The Brinewall Legacy

Cash of Characters

A band of disparate characters united by bonds of friendship, family and a shared history. Each with connections to Sandpoint and the group of Friends surrounding Ameiko Kaijitsu the players have seen the danger posed by the Goblins of Brinstump Marsh and agreed to help eliminate the threat to the area, for suitable reward of course.

Amrol the Dwarf – Sworn defender of Desna, estranged from his clan and seeking a place in the world where strangers offered more kindness and understanding than his own people. For now he seeks solace in the wild places around Sandpoint but he needs a purpose and a future to call his own either that or there will be a reckoning with his clan someday.

Morticia Dancingblades – Half-Elf who sees the world through bitter eyes. A product of tragedy she remains distant from her family and friends. Driven by revenge will she find peace once she has achieved it? Still she is a force to be reckoned with once she has her blades in hand and despite the chaos that rages in her soul she knows that her goals can only be achieved with the aid of those around her.

Brag Half Elven bard – A product of the same tragedy that befell Morticia but nurtured by Ameiko Bragg sees joy and many hued colours rather than black and white. Perhaps Ameikos influence was key as Shelelu who rescued Morticia carries her own bitterness and pain. With her skill Bragg could be a success in any of the major cities but she knows her place is by Ameikos side and senses there is a story about to break, the telling of which will immortalize her in the pantheon of the bards of Golarion.

Lini Gnome Sorcerer – Lini is an enigma, born of a race close to the earth and the creatures who dwell there she has always had her eyes on the stars. There is a mystery in the eternity of night that only she sees, it fuels her with power and drives her to seek out the knowledge of the ancients. She took up with the Varisian caravan master Sandru who showed her some of the wonders of the area and whilst he remains the closest friend she has, the other members of the small group are each touched by their own destiny, perhaps they don’t see it yet as it isn’t recorded by their deeds so far; but written in the stars.

Cricket Halfling Witch – Cricket is perhaps the most carefree member of the band, whilst she has Knuckles by her side she has everything she needs in the world. Koya watches over her and senses a power behind her that Cricket probably isn’t aware of. How did she come to be alone in the field and why did Koya’s caravan stop there that day. There is a destiny behind the small witch that for good or ill is tied into the fate of Koya and her friends.

From the Journal of Morticia Dancingblades

We are in or around the town of Sandpoint in Varisia.

There are a band of Goblins in the Brinestone March that are becoming more troublesome. They seem to have acquired some fireworks from somewhere and have started to attack caravans.

Some of the farmers from around Egans Wood have noticed hoof prints on their roofs lately – could be the Sandpoint Devil looking for prey – a mythical creature.

I am travelling with Amral to Sandpoint. We hear explosions in the distance and see a cart travelling towards us at speed. The fishmonger is on the cart and is being attacked by Goblins. Fireworks fly through the air. We both fire arrows. Amral grazes one. I grab the remaining goblin as the cart speeds past. Amral jumps onto the cart and reins it in. I take the Goblin ears, leave my palm-print on its face in blood and jump on the cart.

The Watch Captain pays 20GP for the Goblin ears. He offers 300GP bonus plus the ear bounty for Goblins.

Cricket enters the inn out of breath. I’ve seen the soggy river monster’ she cries. There is laughter in the inn, though a few do depart.

There is a hermit, Walthus, who lives in the marsh and may be able to advise on creatures and likely location of the goblin lair.

Next morning we pick up some supplies for the Hermit and Cricket speaks to the sage about the soggy river monster. It may be a Sin Spawn, a creature created by magic!

We head to the marsh. Brinestone Marsh is a wetland, overgrown with vegetation including oak and willow trees. Patches of mist lie heavy on the ground in certain areas. It starts to rain! A rotten wooden bridge crosses the river. I tie a rope around myself and start to cross the bridge. A waft of mist comes across the bridge. Suddenly the bridge bucks upwards beneath me. I flip in the air and land safely on the other side. The maw of a Giant Leech rises out of the water. Amral moves forwards and thumps it. It retaliates by locking its maw onto him. I hit it with my longsword. Lini casts minute meteors. Amral misses. The leech drags him into the water. I leap onto its back sinking both swords into it. It dies. Amral and I swim back to the shore.

