Drow Wars: Episode 14 Traitors Gambit

From the journal of Rubina

Apparently last week there was a lot of treasure. Rubina got none and despairs of cheating, thieving spellswords!

There is a big argument about spell components, Rubina despairs of troublesome wizards!

There is a discussion about what to do whilst we wait until we can retry the tests for Murdoch Ram., The dwarf cleric wants us to carry out a deep strike into the drow fortress. Rubina despairs of religious zealots!

The Cleric/wizard thing doesn't like this idea but wants us to let him turn into a cat or a plant. Rubina despairs of exotic profession!


  1. Mission into drow city
  2. Go to Valgin to have a shufty at why they are fence sitting/woosing out.

We decide to ask the sun king to teleport us to Valgin. We first try to get an audience with the “president” and allow Alfric to gather some gossip. Rubina despairs of fighter/rogue/fishwives. Alfric watches as the party make an arse of themselves trying to get the skinny (they look and talk like undercover cops in a Drum and Base club).

Rubina tries to make some cash dancing and isn't particularly succesful. Rubina despairs of natural 1's.

Alfric discovers that the senate of Valgin doesn't care about the war eithier. Rubina despairs of participatory democracy!. We still decide to meet them as to not do so would be rude.

Alfric steps forward to speak, draws a deep breath……and turns to the rest of the party “What are we going to say?”………

After listing the reasons why they should join us the Senate accuses us of Racism (“Is it because they are black?”) We say that the host (a.k.a. Ultimate Evil) is backing the drow, the president asks why they should trust us, but the president is unimpressed and they advise us and the Sun kingdom not to get involved. They will send a delegation to the Sun King to say as much. We wish them luck in that endeavour. Rubina despairs of fence sitters.

We decide to travel to the Drow city after all, Brottor claims the reason is that we are going to steal some battle plans. Rubina despairs of dwarves needing an excuse to Hack.

Lorenna offered to go into the Drow city on her own, whilst the possible chance of her getting killed in a suicide mission is appealing to the other players we don't want to miss out on the hack. See Rubina's comments about wizards above.

Because the spell sword hasn't been there before Lorenna intends to teleport him there and back so he knows where it is.

Lorenna jumps in with the spellsword and there is no-one there.

The spellsword studies the area for a while then jumps back, unfortunately we can only transport 8 party members so we have to leave the dire tiger behind…. Rubina despairs of hippy tree huggers (a.k.a. Druids).

Brottor says that nobody cares about Druids wildshaped to rats.

When we get there we realise that all of the crypts have been opened and ransacked. And that the city is in darkness even though it is daytime. We have darkvision cast on those members who lack it.

Lorenna and Ossius change into dog form. Lorenna says “two dogs” go to the castle, Rubina thinks that there is probably more truth in this than she realises.

They see a number of eight legged large shapes on the hill, Ossius returns to the party whilst Loreena turns into a raven to scout of the rest of the castle. On further inspection it is obvious that the castle is surrounded by these spiders which also have the torso of men.

There also seems to be a lot of drow patrols on the streets and no citizens out and about, wrapped around the spike in the centre of then city is a large dragon.

Fearing an anti-magic field Lorenna initially decides not to try and fly into the castle through a window.

Realising that an anti-magic field is likely to screw with the drows own magical abilities, she starts to circle overhead getting lower and lower so as to see more detail, all the time worried that a drow below might spot her and decide that it would be golly good sport to drop her with a crossbow bolt (they like the taste of roast raven meat apparently).

Lorenna saws “caw”, we are not sure why. When the soldiers hear her saying “caw” they decide to have some wagers on who can be first to down her. One has a shot but misses (the party despairs of poor NPC to hit rolls) and the raven flies away.

After messing about for a few days we head for Murdoch Ram so the monk can retry the test.

We all gather in the main hall with terry in the middle and he is bought a steaming mug (of poison) he downs it and afterwards complains that it could do with more sugar (the party awaits Mary Poppins to join the group).

He moves onto the acid, reflex, test, but fails.

Alfric persuades the monks that Ossius should be able to try.

Ossius succeeds in the statue, will, test and moves onto the acid, reflex, test and fails, however the temporary hit points supplied by his starborn nature means that the acid causes no damage. So moves onto the poison test which he succeeds and then strips off and runs around the room naked exclaiming “I am the chosen one, I am the chosen one”. The monks grudgingly agree to help the entente powers.

The party teleport back to Xoth Sarandi so we can ransack the drow ambassadors residence and see if he has any thing of interest.

