Thunderspire Labyrinth

From the journal of Arianna

Valfrin gives us a quest to go looking for the ancient Minatour city of Saran Kel in the base of the Thunderspire mountains. It was the centre of an empire that subdugated neighbouring countries before falling into civil war which killed most of them. Some wizards moved in afterwards and rumour on the street is that the wizards use it as a base for trading with the underdark. All sorts of nasty stuff trades with them and it is rumoured that the wizards maintain order in their lair, but outside it in the rest of the city anything goes.

We travel for 3 days towards the mountain then a horse comes bolting past us, without a rider. Round the bend is a woman dressed as a messenger being attacked by a pair of harpies. The creatures as trying to tear her satchel off her and she is trying keep them off. Victor comes forward and shoots fire but mises. I enchant the messengers armour and it blasts one of the harpies away. elle engages her in melee, Dak charges up and tries to stab her.

One of the harpies flies away and uses it's voice to draw us toward her, then the other screams loudy and immobilises us. Then some bone devils fly in and start shooting spines at us. We are split up but so are they so the wizrds can't blast them. We are also suffering quite badly from the after-effects of the powers - immobilised, dazed, slowed and poisoned.

Elle shifts with Dak and hits a harpie, Dak blinks at being away from the combat then shoots the harpie. One of the harpies pull all but Matorious away and into a group so the harpie and one of the demons can attack straight for him. This is looking very bad for us. Matorious tries to blast the pair of away, Victor lets go with another blast but only manages to hit Dak. I have to heal him but am unable to stop my ears ringing to act normally. Elle drags a harpie into the middle and dak shivs it, it tries to fly away but Elle finishes it off.

The other harpie rakes at Matorious while the spike devils shoot at us. Matorious blasts them back, they decide that we are looking harder than they thought and start and start fleeing into the air. I slow one of the harpies, but the spike demons are long gone. Everyone tries to shoot the harpie but misses, then as it is on the far limit of range I take it down with my bow. Woo!

The messenger is called "Cat". In her mannerisms and movement it is clear that she is not a good person, but she is very grateful for saving her. She blames the attacks on a witch who is engaged in hostilities with the mages of the 7 pillared hall. She works as a messenger for merchants there, she lets us read the messages which are not overly interesting.

She tells us about the 7 pillared hall - the mages keep the order, the enforcer is an ogre. There is an inn run by halflings which she reccomends as the best place to stay. Dak tells me he checked for secret page in the notes, but she wouldn't be hanging on for just some merchants notes. When we part company Dak trials her till she finds her horse, which is waiting jsut down the trial - it is a very well trained warhorse. - very expensive

We continue on to the ruins of the city, we enter via a giant tunnel in the mountain, there is dim light and giant demonic statues along the sides. We are descending down into the mountain as the passage turns. There are side passages occasionally. We see lights ahead, then a little voice whispers "pst come here"

It's a tiny little kobold that offers to guide us another way in - apparently the ogre is feeling a bit agressive and will be charging everyone to get in. He can take us another way round and will not charge as much. After some conversion and Dak talking to him we negotate a price and he leads us via a twisting side route that winds even more confusingly through the mountains.

We hear some voices - some slavers have caught themselves a halfling. The kobold says we should dart past, I think we should rescue the halfling. The party agree as it could get us in with the halflings running the inn. Dak investigates - there are 5 hobgoblins, we are going to take them. Dak slips in and shivs one of them up and kicks him back. Victor moves in and uses an icy terrain spell to knock the group of them over. I surround what looks like the leader in a wall of acid and Matorious uses a thudering explosion on the ones knocks over, killing one of them an injuring the others.

The Hobgoblins utter something that probably translates to "oh shit!" one of them manages to charge at us and whacks me with his flail. OUCH! Ellee comes charging to my aid and attacks him. The leader who I trapped in a wall of acid comes diving through and waves his staff, knocking us off our feet with a wave of force, that also kills the hobgoblin that charged me. He whips the staff around dragging Matorious along the floor.

Dak leaps in and stabs the hobgoblin with the force staff and pushes him closer to the others. Victor casts a sleep spell on them, I fire a spike wire into them and Mattious knocks one back with a thunderwave. A soldier swings at Mattious but misses, then passes out. elle teleport swaps herself with Mattious and attacks the hoboglbin with a staff. The staff hobgoblin blasts us then passes out. Dak cuts his heart out quickly. I shoot the last concious hobgoblin and Dak slits the throat of the slipping one.

The halfling is very pleased to be rescued and offers us room and meals at the inn. We get free room and board at the inn and some information. Blood Reavers hide in the chamber of eyes beyond the laberinthe (the name for everything outside the 7 pillared chamber). He advises us on a guide for the laberinthe.

We decide to head to the chamber of eyes to deal with the salvers, perminantly. We hire the reccomended guide who gives us a few tips about where to avoid in town. Don't pick a fight as everyone arrested always "resists" arrest.

We head off next day with the guide who takes us to the chamber of eyes. There is an antichamber filled with rubble and a staircase upto double doors and a balcony. Elle listens at the doors and hears at least 2 guards beyond. Matorious realises that this is a temple chamber of a temple to Torog - a horrible creature of mouths and eyes.

Matorious teleports onto the balcony and lowers us a rope to climb, there is a door that leads to a passageway above a barracks chamber. The end of the passageway has a door from which there are loud voices talking.

From the journal of Azin of Kikral Stronghold

The nasty rogue jumps onto the bed flies off and onto the sleeping opponent stabing him in the chest. Flash git. There is a spray of blood and the man wakes, gurgles and passes away. The goblins scream in fright. I'm chained up in the mines having recently been captured. There are some snarling nasty looking gribblies near me. I hear the scream. Perhaps there are people coming to our aid. Victor moves in and casts an incantation. A blast of thunder hits the goblins sending them flying. Matoroius lets fly with more magical mayhem. The goblins are shocked. They are thinking about what foul crime they commited to deserve such a fate. Dak moves in and stabs the nearest scar faced goblin in the side. One goblin hacks at Dak with a battleaxe. His mate starts frothing in the mouth and charging into combat. Elle and Dak skewer him before he has a chance to strike. The door opens and a goblin runs in screaming in some foreign tongue. The beast with the foul smelling breath looks around for linds this hobgoblin masters. Matorius sends bolts of force and a goblins brain pan is fried. Another goblin bites the dust as Dak darts in aiming his knife under his ribcage into his heart. I see the goblins heading off, possibly toget aid. I cry out "Who's there?"