We arrive at the hermits abode – an old, slime-covered wooden building. Walthus looks wounded – he says he's  had a run-in with some vicious snakes. He seems to have been poisoned. He asks us to deal with the snakes and offers to show us the goblin lair in return. We are suspicious as the hermit is known to be fond of snakes. Cricket explores upstairs. Lini casts speak with Animals and talks to the snakes and discovers that the hermit is an imposter.

The hermit grabs Lini and holds a dagger to her throat. His face shimmers. Lini casts Color Spray and stuns the creature. She then scampers away. We move to engage. Lini casts Minute Meteors, damaging the creature. It grabs Bragg and pierces her skin with a long, pointy, tongue. It starts to suck her blood. Bragg pierces it with her rapier. I hit it with two weapons. The creature surrenders. It is a Faceless Stalker by the name of Volorog. It offers to lead us to the goblins in return for its life. AFter some debate we agree, though Cricket isn't entirely happy.

I call out for Walthus. He’s hiding in a secret room upstairs. He runs into the garden, upset about the dead snakes.

The next day we breakfast and then head for the goblin lair. The Faceless Stalker leads the way. He eventually pauses and indicates that the goblin camp lies ahead. I scout ahead with Cricket. A foul mound of trees and vegetation lies ahead. It seems to be a nest of some kind. Several human heads lie on the ground. The Faceless Stalker has led us to the lair of the soggy river monster! The river monster attacks us and the Faceless Stalker takes its chance to run away into the swamp. We eventually kill the swamp monster. In its lair we find the poorly npreserved heads of 11 victims – all young humans.

We return to the hermit. The next day we set off again in search of the goblins. We come across an old fort which seems to be where the goblins are lairing. The buildings are off the ground on stilts. We find some gold coins on the ground – they originate in the Eastern Real, Tian. A track leads away from the fort. They seem to be human-sized feet, but very sharp and may belong to a skeleton. We enter the fort.

The goblins attack.

The goblins die..

From the Journal of Morticia

We interrogate one of the goblins. It seems they were attacked by skeletons who came out of the marsh looking for their stolen treasure. The goblins had previously found a cave with a with a ship inside and had taken some stuff from it.

We hear a banging from further in the Fort. We explore.

We find more goblins. They die. We take their ears (ears = gold!).

We continue to explore. The doors I'm standing next to suddenly burst open and more goblins attack. Behind them their chief sits on a throne. The chief lights a firework (Skyrocket). It hits the attacking goblins and me. Brag starts to sing. I kill one of the goblins in the doorway, opening up a path to the chief. He fires a longbow using his feet to hold the bow and his hands to draw the string, badly wounding me. The goblins attack Amrol. Brag strikes a goblin in front of him, running it through. Amrol slays a goblin. The chief picks up a spear and continues to attack me but misses however one of the other goblins strikes me and I fall. Brag runs into the room, slaying one of the goblins. I continue to bleed. Lini casts a ray of frost at the chief who shivers. Lini casts a another spell and a skeleton rises from the ground. The chief runs away. Cricket stabs him. Lini dazzles him with a flare. Amrol eventually slays the chief. We collect 26 ears and take the chiefs head.

We search and find some gold coins and a red chest. The chest is of eastern origin and delicately engraved. Inside there are 6 masterwork shurikans, 329 silver coins, 112 gold coins, a long hairpin with a red pearl and a gold and ivory fan. On the back of the fan is a crude drawing of the area, showing yje location of a cave and two shipwrecks. The chief has a masterwork composite long bow (+ 2 strength), 2 healing potions and 5 magical arrows (+1 animal bane).

We return to Sandpoint and trade the goblin ears and chiefs head for gold.

A few days later we leave for the swamp, intent on finding the cave shown on the crude map.

The cave is partially concealed by vines. There are tracks leading into the cave that appear to be skeletal footprints. We enter the cave. It is damp and musty. Water drips from the ceiling. The cave continues into darkness.

