Scales of War: Den of the Destroyer

From the journal of Kronk

The party is well rested and we are ready for the next set of challenges - which are sure to test our metal and mettle.

We are in Overlook. There is a price on our heads - and we are destined to try to get those intent on our destruction before they can attack / destroy us. We got a lead from a friendly elf (well friendly to us - but he looked pretty nasty). Our investigations has revealed that there is a group intent on destroying us. The group called themselves as the "Lost Ones" and are either the ones that placed the price on our heads, or want to collect the reward with our heads in a potatoe sack.

We were led to a church in a rundown section of town. The church was dark and unwelcoming, but we decided to break in anyways. Initiaitves everyone! The fun has begun. Our fight in the church is pitted and fierce - so far, the new party is still getting thier sealegs. A bit more time together to help each others maximize damage and defensive tactics is needed.

The battle in the church was eventually won by us. Our new cleric-friend is quite capable in healing our bodies and restoring confidence in our minds. We are ready for more. We rescued a woman in the church. Greetings from Certania - she has asked us to returned to Brindol to help recover an artifact / item..

We are off to Brindol - it takes a week. Our host brings us into a room where a spirit in a platinum sword speaks to us. We must go to Greystone - someone is trying to open a condiut to an evil place / a demonic place perhaps. There is a portal that needs to be closed. We survived a molotov cocktail followed by a rush by bounty seekers! Good thing. We were quick and effeicient.

From the journal of Kronk

Ameria the sword has great need. a portal in a fortress was established. Some months ago someone has opened the portal. Things are scary and dicey until we can get clarity on the next steps. We head into the Giants Shield and head towards unkowns fears. We navigate through some natural (and unnatural) obstacles olong the way. We arrive at the fortress and see 4 large statues representing strange humanoid beings great us - all looks very quiet and foboding is thick in the air.

We maid it into the fortress after defeating the guards - and animated statues - at the entrace. the guards were pretty difficult, but our teamwork paid off. We entered the fortress and are confronted by more guards and an octogon room with a few interesting tricks. We are successful in the mail portal room. It took a great deal from us and we are all barely alive. Time for a rest and some healing.

The portals are linked to another set of portals - and moving from one portal gate to another develops a near random sequence of return trips to differing portal doors. There are 5 gates/doors in our room and another room with 4 doors. We have figured out the routine, the gates/doors rotates by one. So number 3 to number 3, then to number 4 and so on between the two rooms.

We ported into a room, down a hallway and entered a training room filled with knolls. Not a friendly start for the day. After a pitched battle, we won the fight - but we hear drumming coming fromt he hallway - we think someonw from the room went out during the battle and alerted reinforcements. We are legging it.

From the journal of Mahahn

We saw a shadar-kai wimp fleeing like a girl. Mahahn shouts out “Who wants to live forever?” and we head in. Three large cauldrons sit inside the chamber. A portal to a realm in elemental chaos. There is an altar at the far end. Some cowled figures head towards us. There is the cowardly shadar-kai in the corner of the room. Hyena like creatures charge in. Kalosian breathes fire on the cultists and they turn crispy. Aurelia uses moment of glory to throw the creatures back. Gnolls send a ruinous burst on top of us. Kalosian falls to the ground. Tor creates a wall in front us. A hyena bites me and all goes black. Kalosian burns a cowled human. The hyena howls and blood pours from our ears. Another ruinous burst hits us and Aurelia hits the ground. A lightning bolt form Mahahn kills one hyena and hurts a gnoll. A fiery burst hits the party. Aurelia moves towards Tor and starts glowing with a bright light. Bolts of necrotic energy hit Aurelia. Mahahn feeds a healing potion to Tor. Spells hit him and he crumples to the ground. We feed each other healing potions and head off. The gnolls open the doors and a ruinous blast. Aurelia died on the retreat.

We pull back and rest up somewhere in the woods. In the early hours we see a number of gnolls entering the complex. Claw, a cleric of Kord, joins us. Gnolls charge us. Mahahn calls lightning bolts to strike the gnolls. Tor changes into beast form and uses predetors flurry to injure a gnoll. An explosive pier from Kal kills a gnoll. A phantom bolt from Mahahn kills a gnoll. Claw charges a crossbowman. The gnolls pull out short swords and attack. Phantom bolts strike the gnoll who crumples to the ground. I prefer this new cleric who actually fights.

From the journal of Kronk

Daar Kronk opens his eyes and casts a glance around ....

