Drow Wars: Episode 4 Saragost

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Gelnix

We spend the remainder of the day researching and find a legend of an evil place and a stone circle under the city, possibly the same place, and we obtain a very old map of the sewers. It is getting late and the rest of the city still beckons so we attempt entry to the tower of light, but are refused. So we make our way down to the pubs in the docks and try to find out the way into the undersewers. Making small talk we eventually find out there is a main sewer building near here and we should contact the sewer executives in the morning.

Next day and we meet up with a sewer guide that our bard found late last night. He takes us to a large storm drain several blocks from the main sewer entrance and we enter the stinking hole. A narrow walkway runs alongside the main sewer way and we make our way in single file, carefully at first. We slowly get used to the random splashes, movements in the ooze and worse. Our guide leads on purposefully. We approach a pile of debris and skirt our way around it. Immediately two disgusting creatures rise out of the debris and attack the head of the column.

Bolts fly and combat ensues as Elleron is grappled by a horror. Elleron is dragged into the ooze and taking damage as we try to mount a counterattack. It hangs in the balance for several seconds and it looks dark for Elleron, or should that be Elleron looks dark? The first horror drops to magic and the second a while later to melee. Elleron has taken serious damage almost drowning but recovers in his usual way. I point out that many others may have fallen here and we should search for treasure. Those that fell in the ooze search the debris and find lots of jewellry and coins.

As we continue on some of us hear skittering heading our way. Shortly a huge swarm of sewer rats rushes towards us. I cast a web to try and engulf them so we can set fire to them all. Geborra, taking the hint as usual, swings wildly slicing a few rats. Alfric tries to throw a flask of oil but unexpectedly drops it into the goo. Uh oh. Scrumpy throws his lantern into the web and the swarm burns. I love the smell of meatballs in the morning!

Moving on a large mound of blackness is seeping towards us. Huh? The rats were probably running from this. I have heard rumours of horrible things that live in dark spaces. We shout out warnings but Geborra foolishly rushes forward and swings her magic sword through it. The sword comes out minus its blade. Behold the sword that is broken! Lorenna and I drop fire spells on it.

It slams forward into Geborra and her armor dissolves around her. She dissapears under the mound, saving us from the sight of a naked half-orc. It is taking continuous and large amounts of damage but it is huge and isn't noticably damaged. Brottor bravely sticks his arm into the mound to cure Geborra getting his arm seared for his trouble. Fortunately the mound dies on its next round. We give the tactics speech to Geborra again, but we are wasting our breath, and it is hard to keep a stern face looking at a naked half orc.

Deeper into the tunnels we delve for some time without any significant encounters. Eventually we come to a dead end at a wall that is obviously made of older material than the sewer tunnels. There is a faint outline of a doorway in the material. Discussing our plan and considering Geborra's condition we decide to make our way back up to the surface to prepare for the final assault. Mapping and marking the walls as we go we make our way back up to the surface arriving in the early evening. Kitting out with armor, weapons, picks and scrolls we get ready to descend again in the morning.

Making our way back down Elleron claims to spot an odd section of wall. He fiddles around and opens a secret door. There is a hidden chamber. In the centre of room is a sarcophagus. On closer inspection the sarcophagus is lead and sealed with silver. The word Yarnak is written on the side. Discretion is the better part of valor so we withdraw and continue on down to the old wall.

From the journal of Gibora

We are discussing whether to open the sarcophagus or break down the wall. The party vote for the wall. Alfric examines the wall, and it opens as soon as he touches it. He goes in... There is a large, sperical chamber. A gust of stale air blows out. There is a ledge going around the wall and a platform in the centre to which a walkway leads. The walls are painted black, with constellations on them. There are ghostly figures in here, which attack Alfie. He seems weakened by their touch. Then the Bard (Eleron) starts playing his damned instrument and I am inspired. Lorenna casts a spell, and damages one of them. Scrumpy pushes past me into the fray. The brave little tyke. The dwarf mutters something behind me and Ter'Ri's staff glows with magic. He advances into the chamber and attacks the ghosty things. He hits, but the weapon goes straight through them. Eek! Lorenna hits with a magic fire. Now, Alf is attacked again and weakened further. He seems about to drop. Ter'Ri is attacked now, and hit. He is weakened too.

