Drow Wars: Episode 21 The Beasts of Jasmal

Cast of Characters

From the journal of Brottor

We spend some productive time after the war:

  • Cal and I go hunting Drow war criminals.
  • Lorenna sets up a school to teach mixing arcane and divine magic.
  • Ter'ri sets up a monastery to teach the way of the Baseball Bat of Doom. The Ter'ri Technique is becoming a new fad in combat techniques.
  • Rubina and Levi go hunting dragons and dragon-lairs.
  • Jessault establishes a great cathedral to Vendyss.

Lorenna hears a ripping noise coming from all around her. Looking out the window of her tower she sees a blue rent in space slowly shrinking in on itself. Lorenna summons a wolf and sends it in with orders to come back. It doesn't. She and her apprentices try to study it, it closes. She teleports to Xoth Sarandi where the elves think it was a rift into the astral plane. She is met by someone in dirty travelers garments who wishes to talk privately. He is Thrannin and he belongs to the Threnody and Velvet, he is drow, they are an outcast sect who believe they have been humbled by the defeat and should learn to get along with everyone. He asks to be taken as an apprentice and Lorenna accepts.

Cal and I arrive at a bar, our information leads us to believe that there is one of the most foul of the drow criminals hiding here - he took control of one of the poor areas of the conquered cities and used it to practice and experiment in the depths of human degradation. We go into the bar, my true seeing confirms that everyone is human, just nervous at seeing us. I use detect evil, I get 2 hits - a human in the corner and from upstairs. We go upstairs and kick down the door but both get hit by a symbol of stunning, the Drow uses the opportunity to escape. Bugger. We find a letter from the drow's sister about how the Ennead have fled somewhere and the remains are divided into 2 factions: those that want to restore the drow order and are enforcing a rigid authority and those "dross" that the first faction want to kill.

Ter'ri hears a fanfare, looking around he sees a carnival parade... there is a sedan chair cairned on the shoulders of 4 men. There are women on either side and warriors to the front and a man leading it with a wand. The man at the front gives a long announcement that concludes that Prince Nuskaham from Kahore wishes to speak with Ter'ri hero of the Drow Wars. Ter'ri looks and realizes that the men with swords are probably not the really effective guards - its the bowing women. Ter'ri is presented with a gift and the retinue. Within Kahore dwells a fearsome monster, the royal beast is not able to be killed and has devoured armies. Normally it awakens every few centuries, a thing that can be predicted and they placate it with offerings of cattle, wine and naked women. However now the thing has woken up suddenly and is ravaging the land. Without time to prepare for the creature they cannot placate it and it has destroyed whole armies that have tried to stop it. Can the starborn help.

Levi and Rubina go hunting dragons and beat the living daylights out of a red dragon and steal its stuff.

Ter'ri catches a lift to Xoth Sarandi, and we have a conclave. Its a Tarrasque, it's gonna be big. Sounds like fun.

We open the books for betting:

Rounds before the Tarrasque drops

  • Brottor: 5
  • Lorenna: we run away
  • Rubina: 3
  • Ter'ri: 6
  • Levi: Run Away
  • Cal: Run Away

Number of party it kills

  • Brottor: 1 (Brottor)
  • Lorrena: 2 (Ter'ri and Rubina)
  • Rubina: 1 (Ter'Ri)
  • Ter'ri: 1 (Ter'Ri)
  • Levi: 1 (Ter'Ri)
  • Cal: 3 (Ter'Ri, Brottor, Rubina)

We arrive at the Jasmal in Kahore to meet the prince then go and kill the Tarrasque Peasants bow before us. We say hello to the prince then waste no further time before riding into battle. The beast has kept to the low grounds where the cattle roam. It's belly has dragged a furry in the ground clearly showing its passage.

We catch up with the beast gorging itself on a farmstead, the building has been destroyed while the beast is busy swallowing the cows whole. We buff up and commence the attack!

Rubina moves in as Lorenna summons an earth elemental. The creature turns round and grabs Rubina in its teeth. I charge in and it swipes me with its claw before i strike it. Jessault attempts to smite it with holy fire but it shrugs the spell off. Levi stops time and unloads on the creature, confusing it and summonsing another earth elemental.

Lorenna summons more elementals down its flanks which attack while her dire tiger, Jasmine charges in and attacks. I unleash a barrage of attacks on it. Jessault casts harm against it and is able to penetrate its resistance. It swallows Rubina.