We are back in the castle – and we are in the hallway leading to the room and the inner sanctum. The mission (from the platinum sword) was to close the portal before the Knoll Shaman can open it to elemental chaos!

We decided to go to the inner sanctum room. Tor went mouse-mode to look around. Looks like there are a lot of them and very few of us! So, as usual, we decided to pitch a tent and get nasty. Charge! Battle has started off well – we have collected the enemy into a defensive line and soon we will go after the spell casters. Tor puts up a wall of thorns and helps us with some much needed cover. We are in a pitch fight now – holding our own but could use some luck now. We are down to the last ‘Master' of magic in the room. He looks and acts deadly. The Knoll Shaman has cast a spell and it looks like the portal is open – before we have killed him / and we now have to close the portal AND kill the Shaman.

We killed the Shaman. Very close. Kyrian is in the corner and we are discussing with him our terms of release. He was an Emissary from Sharshan (responsible for the Knolls to go on a kidnapping spree and revived the red hand of doom). We learned that the sword (wicked Fang that Kronk is using) has a dark history and designed to be wielded by the leader of the Knoll Pack (gift from Sharshan).

From the journal of Kronk

Wandering around the town – meeting people in bars, temples and even a couple of city officials. Worshiping of Arathis is everywhere: it is a concern and we feel there may be some future engagements with those who are fanatical about their beliefs in Tradetown.

Found a Temple – clearly the followers of Arathis are poor, or uncaring, as evidenced by the decay and degradation of the temples. We waited until dark and entered the temple – a brief battle ensued, but we were victorious. No clues yet on where our MIA person is.

We found a recent grave – and our MIA is no longer missing. We are trying to raise the dead and to see if we can learn something. There seems to be dopplegangers everywhere. Captain of the guard, some of the henchmen of the church. It is a scary scenario.

We found where they are holding our high-level cleric. We hope to rescue her now, except we arrived as they were trying to kill her. We saved Livinia.

We have decided to follow and ‘interrogate' the Dwarf Captain to see if we can uncover what the underlying conspiracy is all about.

From the journal of Kronk

The Dwarf captain has led us to a warehouse, we are here to collect intelligence and see iff we cna prove there is a conspiracy. There sure are a lot of guards in here - and they look like pretty well financed guards, not just a bunch of thugs. Our attack starts slow - we can only get thru one of the doors into the warehouse. Kronk kills the preistess (oops, she is not a doppleganger!). Need to appologise to her church for this mistake.

We made it in and we are having a good old fashion thrashing. Looks like we will win this - but it will hurt.

I dashed on the catwalk, leaped down and killed the Captain of the guard as well. Double oops. Must repent someday. General Zithiruun is the leader of the conspiracy and one evil dude!

Found a secret door and a chamber with the real Dwarven high preist. He is secured in a 'dungeon', clearly there is a trap that needs to be disarmed. There are 3 traps - each with something deadly pointing to the high priest. We disarm the traps and heal him. The dwarf is saved, but thankful for the rescue. General Z wears a cloak and metal and leather harness (over his head?) he is very tall and is supported by braces and belts across his torso and under his arms.

The dwarf priest can take us to the portal, but no furher. He is oath bound to not go thru it. We are to look out for a book call "inculabulum", we would get a reward.

Head Priest bring us to the Portal and bids us good luck. Our first challenge is a skill check to get past / into the portal. The challenges are steep to solve - history, athletics, religion and even bluffs will help.

From the journal of Mahahn the Magnificent

Mahahn is looking forward to seeing his completed statue in all its glory. We travel from the sepulchre to a great stone chamber. There are pictures of dwarves at their forges. They glow bringing light to the room. Purched on top of some balconies are some harpies. A scruffy short dwarf peers at us.

They charge at us knocking Claw and Kronk prone. A lightning bolt forks down but the dwarves leap nimbly out of the way. A wall of thorns appears amongst them. A harpie lures Mahahn towards her and the dwarves charge him. Kronk and Tor come to the rescue of Mahahn and Claw who are in trouble. Kal kills a harpy with a spell that created a chill winter moon that froze it. The small dwarvish creatures die from a mixture of fire, thorns and sword blows. Horrid whispers knock the harpie prone. An acid orb from Kal finishes it off.

