Dragonlance: Dragons of Light

From the journal of Windrush

The only seaworthy boat available to us is a 30 foot single masted open sloop. We sit in the boat and discuss the theory of sailing. Theory is all we have because none of us have ever sailed before...

Karanon decides that some knowledge may come from the Dragon Orb and we have no better plan. So Karanon sits at the back of the boat and takes out the orb. We all stand ready and wait expectantly. He stares into the orb and his eyes glaze over. He looks into the distance and we follow his gaze. Nothing. His eyes follow some invisible object and we wait nervously. Then his visage slowly changes to one of concern and horror. He slumps over the ball.

I move to open his arms so that he will release his grip on the orb. Damn I see a dragon approaching. Quickly I pull his arms apart as Kereth holds a sack underneath. The orb drops into the sack as Karanon slumps forward unconscious. The dragon nears and we prepare. Mordred and I stand over Karanon as the rest spread out onto the ice. The dragon breathes on the group on the boat and we all take cold damage. Karanon looks very badly frosted though he is still barely conscious. We are all badly shaken.

Kereth and I let fly with arrows and several hit, though damage appears minimal. Griff heals me and Mordred grabs the sack containing the orb and moves off the boat. Kereth is taunting the Dragon! I cast protection from cold on Karanon and step off the boat drawing my sword. Griff heals Karanon as we so desperately need the mage right now.

Kereth continues to taunt the dragon and it seems to be having some effect. We all wait for the dragon to attack. It swoops and pins Kereth to the ground crushing him. We all charge in and hit it hard. We pay dearly for it as the dragon lashes out dealing heavy wounds all around.

From nowhere another white dragon appears bellowing loudly. We are so toast. We take more damage and also deal lots of damage particularly from Wyrmslayer before he and Kereth both go down. Griff immediatley heals Trevor as we need Wyrmslayer in action. Karanon distracts the Dragon by firing spells at it and we deal out yet more damage. The dragon flies away and we breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Mordred is not amused at the appearance of the dragon and lets Karanon know in no uncertain terms. Karanon is unusally restrained in his reply. Mordred pointedly hands the Dragon Orb to Kereth as it is safer with a Kender than a mage! After heated argument the mage agrees not to touch the orb until he reaches the grove on Sancrist and we reluctantly hand the orb to him.

Back to the problem at hand: how to get to Sancrist? We decide to walk to the nearest town and hire a sailor tomorrow. Today we rest up and relearn spells. In the morning we set off west along the coast and continue for the best part of two days until we approach the outskirts of a coastal village. We camp overnight about a mile from the village.

In the morning Karanon approaches the village invisible, scouts and returns. We plan and come up with a most amusing ruse. Karanon will wear the Highlords Dragon scale armor and conjure an illusion of a dragon and he will enter the village with a bodyguard and commandeer 2 sailors.

Karanon and I enter the village and it seems to be working. Karanon apparently says something off, as the draconians double take on something hs says but nothing untowards happen. They bring two sailors and escort them and us out of the village. The ruse is maintained until we are a day away from the village when we explain the plan and offer them a large reward.

From the journal of Kereth Dragonslayer

Location: Icewind Bay.

The plan is to sail from island to island to get to Sancrist. We will be skirting the coast at a distance of roughly two miles. The orb of high sorcery is to go to Sancrist where the forces of good are meant to be gathering.

Karanon and Trevor spend the first few days looking green and throwing up over the side of the boat. Mordred looks a bit off colour too. I climb the rigging to act as lookout. We plan to anchor the boat, or beach it at night. One night while we are singing bawdy dongs and telling tales by the fire Karanon wanders off to look at the stars.

On board I try my hand at fishing. Spying the pretty orb I borrow it and climb to the top of the mast to look at the pretty swirly colours. I pretend to be keeping lookout so nobody will suspect. Later Karanon tells me I must help protect the orb but not touch it. I’ve noticed him spending a lot of time with it. He must like the pretty colours too!

A storm is coming. The sailors say it looks unnatural. I spot an object flying in the storm. The rocking of the boat makes me feel sick and a big wave washes me overboard. Luckily I mange to grab onto the side of the boat and flip myself back onboard. I spend the rest of the storm safely in the hold. The sailors do a great job of keeping the vessel afloat. The storm passes with unnatural speed. We head for a bay on a sandy beach next to a forest.

Windrush heads into the forest to hunt game. He overhears a hunting horn. A stag comes charging out of the undergrowth and heads north. A group of elves with bows come out of the forest after the stag. I point out which way the stag went but they don’t follow. There seems to be some tension in the air and a number of them point arrows at Karanon. A Lady on a stag talks to Karanon and Windrush. They order us to hand over our weapons and return to their village. Karanon and Windrush provoke a fight. Karanon casts windwall, which deflects the elves arrows. Griff, casts a darkness spell on himself which encompasses him, me and the Lady. The fight ensues with us winning and the Lady and the Kagnosti making their escape. We use their bowstrings to tie them up. Windrush wants to slay them for oppressing his people but the rest of the group talk her out of it. I have a look at their pouches and borrow some shiny things.