Something appears near Lorenna at the back of the pack, and strikes her. Eleron fires an arrow at it, but it flies through the form. Grace the dog hurtles toward the front of the pack. Alfie trudges back, and strikes the one on Lorenna. Brottor casts protection magic on Scrumpy, and stays where he is, in safety. Ter'Ri moves further into the room. He attacks on, but the blow is inneffective. Lorenna feels funny after the hit she took earliers. She notices the thing looks female, albeit shadowy. Ter'Ri knocks one out at the front. Brottor, now behind me steps forward and casta a firey spell. Loreena throws another fire at the one near her, and hits. Lorenna is attacked, but not hit. One swipes at me, but I dodge out of the way. Gelnex drops a big ball of flame all the way at the front, near me. It damages the thing, and singes my eyebrows. Ter'Ri hits one, but it is ineffective again. Brottor steps forward, channeling positive energy via his hands. His hands go straight through it. Lorenna launches another flame A round from the ghosts proves lucky for us as none hit. Gelnex's sphere continues to burn and destroys the one on me. Phew! Ter'Ri swings with his staff, and hits one finally. Alfric is hit again. He looks redy to fall. Scrumpy moves forward to be in the chamber. Brottor channels more positive energy, and damages one a bit - the one on Ter'Ri. Lorenna stands there pondering. Scrumpy is attacked and hit... and drained. Gelnex advances to get stuck in. Ter@ri attacks, but misses. Scrumpy hits, but the weapon passes through it. Lorenna is still deep in thought. Scrumpy is hit again. Gelnex tries to spueeze past the fat dwarf, but there is no room. Scrumpy hits, and Ter'Ri destroys one. Lorena appears oblivious to everything now, as she stands trancelike as Alfric is hit and falls down as the last ounce of strength is drained from him. he lies. Gelnex casts a spell but misses. Scrumpy goes to the other side of his ghost and strikes and misses. Brottor casts another healing spell, to no effect. Ter'Ri hits with his stick, also failing to damage. The ghosty retalliates, but he dodges out of the way. Gelnex hits with another spell. Scrumpy hits. Brottor tries to cast a spell, but the ghost attacks him as he does. It hits him and the spell is lost. He is also weakened. Ter'Ri hits, but his fists pass through it. Lorenna moves up into the chamber. Scrumpy is attacked but avoids the blow. Gelnex hits with a spell. Scrumpy attacks and misses. Brottor attacks again and misses (He is now out of magicks). Ter'Ri hits finally and destroys it. We are now alone. It is finally over.

We pick up Alfric and run to the centre of the room. We await the arrival of something Lorenna is sure is following us. We will stay here for the time being. We vote to stay here for the night... in the sewers. We have a peaceful night's sleep. The weakened members regain some of their strength, and the spellcasters restore what they can. We rest for another day. We decide to go to the tomb and release whatever is in it. Eleron suddenly comes over all faint, and comes down with a disease from the Otyughs a few days ago. We realise we have broken the seal to the starborn room, so the host can now find and corrupt it. If they do, it will no longer work for us. Brottor magics up our weapons (me, Alf and Ter'Ri). We go in and surround the sarcophagus. Eventually, we get it open. The lid crashes to the floor. Inside it, the coffin is packed with a fine, silky substance. Brottor throws holy water on it. It has a magical aura. Scrumpy pokes his sword in, and sees something white - bone white. It is a skelington, and the silky hair is growing from it. It holds a statuette of a half-man/canine, which Ter'Ri snatches greedily. We seal the sarcophagus and leave.

We will make our way back, slowly, exploring any side passages we passed on the way in. We are not in a rush to get back to the city and see what damage the creatures we released from the starborn room have wrought. Most of the sewer is idenical: smely and slimey and full of rats. However, we do see somebody disaappear down a passage. We will track them from a distance. I go ahead, out of the light and Eleron acts as intermediary betwixt me and the party. They round a corner. Suddenly, I light up and crossbow bolts fly toward me. One hits.

I fly into a rage and run into them, striking with my greatclub. Then I charge passed him, knocking him prone. Around the corner, a hooded lantern lies upon the floor, but the figure is nowhere to be seen. Everybody else approaches the other two. The two come after me, and hit for massive damage. I get him back though, and kill him with one blow. Grrrr! We take their crossbow bolts. They have some haematyte discs. We track the mystery guy, and come to a wall. We all take turns examining the wall. We find a door.

