Drow Wars: Episode 2 Raising the Alarm

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Ter'Ri

We head down the road on our horses, south to raise the alarm at Lichgate. We have to stop for the night as it's dark. Suddenly during the watch a strange creature appears that has a dreadful smell. Alfric charges the creature, but misses and staggers back following a blow. We all awaken and cast spells and use slings. Alfric goes down. Gibora runs off to be sick. Ter'Ri charges in to attack and is then paralysed by the creature. Finally Gibora sees sense and destroys the creature.

Next morning we set off again to Lichgate. It is early evening. We speak to the guard as we want to speak to the Chief. It is a constable, a halfling. We meet and tell her the news. She tells us of sheep rustling and we volunteer to help catch the thief or the reason why they are disappearing. The field with the sheep in has a stone wall around it. We find the signs of an abandoned and boarded well and we decide to explore it. Scrumpy is lowered down on a rope. He finds that there are sheep carcases down there and suddenly he takes damage. There is a long limbed creature down there. We start to pull Scrumpy back up and the creature grabs onto him then he falls off following a grease spell from Gelnix. Eventually we kill it. Scrumpy goes back down to look and we take the body that we find back up. The farmer is pleased and invites us in for supper.

Half an hour later we hear screaming from upstairs. We head upstairs and enter the farmer's daughter's bedroom. She is missing, the window is open. Grace picks up her scent and we head to some trees in the corner of the field. Another creature that was seen on the well is over the daughter. After being hit by ranged weapons it runs off. The child is dead.

We take the child to the temple and find the Constable to tell her the news. We are taken to the council to tell them the news. They are going to head towards the main town with a bit of bragging from Alfric.

We head towards the next town Lower Scumsgrove and reach there after 3 days' travel. We find the local leader and tell him the news. We are told to come back later and we do heading towards a large room with a number of people inside. They are going to ask the main town for aid.

Next day we head down the road to the next town. Suddenly we can hear the howl of a wolf of some sort and a Worg. Combat is engaged and the Worg is defeated.

From the journal of Gibora

Elleron the half-elf bard is in the standing circle, alone and confused as to what he is doing there. He starts singing about something. He steps out of the circle, and is confronted by something "slightly orcish" but shadowy. He looks around for trees to hide. for he is near a forest. The orc follows and Elleron tries to talk. It swings, but he ducks. He gets his net(?) out, and throws it at the shadowy orc.. It is entangled. It swings again, and hits, despite being in the net. A good plan, indeed! Finally, he gets his weapon out and has at the charlatan. He misses, and the orc strikes him. He is severely injured, and in danger of dying. He tumbles in to a bush, on the cusp of consciousness, and passes out.

Meanwhile, we, having just left Lower Scumsgrove, are on the way to Churney-on-the-Green.. Upon arriving, we notice the town is odd. It looks as if it grew directly out of the ground, with dirt(y) buildings and large plants. Fungi grows on the walls. Yuck! We ask who is in charge. It is a druidess called Jess Crumbling. Lorenna steps up to tell her of the coming danger She doesn't think much of Lower Scumsgrove. A look of concern appears on her face. She will not leave. She will protect the groves. She tells of another stranger who was brought to Churney, and takes us into a hut where Elleron lies, healed and well. Elleron is berating the locals who tended selflessly to his wound, without payment or thanks,about the meagerness of the accommodation. Apparently, he was set upon by five orcs, was winning, but was attacked from behind and coshed over the head. Mysteriously, they left him there and didn't drag him back to their home for supper.

He explained that he is looking for a group of heroes to write songs about. What a delightful occupation. Unfortunately, there are no heroes hereabouts. We cross examine him. He seems to think allot of himself. He is an ass, and thinks the government is after him. He wants paying to hang out with us. Of all the cheek! Lorenna tries to find out more about the stone circles, but she is missives. Tomorrow, we shall set of to Hopton.

On the road, we see an outstanding arrow pointing to Hopton Barrow. Lorenna cries over the waste of wood. Hopton is surrounded by a hedge. When we arrive, Hopton is mid-celebration, in two taverns: the Green Man and the Royal Feather. Elleron runs ahead and announces his own arrival, asking for money. Their are all sorts of contests during these celebrations, for which anybody can enter, including an archery contests of which the prize is an enchanted longbow. Wow! Elleron gets up and performs for money. A few people throw him a few coppers.

Ter'Ri enters a wrestling competiton... the brute. And we try to decide who will enter the archery competition. Scrumpy does. Ter'Ri wins his first bout. Alfric and Gibora enter the archery contest as well. Elleron tries his hand at the hand stabbing contest. He tries, losing one small bet, then tries again, and miraculously win. Lorenna bets heavily, and wins a bundle.

