Drow Wars: Episode 11 Across Unknown Oceans

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Alfric

Lorenna reincarnates Ossius as a half-orc. Aargh not another Gibora! His eyes are still green. He is a foot and a half taller and three times as heavy. Brottor raises Ter'ri. We resupply the ship on the island, Verda. We tell the villagers of our heroic deeds. The halfling island is quote cut off. They care not for the affairs of outsiders. Bah humbug. We set sail for Xoth Serandi.

Alfric tries his hand at fishing, and has a go at being lookout. He sees two whales swimming by. Nimian Archimandrus approaches us again. He looks a bit worried.

"My friends, I have received a message from Xoth Serandai. Lady Azbeth tells me of the Sea Harriers. She was convinced that the Sea Harriers have made an alliance with the Drow. She has had reports of Dark Elves manning vessels. The vessel "A Dream of Pomegranate" has taken her captive. The Sea Harriers have made a deal with the Drow and may be responsible for the Kraken. If they are we may be able to send the Kraken back down to the depths. We must go to her aid. She was able to tell of her location. We must intercept the ship she is on and rescue her."

We decide to head for the last known location of Lady Azbeth. Nimian manages to scry on her. She is alive but captive and in chains. Then Lorenna and Gelnix fly off to look for the Sea Harrier ship. They spend some days searching to no avail. Brottor asks for the aid of Vendys in finding Lady Azbeth. Thankfully the answer isn't cryptic. It's head South West. The boat heads that way and the mages scout ahead. We travel for five days without seeing anything of note. On the sixth day Gelnix spots a bank of fog. There is some wind so the fog is unusual. Lorenna flies over the fog. It's several hundred yards in diameter. Lorenna approaches the fog. We hear the sound of some huge sea creature. We set sail in the opposite direction. It looks like a sea serpent. It's bloody huge. We are scared.

We continue South West. Ter'ri is worried about falling over the edge of the world. Another question to Vendys sends us in the opposite direction, North East. We come back to the fog cloud. Vendys informs us that we need to head into the fog to find Lady Azbeth. We get into a row boat and head towards the fog cloud. Waterbreathing and resist energy mass are cast on the group. We get used to rowing on our way to the fog bank. Entering it we find its cold. Then we find the shape of a ship - just the hull - no mast or sails. As we draw closer more is visible. The ship is attached to a fortress ship The empty ship is only a ballast. This must be the secret of the Sea Harriers. A hell of fight is in the offing. The only problem is getting Lady Azbeth off the boat alive. We make plans. Nimian plans to teleport into the room the Lady Azbeth is in with Ter'ri and Azrael. She will be freed and they'll escape with Lady Azbeth.

They teleport using the helm. They don't end up where they expected. They are facing the head of an enormous catfish made of a green metal. The cell with the Lady is nowhere to be seen. On searching the fishes head seems to be hinged. Ter'ri uses his pole to try and and force the hinge open. The metal eyes open it's eyes. Ter'ri attacks it. The construct bellows out an alarm and breathes steam. Azrael leaps out of the way. Ter'ri Nimian dies. Ter'ri grabs the helm and teleports out with the others. We row the boat around to the front where the pipes were seen jutting out of the boat. They can be seen jetting steam out into the air. Gelnix flies up and turns into a bullette and breaks through the wooden hull. Behind it is metal. Gelnix casts an acid ball at the metal. It has no effect.

From the journal of Ossius

We need to get onto the ship. Brottor favours a direct approach. Lorenna decides we are going back to the ship to let the Helm recharge. The following morning, we teleport in front of the small room at the front with the Fishhead statue. There are sailors on this floor, singing salty sea songs. `Gelnix casts Knock on the statue. The mouth opens, revealing a door down the throat of the fish, but it animates and starts snapping at us. Lorenna creates a tortoiseshell and moves it into the mouth, hoping it will keep it open while we go through. It works, and we rush through. Ter'Ri and lorenna destroy the door, and we find Lady Azbeth. Grabbing her, we exit back through the statue's throat, just as the tortoiseshell gives and teleport back out.