Ter'Ri goes through and finds a set of stairs leading up. They end at a trapdoor, which Ter'Ri opens. A large wharehouse lies beyond. It is empty. Their is an alchemy table set up in one corner. There is another door, so i listen at it. Gelnex figures the alchemical stuff was used to create a big bang, probably in the sewers to get the Duergar up. Alfric unlocks the door and we wre outside in the docks. Lorenna and Ter'Ri go to alert the militia. We will go to the councill and make our report. We tell them of the gunpowder plot by the new faction. They are trying to build an explosive device to blow an enterance in the sewers for the Drow armies. They tell us to find the device before it is used.

Next, we need to get Eleron's disease cured, and get the statuette identified.

There are rumours about strange creatures attacking people. The ones we released. from the Starborn room. They want us to stop them. The sword of Gibora can not be fixed by an ordinary weaponsmith. It will have to wait for magical assistance. We do buy a magical short sword for Alfric. We then get the rest of us checked out for diseases, then retire to bed.

During the night, two canines burst through the shutters of the ladies dorm. It is Lorenna's watch. They make a beeline for Ter'Ri and proceed to tear into him. Lorenna throws a flame at one, and singes it. Grace dives in. The sleeping ones wake up. They continue to attack Ter'Ri as he gets up. Lorenna hits with another flame, and Scrumpy goes in for a sneak attack. Ter'Ri strikes back, and misses. I punch one, and don't appear to do any damage. Lorenna misses. Terr'i FALLS oh no! Scrumpy strikes mightily and one of the fell beasts falls. The other party members awaken in the other room and start moving towards the other room. Gelnex enters the room and a flame strike hits the nearest hound. The final hounds falls under the many blades as the remaining party members rush in. We manage to stabilise and heal Terr'i. Phew.

From the journal of Gibora

We are discussing what to do with the statue that was the target of the dog's attack. Get it identified. The powder from the wizard's shed is Powder of Blight, dangerous to plants. The statuette is cursed. It's holder will be attacked by Yeth hounds every night. So we need to go to the temple and get the cursed lifted. The temple won't take it off our hands, so we need to put it back in the tomb where we found it. So we go back into the sewers. Lorenna hands out more of them goodberries. So we get back to the sarcophagus room. When we arrive, we see some of the hairs on the body have started to grow beyond the sarcophagus, from the skeleton. We remove the lid, and burn the hair. Now we need to reseal the lid with silver.

Now, we go to the poor area of town to deal with the ghosts that escaped from the Starborn room. We get there, finding the suburb easily. People are leaving the area. There are bodies lying in th streets, with the ghosts turning peasants into them. A squad of the militia were sent in, but never came out. We need a plan to deal with them. A militia squad is keeping people away as we approach. They are waiting for rieforcements for the temple, or the mages, not us.But they do believe they are safe while it is daytime.Hypothesising, the nest should be in the centre of the district if the ghosts spread out at the same rate. There are several dead bodies near the guard post. Lorenna checks they are dead. They are.

We pass the checkpoint toward the centre of the district while it is still light. All the buildings are the same. Brottor casts detcet undead. He takes my place at the front of the group, so he will get a decent view of what's ahead. To our left, there are undead auras in the building, 4 of them, fairly strong. To the right are 3 more. We press on, and look right. 6 auras - one of which is too strong and blows his concentration. They ponder going in and taking this one out. A party vote says we go in. I will go in first with a magicked weapon.

I go in and am confronted by the six figures. Lorenna casts magic fire on one, burning it slightly. They all advance on me. Three hit me and I am greatly weakened, so I move back out of the house. Lorenna suddenly turns tail and hustles away into the next house. Scrumpy goes after her. Brottor hesitates, and steps away from the ghosts, which are now coming through the walls of the house. He casts spiritual weapon which hits one of them. One hits Eleron and he is greatly weakened, nearly dropping his stuff. Brottor is hit and drained. One hits me, draining all but an ounce of me strength. Alfric steps up and hits the one on me. Grace races in, and also hits the one on me aswell. Ter'Ri flurries one, but passes through the ghost. Where have we heard that one before. Gelnix the Malificent drops a fire ball on one, and scorches it. Eleron continues playing while prancing to dodge the blows.

