Dragonlance: Dragons of Triumph

From the journal of Ahryssa the Wise, Radient Servant of Paladine

After fulfilling the tasks in the tenple, we are on a bowl shaped plain, having received the god's blessings. Exits SE and NE through the cavernous tunnels. We go SE, and are surrounded by vines and mists. A good while passes and we arrive at the plains of Neraka. Kranon seems sceptical about our goals. Neraka is surronded by 5 volcanoes, and they giv off an eery red light to the sky. The city is covered by a grey smog. Do we follow the road or go cross country, around the volcanic ranges. The latter, of course.

Marching order:

  • Trevor scouts (because he's so rugged)
  • Guiseppe (the whinging blade) and Mordred (our hero)
  • Karanon (the "party leader")
  • then me
  • and then Windrush bringing up the rear

I would have preferred no one behind me than an elf, especially one of such dubious character.

Arrows rain down on us from above, somewhere in the rocks. I suffer no harm, thank Paladine. They are human ...bandits? No matter, they have attacked us. They must pay. Mordred takes a few hits There is somebody giving orders... something about a mage. Mordred Guiseppe advance. The group is going to try talking to them after they are heard refering to us as "Dragon Army scum". They order us to freeze, and we do so. Karanon is invisible, but they know he is there. He is being difficult and refuses to become visible unless they promise not to hurt him. What a whelp. Trevor tentatively comes from behind his rock. Windy finally slackens her bowstring. Just as I thought, they are resistance.

We are not sure what to tell them of our mission, but settle on the truth. I heal us and them as a sign of good faith. We ask them if there are any secret ways into Neraka, but decide on the main gate. Then ask again about secret entrances. They know a few contacts in Neraka, including Lute Loot's Pawn Shop and the Inn of the Broken Shield. Both of which are in the outer city, so we don't have to go into the city proper. After a night's rest and meditation, we will set off on the final leg of our journey. Is it too late to turn back?

Neraka is an evil place watched over by the antithesis of all that I believe in. Takhisis is actively worshipped and the temples even dispatch dark pilgrims to spread their nefarious message. It is split into five areas, each of which houses one of the dragon armies. It is night when we arrive, so we head for an inn. Guiseppe gets stuck in to pretending to be one of the evil ones. At midnight, there is a commotion outside. Screaming comes from the sewers. It is undead, led by a lich - then banshees, spectres, wraiths, wight, zombies, skeletons, and revenants. They proceed toward the temple, killing any unfortunates who are not quick enough to get inside. Apparantly, this is their first visit.At 4am, a gong awakens us. People flock into the streets and face the temple tower. Dark pilgrims lead them in an oath of fealty, and we go.

After salvaging what is left of the night's sleep, we head to Lute's Pawn shop. Karanon talks in code with him, hoping the man is intelligent enough to pick up on the subtleties of his impromptu code. He does not let on. Prayers again at noon, after elevensies, and we return to the pawn shop. Karanon tells all, but he is unconvined... even when I flash my HOLY SYMBOL. Finally, we convince him that we are true heroes come to defeat Takhisis. He scoffs at us. We need to get into the temple. More inportantly, we need a plan for when we get into the temple and we need it fast. The battle is at the end of the week, so we have four days to stop the Dark Queen.

So after Karanon scribes a few spells, and I create lots of Holy water, we head off into the catacombs through the sewers. An iron grate seperates the two, and Windrush tries and fails to bend the bars.It is left to the roguish Guiseppe and his crowbar to bend the bars. We proceed to a door, and Karanon uses clairaudience to "see" what lies beyond. It is a large ovular room with a sandy floor and weapon racks. We continue on and reach an armoury. Karanon finds a few magical weapons, so Guiseppe takes an enchanted short sword. sA large room.

Marching order, Windrush scouts, Mordred and Guiseppe, Then Karanon and myself. Trevor at back.

Windrush falls through the illusory floor into a pool of acid, and takes massive damage, but I heal her. We turn to go another way and find the stairs into the temple proper. We then make our way back to our hidey hole in the sewers and hear a faint chanting. Instead of waiting till morn, we could explore the lower levels before we go into the temple tomorrow. We decide to hide till morn. We sleep in the secret sewer corridor.

At dawn, we head for the secret door and take turns in listening at the door. There is somebody clanking in the armoury. This goes on for several hours. We give it another hour, but they are still here.Karanon uses clairaudience and sees the red dragon army doing drills.

