From the journal of Dante  

We have:

  - Dain Ironhand, a Dwarf
 - Murky Murkenson, a Goblin
 - Dante, a Cleric
 - Tandorn, an Elf
 - Cedric, a Fighter

 Dain  is seeking companions to kill an Orc, Gorbad Digbod.

Murky is assisting the orcs however due to a misunderstanding he had to flee and hooked up with Dain.

Cedric is seeking revenge against the orc who pillaged his village and killed his wife

Tandorn is looking to protect the forest from the orcs, an eco-warrior.

Dante deems Dain to be worthy and seeks to extend his suffering as long as possible (Suffering is Good!)

Gorbad is armed with Frozen Sunder - a hammer of the dwarves. He gains most of his power from this weapon.  To defeat him we need to find a way to negate this power. Dain has heard of a scholar in a nearby university who may be able to help. We travel to the university but find the scholar has left, travelling towards the nearby mountains.  We've been following him for the last 2 days. We hear the sounds of battle ahead.

Murky scouts ahead and reports that there are a lot of people preparing for dinner.   Cedric charges regardless.  Dain follows and I follow Dain. We enter combat.  I scream out 'Get the Dwarf' and then kill a bandit. Dain opts to protect the scholar. Murky dives between the legs of one bandit, dripping him and then kills him.  Cedric seems to have trouble hitting anything. Dain throws the scholar to safety. One of the bandits strikes Murky in the face. Murky kills him. Murky throws his turtle on a stick at another, hitting and wrapping it around his neck and killing him. Awesome!  We eventually win the combat.

According to the scholar the bandits were after his books. Dain asks about Frozen Sunder.  The scholar looks confused but consults one of his books. Frozen Sunder is one of two weapons stored in a tomb, the other is Piercing Rain, a powerful bow.  These weapons were equal and opposite.  He has no idea how Gorbat obtained Frozen Sunder but does know where the tomb is.

We travel most of the day. Towards evening we enter a valley and see a tower with a dirigible attached.   Cedric and Murky spot winged baboons nesting in the side of  the valley.  The scholar explains that he's arranged to meet with the owner of the dirigible. An elf awaits us. Tomorrow we leave in the dirigible!

That evening we notice an commotion in the valley.  The winged baboons start swooping down on something.  As we watch a horde of goblins charge towards us from the side of the valley, fleeing the baboons.  We flee to the dirigible.

Murky goes in search of books to burn (the goblins seem to be after the books). The dirigible starts to move away, though Dain and Cedric are still not onboard.  Dain runs and grabs the dangling rope ladder. He hooks his legs through it then swings upside down, swinging his axe at the goblins. He kills one before we move out of range.  I stay on the rope ladder, talking to Dain about how he can purify his soul.  Murky burns some scrolls. We make good our escape.

Early the next day we hear a buzzing. Looking we see that we're being pursued by goblins on the back of giant wasps!  The flying baboons swoop down out of the sky and attack, taking out two of the wasps/goblins.  Dain throws Murky at one of the wasps/goblins. Murky grabs the goblin, twists him out of his seat and finds himself on the back of a wasp.  Unfortunately he can't immediately control it and the wasp flies out of sight with Murky on its back.  With the assistance of Tandorm I kill one of  the wasps. Murky eventually coaxes the wasp back to the dirigible, Cedric throws a dead goblin at the wasp, impaling it on its stinger.

From the journal of Dante  

We approach the tomb, descending towards the mountaintop.  Dain is awesome, but he hasn't suffered enough!

Murky slides down the anchor rope and explores somewhat.  Unfortunately when he want to climb back up to the ship we experience some technical difficulties with the rope ladder!.  Eventually Murky climbs back into the ship and goes to ho room and sulks.  We descend the ladder.

A rope bridge leads away from the shrine. Dain moves out over the rope bridge.  I try but the rope is icy.  I take a few steps and throw myself out, just grabbing the lower rope with my legs.  Dain loses his footing and his hanging from the ropes by his hands.  While we hang from the ropes a band of yetis attacks.

One moves onto the rope behind me.  I slide back down the rope feet first, trying to kick the yeti off.  Dain cuts the rope behind me!  The yeti hits the mountain hard, I'm somewhat cushioned by the yeti. The yeti falls while I'm left dangling.

We eventually kill the yetis and cross the ropes.

We pass through a valley with tombs in the side. Dain and Tandord go ahead through the valley.  The rest of us try to open up a tomb, however the doors are too heavy to move.  We follow Dain and Tandorn.

At the far end of the valley we are attacked by a frost giant,  apparently unhappy with the fact that we were hacking a hole though its ice throne. Go Dain!  The giant summons a number of white spirits. They attack us but I then turn them. Awesome! After a long  battle we kill the giant.

In the lair we find a statue with a bow.  Dain gets the bow. We also find treasure!






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