Drow Wars: Episode 6 The Ragged Man

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Brottor

Gelnix and I come up with a little ditty on the boat:

When cities fly
And cows try
Watch the starborn do or die

The thieve kitchen is a city of contrasts, a cathedral is the most prominent thing, the rest of the architecture is a mixture of elvish towers and more humble slate. As we dock a mixture of smells meet us, all giving the impression of human decadence.

The official religion is the religion of Marius which is the worship of Law, they consider worshiping of deities to be paganism, barely better than atheism. I agree with the party that its best if I wear my traveling clothes instead of my cleric vestments - we don't need a fight with the priesthood as well as the thieves.

The captain tells us that the entire city is run by crime lords, the city watch are just thugs. Lord Malthus is the lord of the city, he is the 3rd this year, the first being assassinated, the 2nd vanished mysteriously at the same time as a large amount of money. Malthus has been doing well so far but nobody knows how. The smell is of mud, human sweet, coffee, pecan spices and something else older and darker.

There are whores of all races and sexes, portrait painters, mystics in brightly coloured tents, animal gladiator matches and hustlers inviting you to play hunt the pea. Stalls with magic charms, jugglers conjurers and illusionists and cannabis for sale.

Lorena attempts to buy a wolf and a bear out of captivity, but their owners don't want to sell, the bets for the bear V wolf fight have been placed and the battle is about to begin.

At the bar we learn:

  • There are 4 competing crime lord. Lord Raglan, Jimmy the Taylor, little reginald and Dark Mariah, if you commit a crime on their turf without their permission then you are in a lot of trouble. They have an agreement with the guards to get away with petty crimes so long as nobody is hurt.
  • In each territory there is one tavern where they can drink safely, the landlord is bought out and will give alibis.
  • Lord Raglans tavern is the Merry Jackdaw
  • Jimmy is the Pig and Hammer
  • Little Reginald's is the Chandlers Arms
  • Darks Mariah is the Lifeless Lass.
  • Lord Raglans Lieutenant is some kind of vampire.
  • Dark Mariah is a half-drow.
  • The Tavern in the centre of the city called the laughing lord. This is the only neutral tavern and is used by the crime lords for face to face meetings.
  • The swamp elves have been slaves for living memory but there is rumour of an uprising, people in the city are apparently supplying them with weapons preparing for revolution.
  • There is a haunted plantation up the river somewhere, the owners just left one night with no explanation, it has been run down. It was owned by the Velgion family who fled overseas but did not take their eldest son micheal.
  • There is a serial murderer is doing away with people, he mutilates the bodies in a horrible way, taking their faces off.
  • When the authorities crushed the old rogues guild 10 years ago the king and queen of thieves hid some special treasures somewhere in a maze under the old guild house which is now a hospice of saint Cecelia including an artifact belonging to a hero who was slain in battle but came back from the dead to save his comrades.
  • The guild were betrayed from within - a mole opened the gates to let the authorities in. But the King and Queen are rumoured to survive.
  • The building that is now the town hall used to be a temple to the elven god Brith, there are secret rooms inside.
  • The central bank has some centuries old artifacts within it.
  • The king and queen of thieves survived their deaths somehow.

Lorrena buys the fighting bear and takes it to the boat, then spends the night calming and healing it. The rest of us are bemused. She pays the boat crew to take him down the coast away from the city.

We buy 2 punts and hire the services of a pair of swamp elves for a month. After some extended shopping for provisions and other items we set out searching for the temple of Kharad. The swamp elves will take us to near the temple but will not enter it for fear of what lives there. We make slow process up the river Sappant.

After a week we reach the fort, where the guards want to inspect the boats. Alfric notices that they are belligerent and a bit drunk, they ask us who we are, what we are doing and where we are going. Lorena tells them that we are servants to the wizard Gelnix the Magnificent who is going on arcane study of some ruins rumoured to be there. The guards search the boats and grumble but find nothing so let us pass.

We stop in swamp elf village 2 nights later that has totems carved in the trees. These are always the same and they are (top to bottom) Maccaw, monkey, snake, crayfish. We share our rations with them and offer to pay, but they refuse, they need us to help them. They are being attacked by winged heads from the bad place (the abandoned plantation). They tell us that the temple is of the bad God Kharrad, worshipping him is forbidden, it involves sacrifice of people - most often swamp elves.