We enter a large chamber with skeletal remains lying around. The skeletons appear eastern in origin. Amrol and myself smash the heads of two skeletons, a sensible precaution we think. The remaining skeletons however animate and attack. Cricket casts a spell. Brag starts to sing. Amrol attacks. Lini casts minute meteors. I attack and destroy one. The battle rages and is joined by a skeletal general. I slay another however the general attacks me. We exchange blows. The general strikes Cricket who collapses to the floor and then strikes me and I fall on top of Cricket. Lini throws a blanket over the general, distracting him. Brag hits it with a thigh bone. Amrol eventually slays it with a mighty blow.

The sword wielded by the general (Whispering Shrike, +1 Wakizashi, Shield Other 1/day) has a scroll hidden inside the hilt. Also, at the back of the cave is a large jade and chestnut chest. Inside are 5 potions of cure light wounds. 2 potions of cure moderate wounds, 3 potions of lesser restoration, a ring of climbing, a wand of identify (19 charges), a masterwork chain shirt, a masterwork cold iron wakizashi, 11 Desnan candles, 4 skyrockets, 3820 silver coins, 421 gold coins and jewellery worth 560 gold.

We meet Amiko who deciphers the scroll. Essentially a Warding Box is hidden under Brinewall Castle. It looks as though Amiko may be part of a noble lineage. Brinewall Castle was destroyed 25 years ago by means unknown and is now avoided.

The next day we decide to go to Brinewall Castle with Amiko.

After a few days preparations we depart Sandpoint in a caravan for the castle.

From the Journal of Morticia

The caravan is joined by a monk, Drendor, a bald human. Cricket seems to take a liking to him.

The journey to Brinewall Castle is expected to take 16 days as it's around 500 miles from Sandpoint. The first half of the journey is through civilized lands show should be reasonably safe. The latter half is through more rugged terrain.

The first couple of days pass uneventfully. We encounter another caravan with a broken wheel. Amrol goes over to help. I hang back with my bow drawn. A fat merchant hails us, asking for help. He is travelling in the same direction as us and asks us if he can join us. His name is Lute Haggelsley.

On the third day we encounter a gibbet hanging over a crossroads. There is a man inside the gibbet. The mans name is Jassin. He claims to have been falsely accused of stealing a loaf of bread. I ride away. Cricket and Drendor stay behind. Drendor touches the mans head and he slumps back in the gibbet. Drendor has a strange smile on his face. We leave him in the gibbet.

The next day we approach a town, Galdoria. Galdoria is famous for its wizards tower. There are.aslo a couple of inns and a temple to Desna. Bragg sings in the square outside the Wizards Tower. Drendor walks barefoot on some freshly dug graves.

To Lini, the tower seems to be glowing. To everyone else it is grey stone. There is a rumour that a wizard has brought a fragment of the Starstone to it. The next day we visit the temple and the tower and acquire some potions and scrolls. Lini sneaks into the tower. She comes across an ancient man working at a desk and glimpses a vision of destiny before she leaves the tower.

We resume the journey and in the evening approach the village of Wolved-Ear. We circle the caravans as he town has a reputation for lycanthropy. We realise we've made camp in a field with barrows. A torch-lit pro appraoches us from the village. The villagers all wear furs. There is some trading and we're invited o the village. I accept, as does Bragg.

Amrol wanders round the barrows and finds one where the earth has been disturbed. It looks as thouething has dug its way into the barrow. Amrol withdraws. The villagers ask us to investigate.

We enter the mound and reach a small antechamber. We hear noises from further in the barrow and continue. Cricket continues to mumble. We reach a large chamber. A creature sits on the top of a broken cofffin, chewing on bones. The creatures attack. One bites Cricket, paralysing her. Drendor tumbles past Cricket and attacks one of the Ghouls. Amrol moves and attacks he ghoul facing me. I slay it with two blows. Cricket stand immobile. Te ghoul attacks her again in a frenzy of blows. Blood. Spatters the walls and Cricket falls to the ground. Drendor tries to pull the ghoul off Cricket but fails. Lini tries to heal Cricket. Two ghoul left. One attacks Drendor and the other attacks me. I'm hit and paralysed. Drendor tries to give Criocket a potion but is hit and paralysed. Amrol kills the ghoul attacking me, /caving its skull in with a mighty blow from his battleaxe. The remaining ghoul attacks Drendor, who falls to the ground. The last ghoul is slain. In the chamber we find 60 gold coins, a magical short sword, a scroll tube with 2 scrolls of clw, 2 scrolls of false life and 1 scroll of water walk.

