Drow Wars: Episode 9 The Fate of Underdell

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Lorenna

During the down time while we wait for the troops to be assembled people do the various activities:

  • Lorenna - trains Rhapsody her Dire Badger, but struggles to teach her how to attack Aberrations
  • Gelnix - searches the shops with Alfric for Orb of Acid spell
  • Ter'ri - meditates
  • Alfric - helps Gelnix shopping
  • Brottor - meets the troops and establishes himself as there leader
  • Ossius - trains Screech his Hawk to come at his command
  • Brottor is the general, Ter'ri and Alfric are captains. Oh my...

We set off on our journey to Underdell, the journey passes uneventfully as Ossius and Lorenna manage to scout and avoid any major obstacles. We arrive and meet, Jarl Tamalane Mountainsheart who is the leader of Underdell, it is an immense cavern held up by a single pillar, at the base of the cavern are a multitude of houses with approximately 4500 dwarves and a few immigrants from other cultures and races. Effectively this gives us an effective fighting force of approximately 2500 troops of varying quality.

Brottor gives a little speech introducing himself and why we have descended upon his home with a small army. The dwarves are not aware of any activity and there is no passage that they are aware of into the underdark. Lorenna makes several excellent suggestions to try and stop any invasion, barricades, continual light flares, moving food into peoples houses as opposed to the storage area, shipping gems early, placing deadfalls in the mine, 50 troops per unit, we assign 100 dwarven troops into the storage area as a permanent guard.

After a couple of days preparation we see a vision of the terror casting a spell on the wall! They appear in front of Lorenna who is defending the tomb barricade. She casts several spells to try and hold up the duergar and all the other party members rush to the barricade, except Brottor who marshals the troops and Ter'ri who stays at the store room area to prevent an attack from the rear.

We lose the barrier at the first attack, these dwarves have no stomachs for battle. As we are all in the front lines in some form or another various enemies face off against us.

Lorenna faces off against a minor officer and 2 troops. Alfric faces a minor officer. Brottor against a minor hero. Ter'ri a minor hero and 3 troops. Ossius is firing his bow from range.

Lorenna seems to be holding her own but her companion Rhapsody is being hit hard.

Ter'ri, Brottor and Alfric are more than holding there own as well. Eventually we all defeat our opponents, Lorenna had to use a lot of spells the others killed there enemies with ease... oh to be a warrior!

Gelnix turns into an invisible flying drow and goes Terror hunting. He senses her and approaches to within 120 ft casting greater invisibility as he gets closer. He casts a maximized fireball, and manages to penetrate her spell resistance. She casts dispel magic back upon him but only manages to dispel his see invisibility, he manages to cast another maximized fireball at her before she manages to dimension door out of the area. They have lost there general!! The information may take a while to filter back to the front lines but the dwarves have decided to start fighting and have started to push the duergar back towards the barricade.

We manage to push them back, the lack of a general appears to be forcing them in an orderly retreat back into the caves, we follow them for a short period before falling back to the tomb cavern. We have lost 1000 troops! Out of 2500 initial dwarves and men. We seriously need reinforcements from somewhere...

We decide to try and follow the terror back to her lair to kill her. This involves us getting hold of the darkvision spells, Gelnix teleports back to Beacon City to inform Romilly of our plan to follow her and of the situation in Underdell.

From the journal of Ter'Ri

We decide to release 2 prisoners (with chain of eyes on them) to take a message back to the Terror (Ter'Ri's idea) that we wish to discuss terms of her surrender and wish to meet her in the tomb area in 5 days. Lorenna and Gelnix come back to the dwarf city. With the spell running we notice that there is a troop of Duerger with two giant creatures down in the passage. They pass through another chamber with shadowy figures and travel for about 8 hours.