Back on the ship, Azbeth questions the whereabouts of Nimian. We break the news, softly. She demands that we go back to find the drow navigator. Apparently, he knows why the kraken is siding with the pirates, plus he has her stuff . So her, Lorenna, Reyus and Ter'Ri will teleport back in. An alarm goes up. There are ships coming out of the fog. We go full astern and haul sail out of there, They are catching us, however.

Lady Azbeth learns the spell twice, and the party goes. Lorenna decides that she does not want to go. Alfric will go instead. They teleport into a luxurious cabin, belonging to a navigator. They find her spellbook, and a curtain. No sign of her other stuff. They hide in various places, and wait for him to return. Alfric gets ready by the keyhole to spot him. Azbeth memorizes her spells, while they search the room. And they find... A load of navigational books, and a book written in a strange wording, which they take. Azbeth has a look at the strange book, but she can not understand it. After waiting there for a full day, he does not return and they teleport back to the ship.

Gelnix deciphers the journal. It discusses the drow's problems with taking Krom Kalamar without naval power. They will ally with the Pirates of the Shard, but since they are too unreliable, they are not worthy of allying. So they try the Sea Harriers. Their leader does not want to take sides in the war. The drow wants to blockade krom Kalamar, but the pirate leader will have not of it. It then tells of an artifact that can lift huge portions of land into the air. They have one, the stone of Malvic. They make a deal with the kraken to raise something from the sea bed for it to retrieve some eggs.

So the Kraken will blockade the sea portal until the pirates return with the Stone Egg, which it wants very much. When they return with the Egg, presumably the deal will be over and the portal will be no longer blocked.

We need to turn around and head to the underwater city, but that means going back toward the pirates. Lorenna will turn into a shark and destroy the rudders with energy spells. She succeeds and they are stuck going in a straight line. Then she summons Air elementals to blow the sails and makes it go a bit faster for a minute.

Lorenna flies ahead as a Dire hawk to find the island so she can teleport back once she finds it. She will reach the island at the same time the drow does. When she arrives, she sees a Sea Harrier ship. and a rowing boat nearby. A rope goes over the side of the rowing boat. The boat starts to row back to the ship. An island holding the city of Los Athos rises from the sea. There are beasts dying on the island, as they have been beached when it rose. They look like enormous jellyfish. These are what kept the Kraken at bay. In the centre of the city is a large, bulbous tower. There is a large stone on top of the tower., which Lorenna tries to knock off, thinking that will send the tower back down. The rowing boat returns to the island with the Drow onboard. Lorenna teleports back to us and we all go there, via Azbeths teleport spells. We appear at the base of the tower and ready ourselves for battle.

From the journal of Ossius

Lorenna is flying above us, to tell us when the pirates are approaching are near, in order to give gelnex the cue to Fireball. She has message cast on her, so she can whisper to him from afar. Apart from the drow, they are human. I prepare my Sword of Humanblighting. teach these miscreants a lesson about caliing me a Half-Orc. They get nearer. Lorenna shouts "Go!" and Gelnex jumps out and Fireballs. Lorenna Scintillating Spheres from above, and takes down the ones (four of them) that Gelnex has already weakened. Azbeth shows herself And so the fighting begins...

Lorenna casts some flaming thing at the Drow. but it fizzles. Gelnex however casts a massive Lightening spell, which forks off to catch his allies. Oh, the power! However, the drow casts a spell on Gelnex and he starts to dribble uncontrollably. he just stare ahead, a blank look on his face. Brottor comes out of his hidey hole, larger than he was before, both across and in height. I spring out, and attack one of the lowly humans. Aargh! I opened him up. Two of them advance to flank me, and they both hit. That just makes me angry. Everybody starts to advance, in preperation for an all out, full frontal attack..

Lorenna casts Summon Monster to call some more cannon fodder in, and sends them to attack the Drow. The wolves are hit, since they were sent in blindly. One hits the mage, and takes him down. the mage is now on the floor, being mauled by a slobbering dog. Gelnex sits, playing in the dirt he glances up, a spark of recognition as he sees us, but does not understand the situation we are in. I hit one of the swine flanking me, and drop him with a mighty blow. Alfric is skulking around in the background. The wolves continue to take a pounding, and stilll Lorenna does not pull them put. All three go down.