Elle hears some goblins behind the door and the sound of a snarling beast. Victor sees a grey skinned dwarf with beard in quills peering around the door and decides to let fly with an icy blast. The ice coats the stone floor making it slippery. The door blasts back and the duergar falls. He sees another duergur behind him. Matorius peaks around the door and sees a frosted door. The duergar shouts out in common "why are you atacking us, we are just here to finish our trade deals." Matorius responds with a forceful blast which narrowly misses. The duergar are not cowed. The skating champion Elle slides in stabbing the duergar on the floor. Dak baits the fallen duergar. The duergar shouts out "kill the bitch I'll finish the hafling". Icy bolts shout from te duergars beard. Flames fly out from his friends beard. A hobgobin with a staff strides in and cries out "Why have you attacked our guests?" Azin switches places with Dak. He swings his blade round cuting at the duergar. A huge hobgolbin comes in saying "hold them hear I'll get reinforcements." Victor chants away and a thunderous blasts sends Dak and a goblin flying. Matorius moves in tries to bluff the opponents. It fails but he casts a spell leaving a goblin with a scorched hole in his chest.

I can see my equipment stacked in the corner. I start straining on the chains. The direwolf and goblins are told to flank the invaders. I shout out a warning.

The hobgolbin wizard returns fire and the mages are left sprawling on the floor. Elle sees a direwolf snarling and trying to squeeze into the room. Dak blinds the direwolf. Victor dithers. Time seems to stop. He calculates endless possibilities. In the end he shoots a ray of frost at the wizard. Matorius the Eladrin teleports into the corner of the room. Whilst incanting he is struck by the duergar. When the hobgolbin casts a spell Elle returns fire with a frosty blast. Matorius is pushed back into the fire. Azin struggles against the chains but fails to break them. Victor stands up pulling Matorius out of the flames before he catches fire. A spray of glittering lights dazes their opponents. Dak is run through and drops to the ground. The wizard steps up to the armoured hobgoblin and sends a wave of thunder to knock the hobgoblins back. The wolf cries out as it bursts into flames.

Finally Azin gnaws his way through the chains and runs over to grab his axe. The goblin in the room cries out in astonishment. Elle pours a healin potion down the halflings throat. From the ground Dak shoots his crossbow at a goblin. As a goblin moves to slice open the mage Elle teleports the goblin to him. The flaming sphere menaces the hobgoblin. The goblin fills Azin full of arrows. Matorius looks round but Victor had already finished him off. Azin finishes the nasty goblin off.

Azin meets the others and tells them of the duergur who were there to trade in the slaves. They live in the underdark but may have a slave pen in the seven pillared hall. They find a belt of sacrafice on a bugbear. Searching the hobgoblin leaders quarters they find magical snakefang leather armour, a potion of healing, five opals and 450gp and 500 silver pieces and a magical lifedrinking scimitar. Azin tells them that his group came looking for the slaves but they were killed and he was captured. Azin sees that they are chatting about magical gear they have found. Perhaps he should seek some others.

We find a note that is the contract between the duergar and the bloodreavers. We head back to the inn in the seven pillared halls. The best place to make deal is in Gendars Magical Emporium. He is a drow. In the morning a hulking ogre comes into the Inn and summons us to the customs house in the name of the mages. He hungrily eyes the halfling. Heading off to Gendar we see that he is a skinny no good academic type. He says that "Aren't you the ones that killed the bloodreavers and dark dwarves." He says that he doesn't feel that we are trustworthy. Azin takes offence. He is after an ancient skull sceptre which is in the duergar complex in the Horned hole. We negotiate with him. Azin is shocked at how many healing potions they are purchasing. The party seems to be mercenary scum.

The ogre pokes his head around the door and says "the mages don't expect to be kept waiting." We tell him to wait a minute and he says that he'll be waiting outside. Finaly we are lead into the mages stronghold. In a plush room is a man in a silver mask and two twelve foot tall minotaurs. Elle snirgers at the man in the mask. Victor Valtentine and Azin of Kikral Stronghold introduce themselves. The halfling rols around on the floor laughing. Orontor says that he might have a quest for us in the future. We ask him about Cat the "messenger". The man in the silver mask tells us that she is more dangerous than she seemed. He tells us that in the last slave raid children were taken. Dak comments that they are probably dead since children are weak. Azin is not impressed. Heading back to the Inn we engage the services of a guide to the Horned Hold. The Horned Hold sits across the chasm. It's three mini forts.Once it once a minotaur place.

Next day we set off for the Horned Hall. Coming down some ornate steps we hear the sound of something approaching down a side passage. It may be the sound of hyenas. We seven gnolls and behind them something demonic. Matorius and Victor recognise it as a monkey demon. They haven't spoted us despite the fact Azin standing in plain site. Our guide tells us that something must be up at the hal of demons. We find a path skirting around the cavern. The path ends at a portcullis. We see orcs behind the portcullis.

We hear Orcs shouting out "Stop intruders" Dak tries to parley with the orcs. The orc tells us to go to the main gate. There are at least five orcs in there. Dak offers the orc a drink but the orc doesn't fall for the trick. Dak sneakily shoots him with a crossbow bolt. The orc shouts out a warning. Matorius opens up with a bolt of force. The orc staggers back. Ele manoevers them into a group so that the mages can get them witha big spell. A shocking sphere and a scorching burst hit the group of orcs. Azin walks up and tries to lift the gate. He fails and gets wounded for his troubles as the orcs gang up on him. The orcs are grouped and so suffer magical attacks. Azin crouches down behind his shield. Elle switches places with Victor. The orcs concentrate their attacks on Azin but they fail to hit and they suffer pain from magical shock spheres and magical missiles. Seeing his comrades fall dead the orc makes a run for it but dies before he makes it to the door.

From the journal of Alaric

As I make the hobgoblin's beds yet again, a group of mercenaries bust into the room, they seem friendly. After a short conversation I am released from my shackles and with the briefest of introductions and reequipping myself from a locked chest the group moves on.

We open large double doors and find oursleves looking into a forge room with several Orcs working away. A very long combat ensues with an enemy mage and several fighters. I get hit heavily and set on fire in the opening round and then burn for the entire combat making it really hard for me to concentrate enough to hit anything. I also get blinded for a few seconds. So I spend the whole combat trying to protect myself and healing myself (and screaming). After an epic combat we emerge victorious though the leader runs away invisible. We pursue and spot a double door open and close. As we are all wounded we halt and fall back to recover.

Meanwhile Azin searches the bedroom of the mage and finds a Scepter of Orcus. We fall back and barricade the doors, but not before Victor spots a Drow. However we rest undisturbed and recover our breath.