There is no reason why the plantation is abandoned, the land seems firm and fertile. The manor is showing evidence of years of neglect, most of it is rotten. There is the body of a man in leather armour, missing his head. The corpse has a set of masterwork thieves tools, 45GP and a note on it. It was instructions as to how to reach the farmhouse, instructions that it was haunted and that the dead thief should bring a sorcerer companion, it was signed JT.

Inside the building there is evidence of a recent meal, people hear the screams of someone in extreme pain but cannot make out where it is coming from. The walls are rotten and and covered in blood. A rotting man staggers down bloodstained steps, hisses "help me" then his head tears off, the ears turn into wings and it starts flying round the room screaming at it.

From the journal of Alfric

Killed a head

Killed 3 dog thingies

Struggled to kill a demon

Cut the ropes holding a man who was holding a portal open

Villagers happy

Carry on, warend that the way ahead is guarded by a dark creature were we are supposed to turn west past a statue

The beast is a black dragon!

Lorenna turns into a Dire Hawk and the Dragon pursues her, this is to give the heavily injured party time to recover.

From the journal of Lorenna

Lorenna is coming back towards the party after inflicting major spell damage on the dragon, the dire hawk form seems to be a lot slower than the dragon and she is struggling to avoid being swept from the sky.

The dragon approaches the group and breathes a line of acid over Gelnix, Brottor and Terri. Lorenna fire a magic missile at the dragon and while in hawk form tries to seek cover near the large statue. Most of the remaining party members roll around on the floor trying to get the acid off of there skin.

The party starts to congregate and heal near the statue, during this Lorenna summons some celestial eagles to distract the dragon. The eagles continue to harass the dragon while everyone starts to split up to try and prevent too many being hit on a pass by.

Akim moved quite far away from the party to try and draw the dragon down to attack a nice single target. It works! the dragon launches a blistering ray of acid at Akim before landing to attack him.

Terri moves across the water quickly, hardly touching the water, Lorenna also flies within range of the dragon. The others cast spells or move closer to try and close with the dread beast.

Akim gets ripped to shreds while the dragon takes out its frustration on his limp body. Gelnix hastes Terri and hisself, while Lorenna and Terri attack the dragon. The rest of the party arrive and set about the dragon, Brottor summons multiple spiritual hammers which injure it severely. Eventually after injuring the dragon heavily it takes to the sky to attempt to escape, the Lorenna and Terr'i smite it most foully and it falls from the sky dead!

We carry on long into the evening to try and get away from the feeding range of the dragon.

We stop for the evening, during the 3rd watch people see petals of roses and lillies falling from the sky, they wake Lorenna who confirms this, it is at this point that we notice a slender transluscent woman crossing the swampland towards us. She shimmer jumps towards us, we stand dumfounded, as she approaches. Her face appears to be a mask of rotting skin, untils we realise with growing horror that it is not a mask! She disappears when she is around 30 foot from us. We decided there is nothing we can do about this strange apparition so we all return to our bedrolls to sleep.

We eventully come to a moat which seperates us from a pyramid. Previously a stone bridge crossed it, now a chain bridge with rotting wooden floor spans the moat. The moat is filled with a black glossy substance which the rotten wood sits on. We attach a rope to Scrumpy and he attempts to cross. A plank breaks and Scrumpys leg falls into the water? He recovers and carries on but notices that two very large leeches are attached to his leg sucking his blood!

Lorenna summons a flame in her hand and Scrumpy comes back to have the leeches burned off of his legs. Gelnix flies to the other side and starts to lug equipment from one side to the other while he still has his fly spell. He then ties the rope off while Brottor shapes stone to make a pillar. This provides a hand over hand rope for the party to shimmy down.

Lorenna crosses over on the rope, Gelnix and Scrumpy strain to hold the rope up but they manage to get her over. Akim, Alfric and Brottor cross over easily. Terri who we know is not the lightest gentleman we leave till last, but he makes it easily due to his expert climbing. Grace jumps and hops across the bridge, it breaks but she is able to hop of before it falls into the water.

