwarves are always in such bad moods. We reach the monstary, which is built more like a fortress into the side of the mountain. Serrana squints - there are orcs on the walls. This is looking up: hopefully all the dwarves are dead, we can kill the orcs and loot the place.

We withdraw a little and rest till the crack of dawn when the sneaky types slip forward to see whats what. There are not many orcs on guard - only 1 per section. Thats not many. We can't get around the back - the rockface is quite sheer. They sneak to the gate - it's barred, but there is a single crack that someone could teleport through. Hmmm someone would be me or Arindan. So Arindan then.

Then we come up with a horribly complicated plan to bluff our way in and make think that we on are their side. We try it - leaving the elf and eladrin behind we hustle to the front gate - we are spotted and the alarm is raised. They meet us on either side of the gate. Kella talks the hind legs off a donkey that we are on their side. We have orders for them to move out. They accept the orders and we leave for "other duties".

2 hours later we run back to the fortress pretending we are being chased. Sirrana and Arrindan are a distance behind us shooting at the walls to add realism. The orcs let us inside.

From the journal of Mynn

Inside. Yeah, great idea! Hundred's of bleedin' orcs! I've got a baaaaad feeling about this. There are tall steps leading up the walls on the inside, and before we can do more than say 'Saddle up, the bad guys are behind us!' they slam the doors shut and begin firing at Seranna and Rangrim. Both take a few arrows from massive bows before turnign to run away, their job acheived.

Inside Kallosian tells the orcs to sally forth, and chase down the 10 (riiiiight) invaders from Overlook. Kal then tries to bully the assembled Orcs into chasing after our distraction, opening the door as he does so, but their leader stops them with shouted commands. In frustration Kal yells 'Coward' at the boss orc, getting a blindness hex in return from his shaman buddy. We back off all except for Kella whos forward movement prompts a rearrangement from the orcs.

Kallosian moves, breathing chilling air over half the orcs and blessing us. I charge through the gap created and unload on the lieutenant orc, hitting him 3 times. Arindan spurs Kal into movement then misses his target, just as the orcs swarm into action. They rush me and I dodge away, the Orc shaman blinding me, then Kella tumbles over, switching places with her and moving to a flanking position with me. Kallosian smites an enemy and moves, I flail blindly at the boss guy, Arindan takes out two orcs and move to help Kal.

The orcs swarm around, peppering Kal and Arindan with hits while Kella and I face off with boss guy and his shaman buddy, taking hits for the slack defenders! Seranna and Rangrim race back to help, having spotted the wall guards turn round. Kallosian shifts his position, using a Beacon of Hope to heal all of us other than Kella, who sticks her sword in the boss. I take a double attack on the boss guy, killing him, then move to a better position. The doors to the temple open and the Leader orc that spoke to us from the walls piles out of the temple to assault us.

I slash out at the orcs around me, taking the shaman in the neck and a smaller orc in the face, they both go down. Kal and Arindan organise a retreat, but as we do so the orcs cleave Kella to the ground! Now we're in trouble... Dwarven monastaries full of orcs = bad. The reinforcements charge us as we back out to hold the entrance, along the way throwing enough healing at Kella to bring her round, though she feigns being injured still due to the mass of orcs around her!

Seranna appears behind us, firing into the melee. Kalosian moves outside and I stand firm to hold the door open. Unfortunately they unload on me, with many many MANY MANY, frankly luck of the Dark One level, hits. I fall over, unconcious and bleeding. Kella runs off to hide, in the direction of the stairs. Rangrim runs in, cleaving Orcs and Kalosin pulls me out, Arindan tending my wounds so I come round. Rangrim stands fast, heroically, as the orcs flail uslessly about him. Rangrim and Seranna clear a huge area of orcs with multiple arrows and an explosion of lightning from Rangrims sword.

Kella engages the Orcs at the top of the stairs, knocking one prone. Ragrim takes a number of hits and Kella tries to push the orc off the wall, failing to budge the orc. Turning she swan dives off the wall like a mad woman!! Landing on her feet she sticks two fingers up to the Orcs and skips away like a giddy schoolgirl.

Back inside we pass healing potions up to Rangrim, but the Orcs slice him to pieces. A flurry of healing and we try to decide if we should retreat completely, yet don't want to lose the advantage of the open door. We fire through the open door some more, looking for a a lucky break in the combat and instead find Kella alive and well, sneaking around the walls. Kallosian calls the retreat and we all run away from the monastary.