Amrol uases an ability to see beyond the door. There is a skeletal figure sitting on a throne with a nice sword. There is a strong presence of evil and magic from the chamber. We open the door.

There is a sudden intake of air and an explosion of fire. Ouch. Amrol advances and triggers a trap as a pit opens up. Amrol teeters on the edge but maintains his footing. We both cross the pit. Bragg disables the pit trap. We hit the skeleton which crumbles to the floor. There is still a presence of evil. It goes dark. A shadowy figure rises from the throne.

I attack but miss. The creature attacks Amrol.

Apart from Amrtol none of us can see so we back up out of the room. The creature continues to attack Amrol. Amrol looks seriously weakened. He trips and falls into the pit, just avoiding death. The darkness goes. Lini casts minute meteors. Drendor and I ready actions o attack the creature as it approaches. We strike and both hit. The combat continues. Bragg strikes the final blow. We. Fing 600 gold coins, 4 gems and a magical flaming longsword.

Cricket and Drendor succumb to Ghoul Fever.

Amral’s Journal, Entry # 129 - “I cast Mage Armor”

Wolves-Ear disappears behind us and we begin our journey anew towards Riddleport, via Churlswood. At the end of the second day out of the town, we find a girl in her late teens, called Taliven Elosa, who is the daughter of some of the town elders from Wolves-Ear. We interrogate her, and decide to let her tag along, despite some misgivings from the smaller party members.

We enter the forest the next day, in single file, to hide our numbers. Our journey is stopped by a gigantic lizard, laying across the road, inconveniently blocking our path. Next to it is an old greying man, who’s appearance belies his strength - he’s a druid we suspect. We talk to him and negotiate him letting us past if we feed him and his lizard - a task accomplished by hunting some deer. He quizzes me on some of my kin who are defiling a grove in the north.

Roderick’s Cove is our next stop on the far side of the Churlwood. Sandru stops to let us visit the town, being a less dangerous place than Riddleport, which we’ll have to bypass. We enter it and are surprised by the rundown nature of the place, though they do have the provisions we’re looking for. During the performance in the tavern a merchant grabs hold of Ameiko’s behind, to which she reacts by smashing her fist into his face, prompting guards to spring up and move for weapons. The wee ones respond with hypnotic magic, Bragg teases the merchant with Drendor’s help, and I applaud the whole performance - luckily we prevent a brawl, but think better of staying the night in town.

We leave Roderick’s Cove in the direction River Crossing, staying there just one night while we await the ferry crossing’s beginning. While we’re waiting a pair of watchmen come to arrest one of our drivers for killing a girl - we let them take him on the understanding that he be untouched until we investigate. The girl is dead in a barn, he throat cut and a tiny puncture mark in her breast. I find some small tracks and we think Volarog has followed us - worse, we think he’s hiding in the caravan.

Heading back to the caravan the ferry is slowly making its way to us, but we see a column of smoke rising into the air. Once we finally make it back to the caravan we find the fortuneteller’s cart burnt to the ground. We find some tracks leading back to the town and surmise that Volarog is hiding among the townspeople, then spend some time slowly dying by aging discussing our options.

We track Volarog back into the town to the Inn. Standing outside the inn we spread out, Drendor moving to the back door, but the Innkeeper and his son come out to see what the commotion is. Quickly we’re surrounded by the townspeople and watchmen. As we talk to them, asking if we can enter the Inn to look for someone. I get suspicious and cast Detect Evil on the son - it’s Volarog in disguise. I grab him by the neck, exacerbating things (a dwarf only has so much patience)!

Bragg and the others head inside to find the boy - Bragg does so, but he’s dead on the bed upstairs! Volarog twists out of my hands and attacks, I back off, but Drendor runs out and attacks with Cricket slinging rope at him. He runs past us, determined to kill Lini, and we chase after, though he makes it to her and sucks the life force out of her with his tongue.