We decide with no better plan to head down the tunnel. Two hours passes as we walk down the tunnel. Ossius is spotted as he scouts ahead (though he doesn't know it yet). Suddenly he is hit by two crossbow bolts. He runs back down to rejoin the party. We cast invisibility on the party and head towards the creatures at the end of the passage. More bolts come through to the party and Brottor starts to get hit. Eventually we see the enemy ahead of us. Ter'Ri charges into combat, Gelnix casts a fire ball into the chamber and kills a number. Two giant type creatures head forward and hit Alfric and Ter'Ri. Both start to get surrounded. Another fireball and only the two giants are left. Ter'Ri has a lot more work to do against his giant. Alfric gets healed by Brottor, but Ter'Ri looks like he's in trouble. Ter'Ri goes down, but is then healed by Brottor. Rhapsody comes to help Ter'Ri and Lorenna, in the shape of a bat is fighting from behind. Finally with a blow from Lorenna the giant goes down.

We search the cavern and don't really find anything other than rocks. It looks like the creatures had camped here but nothing of note to be found. Examining the giant creature suggests that they need to be controlled.

Lorenna flies back to get some dwarves to hold the cavern. The rest of us stay to hold the cavern. We place a continual light source down the corridor that leads away from the cavern to help us determine if anything comes towards us. The next day 50 dwarves arrive.

We decide to travel down the passageway deeper into the ground. Ossius scouts ahead again. Suddenly Ossius is surrounded by six shadowy forms. He drops to the floor. Dead.

From the journal of Sir Alfric

Having heard a cry of "Help" from Ossius we move along the passageway. We feel a chill draft coming down the passageway. We can barely make out a body. It looks like Ossius but it seems shrunken. In a room ahead we see some shadowy forms. Lorenna summons a dire wolf. Brottor casts a firewall in the middle of the shadows. Terri attack and hits a shadow. Gelnix drops a big fireball on the group hurting the party almost as much as the shadows. Alfric runs away from the group to avoid the fireballs. Lorenna backs off and casts a magic missile. The wall of fire continues to harm the shadows. Brottor casts searing light but fails to hit them. Ter'Ris flurry of blows misses the shadows. Gelnix drops another fireball on the group. Two shadows are destroyed. Brottor is on his last legs. Gelnix cast explosive cascade killing a shadow. Alfric runs back in but misses a shade. Terri defeats another shadow. A magic missile from Gelnix defeats another shadow. A lesser orb of acid thrown by Lorenna kills a shadow. Terri and Gelnix hurt the badger like shadow, as do Lorenna and Alfric. Brottor lies on the ground barely able to move. Gelnix finishes off the final shadow. Rhapsody is given a cremation by Lorenna.

Between us we struggle back to the chamber, taking the body of Ossius with us. Gelnix teleports back with the body of Ossius and he is resurrected. Lorenna plans to fly through the tunnel to scout ahead. Flying through the cavern. At the end of half a days travel the passageway forks. One heads NNW one WNW. She takes the more westerly passage. The next day she continues. The tunnel comes to an end in a cavern. There is a ladder going up. There is a cave to the north. Cold water comes through a hole in the ceiling. It flows off into a hole to the south. The cavern is roughly 50' diameter. Going up the ladder there is a passageway heading south. The cavern north leads to another cavern which is a dead end. She goes down the passageway south. Up ahead is the body of a giant. Something has been feeding on it. She guesses that the feeding creature is on the other side of the giant. She sees the head of a snake-like creature popping up. It looks like there's more than one of these creatures. Heading back she takes the other passageway and spots some giants. Flying back she informs everyone.

From the journal of Granite

Granite, wakes, the sun shining on his face, he had forgotten what the warmth of the sun felt like. The cages near the fighting pits did not let much sun in. A strange warmth suffuses his body and a antlered man appears in front of him. He says in a quiet yet powerful voice "One of my followers needs your help Granite, you may remember Lorenna your savior, she needs your assistance, go to her, you have my blessing". The warmth stays once the strange man leaves and Granite awakens as if from a long slumber, he sees more and senses more, he must seek his master and rescuer Lorenna at the caverns of the small folk!