The qualifying for archery competition arrives, and we all get in. Ter'Ri has another bout. This opponent is a little ore difficult. It is to and fro, but Ter'Ri eventually wins out. In the archery contest, we all are knocked out. The dream weapon is out of our reach. Ter'Ri has another bout. An easy win. Scrumpy enters the dagger throwing contest. Lorenna and Alfric bet on the halfling, and win some money. He enters again, takes his time about throwing. He wins again, and Lorenna wins big. He lends Alfric some money to go. Alfric does good, and more money is added to the "party fund". He goes again, and wins some easy money. Scrumpy scans the crowd for trouble. Lorenna hands money out. We learn that a stranger to these parts got through to the finals of the the archery contest. Gelnix is doing something weird, for which re: magicky. He discovers the stranger is wearing enchanted leather armour. The stranger wins., and gets the longbow. He breaks it, to a gasp from the crowd, and sneers "Trash!" then storms off out of the village.

Lorenna goes after him to talk to him. He doesn't think much of the townsfolk, and storms off. Lorenna goes after him, pestering him but he ignores her so she comes back. Nobody knows who he was. Lorenna takes the ruined bow, seeing it is not claimed and lying where it was. Elleron is still performing, for a dwindling crowd. He sucks!

Ter'Ri is up against the local champion. Lorenna tries to get some good odds on him, stating that he is against the champ. Elleron sings about how terrible their champion is and annoys the crowd. Ter'Ri loses his bout, and Lorenna and Alfric allot of money. We retire for the night.

In the morning, we start trying to find out who is in charge so we can deliver our dire message regarding the terrible invasion, which was not important enough to worry about last night. Alfric and Lorenna tell the Headsman and seem to convince him. He goes to tell his superiors. After we acquire some gear, we set off in the general direction of Saragost.

As we approach the city, we encounter a man on horseback. His shield bears some form of coat-of-arms. He is Captain Sevron, and he is expecting us. He will escort us to the council, which we do as he wheels his horse around.

Saragost is a seaport with gulls... There are tents around the gate: refugees. The city has big walls and towers. Sevron takes us round a back entrance. Gelnix does not treat him, or the city's protective value from underneath(?). Their is much discussion about the practicality of the horns on Sevron's helm. The group (not me) argue to go in through the main gates and he lets us. The guards stand to attention as Cptn Sevron takes us in. The city streets are labyrinthine, and smell. A transparent globe-topped tower stands in the coastal edge of the city. A bright flame shines from the dome: the Tower of Undying Light...

Sevron takes us through the lower class district. We come under attack from snipers in the tree line, and Gelnix and I are hit. Alfric goes into a house. Grace (the dog) goes with him. Sevros attacks me, and we fight from our horses. Everybody else dismounts and takes cover. Ter'Ri, Gelnix, and Scrumpy are now inside. Gibora, Elleron and Lorenna are outside, still under fire. Lorenna is hit by a bolt. The guard hits me again., but I hit him. Alfric finds a sniper. Elleron casts a spell to try and hypnotise the goons. Gelnix greases Sevron's sword, and he drops it. Alfric downs a sniper upstairs, and Scrumpy goes into the next room. Ter'Ri follows. Sevron, now unarmed, wonders what to do. He draws a dagger and attacks me. He hits. Lorenna leans out of a window and fires a magical flame at Sevron. It delivers massive damage. He is severely wounded, and I miss.

Elleron shoots a sniper, and hits. He kills him. Scrumpy shoot and hits the sniper in the new room. Scrumpy sneaks up the stairs in another building. Alfric attacks his sniper and misses. Sevron hits me, and I am dying. Lorenna uses a flame on Sevron, and he goes down. Elleron shoots and kills another sniper. The only enemy left is fighting Ter'Ri in the upstairs of another house. He draws a dagger, and misses. Scrumpy looks for chests, and upon seeing none, runs outside. Lorenna runs up to my side. Elleron starts singing. Gelnix shoots the downed Sevron, and hits. Ter'Ri is hit with a poisoned dagger and succumbs to the poison. Alfric joins in the remaining battle and finishes him off. Lorenna magically heals me, and I wake up. Ter'Ri recovers from the poison, and Lorenna offers to heal me but I refuse and tel her to heal Gelnix, who is weaker to start. They all loot the bodies of the snipers for crossbows and poisoned daggers and bolts. Each has a haematite disk on them, that looks like a badge of some kind. We take them as evidence. Sevron has good stuff, and his disk glows. It is different from the others.

We consider what to do with Sevron's body. We have killed the guard captain. Will they believe we were ambushed. Do we have to tell them we even saw Sevron. Yes, as too many people have seen us together. We decide to take the body to the council at the Tower of Undying Light. Lorenna notices the flame is moving about, as if it is a creature, but not what kind. The Tower guard challenge us and Elleron demands to see the council, rather rudely. We are ushered before the council Grand Lord Peregrine Nomar, Lady Aragain Zakawe, Count Thadius Crastic (EVIL), Michael Dunsonny, another bard, and General Zarconio, a Saragosti knight.

Lorenna and Alfric and Elleron talk to them. Alfric convinces them, without a shadow of a doubt, of the coming danger. They don't know why Sevron attacked, but they give us Freemanship of Saragost, with the understanding that we will be loyal to the badge. It comes with a badge, and 1000gp.