A few minutes later we open a small locked door off the main room to discover a bridge leading to a third tower. We decide to go back and visit the drow instead. So the two sneaky types scout ahead, listen and open doors. The rest of us follow slowly behind. Bored. Eventually we find ourselves in a room with 4 doors off. Listening at all doors we don't find anything. Then Victor wanders off and opens a door by himself. Stupid.

Loud voices are heard in a strange tongue from te direction Victor wandered off in. Brandis runs to help just in time to see Victor get burnt by a flaming Duergar. We are now split into three pairs at three different doors. I have a very bad feeeling about this. Predictably the sneaky sub-party of Elle and Dak opens another door. We now have combat on two fronts. I decide that the sneaky guys were are slighlty less stupid than Victor and I go to help them as Azin runs off to help Victor. At least we aren't in three combats simultaneously. I spoke too soon - a drow appears from the middle doors and joins our litle combat.

Wow the little guard grows into a huge creature. We are in trouble. However we seem blessed and take little damage from the huge creature or the Drow. Thought the combat is long we easily take it down and the Drow surrenders.

The other half of the party are still finishing off their combat and Dak runs off to join in. They soon win but a trap involving two hung prisoners is triggered who are immediately killed.

Returning we question the Drow. She is the youngest daughter of a Drow matriarch and she bargains informations for her freedom.

The chief has dwarven grieves.

From the journal of Arrianna

We all go across the main bridge to get to the last tower, slots open in the doors and bows fire at us. We fire back but as we have only small slits to shoot through most of us miss. I place a caustic rampart through the door and the crossbows start to sizzle, as one is about to fire Matorious pulls the bolt off the crossobw with mage hand. Victor is trying to pick the lock, but can't manage it so he steps back, Azin charges the door and batters it down. Inside are a group of dark dwarfs who all attack him, injuring him badly. They are shooting darts out of their beards. Azin is holding the door while the rest of us let rip with arrows and spells. Mattius lets rip with a force orb and causes them a great deal of pain to the dwarves.

One of the dueger throws a pot of fire at Azin, which succeeds in destroying both arbolests and knocking the fight prone. Elle flows like water through the battle and engages the dwarf at the back. Victor barrels the other half of the door open and moves in to flank. I unleash a spike wire that pins 2 of them then Alleric blasts the entire group.

There is a roar and a thundering as the doors to the rear are knocked open and an orge charges through and smashes Victor with an axe, the wizard hits the wall with a thump and doesn't get up. I shoot the orge with a force arrow and invoke my bows lightning effect that kills 2 of the dwarves. Alleric heals Victor and Brandis the Innacurate shoots the ogre. Matorious drops a lightning blast on the ogre and the dwarf.

Azin charges forward and smashes the ogre twice with his axe, I drop one of the reamining dwarves with a force arrow, Brandis shoots the ogre some more. Alleric sticks a lance of faith into the ogre that annoys it more, it attacks Azin with its axe. Victor gets up but misses the ogre with his magic, Azin sticks his axe into the ogre and it topples dead.

My firy blast fails to kill the last duergur warrior who tries to block the door, but Alleric blasts him away. The remaining duergr oops out from where he had been taking cover and farts in our general direction, blinding most of us with fumes. Elle pulls him closer to the party and teleports behind him and Azin hacks him in half.

We find some treasure. Elle sneaks around and opens a door with a shitload of gribblies - dwarves and spine devils. One of them dazes and slows her. She is now miles from us and about to get pounded. We all run to try and rescue her. Victor casts icy terrain in front of Elle to slow things down. One of them lobs brimstone hail that knocks us all to the ground. The spine devils fly past Elle and start showering her with spines. She falls over and one of them hacks at her body.

The rest of the party come up behind us and we need to hold a bottleneck against the demon. I get up and get behind them. Victor pauses to spray colours in the faces of the devils to daze them then makes a hasty retreat. The duergr theurge throws something in our faces that blinds me and victor.

One of the gribbles yells "kill the mage, we can't get near him." Azin heals victor an amount while Matorous summons a shocking sphere on their group. We heal victor who is concentrating on dodging. The theurge throws a bomb that knocks over most of the front line then the spine devils open up on Victor who is not getting up. With victor down his repulsion belt isn't working anymore and the guards attack.

We retreat! One of the other doors in this room is obviously external, Brandis opens it up - it leads into the darkness of the laberynth. I leave an arcane springboard behind me for the front line to make their escape. Victor is after us shortly, the Duergr try to surround Azin, he bullrushes the duergr off the springboard and activates it to catapult himself through the door. We retreat to replan.

From the journal of Arrianna

We sneak back to the big door, there is a head on a spike outside, it's ellies. After several failed attempts to open the door they open the door they open a spy crack to yell at us, Brandis shoots through the hole and Matorious teleports through the spy crack and opens the door for us. There are 3 duergr on the other side that we fight. Matorious sends them blasting with thunder wave while victor dazes one with a colour spray.

Dak comes in from the other side and shoots one. The deurgr in charge throws a stinking cloud that blinds Brandis and Matorious. I unleash a burst of spike wires that pin their leader and one of the guards, Azin charges the leader and dak sneaks up behind him and stabs him in the back.

One of the durgr starts attacking me, OUCH! this melee thing hurts. Victor freezes the devil and guard. A drow turns up and heals me. Wow... that was unexpected. Then the leader blasts us with a pyscic bolt that dazes half the party.

Brandis shoots one guard dead and Dak kills the leader, leaving just the guard pounding on me. Then the door is knocked open by a large Duergr with a flaming maul. The drow yells, "Murklemor, help, they are attacking", as he steps past her she whacks him over the back of the head. The durgr continues onward and attacks Azin, 2 come in behind him and atack the Drow.

Everyone is ignoring me! Another Duergr theurge casts a bolt that knocks us off our feet. Victor brings up a cloud of acid over the enemies stuck in the other room, which is nice as it blinds them to us but means I can't put a wall of acid over them. Dak briefly stabs up the guard I am fighting, then loses interest and wanders off to stab the others.

Murklemoor knocks the drow prone with a single bash which allows one of the guards to force his way through. Matorious summons a giant icy hand that attempts to grabs Murklemoor, but misses.

Victor comes to my rescue and blasts the deurgr into little pieces, thankyou! I cut off one avenue of escape with a wall of acid then send preditory shards all over the area that slice into the duergr. One of them rages and screams and grows to twice his size and whacks Dak towards the fire. Murklemoor makes a break for the entrance but Matorious giant icy hand stops him at the entrance.