From the journal of Lorenna

Lorenna after her long journey settles down and spends her time summoning her new companion. She hopes that she can prove worthy of the devotion that they show her this time. At the end of the 24 hour period a large brown bear approaches her tentatively. She recognizes it as the bear she saved from the Arena! Much to her surprise he speaks to her his name is Granite and he has been sent to help her!

Lorenna tries to scry on the Terror but fails, we decide to go down the caverns. We decide to go down with darkvision again but without a scout as it is a suicide job...

The caverns are natural unworked stone which is very rough to walk on hence our slow progress, the floor is wet and slimy and narrow winding passageways break of either side as we enter into the relative unknown. We realize that during the evening when we all rest that it will be difficult for Granite to enter the dimensional space so for Lorenna turns into a tree allowing the bear to enter the space... tomorrow spider climb may be a more logical spell choice.

We decide to not set a watch in the dimensional rope trick. The night passes uneventfully. We have our usual inane debate, this time about the create food and water spell potentially leaving a trail behind us. The day passes uneventfully and rest up just past the junction. As we pass the main junction Ossius examines the tracks to see which way the army went, they appeared to head towards the giant. Lorenna again fails to scry on the Terror. We decide to approach the giants diplomatically for a change... we intend on using diplomacy and the location of their friend to try and gain their trust. We all huddle around Alfric and Gelnix casts invisibility sphere as we all cast preparatory spells.

Ter'ri outside of the sphere acts as our "diplomat". He draws out his continual light coin and hails the giants mentioning that he has seen there friend. He states that he is assisting the dwarves and seeking the army of the Duergar. "I have seen another of you kindred down the other passageway". "I am seeking the duergar army to try and stop any more bloodshed". The giants the proceed to question Ter'Ri regarding the missing giant. They beckon him into the cavern and we follow invisible. Ter'Ri states that he is trying to parley with the army which the giants think is a foolish calling. They have heard Brottor from a long way away. So Lorenna steps out of the sphere and explains that we are companions of Ter'Ri and were unsure of there intentions and apologize for the ruse and deception. They agree to let us pass but we have to cross a 17 mile lake! We ask to speak to the Elders to purchase or hire boats. The lake is populated by a Kraken, Fish People and a Giant Lobster, nice place!

We proceed up higher into the caverns into a relatively (for the underdark) luxurious abode for the giants. The leaders are called Thurak and Gundar. Ter'Ri starts to negotiate guides and the sale of the boats. There relationships with the fish people have taken a dive for the worse recently with the ascent of the "Claw" a priest of the fish people. They want us to enter the temple and kill Claw. We prepare ourselves!

We approach the island walking on the water, we are very prepared, we have more spells on us than are healthy for the opposition, oh and we are also invisible. We approach a large stone door with two statues to either side of the door. Brottor opens the door and a glyph shines on it, the glyph appears to have no effect on the stouty dwarf. Opposite the door which just opened, a large evil looking statue holding a staff stands. In front of it a Kuo Toa with Nunchukas stands, Gelnix charges forwards and summons a wall of force, blocking our way... not much use apart from causing us to wait to kill the guard! We all move into position and Gelnix drops the wall. We start letting lose with spells and close combat. We kill the monk like KT and as we do a couple of armoured templar KT's charge at the spellcasters Gelnix and Lorenna at the back of the room.

From the journal of Ossius

We finish the two Kuo-tua's, relatively easily. I hardly break a sweat and we head off out of the other door. Through the door is a passage, with a door opposite and another at the end. Ter'Ri listens at the first. He hears nothing, so we go to the other one. There are several large urns in here but no other doors so we return to the previous door. A large room lies beyond. It is ornately decorated, with a mosaic in the floor of the statue at the front door A pool glows at the far end of the room, with a balcony above, overlooking it. Four Kua-tuos stand conducting some kind of ritual upon a pair of figures lay in the middle of the floor. It is clear they are priests.