We lived, and thinned the ranks a lot. We celebrate by resting up, Seranna and I popping back to check for movement briefly.

From the journal of Kalosian the Chosen One

We sleep overnight in a sheltered nook in the mountainside. We explore options and come to the conclusion that the tunnels must be under the monastery due to the lack of damage to the walls. We are just not sure how we would find the entrance.... it would probably be impossible due to the massive area. Seranna and Kella go and watch the walls to see if there is any activity after yesterday's fun and games. Seranna spots a flicker of movement on the wall, they are still manning them. We decide to explore the mountains to see if we can see any kind of cave entrance, a long shot but worth a try we suppose.

Kalosian, Kella and Seranna move off in a group to explore the area, during their very cold and difficult exploration of the mountainside they encounter two large bears in a cave. Kella throws several shuriken which miss, Kalosian decides to calm the situation and retreats, Seranna follows this up by calming the beasts down as we retreat to a safe distance and head back to the camp.

Akuntu, Arindan and Rangrimm also split off to explore, they aren't exploring for long before they are also set upon by several ghouls also residing in a cave system. Akuntu fires off a vampiric embrace which does little to them but he feels his own life force boosted as he retreats slightly. Rangrimm is set upon by several and immobilised, retreat no longer looks like a possible option. Arandan steps up and misses. Rangrimm is stunned now as a ghoul bites him and another round passes with people missing!!!! The other group hear shouts for assistance but have no idea where the sounds are coming from. It is not looking good for the second group... The first group try to work out where the screams are coming from and move towards the sounds. Again they continue to miss the ghouls, Arandan is now stunned as well but luckily Rangrimm is no longer stunned.... Finally Rangrimm hits as Arandan collapses to the floor, dying. Ackuntu finally hits with a massive fiery blast which hits all the ghouls but catches the front line in the blast, an excellent attack but very dangerous. Luckily Arandan doesn't die from the blast. They move to encircle Rangrimm, as the first party find the second party!!! Yay for the cavalry. Kal charges in and turns them which pushes them back into the cave, we all assault the entrance but are getting punished, but we are finally starting to drop them albeit slowly. Kalosian charges the enemy breathes on the remaining two and tries to hit the one next to him, he fails miserably. The rest of the party follow him into the cave, luckily saving him from the counter attack mounted by the ghouls. We finally kill them all and in amongst the bones in the cave find a phylactery of divinity which is given to Kalosian.

We proceed back to the camp and rest for the night as several of us were severely injured.

The day after we cannot find any tunnels however we find our way onto the mountains above the monastery. We decide to try and lower ropes down to come onto the walls from above. It is 100ft..... this is very very high. It is decided that Kalosian will go down first due to his weight, he makes it down in one piece, unties the rope and the next person starts down the rope. Seranna makes it down with a few scares as she slips, when she makes it down the orcs spot us. Kal nearly gets punched off the wall by a belly bow. Unfortunately Seranna isn't so lucky and she falls from the wall injuring herself severely. She is dying and no healers are near enough to help her.

Kal is on his own charging into combat with 4 bowmen orcs, he is approaching by standing up moving towards them and then falling prone, he is in serious trouble. He makes it to the first orc and tries to push him over the edge. Arandan climbs down to Seranna and encourages her to get up and rejoin the battle. The others except for Akuntu make it to the wall and start to follow Kalosian into battle, but he is so far ahead. Kal gets hit by several more bolts but manages to bloster his own resolve to keep hisself up. Rangrimm is running to assist Kal and the bravery of the dwarf has been noted by Kal. They continue to get closer to Kal and assisting him as he is battered by an axe and several more attacks, Kal is nearly dead he is on his last legs and bleeding from multiple wounds. Rangrimm manages to get in front of Kal before he falls and intercepts the bolts heading his way. Rangrimm with Arandan and Kal supporting start to push into melee against the bowmen, but they are taking a toll. Akuntu had to stay at the top of the cliff as he is a very poor climber (and a cowardly tiefling to boot). Kella also manages to shimmy her way down the cliff and closes to within shuriken range to start firing at the front bowmen. Two are down as we start to kill them and Rangrimm discovers he has another attack rather than cleave... one which pushes them from the walls which is helping. With all of us attacking the final 2 bowmen we make short shrift of them.