We push the boat out and head off. We land in a little village and talk to the locals. Griff preaches in the village. Strangely nobody throws rotten fruit at him. The locals say that Foghaven is somewhere on Eastguard island. We sail from Hovost to Wellmet.

The orb is looking interesting so I reach out and touch it. I find myself in a burning city. There are Red Dragons in the sky. Corpses line the streets. A dragon sweeps down to breathe on me. I tense ready to leap out of the way. Suddenly I see Mordred who is putting the orb in a bag. I feel a little dazed.

Wellmet is a large Solamnic settlement. Sir Owen of Glendower has lands there. He is in his thirties and has red hair tied in two girly braids. We enter the village and head off to see the lord. We introduce ourselves and ask of Foghaven. He holds a feast in our honour – a rare event indeed. The tomb of Huma is rumoured to lie in the mountains. It used to be a place of pilgrimage. The body of Huma used to lie in the vault but disappeared some time ago! I sing a bawdy song I learnt from the sailors later on that night.

We learn of another adventuring group seeking Foghaven. They are led by a man called Vanderjack abd are about a day ahead of us. We set off to follow them. Karanon flies ahead and soon spots them. They eventually leave the trail and head off into the mountains. We follow. At the entrance to a tunnel through the mountains they are attacked by ogres. A number die but eventually Vanderjacks group are victorious. Strangely all the bodies seem to be those of ogres. We follow and confront Vanderjack at the far end of the tunnel. There is a battle wich we win. The tunnel leads to Foghaven vale. The valley is dominated by a huge statue of a dragon, carved into the side of a mountain. We find an entrance to a hidden complex in the dragons mouth & enter to explore further.

From the journal of Kereth Dragonslayer

Mordred & Griff ascend the stairs to the second tier. A bronze door lies at the end of a room. To either side of the door are racks of lances. There are 10 footmans lances and 10 larger lances. All are made of a silvery metal. In the centre of the room is a statue of a humanoid creature clutching a huge sword. The statue has the head of a dragon. Mordred tries and fails to open the locked door. Griff examines the statue. There appear to be dried bloodstains on the sword.

Kereth is feeling bored because nothing has happened in the last five minutes so he climbs the stairs. There is a grinding noise as the statue animates. The rest of the party runs up the stairs as Kereth cries for help. He rushes past the statue and joins Mordred. The statue moves to attack Kereth and the group joins in the fray. Kereth receives a powerful blow which nearly cuts him in half. Karanon casts a ball of lightning at the statue buts it fizzles and the statue appears unharmed. Mordred and Windrush hit the statue which strikes Windrush a strong blow. In the meantime Griff heals the injured. The statue sweeps its sword in a low arc which cuts the Kender in two, splattering blood everywhere! Mordred strikes the killing blow and Windrush neatly sidesteps the falling statue. The body of Kereth is put on a floating disk.

Without the Kender the party are lost and unable to open a locked door. Mordred fails to open it with a shoulder barge. Karanon fireballs it causing it to melt somewhat. Finally Mordred kicks the door in. There are stairs leading down. The group descends. In a large cavern is a furnace and a massive anvil. Nearby is a large pool of molten metal. An inscription reads:

“With silver arm and silver pool
and hammer to forge Wyrms doom
dragons hid these mighty tools
The last true pool lies in this room
The arm is lost to unknown fate
The hammer lies past dwarven gate”

The lances are taken. The group climbs up the stairs and down some more and enter into a temple. At the end of the temple is a tapestry showing Paladine in shining silver. A mighty dragon sits regally behind. There is a constellation of stars in the background. A concealed entrance is found. It exits onto the side of the mountain.

Kereth is buried in the woods next to the stream. Griff performs the service. A few words are said. Then they head off back to the coastal village. Back in the village Karanon tells Mordred that he has mastered the orb. He refuses to surrender it so Mordred attacks him. He is wounded and so hands over the orb. Griff takes possession of the orb. In the night the deceitful Karanon steals the orb and teleports to the valley where he hides it. On his return Mordred and Karanon argue. Karanon says that the orb must be handed over to one more powerful and wise than he i.e. a greater wizard.

They sail to Sancrist and call a meeting of the Whitestone Council. Various factions state their case for gaining possession of the orb and/or dragon lances. The council comes to no conclusion. Lord Gunther meanwhile, invites them to Castle Wiston. At he castle he telss them of the woes befalling the land. He says that an example of honour is needed to inspire the knights. The senior knights are lacking in various departments. Auric is old. Michael while good in combat is indecisive as a military leader. Sir Jeffrey is ambitious. Mordred volunteers to go to Panthos where the fighting is fierce. The group is introduced to Guiseppe. Gunter says he has some skills that should prove useful. The journey takes 25 days. Kingfishers are spotted. They are an portent of war, if one was needed. The caotain of the ship invites everyone into his captain for supper. Over the meal he relates a tale. His mother was a disciple of the temple of the High Clerics Tower. One night she snuck in and saw a piece of the crown. She took it and on her death it came in turn to the captain. The fragment of the crown is in a velvet bag. He offers it to us and Griff accepts it. We arrive in Palanthos. It’s a great city.



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