Gelnix fires a flame spell into the room, scorching one of the prisoners and one of the fishmen. I step into the room and fire at the nearest Kua-tuo. Two arrows hit. One of them approach me and two Ter'Ri. Someone casts a spell at Ter'Ri and I. One of the prisoners seems to be squirming in his binds. Then, Lorenna's bear advances forward and fills the door. It attacks the Kua-tuo on me, but misses. The head priest calls forth a pillar of fire upon me, the bear and his lesser. It burns. Then Ter'Ri unleashes upon his opponent. He batters it with his staff and it drops, bewildered. I strike the one on me. The Kua-tuo touches me and I feel queer. Amazingly, one of the prisoners breaks his bonds. Why couldn't he do that before? The bear swings again at our guy, and hits with his claws. It goes down. The head Kua-tuo runs into the water, out of sight. Ter'Ri sets about the remaining Fishman with another flurry. He stays standing. I rush toward him and swing wildly, but miss. One of the prisoners is now sat up, being burned by the flaming orb just above him. Brottor approaches the two and begins untying them (the dwarf at least, the other one is already rescuing himself).

Gelnix advances further into the room and has a look around, muttering to himself. Me and Ter'Ri finish the last Kua-tuo off. The two prisoners run over to a pile of gear in the corner, all the time in the sphere of fire. It appears to be a pile of weapons and armour and the like. Loz casts healing on the strangers, since it was Gelnix that harmed them in the first place. Loz drops a lighted coin into the water and spies a shape. She repeats, ready to cast a spell at the creature, whatever it is. She sees it again. and fires a sphere of lightening at it. The sphere dunks under the water, and presumably hits something... hopefully the Kraken. The stranger casts a light on a stone and drops it into the water. There is a great darkness coming up, and suddenly two tentacles burst forth from the water's surface.

Lorenna retreats, and casts a fire spell at them. Ter'Ri strikes them with his staff, and Gelnix casts a quickening spell on us. The handsome stranger swings his sword at it and misses with three times.The bear does better, with two hits grabbing a bite out of it. The new dwarf, Reyus is his name, does manage to hit, a bit The tentacles flays around and strikes me and Alfric, and tries to grab us. It does. Lorenna fires a ray of fire at the appendage holding Alfric... The silly bitch. Why is she not trying to rescue a fellow naturist? Gelnix fires a Fireball into the pool. It plunges downward, with a tail of steam rising toward me. I wriggle free of the grasp; the Kraken must be slippery. Azrael the Paladin pulls me out of the water. Brottor hits it with a magic spiritual hammer. Something appears next to Brottor and swipes at him. There is a squeal from the dwarf, and turns to face the would be assassin.

The Kraken withdraws, dragging Alfric with it under the water. Brottor attacks his foe, and hits. Lorenna runs into the water after Alfric Ter'Ri moves closer to The Claw and hits it. Ter'Ri shoots a fireball into the water (do I really have any idea what is going on??). I spin round to The Claw, and attack it but miss. With a mighty blow, the Paladin kills The Claw. It falls spectacularly. Meanwhile, Alfric is struggling to get free under the water, with Lorenna in hot pursuit as a porpoise. She tracks it and prepares to cast spells at it from a safe distance. She begins with Magic Missile. It dies. Lorenna realizes she has passed through some kind of magical gateway under the water. She grabs Alfric and heads for the surface. She finds herself out in the middle of the lake. We have lost contact with her via the message spell.

Lorenna releases a flare spell. We go outside and Brottor fires a fire spell into the air and the druid swims toward it. We sever The Claws head as evidence of our task. Hopefully, they will live up to their end of the bargain. for now though, we will identify the magic items we picked up off of the guards, then divvy them up according to need, or according to whether Lorenna will let us have any. Uncharacteristically, she gives up her claim to the suit of armour, but wants a Ring of Protection... for her bear. There is a pair of Nunchuks, which noone can use, but we will keep them. Alfric takes a suit of Chain Armour. The other one we will sell later on.