A huge archway blocked by a huge stone is in front of us blocking the entrance to the pyramid. To either side two vaguely monstrous looking pillars stand hunched. Gelnix things the creatures may have been some sort of winged monkeys? We continue to search around the pyramid for some sort of entrance.

Terr'i in a moment of sheer unexpected and truly unusaual insight touches both posts at the same time, the stone block starts to move upwards. The block although moving upwards appears to be draining Terri of his strength. Gelnix takes over and we raise the block before we all run inside. The block drops behind us! We are trapped...

We smell embalming fluid, a fresco of a humanoid figure with briars twrapped around its head and into its eyes. There are the smashed remains of the two pillars like the ones outside in here, we are definitely trapped. There is a crimson smashed wax disk on the floor. Two passageways lead out of this room. Gelnix believes that the wax disk is used to dispel magic and Lorenna believes it was broken recently. We conclude that someone destroyed the statues permanently recently with a dispel magic spell. Thereby allowing anyone in but no one can ever leave!!! Dum dum dum!!! On the fresco we see three additional figures which were a lot less distinct. They look slightly elvish, i enquire if they look like the creature that approached us in the swamp, it is inconclusive. Akim translates the script on the fresco. It consists of 3 names alongside which are two dates for each, we have no idea what they mean...

We decide we have no idea what is going on and press on down the left hand corridor. Alfric spots a potential trap in the floor, Scrumpy confirms this and we discover a pivoting pit trap. Due to its counterweighted nature we are able to easily bypass the trap by jumping over it.

We reach another chamber to our left and right are alcoves, the floor of the room is marked with a pattern of lines and rectangles. We see an archway around which stone vines are curled. Straight ahead another corridor stretches out at the other side of the room. We cannot see any traps so Terri and Brottor enter the room. Brottor sees that the right hand of the first statue (a monkey) appears to be hinged. It appears that all the hands are hinged. The statues are off a Macaw, Frog, Snake, Bat. The other wall alcoves hold a Monkey,Panther, Blank Face, Crayfish and an unknown creature. We try several combinations of the order using the template of the Totems we found at the village. We then try other combinations using the other non totem statues. We were correct in our interpretation of the totem pole idea however before we stumble upon this we lose Brottors face, he cannot see or speak! As the blank statue steals it! When we correctly go down the totem (and not up..) a passageway opens behind the alcove. We continue up this new secret passage.

At the end of the passage we see a large room in which webs are strewn across the floor, 5 cocoons sit at the back wall and a spiral staircase leads into the cieling.

From the journal of Lorenna

Alfric spots a large spider above the entrance to the room and warns the party. Lorenna drops a flaming sphere into the room setting light to the webs. The spider moves away from the burning webs towards the middle of the room. Alfric gets entangled in a web shot from the spider, Terri and Akim move into the room. The spider attacks Terri from the cieling and misses! Gelnix and Lorenna launch magical attacks at the huge spider as Akim fires arrows at it. Alfric appears to be unable to get out of the webs. Due to the spider dropping down slightly Terri is able to attack and hit the spider at close range. Once the spider is killed the stairwell collapses! In addition the cocoons fall apart onto the floor. One skull in the cocoon is of what appears to be a unicorn and a large reptile!!

We boost Terri up into the hole and affixes a grappling hook onto the edge of the hole. He ascends slowly into the hole holding a coin which has been enscorcerolled with a light spell. Against the far wall of the new room is a trough with a dark red liquid and scoop in it. On the wall is a crossbow, prod and a net. In the trough is a badly put together creature who upon sensing Terri awakens!! Terri flees back down the rope but falls.

We decide we will have to go back up so we send Terri back up after he has been healed. Followed by Alfric and Scrumpy hopefully. Alfric manages to get up the rope and flank the golem like creature. Scrumpy follows swiftly up as well. All the while Terri holds his own but is struggling due to the serious strength draining that he has been subjected to. Alfric takes a massive blow that leaves him reeling as he backs out of combat. Lorenna seems to be unable to climb the rope and is blocking the way for Akim. Alfric is pursued by the creature and is struck down dead! Magic seems to fizzle from the creature. Gelnix drops a flaming sphere in the red liquid in an attempt to disrupt what we think is some form of golem animation fluid! We are seriously outgunned here. Terri fires the crossbow from the wall at the creature in hope that the weapon is magical! Lorenna in Baboon form rushes to the attack, she is getting seriously mauled, Scrumpy runs down the hole to escape. We all start the long retreat back down the hole pulling Alfrics body down the hole, Akim falls down the hole while retreating and falls unconscious. We decide we cannot press on and rest for the evening. Alfric is dead and Brottor cannot speak drink or do anything! This is not looking good!