The other durger shock troop roars and grows in size as Dak stabs up the already big one. Brandis shoots Murklemoor and Victor tries to blast him back into the room but fails. Azin strikes the theurge as one of the shock troops attacks Brandis. Murklemoor baters Matorious who withdraws out of range and laughs at the deurgr as the icy hand crushes him. Victor uses his powers to slide around outside and activates his armour of repulsion. One of the shock troops who is still in my field of shards falls shredded, the theurge is melted by the acid of my wall and drops.

Azin is keeping the giant shock trooper engaged while the rest of us are piling all the damage we can onto Murklemoor. I create a springboard for Dak so he can get past Murklemoor out the door. Dak prompty stabs Murklemoor in the kidneys. Azin drops the last shock trooper and ducks through the door, now blocking it completely.

Brandis charges Murklemoor with his swords and hacks him down. Way hay! All over! We close the door and bar it again. Victor gets a hug and a kiss for rescuing me. We get some fat loot and free the slaves and head back to meet our guide. The guide is pleased to see us and leads us upwards. The Drow is the same one we tied up earlier, she has some "history" with the other drow and was looking to leave. Given she helped me out with healing and took a lot of pounding for us I say lets help her to the surface and the rest of the party agree.

But when we reach the top of the steps the guide screams and falls down the steps. Lilly and I drop back and see him transforming, his nose growing into a muzzle. He's a werewolf! He screams "run!", and we do.

Some of the peasants run down a side passage, Drak! runs after them and gets them back. Some of us wait a little ahead and hit the werewolf with spells to slow it, then we leg it some more. The wolf catches one of the peasants and munches him, with the delay we are able to get into the higher passages and navigate our way back to the 7 pillared hall. We slam the great dragon door closed and sit there.

Our drow contact is pleased and suprised to see us, he pays up and sells us cheap potions, the slaves are being taken to the surface. Kat meets us and wants us to see her mage patron.

From the journal of Arrianna

Dak fails to get money off the drow shopkeeper, we decide to go see the wizard who originally spoke to us about a job Aronto, not Cats employer.

Dak has a quiet talk with ogre, unbenownst to the others he arranges to have the drow potion seller killed.

Meanwhile we spot out guide, we quietly explain the facts of life to him, he is terrified about it, but it only effects him when he is down in the labrynth. He is going to stay up in the hall for a while, he thinks he picked it up from the hall of silence.

Aronoto wants us to go and spy on Kats boss, very convenient. He advises against going to the hall of silence but that the curse on the guide can be lifted by destroying the item that controls us.

We head down to meet with Kats patron. We come to a chamber with a raised ledge all around us, there is someone across from us, "there you, come here." When we start to move out he announces, "die." There is a giant bronze minotaur there and another form on the ledge right above us. Victor unleashes a sleep spell the dazes him immdeately, his balefire misses Azin then he staggers and drops asleep.

The bronze minatour rolls the boulder that pins azin to the wall, I run in and start pulling the dwarf out - if he is pinned by the rock he will get pulverised by the minatours axe. Dak who was already climbing the wall leaps across the moved boulder and slit the throat of the mage.

With my help Azin wiggles out of the boulders while Lilly goes and engages the bronze minatour. The tiefling on the ledge above casts a spell on Brandis who turns and shoots him, as the first arrow hits the tiefling teleports, but Brandis just swings and slots him with a second.

The Minatour throws the boulder out the way then knocks me prone then smashes its axe into all 3 of us. OUCH! That hurt, I get up and get out the way, leaving Azin and Lilly to duke it out with the statue, which they set to with gusto.

Dak comes leaping across the boulders again to engage the tiefling who blasts him. The minatour smashes me prone again and hits me, Azin and Brandis with it's axe. oww! I dive between the boulders away from it. Azin and Lilly try to keep it occupied! Lilly blasts it with a radient bolt. Brandis gets up on the ledge and shoots the tiefling but misses.

The Minatour throws a boulder at Victor, which blocks Victor and I in the tunnel - no more helping for us, the rest of the party try to dogpile the golem except for Brandis who shoots the tiefling, killing it. As the tiefling falls the minatour rampages and knocks Lilly and Azin to the ground.

Victor uses thunder wave to move the boulder, allowing us to squeeze back into the fight, unfortunately the minatour moves into the middle and swings his axe hitting azin, lilly, dak and Victor who has just gotten in. I slip in afterwards and blast it with fire, Victor moves out the way as Azin, Lilly and Dak get in. Brandis gets a vantage on the ledge and starts shooting the manatour. I carpet the area with magical spikes but they don't seem to slow it much. It knocks Lilly over and swings against Brandis on his ledge. The ranger falls bleeding badly.

I summon a springboard so that the rest of the party can get up to help Brandis. Victor leaps up to the ledge and helps the ranger before he bleeds to death. Everyone else is trying to surround the golem and attacks. The golem backs towards another boulder to throw. Victor uses icey terrain to knock it to the floor and I cover it in spiky wires to make it easier to hit. Dak sticks his Kukri in and it stops moving.

We examine the bodies, one of the tieflings has instructions to kill us and a map to the gnoll enclave where our bodies would be used to win favour with the gnolls.

We hatch a plan to bluff our way through the 7 pillared hall, we are sneaking through while Dak reports that we are dead. We sneak through, Dak briefs Aronto as to what is happening - the mage is annoyed that his rival is using the minatours for personal use. We are going to head to investigate the gnolls. Dak learns that 2 of the humans we rescued didn't leave - their children went to the gnolls. The man was given sword and armour by Gnodar the drow (the one Dak doesn't like) and went off into the labrynth.

We head down and down and down, at the very bottom of the steps we find the mans body - looks like he slipped and fell down the entire length of the steps. The sword he had been given is snapped - it was junk, if the man had gotten into a fight it would have broken. I am starting to agree with Dak here that this drow needs to get some comuppance.

We rest but are plagued with a vision of the abyss! Not a good night at all, we are not sure if it was a dream or we were really there - the walls of the world are weak here.

We arrive at the gnoll headquarters - the well of demons. Victor and Brandis spot a lurking figure - it's a goul. A voice rings out, promising rewards for those that are worthy, something about Mask, bell, blade and tome. Lilly steps forward to kill the goul, but as she passes through a pair of pillars something with long arms leaps out and grabs her.

