From the journal of Hiroshi

We have:
- Crab Bushi  (warriors), Toragiro
- Mantis Courtier (traders), Hiroshi
- Lion Bushi (tacticians), Elichi
- Scorpion Courtier (politicians), Yuri
- Phoenix Shugenja (wizards), Miho Tikenai

We are all magistrates, sent to the Mantis lands.  Hiroshi is acting as guide.  We have been asked to see the Yoritomo clan as they have been having problems with the loss of trade goods. We are to investigate.

We approach the gates to the Daimyos palace and after presenting our papers are allowed to enter. After freshening ourselves after the journey and preparing to meet the Daomyo we are allowed into his presence.

He explains that trade ships have gone missing and ships sent out to investigate have also gone missing.  No wreckage has been found.  7 trade ships and 4 military ships have been lost.

The Daimyo has also heard that the peasants have heard strange wailing sounds at night from one of the bays.  There has been some mention of monsters residing in a city beneath the bay.  This is quite some distance from the trade route.

Later that evening we attend dinner.  Mixing with the quests we see if we can find out any additional information.  Unfortunately no one seems to know much else, though the finger is subtly pointed at the Crane.

Yuri tells a story to the whole court who are fascinated.

The evening passes...

The next day we are woken early and summoned to see the Daimyo. There are 3 sailors in front of the Daimyo, kneeling, heads touching the floor.  The sailors are from one of the missing ships having jumped overboard and swam to safety.

They say they were attacked by Crane, or at least they think they were Crane.  The have a Crane Wakizachi which they took from a dead samurai. The Daimyo is furious and wants to seek retribution against the Crane.  We counsel caution and further investigation and manage to convince him of the wisdom of this.

We travel to a fishing village on  the shore of the bay.  We should speak to the local Samurai and the village headman.  As we approach the village the headman approaches and bows.

We talk to the local Samurai.  The attacks on shipping started to increase 3 months ago which is also when the wailing started.  The headman looks a bit shifty when we ask if anything happened here 3 months ago.  On questioning he says that one of the local pearl divers found an ancient katana.  This was sent to the Daimyo - one of the lost swords of Dogi Yasarugi.  There were only 5 of these swords made.

From the journal of Hiroshi

That evening another member of the Mantis clan arrives in the village - Teriuhi.  He says that the sailors who brought work of the attack on the ships are not known to anyone.  The sailors were released but Teriuhi was tasked with following them.  They are currently about 1 mile away.

While we talk a female Samurai approaches, bearing a katana of the Cranes, although the appears to be Ronin.  She is also missing a wakizachi.  She is seeking to restore her honour and offers her help.  After some discussion we agree to allow her to accompany us.

We travel to the sailors camp.  The female Samurai informs us that these are the men who stole her Wakizachi. A samurai approaches the camp and speaks to the sailors.  He bears the symbol of the Lion clan.  They detect us and draw weapons. Elichi recognises him as a disgraced Lion Bushi. 

Elichi attacks, striking the disgraced Lion.  The sailors all attack Elichi, missing. The Lion Bushi also attacks Elichi, The bloow cripples Elichi.  The Bushoi turns and runs.  Teriuhi fires his bow at one of the sailors who falls to the ground. Toragiro smashes another one with his club.

The sailors were hires by the disgraced Lion samurai to attack Crane and Mantis shipping vessels.  They were allowed to keep most of the profits from this - the Lion seems to be motivated by revenge.  The Lion, Matsu, escapes through some nearby caves the lead to the Hidden Bay. The stolen goods are stored on an Island called Yotimomo. Their captains name is Anjin.  Elichi kills one  but we keep the other one alive to lead us to the stolen goods and provide testimony.

The next day we go to the caves.  It's dark and wet in the caves - definitely not good for my Kimono!  The caves lead to a small beach and there are drag marks in the sand where a boat was beached.

We return to the village and then back to the Daimyos castle.

We speak to the Daimyo, informing him of what we have discovered.

The next day we set sail on the ship that's been prepared for us.  We are assailed by ghostly apparitions. The captain thinks we are cursed and wants to return to port. Yuri attempts to boost morale. A black ship approaches, then disappears. It reappears, closer, then disappears.  Suddenly it appears right in front us us.  I am on the verge of being thrown overboard, but Toragiro grabs me.  2 others are thrown overboard. They are rescued by four of the sailors.  Eventually the 'pranks' die down.  We believe the haunting relates to the ancient sword of Dogi Yasarugi.

We eventually reach the island and our captive guides us to a cave.  There is another ship in the cave.  Out captive tells us that betond this cave is another where the pirates live.  There are usually around 14 of them present there.

I persuade some of the Samurais onboard to accompany us as we move into the caves.  We find the pirates as expected and attack.  A battle ensues but eventually the pirates surrender when the ancient sword bursts into flame.  We recover the stolen goods.

The spirits however want the sword returning to the deep.  We do not sleep well that night.  We return via a roundabout route to avoid the spirits.   The Daimyo agrees to return the sword to the spirits.

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