We rest overnight, in the morning we decide to leave the golem and go down the corridor leading further into the depths of the temple. On the way down the corridor we find two stone doors, we open the left door. In the room a model of a temple stands in the middle. A grand staircase on the model leads down to 8 statues in a chamber. At the far end of the chamber are two statues one of an elf and one of a skull like figure. Beyond the two figures in the model is a plain room with a alter in the middle.

We enter the right room, in this room is the smell of vinegar, clay jars are all around the room. Gelnix opens one of the jars and it has an unguent in it. Gelnixs finds a vial of magical oil and while under the effects of detect magic checks the model but it isnt magical. We proceed down the main staircase again.

The corridor opens into a huge cavern the roof is 60ft above and vines hang down from it. Tiny dark shapes flitter through the vines. The cavern is flooded and basically seems to look exactly like the model on the floor above. Except now the pyramid is at the center of the lake which has sunk into the floor by 20 foot.

We decide to enter the water Lorenna was going to swim across however she spots ripper fish in the water, what are we going to do now...

Lorenna and Alfric come up with a cunning plan we decide to throw the spiders corpse into the lake and then Lorenna will electrocute the water around the ripper fish. We decide the eloctrocution will not work so we go with the distraction option. We throw a leg of the spider in and they rip it to shreds very quickly... We decide to leave this area and try and solve the golem issue...

Here is the plan, and it is an amazingly stupid but very fun plan. We are going to shatter the floor underneath it, then i will lightning strike it until the golem falls down. Then Terri under the influence of spider climb will run down the side of the wall, we will then charge and push the creature into the water.

We shatter and lightning the floor and it collapses, Terri flees as the golem pursues him to the ledge. We all rush to push it over the edge but fail! Akim falls down dying under the pummeling he receives from the golem. Lorenna (as a crocodile) and Grace attempt to push it over the edge. Lorenna and Grace are taking a pounding, Terri attaches a rope to the legs of the golem and puts his full weight on the rope to try and pull the creature over the edge. Grace is hit heavily and collapses, we think she is dead. Lorenna is very upset and makes a massive attempt to push the creature over but fails. She has to retreat and Gelnix steps in. Gelnix loses all his images and takes a massive hit nearly dropping him. Lorenna steps back into the fray again and manages to push the golem over the edge!! We win, Terri gets bitten several times by the ripper fish before he is able to get out of the water.

We decide to rest again, hoping that Brottor will recover.

From the journal of Brottor

Over the space of several hours my face returns to me, the party are notified of this by my prayers of thanks to Vendiss for her mercy. I parch my thirst with the rest of my brewmaker and say another prayer to Vendiss as Lorenna brings me upto speed on the sounds I have been hearing for the past few days - the party needs me again - water walking to get across the lake, stone shape to get back to the golem room and gentle repose to preserve alfric's corpse.

My stairwell leads us into the golem room and from there to a narrow twisted corridor which ends in a door that skrumpy thinks is untrapped. Akim kicks it open revealing a long high ceiling room with an altar thick with blood from years of sacrifices. There is a smoldering incense burner on the alter and a pit with black fluid behind it. Overhead there are creatures flying - they are like human babies with batlike wings, the chattering noise they make unnerve the party.

Gelnix fireballs the room on general principle, slightly burning Akim in the process, Lorena summons a dire wolf and I summon a spiritual hammer. Only Skrumpy and Akim are in the room,. the rest of us are stuck in the corridor and one of the things steals Akim's katana and drops it in the pit. Gelnix casts shatter floor which kills 4 of them, Akim siezes his oppertunity and darts through the gap thats been opened in the enemies, diving into the pit of black stuff to find his sword.