Azin charges past and whacks the goul, Victor moves in and blasts the arm grabby thing off Lilly with a thunder wave, I shoot one with my bow. Then the ground explodes and a bigger mass of tentacles somes out and attacks Lilly, Victor and I. It misses me just, as Dak runs past and attacks one of the smaller tentacle arm things and sends it spinning towards the well.

Brandis shoots the big mass of tentacles, I infuse weapons with fire. Azin whacks the goul as it and one of the tentacle things go for him. Victor blasts Lilly free of the tentacles grabbing her.

From the journal of Arrianna

Lilly moves up and attacks the ghoul who topples over unmoving. Victor blasts the choker in the centre, sending it flying across the room, I follow it up with a ray of frost to slow it. Dak slips out from behind his pillar and shoots the one that had been attacking Azin.

Matorious comes in from his research and blasts the choker in the centre, 2 bolts of arcane energy blast through its body.

The last remaining one grabs Azin in a choke hold. Lilly tries to cut him free but the creature uses Azin to block the blow. Azin decides that instead of trying to break the hold he'll just kill the creature and sticks his axe in it's skull.

We go onwards, the corridor ends in a doorway that Dak listens at and hears that there is growling and barking. We open the door, at the end of the corridor is a cage of hyenas, there are several side passages leading off. Lilly strides foward and sees that off the first side passage are a large number of gnolls.

She charges them, breaking the line, oh dear! Vitor moves forward, but as he does a gnoll hiding at the end of the corridor unleashes the hyenas that come running towards him. Victor summons icy terrain to slow them down then Matorious blasts them all with a shocking sphere but they keep coming. Dak slips forward and stabs one, it dies. Alleric moves up and blasts another dog with holy light. I conjure a wall of acid that will sizzle everything in the corridor.

The dogs dart through anyway, getting burned as they do, the gnoll behind them shoots victor. Azin moves forward to hold the line with Lilly. The gnolls attack her and wound her seriously, smelling blood they go for her again.

Dak stabs one of the hyenas then slides back away, Alleric takes his place on the line. I move forward to Victors side, one of the dogs biting me on the way. I send a shower of spikes against the gnolls attacking Azin and Zillith. Victor creates a poison cloud, over the hyenas, between my wall and the poison cloud the dogs all die.

Alleric commands one of the gnolls to fall over, and it does, hitting its head on a stool and it dies. The remaining one takes pounding from matorious, Lilly, Azin and my spikes and goes down quickly. The spear thrower in the room makes a break for it but Azin stops it with a well placed whack. He and Lilly set to pounding it.

Dak has slipped through the shadows to trace the huntmaster, he sees the gnoll loading treasure into a sack, then victor moves his poison cloud down the corridor obscuring Daks vision. The gnoll comes running out of the door through the cloud and through my acid wall to dive away down the side corridor.

Dak goes chasing him, I slow him with frost, Victor slows him then Dak leaps on his back and stabs him to death, Dak puts the gnolls sack into his backpack. We can hear an animals cries of pain and the yapping of hyenas from the other side of the door. As everyone gets up Dak sneaks off through the poison cloud and has a look in the sack, shame on him!

Lilly opens the door, sees a dire boar chained up being shot by gnoll archers and attacked by hyenas. She closes the door and we move up to behind where the archers are. Dak vanishes into the shadows again.

We kick open the door, Lilly runs in and hits one of the archers, Victor employees a sleep spell which slows 3 of them, I send spike bursts that catch a pair then Azin charges over and whacks the nearest one. The gnolls react and fight back, summoning the hyenas who come running. Victor dazes most of them then Matorious drops an electric burst on them killing gnolls and hyenas both.

One of the gnolls tries to run and leaps over the hay bails, we hear a yelp and there is a spray of blood, followed by Dak hopping onto the haybale, looking very pleased with himself. We hack the remaining ones apart, then Victor manages to sooth the boar, it is clearly a dwarf trained mount. Dak wants it made known that he did the right thing has lost his and handed over a holy symbol to the party.

I remember that Woofhand Deepgem, head of a dwarven mining company has lost his much beloved dire boar pet, he had offered a reward for anyone who returned it.

We leave some arcane eyes watching the boar and press onward. We find a room covered in blood and 3 ghosts - a man an elf and a dwarf. They might help us if we can impress them. The party is not that impressive apart from Dak who really impresses them with a dance. They fade away with the last warning "the place is a proving ground this place is the proving ground for the demon lords worshipers, you need to get 4 items and put them on the relevant rune circles at exactly the same time."

I point out that the gnolls are unlikely to have the kids down here, so we will deal with this later - we go back to the gnolls base to go looking for them.

Dak sneaks down the corridor and spots 2 tieflings sitting at a table, after nearly shooting them Dak convinces them to join us against the gnolls for 1/10th of the treasure. We have an ambush set up, one of them, Azcalak, chats to us for a bit. When the gnoll comes forward the tieflings lead him to us then we all attack. The tieflings attack with us, looking good, the gnoll drops a vial of something on the ground. Aleric orders him to fall over, and he does.

Then a giant ape demon comes charging down the corridor and grabs matorious in a bearhug. Azin goes to help Matorious.

Then the tieflings turn on us and stab victor. Then one of them dissappears. Matorious blasts the demon off him then tries to grab it with an icy hand but misses. Victor shifts next to them, blasts it again and dazes it with colour spray. I shoot the gnoll with my bow.

From the journal of Arrianna

The hidden tiefling appears and stabs Matorious, the other one vanishes and I feel a sharp pain in my back. Aleric releases a beacon of hope, but then something appears behind Matorious and starts to garotte him. I try to shoot the thing behind me but miss and shift away next ot Aleric. Lilly invokes a cloud of darkness around her and the gnoll. Dak turns up behind the thing strangl;ing dak and stabs it up forcing it off him.

The gnoll backs out of the darkness as the tiefling becomes visible and stabs me again. Aleric blasts him with holy radience. Matious sends magic missiles against the gnoll and demon and grabs the demon in his spectral hand. Lilly gets up next to the gnoll and unleashes a holy burst that damages it and the demon.

I shoot the tiefling, then shoot him again. Another garotting monster slips up behind Dak and starts strangling him. Matorious blasts 2 of them with a shock sphere. Lilly relieves the poison on me then charges forward and smacks the tiefling on Dak. The ape demon keeps trying to pound Azin out of the way but the dwarf doesn't move a muscle and is keeping him trapped in his room.

Victor blasts the 2 choking monsters off Dak. Then the tiefling on me goes invivible then stabs me again, I am burning all of my healing powers just to avoid dying myself. Then the gnoll steps up and whacks me in the chest with his morningstar. Matorious blasts the demon with a force orb and it shatters into a million pieces, screaming back to the abyss. I unleash a spiked wire on the gnoll but he dodges, we hear a yelp from the shadows - seems the wires got the tiefling. The other tiefling screams and falls over as Dak cuts out his kidneys.