The remaining guy next to me hits me, but now my full concentration is upon him, he can not sneak attack me. The Drow casts some kind of spell, and it makes me unsure about advancing on him. Azbeth casts a spell on the Drow, and he looks a little tired. Azrael charges toward the mage. Two of the humans attack him on the way passed, and one hits. reyus finally gets involved, and makes a token attack on one of the humans. I am not impressed.

Lorenna summons a unicorn. Such a beautiful creature, and she uses it to heal me. What a girl.. Some of my wounds are healed. Out of the corner of my eye, something comes barrelling toward me. I swing at it, not realising it is Brottor. Fortuantely, I miss, and he swears vengeance. He barrels through me, and knocks me over. I am now lay between the legs of a dwarf. I stand up, and strike at the guy on the floor. He is slain. Alfric wades in, to no effect.

Two swords land blows in Alfric. Two pirates, flenking Azrael attack him, but fail. The guy at my feet tries to get up, and I strike him as he does. he goes down. That's four for me, and how many for everybody else? The wizard suddenly disappears. Hmm! Something is afoot. Azrael attacks one of the pirates attacking him, and hits once. He drops, and Azrael cleaves a second. Another one falls. Only one remains, and reyus goes for him. Swing and a hit, but does not drop. Lorenna continues to fly around, while Big (Dumb) Brottor goes in to steal Reyus' glory. And he does.

Now for the tower. The door is halfway up the wall. Azbeth will wait outside, in a Private Sanctum, with Gelnex. The most powerful member has been reduced to , for all intents and purposes, a child. Lorenna turns into a Dire Eagle and flies everybody up. Azrael leads us in. Lorenna casts a spell so that she takes on the senses of an animal, and starts sniffing around. The passage in is blocked by coral. Brottor tries to knock through with his hammer., but fails to hit a wall. Azrael steps up, and is equally effective (for which read, not). Lorenna casts Shatterfloor, which weakens it for Brottor and Azrael. Eventually, we get through.

On the other side, the walls are made of a red coral. We go forward, in single file.Azrael goes point, weary of traps in this unknown territory. Alfric keeps an eye out ahead. We come to a chamber that reeks of death, and fish. Stone pews line it on either side. it looks like a temple, full of limbless skeletons. They have a ridge on there heads, as though for a sharks fin. We enter the room proper. Me, Reyus, Alfric and Brottor are suddenly frozen in place. Something shows itself. It looks like a collection of glass balls, held together by blue thread. Limbs exude from it's axis.

Lorenna goes forward, and casts an acid orb. The orb flies toward the creature, but fizzles inches away from it. The creature flies toward us, and charges Azrael. A ray shoots out of one of the glass spheres, and hits the Holy Knight. A look of confusion comes across him as he looks around in a stupor.. Reyus steps forward, and digs in, in a defansive stance. He strikes out at the thing., and hits. Lorenna summons another Dirw wolf, and it attacks, biting it.

A black ray hits reyus from the glass orb. He is suddenly weakened. Suddenly, Azrael turns around and swings at reyus. How odd. he misses, and Reyus shrugs it off and hits the monster.. The wolves attack, doing some damage. The thing now attacks a dire wolf, and hits. A cackle of electricity can be heard. Another dire wolf is attacked by two tentacles. It is stunned. Azrael turns and flees, right passed me. reyus attacks the thing, but it still stands.

Suddenly, a wolf appears, summoned by Lorenna, and attempts to push Azrael over the edge of the doorway we came in. the one that is 30 feet above the floor. he turns and hits it as it does so. But Azrael tumbles over the edge. The other two wolves continue to attack the weird thing. I come round, and move into the room, around the beast to flank it. The thing steps toward me, right into my trap. A ray hits me. I am frozen again. The monster then finishes a wolf off, and kills another.

Reyus stands there, babbling incoherently. Lorenna summons a crocodile, and orders the wolf that attacked Azrael to attack the monster. It runs in and sets about it, omly to be hit in return. As is the crocodile. They are both damaged. The croc dies, while the wolf is stunned. The monster then approaches Brottor, but it's ray has no effect. he strikes back, and hits Outside, Azrael begins climbing back up to the enterance. Reyus hits the thing from behind, for some damage.