My spiritual hammer slays another one but the last steals my mace and drops it in the pit before Lorenn'a wolf kills it.

The black stuff is a black pudding - the same thing that almost killed gibora in the sewers and destroyed her soulbound weapon. I am having bad feelings already about sticking my hand into another big blob of acid. It dissolves akim's leg armour and is eating into his legs, he collapses unconcious into it. My spiritual hammer attacks the ooze, gelnix throws a flaming sphere and lorenna and I produce flame on it. Skrumpy pulls akim out of the pudding.

The pudding oozes out of the pit and attacks scrumpy who has to drop akim and run before it kills him. We keep hitting it with spells and Terri grabs Akim, the ooze comes for me, its attack dissolves my armour away just before it falls to the fire and magic weapon assault.

We retreat downstairs to heal up and rest.

Next day we go back to the door at the far end of the alter room, past it is a room containing a hidious blad headed mscular human with head an arms twisted backward. One arm has been fashioned into a blade whilst the other is overly muscled. It is making a horrible giggling noise that unnerves the feeble minded. Skrumpy charges it and strikes. Gelnix fires magic missile. Lorena summons a dire wolf that prompty runs away and I move into the room and summon a spiritual weapon to attack it. Loenna summons a dire badger that runs in fear and I summon an extra spiritual weapon. Between the spells and Terri and Skrumpy attacking it the creature falls. We go onwards through the door it was guarding and into a corridor.

There is a door covered in a mozaic of tiles depicting a woman off the corridor which ends in a basalt stone with a glaring skull surrounded by briahs and a message in a flowing script. The script paraphased to "here is somebody very powerful nobody my approach but his 3 brides who have each been given the jewels of his kingdom for a dowery", we conclude that the earlier door with the woman is one of the brides - we are going to go in to fetch the dowery.

The chamber smells of incense and spices with glowing blue tiles on the ceiling and a single sarcophagus with the stone figure of a woman on the top and in inscription at her feet which says "the wisest". I hand out the holy water in preparation. As Terri and Akim lift the lid a spectral figure appears next to lorrena looking like the woman in the swamp.

Gelnix hits the spectre with a magic missile, it hits Lorenna and saps her level. She responds with a flame while I summon a spiritual hammer. Terri misses it with holy water while skrumpy coats it. It drains Akim next. Lorenna casts produce flame on it and my spiritual hammer sends it back to oblivion.

On the body there are 2 golden chains, 1 necklace in gold and lapice, gold and silver bracelets set with tiny gemstones, a scarab round the neck, a feathered mask and 10 blue gemstones embedded in the skull. The scarab is magical - strong abduration and necromancy.

We decide to use my stone shape and water walking to get across the lake to the island with the pyramid roofed building.

The island is overgrown with vegetation, a stone pavillon stands in the middle with some form of alter in it's midst. There is the depiction of some form of diety causing life to sprout from the earth. Engravings on the alter list 3 names. There was a statue on the alter but it has been broken off, I detect faint magic just under the water but we can't reach it because of the water walking - getting it when the spell runs out will be tricky because of the ripper fish.

The far exit to this chamber is guarded by 2 statues, one a male elf and one with the face of a skull, the hands closest to the door have weapons in them. The room beyond seems dead and lifeless. 5 feet in there is a broad black burst as if something had exploded, there is an alter at the far end and a large brass gong off to one side, both resonate of faint magic.

I strike the gong, something cries out a single word: "Ragidash", nothing else happens. Akim lies on the altar and nothing happens, Lrenna stands in the middle of the burnt circle and a strike the gong again, a huge pillar of flame engulfs her and she collapses - amazingly there is still a body. The altar becomes misty revealing a silver macelike object. Terri picks it up while I heal Lorenna. The mace is more cerimonal than a weapon, looking like the weapons held by the stone statues but it is magical - strong necromancy. Akim gives confession to Brottor about having impure thoughts about Lorenna, Grace and Terri, in that order.