We retrieve Akuntu from the top of the mountain and start approaching the monastery doors. It opens into one single large chamber. The dome features a mural of dwarves fighting giants. A raised dias sits in the middle covered in blood and a cracked anvil sits upon it, it has been desecrated. There are bodies of dwarves spread around the room there is a balcony above us it is not obvious however where the dwarves live. It must be somewhere under the monastery? We approach the dias to inspect it, the altar slides to one side showing stairs leading downards. The steps open up into a grand hall, bloodstains are everywhere and bodies of dwarves. Also a small group of orcs........

From the journal of Seranna

In the room are priest cells. Many dead dwarves litter the floor. There is a 20 foot statue of a battle between Fergus Felfist and a legendary hydra. We see eight orcs ahead of us. One of them point at Rangrim and says "we missed one." Kella runs in and hits one orc knocks him flying. Seranna shoots one and Ackuntu sens an eldritch bolt into the statue. Rangrim bravely charges in. Arandan joins him in the fray. The orcs surround us. Kella goes down. Seranna shoots one and Ackuntu hits with a fiery bolt harming party members. The orcs run past our fallen comrades and charge into Seranna and Ackuntu. Kronk comes in sees things aren't looking good. Mynn follows him in and an the first orc falls. Seranna steps back and shoots. Ackuntu sends big blue flames at the nearest orc. Arindan heals some of us and it's looking better. But Arindan goes down. Kronk slays one and bellows "I'm back." The last orc falls and several people want words with Ackuntu.

Beneath the statue is the tomb of the hero. There is no easy way to get to the tomb. We need to move the statue to get to it. The hallway opens into a huge cavern that open into the mountain. There are stairs that wind down into the mountain. We hear the sound of orcs. There are some orcs climbing the stairs towards us. Ackuntu manages to use a fiery blast without us taking any friendly fire. Hooray. Kronk hits the first orc and in return the orcs mate hacks at him knocking him down some stairs. Kella leaps down the steps landing lightly on her feet. The roc leader hits Kella knocking her off the platform. She falls screaming to her death. Seranna shoots and the first orc falls dead. The orc leader falls to Mynn's whirling blades. Athird falls and it's looking better. The orc leader has a ruby scabbard and a magical armour. The armour goes to Rangrim and Mynn takes the scabbard. We head down to see whether Kella has survived the fall. She certainly hasn't. Her stuff is divied out. There is an entrance way from the cavern. We rest up for the night.

The next day we enter a chamber. We see the silhoettes of orcs. They are grunting and shouting. There are forges. We see a collapsed passageway. Rangrim recons that it's a recent collapse. We see a naked female human and a naked dwarf that has taken a beating. We surprise them and three orcs falls to our arrows. Some more club wielding orcs fall quickly. The beaten dwarf collapses to the floor. Mynn and Kronk engage the leader and give him a good pounding. Ackuntu has got the hand of this fiery blast with our enemies hurt and there is no friendly fire. The orc shamen blasts Seranna and Rangrim. Seranna is knocked to the floor but Rangrim stays standing. The orc leader swirls round and cuts into Kronk and Mynn. Seranna and Rangim double team an orc finishing him off. Gwen the naked paladin picks up her full blade and runs into the melee. Rangrim runs in and slays the orc leader. Delvers armour, a magical belt, skull bracers are our rewards. The shamen had a +1 staff of light and a gravespawn potion. There is a necklace worth 240gp. There is a warren of passages that run thorugh the mountains. Gwen and the dwarf closed off two of the three passages off. The other needs to be checked.

From the journal of Ackuntu

We go off to seal the last passage: The Vents. It is in the foothills of the mountains, a series of caves of various sizes that are venting sulfurous steam. We find a campsite - there are tied up horses with empty feedbags, a group was here and clearly didn't expect ot be gone long, but Sierrana notices the horses have been unfed for a while. We find some feed suplies in the camp so the horses won't waste away. Sierrana inspects the tracks and concludes that they are humnoid.