From the journal of From the journal of Guiseppe the Howling Blade

Karanon transforms himself into a bulette which burrows through the rock avoiding the guards doing their training. We come out in a chamber that sounds familiar. Listening at the door we hear the sounds of guards training. We continue through the walls until we reach the stairs. Karanon returns to his normal form. Karanon cast an invisibility spell which encompasses the group. We head up the stairs and come out into a chamber with two exits, a door and four sivak draconians. There are stairs leading up. We decide to try and sneak past the guards. Up the stairs is a large ballroom. We head down a corridor. We open a door and enter a room. There is a large room with a long tables and maps. It seems to be a strategic planning room. There are seven men including a dragon high lord in red dragon armour. His name is Ariakas the emporor.

We enter the room. Karanon cast the spell Evards Black Tentacles centred on the leader. Four guards are entangled. Trevor shoots Ariakas with an arrow. Ariakas then disappears fro view. Karanon thinks he teleported from the room. Mordred steps up and throws a dagger. Windrush looses arrows at the closest guard. The tentacles meanwhile are squeezing the guards. Melee ensues. Karanon casts chain lightning. A large bolt hits one and smaller bolts arc off to hit the others. Arisa summons a Hound Archon behind a guard. Windrush and Trevor shoot arrows. Trevor misses but Windrush hits. Karanon has created images of himself. The guards do a good job of defeating the mirror images.

Ariakas reappears in a globe of invulnerability. With him are seven Sevak guards in heavy armour. Windrush wades into melee with her great sword. Ariakas casts a spell which bounces off the wall of force that Karanon put up. The last mirror image is hit and Karanon starts to look worried. Guiseppe finally wittles down his opponent and finishes him off with a strike to the heart. Arisa dances past the opponent to touch an opponent whose life force is drained away. He turns ashen and keels over. Perhaps Arisa is not so nice after all. Trevor changes target and finishes off a guard with a flurry of blows. Ariakas disintegrates the wall of force. Two Sevaks strike Trevor and he falls to the ground. Arisa is hit six times by three Sevaks and dies. A sevak attacks Guiseppe but he grits his teeth and stays on his feet. Guiseppe fells another guard. Having heard Karanon shout "all to me" Guiseppe steps backwards. Karanon, Guiseppe and Windrush teleport to the pawnbrokers shop. We decide to rest. The pawnbroker gets some healing potions and we are healed up.

Ariakas offers surrender to Mordred who accepts it. This is a coup for Ariakas who has captured the High Cleric of the Solamnic Knights. Trevor is also captured and healed until he is unconcious. Trevor has had his weapons and armour removed. He is put in a fetching black silk robe with a symbol of Takhisis on it.

Karanon scryes Mordred who is lying on a bed in a cell. He is in a fetching black silk robe. We decide to teleport into a cordoned off section in the ballroom. We hear music playing. There are voices from the next cubicle. Guards wearing black dress uniform are on the dance floor with women from the town. Karanon casts an invisiblility sphere. He also casts prying eyes which he sends off to search for Trevor, Mordred, the dragonlance and the Temple. The temple is huge. One entrance is on the level that was being guarded by the Sevaks. Meanwhile the heroes are hiding in the toilet. We overhear some of the officers talking. The is a ceremony planned. Ariakas is planning to sacrafice the prisoners at midnight.

From the journal of Trevor

A plan of incredible cunning is eventually hatched by the heroic three hiding in the toilet speaking in whispers. They go invisible and search for some uniforms to be able to enter the chamber. Lots of activity as the preparations for the entry of the godess is made. They get into a barrack with beds and wardrobes. On the hour a bell rings and the soldiers head to the temple. The three head to the temple and sneak in and follow the human soldiers past the draconian guards.

The dragon highlords head in to lots of applause. The invisibility spell is running out of time.... Karanon decides to hide behind the throne whilst Giuseppe and Windrush hide under the pews and hope not to be spotted. The highlords offer gifts to the emperor. Trevor and Maudred are escorted into the chamber. Clerics appear and start chanting a figure of a five headed dragon starts to emerge. There is 15 minutes worth of chanting. Trevor is placed on the dais. Karanon the coward does nothing. Maudred tries to break free. Trevor is killed by the high priest. His blood flows and a circle of light appears. Different colours appear and the circle expands to a huge size. Thakehis the dragon appears. Karanaon casts a spell and the chains fall loose. He casts chain lightning and hit the draconians. Then casts disintegrate against the high priest that killed Trevor and he disappears in a cloud of smoke. Maudred runs forward grabs the dragonlance and manages to jump through the portal. The temple starts to rumble, people start fleeing. Finally after a few hours the temple explodes. It was successful, the portal was sealed and everyone manages to escape.



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