Meanwhile, Lorenna sees her shadow change shape in to a menacing form. It swoops to attack, but misses. She casts a spell on herself that enshrouds her in fire that will hurt anything that attacks her. Scrumpy, also in this house, moves to attack the thing. He hits.

Brottor's floating magic weapon attacks and hits. Brottor casts healing magic on the undead which damages it. It is destroyed. Ter'Ri is hit and drained, but stil standing. Alfric hits, and manages to damage one as does Grace. Ter'Ri actually hits one. Gelnix drops another fire ball into the mix.

Next door, Scrumpy is attacked, but not hit. Lorena magicks her weapon, sheathing it in fire, and moves up to her shadow, damaging it with her body flames. Scrumpy moves to flank it with Lorenna, and hits. Brottor moves his weapon to attack the ghost on Elleron and moves up to cast minor wounds on it, but his hand passes through it. The ghost turns on him, and hits. Ter'Ri is hit now, and Grace moves up. But she does not hit. Nor does Ter'Ri. Gelnix's fire sheres burn away. He casts some kind of fire ray, and hits. Another one is destroyed. Elleron continues to prance.

Another shadow appears near Scrumpy. Lorenna is attacked and drained. Lorenna attacks with her firey sword, and throws more fire at it. The fire misses. Scrumpy, now surrounded, attacks the newcomer ghost, but it is inneffective.

Brottor casts more healing magic, fondles the undead and destroys it. Then he directs his weapon to attack, but it misses. Alfric is hit, and is drained... slightly. Alfric attacks but misses, as does with Grace. Ter'Ri steps back out of range after swiping at it with a miss. Brottor starts directing traffic. He tells Ter'Ri to pass him Gibora's magicked club. Gelnix misses with a flame.

Lorenna is attacked, but dodges out of harm's way' She retalliates, and Scrumpy attacks again. He strikes it, but the sword goes straight through. Brottor's spiritual weapon misses a ghost then disappears. He fails in his attempt to grope the thing. a look of horror probably spreads accrosss it's features as the hairy man-thing tries to touch it's nethers. Brottor is then attacked, and drained.

Scrumpy is hit and drained massively. Alfric attacks the one Grace is fighting but fails to hit. Grace hits and destroys another.

Gelnix throws a magic missile at a ghost. The force bolt hits. Lorenna is attacked, and hit. Her last ounce of strength is drained, and she collapses. Scrumpy attacks the one that struck down Lorenna, but misses. Brottor breaks off combat to go and help Lorenna, but is hit on the way out. He is drained abit. He rushes to the druid's side. Alfric is attacked, but not hit. Scrumpy is hit and drained. Alfric attacks, and hits. Grace rushes to Lorenna, and is hit as she leaves. She is drained massively. Ter'Ri hits a ghost, and Gelnix hits the remaining one in the first house with a magic bolt. Grace is hit again. She is looking weak. Scrumpy attacks but misses. Brottor attempts to heal Lorenna as she lies dying. He avoids the ghosty things, and heals her strength.

A wide choice of targets is present for the monsters, and Scrumpy is attacked. He falls to the floor. Alfric attacks and hits. The monster still does not fall. Grace atttacks the one near Ter'Ri. and hits. Ter'Ri fails to damage. Gelnix disrupts the undead. Brotttor is attacked and drained further heavily. he looks about to drop. Lorenna stays where she is, and Brottor tries to grope the beast from the floor. He hits, just.His hand passes throught it's leg. Alfric is hti, and drained. He his still standing. Grace misses. Ter'Ri hits. Gelnix runs to the door of the house where Scrumpy is, and disrupts undead from the doorway. Grace dives out of the way of an attack. Brottor tries to grope the monster, and damages it.

The celestial badger Elleron summoned is hit, and Alfric fails to hit. As does Ter'Ri. Gelnix fires at the one Ter'Ri missed, and misses himself. Elleron retreats. Lorenna casts a spell at the one standing over her, and hits, thus alerting it to her presence. Brottor uses a spell on a monster, and misses. He collapses back onto the floor. Grace is hit,and drained, and collapses. Alfric swings, and hits, destroying the monster in the first room.Ter'Ri flees the scene, and is hit on his way out. Now, Lorenna, Grace, and scrumpy and Brottor are left in the room with the two monsters, as Gelnix hoists me onto his shoulders. Lorenna throws a flame at the one standing over Scrumpy, but it flies through and hits the wall. Brottor is still waving his hands around, with positve energy. But he misses. The two remaining advance on Ter'Ri. One hits and drains him. A number of clerics appears on the horizon. Alfric hits one attacking Ter'Ri, and destroys it. Ter'Ri goes defensive, slowly backing away. Brottor is attacked as he lies screaming obscenities at the monster to distract it from Lorenna. His strength is drained from him, and he slips into etherealness.