Azin comes behind the gnoll and whacks him, the tiefling comes up to stab me but I have activated the my cloak and am protected from the worst of it. He snarls at me "you just won't die!" Lilly has come up behind the gnoll and hits him as well. The 2 garotting monsters retreat. I step back and use my bow to release a firy burst that kills both the gnoll and the tiefling in one go. TAKE THAT!

We go looting and find some money and jewlry. There is an unholy book of Bahmet in the room that had the demon - we will need this to do the challenge rooms.

We rest next to the boar. A small demonic ghost appears and offers to answer questions in exchange for money or knowledge, it belongs to the court of a demon lord. We decide its a bad idea and dismiss it.

We can't find the kids so we head to the challenge room. There are 3 challenges we must undertake. The door opens to a room with horrible fleshy pillars! Mishshappen bodies and waving arms, we are sure they are souls of the damned. Dak shoots one of them, the arrow hits it and the soul screams, the body is dragged inside the pillar then another one pushed up in its place. Eww! I tisk Dak! Do not sell souls to hell!

As pillars grab us and demons appear Victor darts through and uses expidious retreat to grab the bell and get out of the room, immidately the columns release us and the demons release. Challenge 1 beaten!

The bell is made of gold but has no knocker, it is covered in spikes and other warrior type decoration.

The next challenge is a large room filled with blood. There are 2 doors in that lead to short platforms, then a sea of blood, then a bridge running crossways across the room, then on the far side are 2 pillars with the dagger and the scabbard far separate. There are 2 huge statues with giant whips. I create a bridge that takes us half way, as the party advance the statues come to life lashing out with their whips. Dak is knocked past into the blood, everyone else in the middle is knocked to the ground on the central bridge.

I back out of the room slightly as Dak swims and wades through the blood towards the hilt. Azin goes running down the large central bridge to head for the dagger. Then demons spring out of the blood - one of them attacks Dak, 2 go for Azin and one comes running for me! Aleric commands the demon off Dak and sends it scurrying. away. Victor moves forwards and just winks out appearing next to the far pillar with the dagger on it. Unfortunately he is unable to pull it out.

Dak yanks the hilt out and starts running back, immidately all the demons head towards him. The whips yank Alleric and drag him into the blood. Unknown to us he is knocked unconcious by the impact. Victor yanks the shealth free and leaps into the blood but doesn't quite make the bridge. I use thundering armour to knock a demon off alleric but the

Realising whats happening to Alaric: Lilly leaps in after him and yanks him out, taking slashes from the demons in the process. Victor and dak are both yanked off their feet by the whips. I move in and try to bounce one of the demons off Lilly but it resists. Dak runs out but is grabbed by a demon that immobilises him with a bite.

2 demons go for Victor, he just gets up to the bridge as a whip yanks him back. Lilly rips the demon of Daks back and the halfling runs and throws the dagger to Matorious out of the room. As soon as the knife leaves the things in the room vanish and Azin rescues Victor from drowning.

From the journal of Alaric

We proceed to the third item room and inspect the writing above the door. None of us recognise the language. The room opens up into a small curtained area. After some discussion Dak steps in and peeks between the curtains and he instantly vanishes. I step in and pull the curtain down. We are in a huge hall with irregular mirrored pillars supporting the ceiling. The nearest pillar appears mirror-like but it is dark and not reflecting. I cast Sacred Flame against the pillar but nothing happens.

Victor, Matorius and Zillith enter the room eyes closed keeping to the left wall. I draw my dagger and step up to the pillar intending to strike it. Instead I suddenly find myself in a darkened room with Dak and a Gnoll. Reflexively I command him to the ground. Dak makes good use of the opportunity and inflicts severe damage in two successive strikes while the Gnoll flails wildly. Another stirke and the Gnoll lies dead.

Looking around the room there are a few gnawed bodies and strewn items, nothing of obvious value. There are no obvious exits. I start to contemplate spending the rest of my life with Dak, and the horror slowly washes over me.

Meanwhile the three others come across another curtain and Victor pulls that down. Beyond are two skeletal warriors and the mask! Victor quickly snatches up the mask and backs away. The skeletons attack as they make a fighting retreat towards the exit. After reaching the exit nothing happens. The skeletons keep attacking; Dak and Alaric are still missing.

Victor recalls there was a hand print under the mask. Matorious works his way back and presses it. The pillars go grey, two skeletal warriors appear, also Dak and Alaric reappear. Matorious zooms for the exit and makes it and the warriros turn to dust.

We return to the room with the boar and rest for the night, which passes uneventfully. We then do a final search, examining four coloured pools (red, green, blue and yellow) of which the green one gives us resist poison, and we all quaff that one. We fail to identify the blue one. The red gives you rage, and the yellow is poisonous.

We drop the items and a roar goes up. Ten runes also glow on the main door. Then a large green dragon appears, apparently from the pit in the middle of the complex. It goes for Victor! Victor comes running our way and skeletal hands grab at him from the floor. One immobilizes him so he dimension doors away. A strangled scream is also heard from Matorious. A huge ball of darkness is rolling around the central area. One of the ten runes on the main door goes out. A countdown. We are so screwed.

Victor, Zillith and Alaric are now in the corner together, and the dragon converges on us. We are all frozen with fear. A dragon tail sweeps my legs and drops me, before he breathes a poisonous cloud on Victor and Zillith and then flies off next to Matorious who steps back and puts a Bigby's hand in front of him. Dak closes in too and Zillith opens fire as the dragon breathes again. However the dragon falls down asleep and we try to make the most of it but we are mostly slowed or immobilized!

It soon saves and gets up before we have done much coup damage and the fight resumes. We spend most of our time getting breathed on/slowed and getting grabbed by skeletal hands. The fight moves into the entrance of the pool room, with Zillith taking the front line. As Zillith steps into the doorway a water pseudopod lashes out from the blue pool damaging and holding her, but the fight presses on into the room. Victor dashes in and finishes off the dragon, but we are severely depleted. Several people get pulled into the pool, but it cuts out when the door opens. Dak and Zillith emerge sodden and we plan our next .

From the journal of Arrianna

There is desention as to what we do. I say we try and rescue the kids. In the end I am being lowered down into the dragons horde, I find some magic stuff and a nice robe for me and some boots of shifting for Lilly.