Lorenna casts another acid orb at it, and it hits. The last wolf moves in to attack. I break free, and draw my bow. But I miss. A black ray hits Brottor, and his amulet glows as it absorbs negative energy. Brottor hits it twice, and causes some hammer damage. It falls, finally, and Brottor stands over it's carcuss, roaring in triumph. Two of the spheres contained green stone eggs about the size of an ostrich egg.

From the journal of Brottor

Azrael examines one of the corpses, and thinks its dead, but is not sure. After I heal him and Ossius we explore the room where the spinning orbs emerged from. We find a workshop of some description, but fail to see anything valuable amung the bits and bobs. We head to the room oppersite.

We find a big round room, with a singular pillar in the centre whose sides are covered in hollows which contain green stone eggs, there are hundreds of them. A mistical circle of sigils surrounds it. Lorenna does detect magic on the circle and unsuprisingly it radiates magic. The green eggs are the same as those from the sphere. I cast read magic and we study it, Lorenna and I are convinced that the circle is a varient of a circle of protection against evil, but it is designed to keep the evil in rather than ward it out. I go back to the main room and gather up the eggs from the remains of the spinning spheres, they have runes on them - names!

Azrael steps into the circle, nothing happens. He picks an egg up and spasms screaming.... Then stops, "gotcha!". He is unharmed but the circle prevents him from leaving until he puts the egg back. The party search around the area while Brottor counts the eggs, there are 498 on the pillar plus the 2 that we took from the spinning spheres thingie.

Alfric finds a secret door in the side of the corridor that leads from the main chamber to the egg on, but thinks its trapped. Ossius decides he can't be bothered to wait for us to try and disarm it and opens the door. The wall section that alfric worked out was the door shoots forward and crushes Ossius against the oppersite wall. SPLAT! OUCH! I heal some of the damage afterwards then stone shape a path by the side of the door.

There is a small chamber beyond, there are 5 statues of humanoid things with large eyes and tentacles. Each is wearing a breastplate and their tenticale are intwined with the creature next to them. 2 of them are wearing amulets, 1 has a crclet, 2 with wands, 2 rods and a cloak and 4 gems. I can see the parties eyes sparkle. I detect magic on the statues, everything is magical except for the statues, though we couldn't use the armour as it designed for things with tentacles. We loot the statues.

We spend some time debating what to do - we have 2 main options: 1. smash the eggs or 2. ambush the wizard. If we smash the eggs then the wizard can't bargin with the kraken, but on the other hand we have a pissed of kraken - it may direct its rage at us, or it may rage against the wizard. If we ambush the wizard and defeat him then we have all his stuff and the eggs remain in place, but he is powerful and will be probably bringing more goons with him.

We decide to make a really big omlet, I hand asrael my blacksmithing hammer. The inquistor grins! Brottor, Alfric, Asrael and Reyus go to break the eggs, Lorenna stays in the secret room to rest, Ossius goes to watch near the entrance. Asrael smashes the circle, Reyus gets a headache and has to stop, I feel very unwell, mumbling and clutching my head. The dwarves head back to the secret room, I explain that there was something else tied to the circle and its made me unwell. Would she like to go help the others smash stuff.

Lorenna goes to smash the egg, Alfric suddenly smacks her in the gut with his hammer and Asreal grapples her to the ground, preventing her from doing anything. With Ossius on watch and the dwarves in the secret room nobody hears anything. Alfric tries to cast a spell on her but it fails, Asrael pins her to the ground and sticks a hand over her mouth. Reyus hears something and goes to investigate, I follow him. Reyus sees Asrael pinning Lorenna to the ground and yells for help, he tries to pull Asrael off but fails, "she's gone mad!" yells Azrael. Ossius runs back from the entrance and gets close enough to see the melee. Alfric casts a spell on Reyus who backs out of the mellee, I run to the junction and see Ossius on one side, the melee on the other and yell "what the hell is going on?" Azrael calls back that Lorenna went mad so he's pinned her.

Ossius fires at Asrael and a trio of arrows smack the inquistors flank, he screams and his choke hold and pin are broken. Alfric runs towards Ossius carrying an egg, I cast a spell on him but it fails. Lorenna kicks Azrael in the balls and breaks free, rolls to to her feet she lets rip on the inquistor with scorching rays. Ossius withdraws as I run into the room with Lorenna, Reyus casts something on Lorenna that she shrugs off. Alfric runs up to Ossius and the ranger starts feeling very ill.

