Dragonlance: Dragons of Deceit

From the journal of Karanon

Griff has a dream! Of large armies surrounding 3 fiery mountains and something dark growing within a city. Karanon decides that rather than walk into the middle of a large army we should probably try and discover why the good dragons are not involving themselves in the conflict.

After several research trips and Griff communing with his god we discover that there is still a dragon close to the High Clerist's Tower, we believe that we can use the Dragon Orb to summon the evil dragon and interrogate it about the oath that the good dragons swore to remain distant from the conflict. We search for a cave in the Vingaard mountains which we can imprison (capture) the blue dragon within. This is at great personal risk to Karanon who as per usual sacrifices his own well being for the group.

Karanon manages to summon the great beast! The party stands petrified around the mountainside, Griff however seems unfazed by the appearance of the magnificent wyrm. Karanon forces his mind into the dragons mind, the dragons mind crumbles under the fierce onslaught of the awesome presence of Karanon's will. The good dragons swore an oath so that there eggs under the watch of Lord Ariakis at Sanction were not destroyed. We ask the dragon if he can carry us all to the location of the good dragon hideout. Griff, Karanon and Telar travel on the back of the dragon to the dragon isles on the back of the blue dragon.

The dragon lands on the centre of a large island out to sea. We land on the island and an array of different coloured metallic dragons appear. A gold dragon approaches, after many discussions they appear to not want to break there oath and endanger their eggs. We however manage to obtain a magical gold dragon claw which allows us to speak remotely to the dragon isle and inform them of the state of their eggs. We ask the dragon to transport us to the mountains above Sanction. I then teleport the remaining members of the party. We all look down upon the citadel of Sanction!

Windrush and Roland Hills start to explore the local environs for a suitable base of operations. They discover a lair of 2 fire giants. Windrush and Roland Hills approach the entrance to the cave stealthily. Karanon becoming unamused by the delay turns invisible and flys near the cave entrances. A spell and one of the Fire Giants falls over dead! Windrush and Roland Hills charge towards the remaining giant firing bows. Karanon fires off multiple spells as the others charge firing bow weapons.

The giant retreats into its cave and Karanon follows it in. A scream and then an ominous silence before the giant emerges form the cave. Roland and Windrush arrive soon after and finish off the giant. Exploring they find the dead body of Karanon cloven by a huge sword.

From the journal of Windrush

Much discussion ensues over whether we should raise Karanon. After deliberating Griff decides that morally he should raise him. In the meantime we search the cave and look out over sanction. The city glows at night as there are rivers of lava flowing through it from the three surrounding volcanoes. The fourth side opens to the sea and a harbour. Three temples tower over the city, one on each volcano. There are draconians, humans and larger creatures. We need a plan.

We consider our party: 3 Kagonesti elves, 3 humans and a red robed Silvanesti Elf. Not exactly a good disguise. Many cunning plans are hatched , none of which bear contact with reality. The only half-decent plan we have is for some of the humans to go in and find out the lay of the land. So Guiseppe and Trevor set off to the city and the rest of us make our way down the hillside some distance behind. All the way Karanon whinges that we should stay in the cave and rest up until he gets his spells back.

We stay close to a river of lava to hide our descent. Eventually the two humans cross one of the bridges across another lava torrent and enter the city. They make their way through throngs of beligerrent humans, dwarves, draconians and other assorted scum. A fight breaks out between a group of ogres and humans for no apparent reason. Soon six corpses lay on the floor. Our team quickly move on. A group of six minotaurs stagger out of a bar, their leaders eyes fixing on Guiseppe. "Hey, you, come here!" Guiseppe decides that outnumbered he should comply. After apologising the Minotaurs ask him to kneel. Deciding discretion is the better part of valor he legs it.

Deciding that they need a better disguise they acquire some new togs and set off again. They wander through the streets listening to conversations and entering bars striking up conversations and trying to get talkative people drunk. They gradually piece together bits of information. One of the temples is a prison, another is the high lords residence and the third is nothing in particular though guarded by a small group of draconians.

Finally they make their way back towards us. They begin to be able to distinguish groups. One thing that catches their eye is a group of draconians in reddish armor that everyone seems to give a wide berth.