We head into the big bad door, it leads to a corridor, we can hear chanting comging from ahead. We open the door into a chamber with a huge idol of a minatour with a huge axe. There are a set of iron caldrons and huge runes around. There are 2 human children seeming to be a trance and a demonic gnoll with wings. A pack of carnage demons and a pair of skeletal minataurs.

The skeletal minatour axes at dak but misses. Matorious blasts with a fireball that catches both demons and skeletons. The gnoll demon thing flies into mist then curses Dak who is lifted into the air and screams as the power lashes him. Lilly moves in and I release a firy infusion on her and Dak and burn one of the skeletons. Brandis steps back, draws his bow and sends a firy arow straight through the creatures skull.

A demon moves into the gap and misses lilly with its claws, the gnoll blasts Dak again with eldritch power. I heal him. Victor lets rip with a colour spray that dazes several of them. Brandis shoots the nearest demon then Dak releases a barrage of arrows that finishes the demon off. Matorious uses a lightning sphere to injure a group.

The gnoll blasts victor twice, one blast Lilly takes for the wizard, then she charges into the grap and unleashes a hallowed circle of power that blasts the enemies. The mummies charge in against lilly but miss her. She could be in trouble as their mummy rot is deadly. I let rip with a spike wire that takes out the skeleton and pins one of the mummies to make it easier to hit. Victor follows up with a scorching blast then Alleric turns them and sends one flying backwards.

Matorious blasts a mummy with magic missile, and the gnoll basts dak again. He chants and the magic symbols around the children flare up. The mummy hits Lilly, I raise a wall of acid around the pillar where the gnoll is hiding to encourage him to leave. Victor ducks into room trying to get close enough to disrupt the gnolls ritual. Brandis lets fly with a pair of arrows and kills one of the mummies.

Matorious splits his magic missle and blasts a demon and the gnoll. The gnoll flees my acid and lands next to dak but fails to attack him. The demons are forced back away from Allerics consecrated ground. Lilly whacks the nearest demon, then the mumm comes charging past Alleric and attacks me. My plan to get to the sigil is scuppered and I have to move back and shoot it. Alleric glows brightly, damaging the mummy and demon. Brandis shoots the mummy then Matorious blasts it to pieces. The holy aura around Alleric kills one of the demons, the other attacks Victor.

I blast the demon off victor as Lilly and Dak lay into the gnoll. Alleric moves the holy zone to damage it and Brandis moves up to shoot. Matorious blasts with a magic missle but misses, he causes a ghost sound to try and convince the gnoll that he has failed. The gnoll doesn't believe it and chants and the kids scream as their souls are ripped from their bodies. There is a rumbling and the statues in the chamber collapse, the rubble remaining is in the outline of a gnoll - he has converted the entire cursed area to his god. He swells in size as his god rewards him.

The basterd! I shoot him but he is still up. Victor finally manages to climb up the 5 foot ledge, and blasts the gnoll with a freezing ray that kills it.

We find some parchments: they are an agreement between Paldamar and the gnoll. Paldamar has become a worshipper of Vecna who wants to destroy everyone in the 7 pillared hall and drain mages of their power and spread the worship of vecna. There is a silver key that gets acess to the Tower of Vecna.

We loot the dragon horde then head back. The 7 pillared hall is in chaos - it is being atacked by the metal minatours and gnolls. The adventuring barons son is fighting back to back with the mage who hired us to try and hold them off. The duergr fighting change sides and start attacking them. Its looking bad.

There are too many for us to help, we head to the tower of Vecna. To enter the tower we have to get past an image of Vecna. It's not impressed with some of our knowledge but Dak and I get talking and we convince it to let us in.

From the journal of Lilly (Zillith)

So, a week later, I'm STILL stuck in forsaken hole in the ground. With the same bunch of idiots that keep trying to get me killed! Had I just bought the slaves and left as I had originally planned I'd be seeking my contacts on the surface, instead of duping an evil god into letting us into his tower! What the hell?

Stepping into the teleportation circle we appear in a pillared room, faces carved into the pillars and walls. Blindfolded faces chant in pseudo-religous voices, gagged ones glare menacingly at us. Alaric steps up and begins to investigate our surroundings. Surprisingly he's safe as he wanders off into the darkness. Rounding two corners he spies a creature lurking in the distance, large and goblinoid in shape. Matorius turns himself invisible and advances into the columned room beyond. Alaric cries out as the glaring faces assault his mind.

Advancing onto the goblinoid Dak fires his crossbow, hitting him a nasty blow. I advance and move beyond Alaraic as more of the creatures appear, 2 charging Dak now he has revealed himself. Viktor runs into the fray, again, as a shouting out that they are "Norka's" and to avoid their bites. Immediately he blasts the 2 infront of Dak with a spray of colour, knocking the senses from them. Alaric, on the other side of the complex, advances somewhat, but misses his target, closely followed by Matorius who yelps in pain, holding his head as he leaves the edge of one of the pillars.

Viktor cries out as the pillar assaults his mind, bloodying him in one attack. Infront of Alaric and Matorius a swarm of Norka's appears from a teleportation device and charges our cleric. Dak unleashes a barrage of crossbow bolts, killing on and blinding another, the third dodging his attack. I charge up, cleaving the skull off one of the Norka's, challenging another. The remaining unengaged Norka's charge the other direction to attack Dak, slashing him viciously. Viktor again sends another blast of thunder over Dak's opponents, kocking one back and killing another, before retreating out of range of the mystical evil pillars. Arrianna heals our resident melee wizard, then blasts one of hte Norka's still facing Dak (the halfing tank!).

Alaric blasts two Norka's into the afterlife and heals himself, leaving a sole ugly goblin standing between us. Matorius sneaks around invisibly, unleashing a massive ball of fire as four more Norka's teleport in. Two of them die in flames immediately, the remaining pair charging Matorius. I smack the Norka Alaric and I are flanking, bolstering his armour as I do so, then shift over to assist Matorius. Dak retreats, leaving Arrianna to face the Norka's chasing him. Viktor attempts to blast one of the Norka's then continues to retreat. Arrianna follows Dak's example and runs away, turning to blast the Norka's chasing the half-group, all of whom are in retreat.

Alaric commands the Norka nearest to run away, and Matorius tries to blast them, missing, but trying again and succeeding the second time in killing both of them. Dakdak sneaks in close, slicing through his stomach, dropping him instantly. The Norka's flank Dak and slice him up, then Viktor drags the fallen Arrianna, hopefully out of range of the pillars, then creates an area of ice knocking the Norka behind Dak to the floor.