We head into the vents, navigating is difficult due to the steam and smoke, we wind our way deeper beneath the mountains into the smoke. The passeway opens up and we spot a group of orcs. They spot us. It's blasting time! We are fighting in the breach to get into the room. They open by lobing firy bombs at us, the fire misses me altogether, pity, a little fire would have warmed me up. One of their warriors opens up on Kronk and hurts him badly. Seranna is able to shift through their lines away from the enemy. Mynn moves in and attacks the one that hit kronk.

I give them a bit of warning and yell fire in the hole before letting rip with the firy bolt. Kal charges in after me and drops the one I just blasted, healing Kronk in the process. Kronk drops one of his opponents. The bomb throwers lob one at serrana and one into the middle of the group, keeps me nicely toasty. Despite being on fire we are dogpiling the orc leader. Kal highlights the remaining flunkee for me to blast him. I do, and drain the pathetic life straight out of him. Serrana drops one of the throwers who explodes in her face. The orc leader goes down in a world of pointy things leaving just the grenadier.

The grenidier is surrounded, but instead of killing him Kronk orders him to surrender. Stupid fighter. The orc lobs a grenade then detonates himself from Gwens holy power, hurting Kronk, Gwen and Mynn.

I settle down with some popcorn and watch Kal and Kronk rolling around like idiots trying to put the fire out. I offer Serrana some of the popcorn. Don't these people understand that fire is to be basked in? Stupid humans and dragonborn.

We wander down to a wide corridor, at the other end are some constructs and a load of orc bodies. There are a line of metal dogs and a pair of crossbows with legs. There are also turret crossbows in the roof that shoot at Gwen and Kronk and wound them badly. The turrets fire again before we can fully react, the arbolests fire 2 bolts at once, Gwen falls looking like a pincushion, Kronk is barely better off. Kal drags Gwen back away from the bows. I blast one of the crossbows with elditch fire and walk up next ot min and ask her to hit me, she refuses. We fall back away from the crossbows, having taken a lot of damage. Min, Serrana and I edge forward and blast one of the turrets. We recon we can slip out and take the other one. Kal throws a javlin at it. All the remaining - 3 turrets and 2 arbolests fire back. Min takes out the other near turret, leaving just the 2 far ones and arbolests. They are well out of my range so I get comfortable with some cards. Kal withdraws, Sierrana takes out one of the remaining turrets, Mynn damages the other. We come up with a plan - there is only one turret left and it's damaged so we will charge forward, Serrana will take the remianing turrent and the rest of us will blast the dogs and arbolests.

I volunteer to go first, I can blast the dogs and frankly I'm harder than the meat shields right now. I calculate it's not much of a risk, with only 1 turret left they won't be able to do me much damage. However I dysmally fail to hit anything with my firy bolt. Some incoming bolts hit me, but it's not enough to hurt seriously. The party charges after me. Kronk gets round behind the defenders and whacks one of the arbolests. Gwen charges the defending dogs, Kal charges in next to her. The dogs fall back to attack Kronk who is quickly surrounded, but they fail to hit him. The iron guardians are in a tight group around the arbolests and kronk while the rest of the party try to hit the guardians. I keep missing dysmally with my firy bolt.

I line upand and let fire, blasting the arbolest for significant damage, t turns round and shoots me back, ouch. This is starting to get quite unpleasant, I'm bleeding! The dogpile on kronk continues, he seems to be enjoying it. Gwen smashes one of the arbolest to pieces. Mynn destroys the other one, with the creatures they were guarding are destroyed the dogs deactivate.

Doors open onto a platform in an enormous chamber. There is a sunken part of the chamber contianing giant iron tubes, as big as a man. There are a bunch of orcs in front of us. Here we go. I blast 2 of them away in the opener, Kronk charges 2 but misses, Kal kills 3 more. Here we go!

Gwen and kronk move forward to engage 3 at the back who look a bit tougher than the cannonfodder at the front. Not that they last much longer, Serrana drops one with a pair of arrows. A creature jumps out of the shadows and stabs Kronk with a poisoned dagger. We move in against what's left. The assassin backs off and vanishes, leaving just 2. Gwen cuts the head f 1, leaving us just one fighter standing.

I blast him into itty bitty pieces, then the assassin sticks a knife in my chest. I look at hom scornfully, that was a very bad move, stabbing a tiefling empowered by the souls of his dead comrades. Sadly serrana shoots him and Mynn stabs him before I can suck the life out of his body.