The floating island is sent to the Dwarves to turn into a mobile fortress.

The news from the occupied lands isn't good. However a drow officer is prepared to turn traitor, but he has to be extracted from the mine where he is being posted, the party thinks it's a massive trap, but decide to do it anyway. We buff up.

When we teleport we seem to be stuck in the ethereal plane for a while during the teleport, when we finaly appear in the drow officer's room he is gone and there is a note about him having to deal with rioting dwarves, we set off and come to room where there are 4 drow.

Rubina dervish dances in hitting two of them (with criticals-a-plenty) Brottor flame strikes the group as they are all within a 10ft circle, and then moves in.

2 Drow attack Rubina, 2 Brottor and all miss. The SpellSword drops an empowered fireball on them, Brotor didn't save but Rubina did (evasion), the drow are left as smoking carcasses. The Cat attacks Lorennas spell book with it's muddy paws. We go left (of course).

Alfric opened a door into a large room with 9 drow, lorenna flame striked 4 of them and alfric bravely charged in to attack one, 4 drow then mobbed alfric and dealt some damage to him, 2 moved to the doorway and the at the other end of the room moved down. Brotor tries to bull rush one of the drow in the doorway, but gets hit by AoO.

Ter'ri moves in, The Spell sword attacks the one by the doorway, Rubina Dervish dances in and drops 2 surrounding alfric, Ossius moves down the corridor towards the doorway at the other end of the room. The enemies surrounded Alfrixc, thinned out he moves to attack one of the remaining drow.

The drow move in and attack Alfric, Terry, Rubina and Brottor and only managed to hit Alfric, however a large spider appears at a doorway on the other side of the corridor and stings Ossius.

Brotor attacks and misses, Jay attacks and kills 1 drow, terry attacks and kills 1, Jarric drops an empowered fireball on the 4 drow this end of the room (and terry, alfric and Rubina), 3 of the drow are protected by SR, Rubina dervishes around and kills 1, damages another that are attacks Alfric. Ossius attacked the spider but unfortunately missed, Lorenna attacks the spider with scorching rays and deals damage. Alfric attacks the remaining drow in front of him and kills it. The Drow attack Rubin, Terry and Alfric and miss, the spider attacks Ossius and his player is annoyed that he isn't killed!

Brottor moves up to Ossius and is hit with an AoO but makes his fortitude save, Jay moves up to help Brottor and Ossius. Terry mega hits the drow and drops it. The Spellsword moves to attack the spider, Rubina dervishes and drops one, Injuries another, and moves to provide flanking for Alfric. Ossius attacks the spider and damages it.

From the journal of Brottor

Oh crap, big spider now what am I going to do!

Lorenna acid orbs a drow in the room, he doesn't look to happy. Alfric attacks his drow opponent.

The spider thing attacks Ossius and he dies.

Horrible blasphemous words shreak through the corridor – Jerek and I are close enough to hear them – there is powerful clerical magic behind them and we are paralysed, dazed and our strength drains away. Jessault dashes in and removes the paralysis from me.

Alfric and Terri slay the remaining drow in their room, now we just have a powerful drow cleric and her big pet spider abomination thing.

Something gets summoned next to me, some form of demon thing, it creates shadows everywhere and attacks Jessault. I attack it but miss because of the shadows, Jessault breaths fire on it and steps back.

It attacks Jessault again whilst the rest of the party get into position, Jessault retreats another square and attacks it with his pike whilst I attack with my hammer, Terri rushes in and slays it with his staff.

Lorenna casts flamestrike, which damages the spider thing and destroys her elemental. Alfric moves in to attack, Terri moves in as well. We attack the creature and it battles back, Alfric is forced to withdraw. Finally I slay it with my hammer, Terri advances into the room, looking for the evil cleric, but finds nobody. We enter the room, it is clearly an chapel to the drows dark god. We spend a few minutes healing up, Jessault using a scroll to cure Alfrics poison. Assius is very dead and nobody wants to resurrect him, we loot the body and leave it.

This is the end of the passage so we go back to the main central area and take another corridor, it leads to a locked door – we can smell molten metal and hear the toil of metalworkers behind it. The Foundries! Time to rescue some of my people!

Lorenna summons a Thocca a melts through the door, the passage leads out of the mountain to a smelting complex outside.

There are also 3 colossal red spiders there! CRAP! We come up with a plan! The mages will let rip on one of the spiders and when it comes to attack we stay in the passage so only one can attack.