We go back to the island in the middle and I dismiss the water walk so Terri can quickly wade out to grab the magical object - it seems to be a decanter, it's overflowing with water - decanter of endless water - there are scaps of cement on the bottom from where it was part of the alter. We put it on the alter and try to say the words: 1 word makes 1 gallon a round, one produces a 5 gallon/round fountain, and the last word produces a 20 gallon/round hose! We quickly find the magic stopper to end it, hopefully there is somewhere that the water is draining off - in theory there must be else the decanter would ahve filled the chamber.

Gelnix attempts to shatter one of the others doors from the shamber but it is too thick, we end for the day to rest up. The level drain wears off Akim but Lorenna loses her wizard level perminantly.

Next morning we do identifying: the scarab is a scarab of protection! Bonus - the party decides to give this to me as it will protect me from energy drain!

The scepter is specific to the religion it has the following abilities: slay living once per day, animate dead 3 times per day, allows a cleric to channel negative energy once extra per day. Brottor and Lorenna initally say to destroy it as evil, but are talked down by the party into keeping it for use in the most dire circumstances. The rod is given to scrumpy and it is impressed upon him that it must only be used in an emergency.

The oil is of keen edge.

From the journal of Brottor

Scrumpy is seen stroking the rod, I'm worried at the effect it might be having on him.

I cast water walk so we can cross the lake and then stone shape a tunnel above the waterline. There is a drop beyond and a passageway which quickly has a cravass. The cravass is bridged by a thin, weak stone bridge with rusted metal girders we can see torches beyond. Scrumpy goes across the bridge, Gelnix and Lorenna cast spider climb on brottor and Terri as they are the heaviest and gelnix flies across everyone else.

The corridor ends in a single hole with a blue beaded curtain, there is an inscription with "the fariest" on it the inscription is illuminated by some torches with continual flame. Inside is a small chamber with a single glass plate on the far wall. Paranoid, we all shield our eyes. Brottor looks at the glass - there is a beautiful young elven woman brushing her hair. The room she is in is richly furnished with the furnishing looking like they are very valuable.

She is aware of us when we knock on the glass but seems confused. Brottor smashes the glass, and as he does so the illusion breaks, the room is filled with rot and mildrew and she is a horrible skeleton with large diamond teeth. She comes charging at me screaming and rends my flesh with her claws and teeth, I feel the scarab absorbing the negative energy. Akim runs away like a coward and is trying to crawl back across the bridge. I drop back into the room so the rest of the party can attack it, Terri loses 2 levels from her next attack.

Swarms of bats come flying in from the large room and attack the party. Akim only jsut manages to stay on the bridge. The woman turns into bats and dissappears into the swarm. Gelnix casts shatter floor on the area, the sonic damage causes mass damage on the bats. We manage to strike the bats down leaving no trace of the undead woman. There is nothing valuable in the room so we return to the island in the middle of the lake and gelnix shatters the door. The lake drains down through the cravass leaving nothing but puddles, the ripper fish flap around a bit then die.

We rest up for a nervous night but the vampire is nowhere to be found. Terri fails his saves and loses both his levels until I can learn a restoration spell. Once we are healed and spelled up we head to the last door out of the lake room.

The door leads to a tunnel that runs under the swamp! we can clearly see the water pressing down on some form of force field. We see a rod embedded in the floor that practically hum's magic - it's sustaining the the force fields. We follow the tunnel under the swamp, seeing the ribcage of a huge creature out in the swamp but nobody can tell what it is. There seems to be a large chamber up ahead of us. Scrumpy looks for traps but finds nothing.

it is a circular room, with the body of a female swamp elf in the middle in a glass coffin. She appears to be dead but her features are undecayed. There is an inscription that says "the most zealous". We buff up and put a pair of flaming spheres ontop of the coffin before I break it with my hammer. The creature attacks terri, wounding him seriously, it seems to be some form of mummy. I direct both my hammers to attack and lorenna summons a dire wolf, gelnix hits it with magic missile and akim charges in with his swords.

The vampire flies in and attacks gelnix but swipes at an illusion, scrumpy is paralysed with fear by the mummy. I move in to help gelnix while the hammers attack the mummy. Terri backs out of combat before the mummy can finish him and lorenna summons another dire wolf in his place which brings the mummy down, tearing it apart.