From the journal of Brottor

Rubina hacks her way out, only to find herself 40 feet in the hair in freefall downwards. She lands nimbly on her feet but we can tell it hurt. The elementals attack the creatures flanks. Lorenna's tiger attacks the Torasque, the creature leans down and grabs the tiger in its teet, it then swipes at me and Terri. Cal loads 4 arrows at once into his bow and lets fly, striking the creature on the nose. Terri strikes the creature with his staff and Levee releases a giant sphere of electricity, I strike it with my hammer but Jessaults harm spell fails to penetrate its thick scales.

It swallows the tiger and roars in pain before unleashing a full barrge of attacks on rubina - horns and claws strike her wounding her badly. Cal lets rip with another 4 arrows at once, Jessault heals Rubina and I attack with my hammer again. I strike it with my hammer and it reells backwards roaring, then collapses forwards, we leap out of the way. It is down, but its not out, we can see its flesh regenerating.

It keep attacking its head while the others look at the object in it, its a claw of some form, the wound around the claw is not healing - it hasn't regenerated and forced the claw out. Terri climbs on its back and tears the claw out, he has a really big claw. Levee is fairly sure it is not from this plane, Lorenna thinks, looking at it, that it looks feline.... just really big feline.

Jessault prays for a miracle, but Vendyss doesn't answer... oh this is bad! We need a miracle right now!

Levee teleports ot Zoth Zerandi to find Alfric and someone who can sell a Miracle scroll or its wizard equiverlant - Wish.

We set up a series of shifts to keep the Tarrasque down, every bit of damage we do it heals. A crowd forms and the sedan chair approaches, we notice a stranger with the retinue. He congratulates us on subduing it and wonders how we intend to put it back to sleep in its lair. He introduces the stranger as Gan Scarrow who is evidently a hunter of some form, there is a huge dire lion trotting behind him, the lion is armoured and looks like it wants to eat us.

The elf speaks, he is from another plane, a creature has escaped their realm, it has the body of a man and the head of a lion, it is powerful and mad and believes that it is wrong to oppress any beast. It is likely a creature belonging to this thing who has wounded the Tarrasque, he asks our aid in stopping this creature. Harming the pet that has wounded the Tarrasque would likely not be possible while the main prisoner - the lion-headed one, is still alive. We need to capture to the master and then the elf will help us slay the pet.

He is from the plane of Ardentia - one side is constant sunlight, the other constant moonlight and they remain in constant conflict.

When levee gets back he thinks the elf described a Leonal - half lion, half man that is normally a good creature from Ellysum. There is a brief debate between the party as to should we kill it or go with the princes wishes. Wevote, Levee points out that tradition be damned, the creature is a menace and if we only put it to sleep it is likely that our new enemy will wake it up again, at which point we are responsible for all the deaths it causes. The votes are in, Jessault will use a scroll to pray to Vendyss to strike it dead.

Some party members, who shall remain nameless, ask J if he can "accidently" miss with the miracle and have Vendyss slay Rubina instead. He very loudly tells them that it's a silly idea.

Jessault prays to Vendyss to strike it dead with her power and it dies. We use Elementals and spells to start shifting it.

While Lorrenna and Jessault use spells oto start moving the body towards its lair the rest of us investigate the lair. It's in the wilderness, halfway up a rocky hill. There are 3 large platforms outside this massive cavern where the people could leave offerings. We go in, its dark, Cal casts light. We can smell Tarrasque and something like a big cat....

The passage opens up into a big cavern... we hear something moving. It is a giant black 3 headed cat with a stinger on its tail. The central head has a mithril collar that has a broken chain attached. It is looking at us, then it pounces on us. It swipes at me and Terri with its claws, then bites Terri with one head and me with 2 then lashes out at Terri with its stinger, but the blurred outline of his cloak means that it misses.

Cal and Terri open up and attack it, Alfric tumbles between its legs and stabs it from behind but is deflected by the creatures hide, all of my hammer blows bunce off its tough skin! Levee teleports us back a distance and puts a wall of force between us and it.

Being a monk, Ter'ri can speak will all creatures, amd strkes up a conversation with it. The Creatures name is Morngrim and he's smarter than most of the party, he is a Tayellah. He serves a Leonel by the name of Rhozauur who is from the plane of Ardentia which is a disk shaped plane where the sun shines on one side and the moon on the other. People from the light half are normally aligned to good, the dark side to evil so many people congregate on their respective alignment sides. Rhozawr was a beast warden under the moonlit court.

There was a big storm where rifts appeared and Morngrim fell through one to here, it slipped into here to hide. It was hungry and tried to eat the Tarrasque but it ran away. It knows about Gan Scarrow, who is an elf ranger associated with the dark side of the world.

OHHHHHH EVIL!!!! Is he trying to set up the lional? We need to speak to the lional and find out. Morngim will come with us, we head outside, as we emerge Levee is hit by 4 arrows. He distictly feels that there is dark energy in one of the arrows!