We enter a room and some quicklings attack Claw and Kronk. Tor entangles the quicklings and Mahahn the room. reates an ice storm on top of them. A harpie pushes Tor into the icey ground where the dwarves stab him. A harpie lures it too me. Kal, Claw and Mahahn save Tor from the dwarves.

There is a gold statue (1500gp), some polished stone gems (2000gp) and a sapphire (1000gp). There is a grasping weapon +3 and a transposition harness. We head on into a kitchen area. We find nothing so we head back.

There is a huge chamber with some cave ins. It is a grand cathedral. Steep steps lead down. There are some dwarves and twisted grey humanoids and insectoid creatures. Mahahn foolishly steps into the room and they are dazed by pretty colours. Kal steps in and breathes lightning on them. Tor sprays them with thorns. Trolls shatter the doors and burst through. One is two headed troll and with them is a fire belcher.

From the journal of Kalosian

In the midst of a large battle and in walk several trolls. Oh the life of an adventurer, the joy.

Claw is hit a devastating blow, and several of the smaller fey creatures unleash a dark flurry power which hits most of us. Things are looking even worse. Most of us are dazed as a result of the attack. Kronk rushes in and shouts out long live Zitheroon in the hope that the trolls believe we are allied with them (this is assuming of course that they work for the general….). The fey creatures appear to be falling back towards the trolls. We still don't know if they are enemies are friends. The trolls advance on the fey creatures but aren't close enough to give us an indication still.

Mahan and Kal unleash some spells which take down one of the quicklings still facing us. Tor and Kal are severely injured we can only hope that our healer remembers how to heal otherwise we could see some fatalities, he does and Tor appears to be in better spirits. The trolls have started to attack the quicklings, praise be we might get out of this yet.

Mahan has gone down and several of us are injured, the quicklings are bouncing backwards and forwards alternating attacks between the trolls and us. We are starting to make headway but are all injured and seem to be out of healing. The trolls are within touching distance.

Tor has got battered and knocked over.  Ouch.  The trolls and quickling keep battering each other with crits.  Cronk does some battering.  But this is too hard.  We leg it – only Kronk stays behind, but gets attacked by a troll.  They are not on our side.  We are leg it down the corridor.   Kal fires some spells behind and does some damage. 

We join up with Rangram and Oovar.  We rest up for the night.  Nothing happens.  We go back to the room.  There are still trolls there.  We go in and kick off.  Oovar starts with his chaos bolt.  Rangrim goes in and smacks a troll and marks!! Kal does some stuff but stays out of the room.  Rangrim takes some massive damage from a 3 way troll attack.  He still stands to take more.  What a dwarf. Ooovar comes in and turns into a spark of electricity and dances around. He misses everything. Then does something else and a troll goes down.  Mahan gets hit.  Oovar gets bloodied. 

The trolls are starting to go down.  Kal crits for the first time – ever.  Mahan the pee brain does the last of the trolls in.  There are just 2 spitting trolls left.  We all pile in. 

We find a silver hammer and a laurel circulate (a mince enhancer). Kal takes it the big fat Gaylord. 

We go to the next room.  We go into a wide corridor.  2 flights of stairs ahead to a platform.  2 figures stand at the top a dragon borne and a bloke in a cloak.  Both then step back from the platform.  We mince up the stairs with Kal. There is a larger circular surface above. It is made of glass and we can see through it.  There are human / troll combination creatures. We leg it across the stairs. 

We go and open the door. The door fades away. We see weird things. Lots of vertico at the end of the world. It is a portal into the astral plane.  Monsters come up behind us. Are we going to through the plane or not? To be continued….

From the journal of Mahahn the Magnificent

We decide to stay and fight. They are peppering us with spears and crossbow bolts. We return fire with lightning bolts and stalagmites. The trolls close and engage. Blows are exchanged. We push one of the trolls and a dragonborn off the ledge. A freezing cloud destro y s some of the minions. An acid orb from Kal finishes off the troll. Another troll charges in and things are looking bleak. Kals spark form fells a troll and a scorching burst from Mahahn destroys it. The smaller trolls spit acid at Kronk. How rude! Claw judges a troll unworthy. The cleric utter a prayer well striking at the troll and it slumps to the floor. Kronk runs up the walls past the trolls and slays a minion. What a move! Rangrim knocks a smaller troll off the balcony. Kronk engages the big golem leader hacks at him and is knocked down for his trouble. Rangrim challenges a troll. Kal and Mahahn destroy a minor troll. The golem knocks Kronk flying but Rangrim steps into the breach. Kronk makes a tactical withdrawal. Claw and Kronk combine to slay the golem.

