Drow Wars: Episode 5 The Battle of Hoxley Fields

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Ter'Ri

It goes quiet after the speeches. We await on the walls. A horn is heard through the darkness and the battle starts. The giants head to the walls, hurling rocks while ballista from both sides hurl missiles. This continues for an hour or so. The walls hold for the time being. The horn sounds again and the massed ranks surge forward. Arrows and bolts fly both ways across the walls. Another hour goes by and it seems to be a stalemate, but the advance continues.

Ter,Ri spots a covered wagon heading for the gatehouse. He decides to check it out with the rest of the party. We challenge the escorting guards as we're worried it contains explosives and combat starts. Ter'Ri deals and takes some damage and the cart surges forward through the party. Brottor whilst in combat decides to try and jump onto the cart. He fails. Alfric does manage to jump onto the cart. The driver seems to fiddle with something and jumps from the wagon. Lorrena gets to the front of the cart and sees the lit fuse. She casts a gust of wind to blow the fuse out. Alfric is blown off and lands on the floor. We defeat the guards. We can see that there were four barrels of powder. Ter'Ri after defeating his challenger runs to warn the other gates.

The battle continues and for the time being we seem to be holding off the attackers. But they start to attack the walls directly. Giborra decides to swing over the wall and challenge the giants. Whilst a number of enemy troops come over the walls. Lorenna strikes a giant with a suite of lightening bolts. It seems to be hardly fazed. Gelnix tried to hit it with fireball it but it still remains standing looking not too happy.

We fight combat on the walls. Alfric and Grace go down. Giborra changes her mind and comes back up the wall. We heal up. Then the leader of the council appears, 'the key to the tower of undying light has been stolen'. We head towards the tower to see what is going on. The guards around the tower are lying on the ground. We head up the tower. At the top is an open door with a chamber inside. There are Duergar inside. We charge into the chamber to attack. Ter'Ri hits and takes damage from a fireball that Gelnix blasts into the room. Ter'Ri takes out three in the room and slowly we seem to defeat them. We head up the stairs and there is a locked door. Scrumpy picks the lock. We go in. There is a broken glass window. The elemental is still there.

The battle continues but the next day we get a message. The ragged man will know of our star borne nature. Go and seek him out bring back your destiny.......

From the journal of Brottor

The party votes to hold the city for as long as possible then to leave to seek out the Ragged Man who existed at the time of the last battle to learn where the weapons bound to each of us are located. When we leave we are to head for Crescent City, the Thieves Kitchen on the main continent.

As dawn breaks the attackers withdraw for a time to regroup and count their losses, we use this time to catch some much needed sleep. When we rise we head to the harbour and learn that the golems to open the gates are operated from little huts towards the end of the harbour gates - we will have to open one when we leave.

The Duergar hammer their shields for a bit, then the drow give the city an offer to surrender. I call back that if they are too pathetic to open the gates themselves they should stop whining at us to do it for them. They don't seem to impressed and the attack begins.

A dark cloud forms over the main gate - 700 feet across. Lightning, acid rain and hailstones the size fists batter the defenders as the army advances towards the walls.

A pair of siege towers attack the towers we are guarding, Gibora, Scrumpy and myself are pitted against a pair of Duergar whilst the other tower with Ter'ri, Alfric, Lorenna, Gelnix and Grace comes under heavier attack with 4 of the foul creatures trying to capture it. Gelnix throws a flask of oil into the siege tower.

Mid battle we are all being afflicted with a mysterious weakness.

Lorenna fells one of our enemies with her flames, Ter'ri strikes one down with his staff and I crush the enemy I was fighting with my warhammer before moving to assist Gibora. After a further combat I cast the duergar off the walls with a mighty blow from my hammer. Alfric slays one and Gibora slots an arrow into the head of the last foe with her longbow.

The walls hold but we have taken heavy losses. The main gates are hanging on by a thread, but they still hold. Gelnix realises why we are all feeling so weak -the Node under the city is under attack. We race to to the sewers to defend it. A group of drow warriors intercept us, firing poisoned crossbows at Ter'Ri. Lorenna attempts to blind one and fails, Gibora backs off from the fight - cowardly half orc, she should get in and fight like the rest of us, Scrumpy the halfling shows far more courage than she does.

Lorenna takes a crossbow bolt and collapses from the poison, Ter'Ri charges forward to engage them, Gelnix greases one of the drows weapons, causing him to drop it. Gibora fishes Lorena out of the water as the rest of us charge towards the battle, firing our ranged weapons as we go. Gelnix hits one with a magic missile.

Scrumpy stabs one in the gut, fighting the drow while Gibora sucks the poison out of Lorenna's crossbow wound. Terry, Scrumpy and Alfric are now in battle with the drow and I am right behind them. I engage one, Gibora has finished treating Lorenna and is right behind me. Scrumpy gets another one in the groin and a raging Gibora barges past Alfric to pound my enemy into the sludge. I charge over the body of my foe to smash the final drow with my hammer.

We reach the narrow passage that leads to the node. There are 2 drow blocking our way, a male in full plate with a heavy shield and magical sword, and a female in wizards robes. We can tell at first glance that these are the part of the Host, our mortal enemies. The party begins falling back to lure them into a wider corridor where we can fight them. Gelnix casts web to stop them, and the drow cast web back. Scrumpy, Gibora, myself and Ter'Ri are caught in the web. Gelnix, Lorenna and Alfric have retreated far enough back to escape it. Scrumpy throws his lantern setting fire to the webs.

I cast bless on the party, and there is a ranged battle between us and the drow, trapped in our webs. Lorenna blows a wind down stopping the fire before it reaches us. The drow wizard unleashes a pair flaming rays that burn Gibora badly. I heal her up, countering the burns to her body but the web is now on fire. She exchanges arrows with the male drow as the web around her burns.

The drow perforates Gibora with magic missiles, she is bleeding badly and flies into a rage, charging towards them as the web burns around me. The armoured drow blocks her attack and cleaves her in 2 with his longsword: torso and legs separate in a fountain of blood. The only party member left in the corridor is me and the wizard wounds me with her missiles. I heal the damage and retreat as the last of the web burns away.

We flee the city by boat as the walls fall and the drow occupy it, defiling the node in the process. Gibora is lost - the first of the Starborn to fall!

Whilst on the ship Brottor, Akim the Asimar samurai who we meet on the boat and the captain pass the time with a game of 3 Dragon Ante. Initially it looks like the captain is going out first after Akim punishes him with Bahamut for having both good and evil dragons in his fight. He manages to hold onto a stake though and it is me who is driven broke first, I put an unbeatable flight down on a high stakes gambit, but Akim played the druid on his last go, rendering my flight useless. I never recover from that and go out in the following gambit, owing 2 coins to captain.

It looks like Akim is going to clean house with the captain only having 15 gold left to stake against his 70, but the captain fights back again in a series of all in gambits, staying in the game using flights of evil dragons to steal the pot. He managed to win back almost half the pot when he and Akim agreed a final winner takes all game, which fred won.

From the journal of Brottor

The ship sails to the harbour gate control and Gelnix casts fly on Lorena so she can fly up to the hut. In the gate control hut Lorenna finds a wand in a secret compartment. Unable to use it she yells for gelnix who climbs across using a rope and reads the wand, he swishes the wand and commands the golem to open the gates, which it does. We sail out as fast as we can get.

It's a 3 day voyage across the sea. On the first morning we get woken by the lookout screaming land! We clamber to the deck and see a flying city. After blinking sleep from our eyes we remember the cow in a tree and the whole in the ground that we found when warning the towns about the host.