Terri catches a glimpse of movement in the far distance.


From the journal of Brottor

Terri and the kitten go charging after the shooter. I haste the party and we follow. Terri and the kitten reach the forest and find a trial of footprints that stop at a tree. The kiten tears out the tree, but no elf falls out.

We build a bonfire, and buy a herd of cows for the kitten and plan our next move. We are going to ask Vendyss for advice and take a look at the princes castle, reasoning that given that his enemy is there the lional is likely to head there.

Leaving Ter'ri and the kitten to wait for Jessault and Lorenna we teleport to the princes castle. Alfric and Cal go finding an inn to chat in while the rest of us head to court.

Alfirc hears rumours of a lion-thing to the East.

The Prince is holding court, there are big guards in black armour by the doors, the prince is on his throne with some scantily clad women who Terri said were probably ninja death assassins. The elf is standing behind the throne. Levi's detect thoughts gets nothing, my detect evil gets evil on the elf.

The Prince greets us, he is preparing a feast tomorrow in our honour which will be attended by anyone who is anyone who is anyone and we will reviece the Jasmal Medal of Honour and the deeds to the lands we have earned. We say thankyou and leave to plan just what the hell we are going to do.

We'll head out east for a day then see if we want to teleport back for the feast. We find some farms where the tracks were and Levi summons a hellhound to track the Lional, it heads to a small stand of trees. We wander in and say "Hey dude, we've found Morgim."

The Lionel is glad, he has been searching for his pet, we offer to take him back to see his pet, We teleport, and there is a tearful reunion. He thanks us for our assistance and intends to return home, warning us about Gan Scarrow. We ask him about the rifts, he is unsure. He heads home as we go planning how to deal with Gan Scarrow.

It starts with going to the feast. We arrive fashionably late. The meal is suitably nice and has all the timmings we expect. The prince gets everyones attention:

We are gathered here to celebrate 2 momentus events.


1. Us killing the Tarasque.

2. Jasmal signing a treaty of alliance with the court Jasmeria.

Oh bugger!

Pages appear with medals on velvet cushions. I get called up first, there is a little speech and I get a medal, the rest of the starborn follow.

An adviser turns up with a treaty. Gan Scarrow signs it.

Cal objects before the Prince can sign, Levee explains that Gan Scarrow is evil. The elf is outraged and points out that we are not state advisers. There is some shouting and diplomacy back and forth. Eventually the prince decides that given there has been some debate it would do to wait a while.

Gan Scarrow does not look happy, he asks to return to his quarters. Alfric slips out and follows him. He dissappears.

Its time to get out the Holy Symbol and ask for guidence from the woman upstairs. I Commune with Vendyss.

  1. Did Gan Scarrow try to kill Levi: Yes
  2. Is Gan Scarrow in the palace: No
  3. Is he on the plane: No
  4. Is the court of Jasmenia inherantly evil: Yes
  5. Would the treaty be in the best interests of Jasmal: Unclear
  6. If they don't sign the treaty will the court be in danger: Unclear
  7. If I whack Cal for asking his stupid questions about Newith will it be an evil act: Unclear (So killing is out, kneecaps are probably ok)
  8. Is there somewhere on this world with more information on the rifts than we have already visited: No
  9. Are the rifts connected to our battle with the dark: Yes
  10. Is the catastophy that the drow fear connected to the rifts: Yes
  11. Are the rifts happening on other planes: Yes
  12. Is Lorennas new Drow apprentice actually repending and on the level: Yes (so no drow whacking)
  13. Would hunting the escaped war crimals be beneficial to finding out thats going on: Unclear
  14. Some other stuff was asked...

Without warning the ground begins to tremble and shake violently. At the same time there comes a sound like thunder followed by the roar of rising wind. We see visions of images for a second then they are gone. There are screams from around, people think it is the end of the world.

It is the rifts that had appeared previouly are now happening on a larger scale. We think we are in the middle of a planequake! There is general panic going on, some people get sucked through rifts away while random people get dropped onto our plane. There is infact a giant mismatch of devils, demons, angels and other random planar stragglers. A rift opens up over Levee and he only just leaps out the way.

There are a lot of rifts and many are staying open! Steady rifts are blue, but there are black rifts around.

Jessault heads to the church to defend it against the evil and get as many people in there as possible. I draw my hammer and get stuck in. A human babbles to me about terrible tentacles, I go hunting. I find some horrible tentacled troll thing.

Levee flies up to a rift and examines it. It will probably be 2 way. Its steady but it won't be perminant, over time it will shrink. The black ones are less gateways more an entophic fissure - it erodes reality around it.