The giants do provide us with transport in a boat across the lake, now free of Kraken. We find a pile of treasure on the other side, with two weapons among them. The weapons are attuned to the two newcomers. There is a dark shape flying about.

From the journal of Sir Ter'Ri

From the other side of the lake we head off down the corridor. With all the noise from the armoured party members it's not surprising that we're soon spotted and attacked by three dire bats. Even Lorenna jumps into melee combat in this encounter. Suddenly we're swamped by a lot more bats. Ter'Ri in one swift flurry takes out one bat. Lorenna backs out of combat. Ter'Ri drops another in another flurry. Gelnix tries to use a crossbow but can't seem to hit anything. Finally all the bats are taken out. Ossius excelled himself in useless combat by not hitting anything.

After the battle we carry on a bit then camp up for the evening. On Azrael's and Ter'ri's watch, we hear a rumbling and a tremor. We awaken the party quietly. Out of the wall bursts a huge worm like creature. It then passes through the corridor and into the wall on the other side. We ignore the creature and carry on with our rest.

In the morning we set off. After a couple of miles we find a huge cavern. There is a big chasm inside with a stone bridge across it. Azrael edges across the bridge. Then we all get across. Suddenly a shadow shape appears and breaths shadow shapes at us. Many of us take damage and take energy level loss. The party starts to split. The dragon comes back and tries to grab Reyus and causes some damage as it flies past. Then Azrael on the bridge is attacked. The dragon seems to then fly off as we wait a while.

Lorenna flies round a bit and finds the dragon's cave. But the dragon launches from its cave at Lorenna and hits her. Lorenna flies into the cave and at the far end is a pile of treasure. Lorenna finds two signature weapons But the dragon appears in the cave entrance trapping Lorenna in the cave. The dragon breathes on Lorenna who takes energy damage. Lorenna's only escape is to fly past the dragon, taking the attack of opportunity. Lorenna escapes into the passage way where the rest of the party is. The dragon lands and breathes down the corridor and three more of us take some energy damage.

From the journal of Sir Alfric

Gelnix attempts to grapple the dragon. It fails and the dragon turns to take its revenge. Granite is heavily damaged. Granite is ripped to shreds on the dragons next attack. The party heads off down the corridor. Ossius is left to face the dragon. He hides. The dragon takes to the air, circling the cavern. The dragon swoops down and breathes. It bites Ossius as it flies by. The rest of us hide down side passageways. After a while we decide that the dragon is not following us. Gelnix, Reyus and Alfric convert to Vendyss. Ossius refuses to pray with us. He remains diminished because of it.

We carry on down the corridor. W come across a chasm. There is a strong cold wind. It's 50 feet wide. We see webs below stuck to the sides of the chasm. We can hear running water and the murmur of voices below. They are speaking undercommon. The spider that made this web must be gargantuan. Lorenna turns into a dire hawk. Is turned invisible and flies off scouting. The chasm is 300 feet across. it's very deep. There are a number of caverns in the walls at different levels. There is a lot of activity in these caverns. There at least seven major caverns. There are drow and other creatures going up and down the web. Close to the bottom there's another major tunnel that leads off into the underdark. The chasm carries on down. She reaches a point where she senses the host. It was from one of the lower caverns. Lorenna heads back. Gelnix casts blistering radiance on the web. We head off at high speed. We use a summoned creature to create a small hidyhole. The plan is to scry for the Terror then dimension door four people and kill the Terror and get out with her head. We fail to scry on the Terror. We sit and plan.

From the journal of Brottor

After more attempts at useless plans we agree with my strike team idea, we walk down the tunnel boldly, the host sense goes off with a ping and I cast locate object the Terrors necklace.... but it fails. Either she is not wearing it or the chamber is warded.