We meet up again and formulate a new cunning plan. We become the group known as the Dark Destoyers and we draw out symbol on our clothing - a bow with a knocked arrow. We will sneak up on the nearest temple and then go invisble and silent for the final few hundred feet. It passes the reality check for now so we execute the plan.

It's working so far. We enter a large altar room and find statues to the good gods Mishakal and Paladine! There are also six draconians in the room. Two doorways lead off to the sides. One of the draconians glances in our direction and sniffs the air. Damn. The Kagonesti loose arrows, Griff drops the silence spell and Karanon lets fireballs fly. The invisibilty sphere is down so melee begins. Yet again a plan that doesn't stand contact with the enemy. Where was plan B?

A spell fizzles and arrows fly as the Draconians close. Trevor and Guiseppe engage. Again spells and arrows fly. An ice storm engulfs two as Windrush sinks four telling shafts into another. Then we are all in battle. Windrush draws first blood and one of her opponents bursts into flame. Trevor passes her as a blur shouting "cleric!". Windrush drops the one in front of Karanon and it again busts into flame and Griff reels from the damage falling to the floor. This is turning into a very serious fight with a serious possibility of one of us dying.

Karanon retreats as Windrush drops his third and another Windrush also lies dead on the floor. What the? Silverleaf drops one and it bursts into flames dropping Guiseppe. Windrushes drops two more in rapid succession and there is another dead Windrush on the floor! It's over. That was close.

From the journal of An Innocent Bystander

Over to a temple which looks to be dedicated several of the ancient gods. The party debate what to do as several of the dead draconians give away the identity of their killers. Karanon just flies around the area while the others moved the bodies into a store room. The party moves through the area quickly looking around. Windrush is puzzled because there is no floors and there is nothing there at all. We look but there is nothing to find. We Keep searching and searching. We search for a long time but still find nothing. Guiseppe decides that the faces of the dead draconians need to be mutilated so that we can't be recognised. This causes some debate. After stoving in the head of the draconians we quickly talk about leaving the temple and the possibility of searching it again! We eventually do some more searching. Then we go back to the mountains. The party watch the changing of the guard. The guard is doubled up after discovering that the original guard had disappeared.

The next day Karanon teleports back to the High Clerists tower trying to sweet talk Mordred to come back to assist the party.

When Karanon and Mordred comes back no plan has been conceived. Windrush is still bothered as to why the Draconians are guarding a enpty temple. Karanon wants to divert one of the lava flows into the army camp.

After much debate we decide to liberate the prisoners in the temple. The temple is however a fortress and not really possible to get in from the front.

We move towards the prison crossing into the slums near the docks. There are more inns and mercenarys as we get closer to the prison. We enter an inn despite Mordreds protests. Karanon attempts to gain some information and fails as nobody wants to talk. Avoiding the Docks we progress through the slum. There is a procession moving towards us. The redrobed Draconians followed by a chariot with two dragon lords (Ariakos and a blue dragon load). The chariot is drawn by a group of human slaves. The procession goes into the prison, we follow and become invisable. Both gates are opened at once as the highlord's are let through and we stop. The gates shut and we argue quietly. We move to an alley and become visible as Karanon flys away to look at the prison from above. As Karanon watches the High Lords watch some pit fighting. Many different races and creatures fighting each other. We look to get into Ariakos's residence. We pass through merc. camp. The human side off the camp is ok, the demi human part is a little more difficult. When we get to the lava flow Karanon declares that he can't carry us over the flow as we are all to heavy. He polymorphs into a Griffin are fly's us over to the other side and we look for a way in. We can't however find a way in. Trevor suggests using a polymorph to burrow through the wall as an umber hulk. This plan decided we now have a debate of how to find the way to the temple.