Lorenna opens with empowered scintillating sphere, Jerek lets it have an empowered maximised fireball. We fall back into the corridor and the spider follows us. It attacks Alfric and he drops to the floor, foaming. Terri tries to drag Alfric back and gets attacked by the spider. Jessault sticks a wall of stone in the way then heals alfric and Terri.

We take another path, I am not happy about leaving fellow dwarves, but there is no way we can defeat 3 of those spiders. There are steps that lead down into the mine that end in a heavy metal gate that has been opened. I remove the padlock and we continue down, the corridor has a door to the end and a door to the side, Alfric listens at the side door and hears machinery. We brace and he opens the door.

Inside the chamber a group of 10 slaves are plodding inside a treadmill, which is venting the mine, 4 guards are there as well, talking amongst themselves. We charge and attack. Alfric and I take one down immediately, terri engages another as the rest of the party enter the room. Lorenna scorching one with her produce flame. One drow grabs a slave “drop your weapons or the dwarf gets it.” Jerek lets him have it with a fire sphere in the face and Terri grapples him and breaks his neck. The other 2 die swifty.

One of the dwarves looks bigger and tougher than the rest, the drow had hung his armour and weapon next to the treadmill. Thombold is a dwarven defender and joins the party. It turns out he is another Vendyss worshiper, I give him beer.

The dwarves sketch us a map and tell us that the mine has poisonous gas that over time saps your constitution. We charge down the stairs to the main mine room, the drow have entrenched and prepared for us, the first thing we see is a big symbol of weakness from the cleric. Only Jerek is effected by it.

Alfric tumbles over a deserted barricade, I charge the main one, Thom behind me. Terri just flips over the barricade and whacks one. I get shot by a crossbow and ignore it. The cleric attempts to cast a spell on Ter'ri but but he twists away from her touch. Now we have a target!

Jerek casts a fireball, but it fails to effect the drow. Alfric shoots one with a bow, Terri unleashes the big stick of whoop ass on the drow cleric. She does not look happy. Thom and I charge through the barricade.

The cleric vanishes, we are angry. We take out our rage on the drow grunts.

From the journal of Alfric

Lorenna thinks that the Drow Cleric plane-shifted out. We look into a room with manacles, chains and mining supplies. After a while I unlock a huge door. Behind are some haggard dwarves that have been beaten. I attempt to pick the locks on the manacles. Brottor and Jay chat to the Dwarves. Terri goes into a foul torture chamber but there is nobody there. There is also a dwarven male in a cramped room. It takes some time to pick the lock.

We head into the mines. We hear the sound of Drow soldiers and cries of dwarves. The drow are shooting crossbow bolts at some dwarves. The leader has pointed teeth and a whip. The dwarves seem to be making a lot of noise. I sneak up behind the leader and stab him in the back. He turns around and attacks me with a whip that causes me agonising pain. Rubina rushes tumbling past the whip, whirling blades slicing into the drow. Lorenna shoots scorching rays into the nasty whip wielding drow who shrugs them off. The drow surround us and hit us for minor damage. Brottor casts a 20' rectangle of fire in the middle of the melee. Reminds me of Gelnix. The drow leader runs like a girl. Rubina dances after him slicing him to ribbons. The rest of the them are sliced to pieces. The drow had a the falchion, breastplate, whip and a crossbow. A lesser restoration brings out of the pain. We tell the dwarves that we are staging a jail break. We are told that the drow guy we are after is negotiating for some drow prisoners. The rebellion was a ruse to conceal the digging of an escape tunnel. We are shown the tunnel. A thocker is summoned to finish the tunnel. We hear some voices, one is aristocratic and the other is gravelly. Peeking around the corner is the drow we are after surrounded by three magic users and some grunts. Opposite him is a dwarf. Rubina and Terri tumble past the grunts and attack the lieutenants. I charge into the back of a grunt backstabbing him. Terri beats one of the lieutenants into the ground with his staff. Rubina injures the other lieutenant. A huge Brottor splats a grunt with his hammer. Jay spikes a grunt with his dwarven warpike. Rubina finishes off his lieutenant. I finish off a grunt. An orb of acid slightly scorches one lieutenant who disappears. We finish off the grunts.

Grundin Durth is dying from the poisonous disease and so is leading the rebellion. We chat to him. We loot the bodies. We teleport away with Josen Valish. Back in Xoth Serandai he demands a large sum of money. He starts talkins Rinnirikk the archmage has another project. He has a vision of dark elves encased in iron trampling the peoples of the world. He pulls out the blueprint. There are gasps. A spider war machine with spikes – crab like. The iron clads would destroy our troops. We need to disable them.