We all pile on the vampire. Akim manages to hit her! Akim has done something! As the dire wolves more in we have her surrounded, lorrena casts fairy fire on her. As we keep damaging her she turns to gasious form and tries to flee. Most of the party chase the mist for while scrumpy and I remain behind to make sure the mummy doesn't come back. The mummy's eyes are large ruby's, and there is a scepter identical to the last one in the coffin, except this one is gold rather than silver. Scrumpy is drawn to it, brottor is nervous.

The others follow the mist but they are slowed crossing the chasm, the mist has dissappeared into a crack in the wall of her original room. The party search but can't find anything so they go get the rest of us, gelnix flies scrumpy across the room and he manages to find a secret door behind which is the vampires coffin. The party open it up and strab the vampire with a crossbow bolt and some holy water. It screams and meets final death and the party gain it's diamond fangs.

We now have the 3 dowries: The diamond fangs from the Fariest, the ruby eyes from the Most Zealous and the saphire's around the eye sockets of the Wisest.

We rest up, I channel the might of Vendyss to break the curse of the mummy rot on Terri, allowing lorenna to use remove desease to cure him.

The Gold mace is the scepter of life and it allows the use of lesser restoration once per day and cure serious wounds 3 times per day and specific to the worship of Karad. Scrumpy continues to get dreams of karad.

When we go up to the chamber of the briah skeleton. The door moves up as we approach.

The chamber is pyramid shape, the sloping walls thickly matted with briahs that writh like serpants. In the centre of the room is a circle with the signs of the zodiac on it. The room is lit by a pulsating blue orb. The orb is held in a ragged body sitting on a throne on the far end of the room wearing the robes of a high priest, his head is nodding in time to the pulsing of the gem.

He speaks in low hissing voice, "so at last this time. It is strange I have held this dissicated flesh for centuries but still i crave another minute of life. Give me a minute to breath this foul air, to feel this agony for it is better than oblivion. Whenever there is an equinox of heros the starborn and host are forced into conflict that will decide the fate of the other races."

We ask him about the signature weapons, "the other weapons are in cresant city. One is secreted in the old testing maze of the king and queen of thieves, the others were aquired by a merchant and are locked away in the central vault in the bank,. The merchants name is Ombar Lurtz."

"The orb is the Orb of Azurant. I was supposed to see it's safety till the new starborn could claim it, this is sacred duty, Iused its power to extend my life and its power is greatly reduced. It gives the owner a sense of the nearest node, scry on the signature weapons as if by locate object spell, call fall daylight at will, once per week you can call upon the guidence of Nuith (the God) and you automatically know if the host come within 300 feet."

How to we find out about our pasts? "you are nolonger who you were, you are now starborne."

How did you survive if StarWeather John was the last to fall? "I was not there, it was my sared duty to guard the Orb."

Losing the orb will kill you? "yep".

Advice? "The host are normally drow."

He gives us the orb and crumbles into a pile of bones and the walls of the temple slit apart allowing in the light. So passes the Ragged Man, last of the Starborn from the previous age.

From the journal of Brottor

Alfric rises the following morning from the standing stones, we decide to spend 4 days resting whilst I restores levels to the party who have lost them. My morning prayers to Vendyss are well attended and various members of the party learn of Vendyss and her ways. I spend the rest of the days praying to Vendyss and blessing more water.

Lorenna summons a black panather and names it Harmony. Gelnix investigates the magic rods that hold the magic force tunnels.

The Incense we have found turns out to be incense of meditation - when a divine spellcaster mediates for 8 hours with the incense they can prepare all their spells as if under maximise spell feat but keeping them at their normal level.

Lorenna and I attempt to talk Gelnix out of destroying the rods, he uses the orb to ask Nuith whether it will be good or bad for the swamp elves, but recieves no answer so we decide to leave at the end of the 4 days and seek the dragon horde.

I stand on the island and cast locate object - the cave is directly below me, lorrena turns into a crocodile and Gelnix polymorphs into a wrymling dragon, they swim down and locate the cave. Gelnix has to return to the surface soon as his spell only lasts a few minutes while Lorenna goes in.

She finds 110 platinium pieces, 4 sapphires worth 900gp each and 1 gold piece, shuttle by shuttle she takes it up.

We return to the city - time for a SHOPPING SPREE!