We burrow through into a large chamber. In the chamber looking suprised are three clerics of the dark queen. The Umber Hulk charges in and attacks the clerics. We follow. Roll Andhills???!?? Uses his bow and then they cast spells but because silence is running they can't cast they charge into combat and attack Karanon but miss. Trevor is hit Griff and Mordred both hit a cleric. Windrush also goes hand to hand and attacks a cleric. Karanon is having fun in hand to hand combat for a change as he attacks and kills one cleric. Roll kills another and Mordred kills the other. We move on and kill 16 clerics in their sleep. I lead again from the front. We come to a door and Karanon blazes through and come up against 6 Red Draconians so he keeps on going and and Mordred attacks and misses his first opponent. Karanon comes out off the wall behind us and turns back and hastes us. Windrush hits his opponent. Mordred and Windrush both get hit. Trevor gets hit as well. Griff can't get in to fight and Mordred can't seem to be effective. Rolland hits once. This is going badly. Windrush does not hit. Mordred and Trevor both get hit. Griff heals Trevor. Mordred hits several times as does Rolland and kills one. Karanon casts a spell at Mordreds opponent. Windrush beheads his and as the head flys through the air it changes to Windrushes face. Mordred looks the worse for wear in fact the whole of us do. Trevor and Guieseppe both hit their's, Trevor attacks as Griff heals us all and Mordred finishes his off. Windrush looks very ill now and Guiesppe kills one. Trevor moves in to help Windrush. Griff heals Windrush. Mordred is busy enjoying himself. Windrush is having a good time as well. Windrush was hit again. Guiseppe helps Mordred out. Trevor vanquishes his badguy and it explodes over Windrush and Trevor. Mordred Kills the last one which explodes.

From the journal of Trevor

We continue the journey through the rooms. We open a door and a huge copper dragon is infront of us. Ooops wrong turn. Mordred decides to speak and the dragon says he won't let us past, he is protcting the eggs only the dragon highlords and draconians to pass. It is decided that the only way past the dragon is for some to go invisible and others the distract the dragon by talking loudly and everyone leaves the room to discuss the way forward. Windrush, Trev and Karanon volunteer to sneak past the dragon. Half the party reenters the room and continuues talking VERY LOUDLY and reenacts some battle scenes with lots of clanging of weapons. The brave three try to sneak quetly past and succeed. Out of the back of the room and down a corridor of which ome chambers branch off. Each appears to contain lots of eggs of differing colour. Towards the end of the corridor we can hear chanting. The corridor opens up into a large chamber. Two hooded figures either side of an altar are chanting and looking at an object on the altar. A red dragon can be seen in front of the altar and Wyrmslayer starts to make its noise. An egg is on the altar, it was silver but has turned black and hatches many mini Draconian babies. The three decide to turn round and try to leg it. The three reach the room with the copper dragon and the loud discussions are continuing. Windrush and Trevor try and persuade the dragon of what is going on. Then Karanon and and Windrush run off leaving the hero Trevor and the rest of the party standing in solidarity with the dragon. What will the dragon do next?

Three human appears in the corridor at the back of the room. The dragon is confused. Roland puts 3 arrows into the humans. One casts cloudkill and the party starts to suffer from loss of constitution. Everyone, except for dumb Griff legs it out of the cloud. Griff remains for some unknown reason prepared to lose more constitution for the sake of the party and the good cause (yeah right or he's too thick to realise what is going on). Giusepy goes down with a huge lose of strength from an area spell, Trevor drags him back. The dragon breaths and Grff and Roland are inceinerated instantly. Two party members are dead. Trev and Mordred drag Giusepy who is still suffering from his lose of strength. We emerge from the complex through the hole made by the Umberhulk and head up the mountain. Draconians emerge and start chasing us. Meanwhile, Karanon has flown off to the Dragon Isles to warn the good dragons of what is going on.

We continue up the mountain being chased by Draconians, when we find a place to hide in which we can cover rocks over the entrance. We decide to wait and see if we are discovered. We survive the night unfound and begin to heal up. We'll continue waiting through the day and see if there is any sign of the good dragons. Suddenly the next day we hear a noise outside. We peer out and can see a big battle going on in Sanction. Metallic dragons, some with riders, are fighting the evil dragons, Draconians and ogres etc. Can we see Karanon throwing fireballs?

The good dragons appear to be winning. We head back to the cave where we had originally left our tents and supplies and celebrate the victory.



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