We come up with a new plan. Lorenna will conceal her ring on her person.... deeply on her person. She will surrender and we will scry on her, hopefully she will be taken to the terror, after being beaten up a bit.

She wanders down the main passage whistling a ditty, the entrance to the chasm is guarded by a platoon of warriors led by a noble and a wizard. Lorenna tells them, "I come under truce, take me to your leader." She is surrounded by them, bound, gagged and her stuff is taken from her, but they miss the concealed ring. She is taken down to a barracks and thrown in a cell for a day. They poke her with sticks to stop her resting, whilst we sleep in shifts and prepare.

They drag her out of the cell and downwards, she feels the host sense going off with a ping. She is taken to a well crafted room - they are dragging her through the high rent district. She is taken to a chamber the is carved to resemble a huge spider, she came in a passage positioned to be a leg. It is looking like some form a temple and there is an altar at the position where they spiders mouth would be. In the thorax of the spider on a raised platform sits the Terror, next to her is a male drow clearly a wizard and a female clearly a wizard. Opposite them are 3 noble drow and we also have the 2 escorts.

Just as the terror gloats over Lorenna we dimension door in strike team A: Gelnix, Brottor, Ter'ri and Azrael. As soon as we appear the invisibility sphere around us drops and alarm ward triggers. Rah here we go!. Lorenna transforms into a crocodile to the shout of "Kiss my ass". I a cry to Vendyss and unleash her strength on the Terror, ethereal chains bind her and nullify her teleportation ability. The wizard attempts to feeblemind gelnix but he shrugs the spell off. The fighters and the nobles charge to attack us, Gelnix has 2 nobles on him, one attacks me. The 2 guards attack Lorenna, the cleric summons a demon, gelnix teleports out. Ter'ri spins his staff and opens the complete 6 pack of whoop ass on the wizard who looks considerably worse for ware after the spinning battering. Azrael is determined not to be out done and smites the wizard with all the power of his god, cleaving the drow in 2 from shoulder to crotch. Gelnix teleports back in with Alfric, Ossius and Reyus, hang on! this is not going according to plan! - How do we get out?

The terror summons a blade barrier around herself whilst I fight 2 of the nobles. "Now she's going down like a 3 gold whore", Azrael screams and leaps into the Terror's blade barrier and attacks her with his sword, but we can all see the blood seeping out of the rents in his armour. I am taking damage from all quarters as lorenna shapes into a bird. Gelnix casts scorching ray on the Terror but she resists it harmlessly. The cleric attempts to slay Reyus, but Vendyss protects him and he strikes her with his axe. Terri slays a noble and Ossius shoots the terror as alfric engages the 2 soldiers.

Azrael throws himself at the Terror and pushes her into the blades. Heroic inquisitor is shredded to pieces and many combatants are sprayed with his blood, but we are all inspired by his example of noble sacrifice. The terror is running in fear and Lorenna gives chase in bird form, I summon a wall of flame in front of her to slow her progress as Gelnix unleashes an orb of acid on her. Screaming she falls to the ground as the acid burns her flesh.

Her death stuns the others and will cut them down. Now we have to escape. I come up with a cunning plan. Its a stupid plan, but it might work. I stone shape a crevice in the wall which half of us cram in. Gelnix dimension doors out with the terrors body, Azrael., Reyus and Alfric. The rest of us spend a very hot and very cramped day in our cubby in the wall, keeping very still so as not to be noticed. When the searching dies down a little I slip Lorenna some of my rations and a drink from my flask. 24 slow and painful hours later gelnix knocks on the wall and with a stone shape and few dimensions doors we are back to safety and I heal Lorenna's infernal wound.

We make our way back out, avoiding a fight with the dragon. We return to Underdell and are greated as heroes. From there we return to Becon city and ressurect Azrael.