Lorenna casts flames at the thing standing over her, and hits, dissipating it. Brottor comes to solidity back before slipping into undeath. Scrumpy is lost, but we wil try to raise him at the Starborn room.

We spend the last thousand Gold Pieces to restore our strength, at our expense, leaving us broke, and the following day, take the invoice for these spells to the council. Ter'Ri pleads our case. They give us 1000gp each. Now, they ponder sealing the tomb with silver pieces melted down. Why we can't just leave it open, I don't know. Lorenna traps the door with fire traps, probably magical.

News reaches us that the drow armies have overrun Lower Scumsgrove, and are being held up by a druid. We take Scrumpy to the Starborn room, leaving him in there. Alfric stays with him while the rest seal up the sarcophagus. Scrumpy comes back, worse for wear. We return up to the city.

From the journal of Lorenna

Having relieved Gibora of the journal, Lorenna continues the tale of bravery and high magic! (in a non biased manner (unlike some other party members)).

We discuss getting hold of plans for the sewers to see if there are any areas where the mines could potentially be undermined. We learn that many ships have sailed as people flee the mainland for safety. We continue to the city works down at the docks.

We learn that the city walls are do not have sewers underneath them, all the sewer outflows are out into the harbour. The harbour lies outside of the city walls as well as the Tower of Undying Light. We also realise that this could potentially be a major target. We prioritise the potential targets therefore as the Tower of Undying Light, Mages Guild and then any sewers which lie close to the walls. We fill in a form to requisition a key! Which is several pages long this is one of the most serious challenges yet to face the party but we succeed manfully.

At the Tower of Undying Light we find .... NOTHING!

At the Mages Tower we find .... NOTHING!

At the sewers near the walls we find .... SOMETHING!

A leech like creature attacks us, Terri charges and falls quickly from massive wounds. We desperately rush to support him and heal him quickly before he perishes. Alfric pulls Terri's body back trying to get him closer to the clerics Scrumpy also assists. The mage and druid drop flaming spheres and cold spells on the creature, none seem to be affecting it! Gibora and Grace stand off against the creature while the others assist Terri (note to Paul, don't let Mike control your character next time...).

Grace, Alfric and Gibora approach into melee while the spell casters continue to launch fire and ice at the creature, it appears to be weakening. With everyone surrounding it we finally manage to fell the creature, not without some severe injuries to Alfric and Gibora first. Brotor heals the both of them.

Unfortunately however we do not find any sign of the people who we thing are going to plant a bomb in the sewers.

Lorenna comes up with an amazing plan, we are going to try to make contact with the Midnight Enclave and try to get them to help us in finding the shadowy organisation. We put out the feelers in the taverns to try and make contact with the leaders of the Midnight Enclave. We then remember that the Midnight Enclave has potentially been infiltrated as well. Shall we take the risk? We talk about going to find an alchemist who may be able to answer some questions about the bomb. We go to sleep.

The army starts to approach the city, the Duergar host are at the front and at the rear we sight the commanders who are in sedan chairs covered by sheets. We assume drow occupy these. Also golems are sighted in the army and siege engines are being pushed towards the city. We seriously consider our options one of them being to flee as fast as our feet can carry us. The city prepares, as the army approaches to within a few minutes of the wall. Jeron Falconia has fallen! Assassinated! (he was the city commander).

The Deurgar start up a chant and a clear female voice shouts out loudly. "People of the city know this your future masters are not without mercy... blah de blah, lay down your arms and you shall all be saved blah de blah... same old same old" We ignore all the tripe and prepare for battle!!!!

Lorenna shouts "Know that the starborn face you, and while we still live this city shall never fall! Let it be known that the host has fallen before in the last age and they will fall again so say I, Lorenna of the Starborn!!"