We search a sepulchire. There is the tomb to a cleric of Moradin. Rangrim doesn't want us to desecrate it. We find a dwarf with a flaming beard, an Azar. He rambles on and Claw determines it must be the caretaker. Mahahn picks the locks but the caretaker is mad.

Kronk and Kal pretend to go on patrol but secretly desecrate the tomb. We find a gold framed painting of a dwarven priest (1000gp), some healing potions, a survivors belt and a cold iron weapon.

Claw casts a ritual of remove infliction. The Azar thanks us. He tells us that the City of Overlook will be attacked from outside and through the portal. We ask him about the Astral Plane, General Zitheroon and the Incalabulum. We agree to assist him in a ritual of reconsecration. As it is completed there is some warmth and the sound of hammering.

We are told that we must warn the elders of Overlook about the coming attack. We head back through the portal. We report to High Ancestor Durkic. The Council of Elders need to talk with us. We are asked to join us on the dais. A couple of Elders are missing. We head to the War room. We help to plan the defences of the city. Mahahn informs the bards of his great deeds.

A fearsome mercenary army surrounds Overlook. There are humans, trolls and dragonborn. The walls are bombarded. The dwarves sally forth to destroy some of the catapults. One of the councillors need saving. She is in a burning building. We find and rescue the councillor.

From the journal of Rangrim

The enemy army starts to fire catapults. Trolls are attacking a section of wall and we are despatched and arrive just in time to save the day, combat pending. Rangrim gets hit by a javalin. Kronk goes down in a mighty swing. Mahan puts a wall spell up to seal the breach. Kronk takes down a troll. Rangrim is still missing the trolls. Claw charges in. The wall is blocking Rangrim. The wall goes down but he still can't hit, but he has remembered to mark. Kronk is doing well battering away. Tor gets critted by a javelin. But Rangrim finally drops a troll. Mahahn does a scortching burst. Another crit javalin on Tor. Tor runs away and hides. Definately not a peer of Mahahn. Tor resurfaces. Rangrim kills the two handed troll, by pushing into the fire. They all go down - all due to Mahahn. Yeah right. Tor is sealing the breach with a spell to make the ground difficult terain.

Another attack starts. A tree is attaching the wall. We go to help. The tree hits Kronk and grabs him. Kronk is teleported out but Rangrim is grabbed and hit. Rangrim can't hit. Mahahn goes down the rope and gets stuck a bit. How embarassing. Rangrim can't escape. Claw escapes and then tries to dive for the rope but misses it. And falls to the floor. Rangrim jumps into the tree and avoids being grappled. The tree moves over and carries Rangrim over. It hits Kronk. Oh by the way the tree seems to be controlled by a circle of witches. One of them gets killed by Claw. Rangrim escapes from the tree and charges one of the witches. Finally Mahahn kills the last of them and the tree stops moving.

During the rest of the day we do more reinforcement ops. The day passes and the city is not taken. We rest up over night. The High ancestor wakes us up. The ciy has been infiltrated. We all get hit by fire from a big beast. Tor tries to entangle the creatures but is not that successful. Mahahn goes into action. Lightening bolt. Zap zap zap. A big boom goes off. A big beast flies over a look like dead dragon. It has a rider. It looks undead. Its a githyankee.

From the journal of Mahahn the Magnificent

The fight continues. Tor causes the dragon and rider to do an immediate landing. Mahahn immediately fireballs the group and creates a wall of fire to damage the enemies. Claw engages the dragon and General Zitheroon. Kronk does a reaping strike on the red spawn fire belcher. The dragon claws Claw who slumps to the ground. General Zitheroon throws a sabre at Kronk. The sabre returns to him. A dragon born hacks at Kronk with a two handed sword and breathes fire on us. The fire belcher breathes on us and some dragonborn. Mahahn hits the dragon and the general with a burning hands spell. A dragon born walks up to Kronk and misses him three times. Rangrim hits a dragonborn with a brute strike. Mahahn teleports away from a dragons claw only for the dragon to charge him. He falls unconscious only to wake immediately. Rangrim is surrounded and Tor has escaped. Tors wall of thorns kills the fire elcher and a dragonborn. Tor returns and heals Claw who gets up shouts Cord. He heals Tor and Rangrim. Mahahn kills the General with horrid whispers. Tor grabs the dragon. We all expire on the ground.



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