Alaric hears the cries from the the other half of the group and runs off to help, unleashing a beacon of hope as he arrives, healing all of them heroically. Back near Matorius and I, we can hear spells being cast within a locked room. Matorius attempts to pick the lock, but then mutters something about it being magically locked, but can see 3 mages inside the room, casting through a crystal ball. The pillar's, in reality the mage's Matorius can see, assault Dak, taking him very close to unconciousness. Dak responds by dispatching one of the Norka's then retreating. I smack the final Norka near me and shift my position somewhat. The Norka misses me twice, as Viktor comes running from the other group to assist with the magically locked door.

Alaric throws healing and divine lances around with abandon, making Dak's situation much less dire. Matorius disappears, teleporting through the keyhole, unleashing an orb of force at the three hissing mages. They blast him knocking him senseless. Back outside the room Dak dispatches the last Norka near him, and I flail at the one fighting me, missing him. Viktor runs past me, also teleporting through the door, creating a massive cloud of noxious vapour around the mages. Everyone else advances up to the door area, avoiding the second teleportation circle in the center. In the room Matorius thunderwaves 2 of the mages, after which one of the them charges Viktor, his skin peeling off in a visage of terror, the second two blasting Viktor.

Dak appears from the shadows and kills the Norka, freeing me to try and break down the door, which I fail to do. Viktor tries to blast them away from him, though it simply does some minor damage, awakening another of the mages into their look of death. Matorius sends a crackling orb of lightning into the mages, finally turning the remaining mages into a snarling creature of death. Dak fails to open the door, and I reward him by laying hands on his disgusting little body. We array ourselves to charge in when the door opens. Matorius and Viktor battle with the creatures by themselves, as we futiley attempt to open the door, listening to the screams from within.

Dak finally opens the door and we charge through. I smack the middle creature, blowing it apart and giving healing energy to those around me, the others flow through and we begin to pummel them to death. After much careful healing and searching, we find some healing potions, then move on through the teleporter.

Dak explores somewhat, listening at doors and spotting a Bronze Warder guarding the teleporter up to the next level. We open the door and find a massive arcane machine that is feeding on 10 mages around it, and is obviously powering the Bronze warders. As we watch one falls over dead. The machine needs to be stopped! While we discuss this Dak slips round cutting the throats of all the mages. The machine stops, and a mages face appears in it - "You've really pissed me off....". It goes dark. We teleport up to the next level.

Around us is a tiny room, with two locked doors and one unlocked one. In a large darkened room inside, there's a trap awaiting us. We take a fireball in the faces from Paldamar, and a medusa fires her bow at me. We charge in, and unload on Paldamar, within seconds we have him bleeding, almost on his last legs, then his allies open up on us. I go down to a bronze warder cleaving me with a firey axe, but Alaric brings me around again. Viktor runs in and colour sprays, followed by a sleep, both hitting some wights and Paldamar himself. Dak goes down to focussed attacks from the wights, and a lightning bolt from Paldamar.

We're in a bit of disarray!

From the journal of Lilly (Zillith)

So... this time the almost got be killed. Wait a mo, they always almost get me killed!

The medusa advances and gazes upon Alaraic, Arrianna and Viktor, all of whom suddenly feel slow and lethargic. Alaric spreads some healing around, bringing Dak back from the brink of death and taking a moment out to bolster himself. The Bronze Warder advances on me, missing with its giant axe. Paldamar attacks Viktor with his magical abilities and tries to escape the icy hand grabbing him. Immediately afterwards Paldamar falls asleep, failing his save against the sleep spell! Viktor seizes the opportunity to thunderwave the Paldamar and the bronze warder, Paldamar landing at my feet. I swing my hammer down with invigorating fury, healing Dakdak and killing Paldamar! I trigger my Divine Mettle and save myself from turning to stone, again healing Dak in the process.

The wights attack, missing me and blasting Viktor into a bloodied state. Dak stands up and shiv's the wight that attacked me, slipping in a nasty crossbow bolt to the head, the wight dropping ot the floor, dead, again. The medusa runs away to a door, then fires arrows at me, missing completely. Alaric steps up to the remaining wight, turning it and making it move away, right as the warder charges through me and Dak, knocking us prone. Viktor curses the medusa with his orb and Arrianna fires her bow at her, lightning crackling around the snakey head. I attack the warder, but miss, and Matorius misses the medusa, Dak shimmies around on the floor moving into a flaking position with me, stabbing the warder in the foot.

The medusa advances on Brandis, a swarm of snakes flying from her head to attack him, leaving him poisoned afterwards. In return he unloads some arrows at her before shrugging off the poison. Alaraic commands the medsa to move closer to me, the warder then ramapges over Dak and misses 4 of us with his massive flaming axe! Viktor expends the last of his major powers, turning the floor to ice and knocking the warder and medusa to the floor. I smack her with my hammer and Matorius's hand grabs her, before Dak crawls away and misses with his crossbow.

The medusa attacks me from the floor and Alaric blasts the wight with a lance of faith, the wight. The warder stands up and attacks me, missing with the axe again. Viktor launches a wave of thunder over the wight but misses, then steps back away from its swinging sword. I smack the medusa again, but take a return hit after lighting up the wight with Darkfire. The wight unleashes a necrotic blast that drops Alleric. The medusa misses me, and Matorius lets fly with multiple magic missiles, Dak attacks the wight with his crossbow but misses.

The Bronze warder heads over and smashes Dak, Victor fails to knock the wight off him with thunderwave. I heal Alleric then blast the Wight with a Radient bolt that blows it into pieces. Dak gets up stabs the warder, the medusa runs away through one of the side doors. Alleric sends a bolt of light that sears the bronze warder which hits Dak then moves in front of the door to protect the medusa. I move up and smack the warder.

Matorious moves and stands on the teleport pad, just in time for the medusa to open the door to try to get out, she ducks away from his thunderwave and attacks him. Alleric tries to blast her but misses, Victor uses expedicious retreat to move across the room and attack her but misses. Dak and I try to hold the warder, but my blows bounce off it. Brandis shoots at her but misses, Dak ducks between the warder's legs and charges behind the medusa. Alleric moves behind Matorious, but he and Brandis are dieing of poison. I am able to heal Brandis from the poison at the expense of taking an attack from the warder.

Dak pops up behind the medusa and stabs her in the back, she screams and so he shoots her in the face. Brandis drops a pair of arrows into her chest and she dies.

We return to the 7 pillared hall and are hailed as heros, get a bunch of treasure from them and the barons son invites us to his fathers court.



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