On the advise on the dwarf guiding us we open valves in the pipes and we rest here for a few hours to patch up injuries.

From the journal of Ackuntu

After resting up we continue onwards into a corridor. Serrana hears noise coming from a side passage, we decide to investigate. Don't to leave enemies behind us.

We see some orcs up ahead so Gwen goes charging in to find a descreated dwarven temple to moradin. The room is filled with orcs with a cave troll in the middle. Arindan and Mynn charge in as the orcs swarm. They have grenidiers as well and firebombs start flying. The orcs prove to be heavily armoured and surround the party in the entrance to the chapel. I take out 2 of the orcs with a scorching burst but miss the troll with my flames of phlegethos.

We are able to batter down most of the orcs in front os us, leaving just one of them and the 2 bombers along with the troll. The bombers lob more firebombs at us, warming me up and killing the last grunt. Mynn screams for me not to kill the firebombers as she will be killed by the blast. Hmm. Ugly as she may be I decide not to toast her yet. Mynn stabs the other of the bombers and backs off yelling for me to blast them.

The troll meanwhile has picked up Kal and Gwen and bangs their heads together. Not likely to do any damage there. I blast the bombers with firey bolt, causing one to explode and injuring the other. Kronk comes charging in and hacks the last bomber, detonating him.

The troll finally suceeds in bashing Kal and Gwen's heads together. Those thick skulls make an almighty crack! The troll then drops Kal whose armour is on fire. Kronk charges in so now all the knuckledraggers are surrounding it. The troll swings Gwen at Kronk but he ducks and she goes swinging overhead. Serrana shoots it between the eyes and it topples over.

Then it gets up again. Everyone panics and stabs it, I walk up next to it and incinerate its body with hellish rebuke. Problem solved. One of the orcs has a nice magic weapon that Kronk takes. There are lots of murals on the walls that describe how the short gits arrived and how to flood the place. We check the other side passage which leads to old livign quarters then continue down the main tunnel.

Kronk opens the door into a huge chamber 100 feet tall. around the edge is a staircase running up to the top of a pillar that dominates the centre. From the murals we know that the control to flood the place is at the top of the pillar. There are 6 passages in the sides of the room that come in around the steps that go up.

We start running up, some orcs come out of one of the upper passages and start running down. We remain wary of the of more suprises coming out of other passages. We keep on running as another bunch come out behind them. As soon as they get in range I blast the second group. Some of group 2 are mad bombers rather than grunts, excelent, nice and toasty :).

Another bunch comes through, except this one has some form of shamen and some bellybowers. While the meat shields engage the early groups I incinerate one of the bellowers and blast the rest of the group with a firy bolt. Burn bitches! burn!

More start coming in from behind us and one of the orc party knocks Gwen off the edge of the platform. She falls 20 feet to the ground - going to be a while before she's back. Serrana shoots one of the 2 coming up from the back while kronk drops one from the front. Now we just have the really big nasties left. The shamen isn't a shamen, she is a warlock and she blasts everyone who she has cursed with necrotic power.

Mynn stabs one of the orcs, but his buddy whacks her and drives her off the edge of the platform. Kal charges up to reform the line but is pushed back by the bellowbow shot, the orcs force forward letting the big demon thing leading them get into the battle. Kronk twats one of the orc warriors then arindan teleports through the enemies, as the other warrior spins to block Kronk runs him through. Thats leaving just the big demony thing, the warlock, some cannonfodder and one of the bellybows left.

Serrana lowers a rope for Mynn to climb and takes pot shots at the bellyblow wilder. The boss whacks Kal then backs up so he has his back to his minions. Arindan gets Kronk to hit him again, I blast him with an eldritch bolt as Mynn gets to the top of her rope and charges in, missing him spectaculally but is able to shift through the fight to support arindan. Which is handy as more enemies come out of that corridor behind them.

The boss swings wide with his falchion whacking everyone around him. Ouch! That looked painful for the meat shields. It also takes out one of basic orcs, but he doesn't seem to care. He cares more when kronk stabs him up though, then Mynn shifts behind him and sticks him with her basterd swords. I blast him some more and Serrana shoots him, he is staggering a lot, Mynn Sticks both basterd swords in and he falls over.

The warlock runs away, but Mynn chases her down and stabs her. We grab stuff and flood the chamber.


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