Lorenna tries to run out of the room, Reyus and I try to stop her but she hands off Reyus and dodges me. Asrael leaps on her and manages to grab her. I leap into the melee to help the grapple but my armour feels wrong and sloopy, I land on asrael heavily and knock the wind out of him letting Lorenna escape again. She dives round the corner to the secret room.

Reyus and I block the doorway, Asrael charges past uus yelling "the bitch is mine!" I remind him that we want her alive. Alfric is trotting back to meet us, while Ossius is confused.

Lorenna smashes the 2 eggs we found in the spinning spheres. Alfric and Azrael stagger and blink a bit. Alfric smashes the egg he carried to Ossius, freeing him from the domination. Azrael grabs his greatsword, Reyus charges to grapple with Lorenna and Azrael attacks him. I look around, Alfric is behind me, Azrael is infront of me, both of whom have left 'the party', I retreat back towards the egg room.

Ossius thinks that Alfric is still possessed and attacks him, I know that Ossius isn't possessed, just stupid and I use his attack on alfric to slip past into the egg room. Lorenna casts sorching ray of Reyus and Azrael takes him down with the greatsword. Alfric responds on Ossius and attacks him with

I try to take my armour off but it is too big and heavy and Asrael catches up with me and attacks, the armour stops the blow, annoying and sluggish but it can be handy this tin can. Lorenna screams "Ossius you idiot Alfric's not possed." Ossius decides that it's best to attack Azrael now and charges past alfric to attack the inquistor in the back. WAY HAY! That half orc is so stupid, I thought I was doomed for a minute but his blow in the back hurts Azrael.

Azrael turns and attacks Ossius, Alfric comes in behind and attacks him. With the inquistor distracted I have time to concentrate on my spell. Finger of Death, die inquisitor die!

He falls, his life force snuffed out by my spell. Stupid half-orc giving me the chance. Lorenna arrives too late, "Ossius, he wasn't possesed!"

I try ducking round the pillar and try to turn myself invisible but I can't get off the spell because of my armour! The other party members spread out keeping their distance and try to bring me down with arrows and spells. I am running out of operations, I grab and egg and run towards Ossius, it works! the stupid half orc is overcome by my breatherin but Lorrena charges me from the side and knocks the egg out of my hand, as it smashes Ossius is freed again. I try the egg run a second time but Ossius draws his basterd sword and hacks me, the blade finds a gap in my armour and the force of the damage staggers me, this body has taken too much damage, I drop to the floor incapacitated.

Ossius steps back and draws his bow to finish me off but Lorenna and Alfric stop him, last I see he is storming out and they are discussing how to break the eggs without going near them. I try to move but this armour is too heavy... my body isn't responding properly anymore....

(For those confused: The eggs contain the souls of some nasty evil tentacled sorcerers. When we broke the seal they got out and possessed Brottor (Alfric and Azrael were possessed by the ones in the floaty spinny thing. After that the possessed members tried to get eggs to within 5-10 feet of the non-possessed ones, trying very hard not to kill them in the process.)

From the journal of Ossius

So we need to destroy the eggs without going near them. There is aome discussion about how to go about this. We could cast Proection from Evil on people so we are immune to the possesion, but this will have to wait 'til tomorrow. Lorenna will use our last teleport on the helm to take her, Brottor, Reyus and Azrael's body back to the ship, leaving me and Alfric on the island, alone, with the evil wizard and his entourage. I should have teleported away while I had the chance and left her to deal with the traitors.

At nightfall, some weird ghosts appear out of the buildings. Azbeth, Gelnex the Cabbage and Alfric emerge from their magical hut and dash through the buildings to safety. And they turn up on my beach. We all rest throughout the night.

In the morning, Alfric goes back to the temple to rendez-vous with the returnees, and smash the eggs. After about an hour, Lorenna, Ter'Ri, Alfric and Jesalt appear as if by magic, and inform us we have to leave immediately. We arrive back on the ship, where Brottor and Reyus are still under the influence and are being kept prisoner below deck. So we continue to Soth Serandi. Lovely Lorenna identifies the items we got off those statues.

In Soth Serandi, Azbeth wants us to meet some of her friends. We also have to meet some councill to hear what the elves are doing about the threat.