Lini ignores the proboscisular invasion and stuns Volarog with a spray of colours before running away which causes him to drop the and calling down flaming balls. Drendor leaps past me and kicks the shapechanger in the head, breaking his neck. Bragg spots a faint pulse in the boy we believed was dead and brings him around with magic. We spend some time explaining to the towns people what happened and leave with our honour intact, more than a little sorrowful that our presence indirectly caused the death of a innocent, yet satisfied that Volarog is dead and will plague neither us nor anyone else again.

Eight days out of River Crossing we see a sign for “Brinewall’, old, weather beaten, and pointing into a forest. We camp the caravan on the forest outskirts, but Ameiko is looking a little feverish - we worry, but we’re unable to detect anything wrong with her. Unfortunately walking through the forest she collapses, skin white. As we walk back to the caravan Ameiko shakes and convulses, and we detect a Lawful presence inside her.

She begins speaking in Tian and, through the nonsense babble, some things do seem to make some sense:

  • One treasure beyond 2 seals in the third vault.
  • Beware the birds who want to fly but cannot.
  • Beware the cuckold cookoo, it is in his shattered (or shadowed) silent love you should seek aid.
  • Grandfather waits in the dark he knows not who he was.
  • A key you seek lies in the grip of the ten handed one, his fear is your greatest ally.

We stock up on provisions then head back into the woods. Out the other side we find broken down buildings, “Kaijitsu Glassworks”, and a road that winds round through some docks, up to a castle above the bay, the faint roar of the sea on the wind. We explore the glassworks and find nothing, though out the far side we find a cemetary dedicated to Desna and a waterfront with a single working pier. Tied to the pier is a Linorm longship, damaged and half sunken, but recently docked.

The graveyard is well tended and clean. I say a prayer over the fallen and the rest of the group explore looking for signs of Ameiko or Drendor’s families. We find a tiny fae azatar tending a Desnan shrine that produces Holy Water, which we stock up on.

She tells us eight days ago the ship was attacked by the sea creature in the lagoon and warns us about the castle; that there are creatures in there, and that we should stay the night in the crypt to be safe. While inside said crypt we hear noises outside, things hunting, and a large winged creature flies away from the castle - which is itself in good repair.

We stop at the beach first as we spot a sea drake - dead on the sand, half submerged. Giant eel-lobsters, spiny and clawed, erupt from the body of the drake, attacking Cricket and myself - one grabs Cricket in its claws. Bragg and the monk kill one and Lini scares another off with a clever illusion of the sea drake.

Drendor and Lini run over to the door and knock but get no response, while Bragg refuses to pick the lock on the door. The monk slings a grappling hook over the wall, climbing up after it, and Lini goes in through a murder hole creeping past sleeping birdmen to open the door for us. She falls and wakes the birdmen, who jump to their feet and attack her, claws slicing the gnome open. I fail to cave in the door, despite bashing it repeatedly.

We make it through the door to rescue Lini eventually, but Cricket goes down to a Birdman’s attacks, and I take a nasty blow despite killing another. The monk drops down and kills his third Birdman, allowing us to overwhelm the last two and save the bleeding gnome & halfling.

I think we found the “Birds who want to fly but cannot”.....

From the journal of Morticia

Brinewall Castle is occupied by birdmen (dire corbies) and possibly other creatures. We are in the gatehouse of the castle. The clothing of the Linnorm raiders bore patterns similar to that in the fragment of cloth I found from the killers of my parents. We return to the cemetery to rest, taking refuge in a crypt.

While we are resting Bragg hears heavy footsteps approaching. Amrol uses an his ability to see though the door and sees two large creatures with small eyes and a mouthful of jagged teeth heading for the shrine to Desna. Cricket jumps up and down "I've got a plan, I've got a plan". Amrol also has a plan and opens the crypt door and charges one of the creatures who then stabs Amrol with its spear.

Cricket moves forward, shouting instructions to Lini. Bragg fires an arrow but misses. I move forward. Lini casts an image of a birdman.

Amrol strikes out at one of the creatures but misses. Linis birdman image distracts another, who moves towards it, seemingly acting as though the birdman is an ally. Bragg starts to sing and fires another arrow, which also misses. I attack one. Lini casts minute meteors, killing one. Amrol continues to fight. The creature strikes another blow and Amrol falls to the ground. The creature turns and runs. Bragg kills it with an arrow.

After resting we head back to the castle. I throw a grappling hook over one of the walls and start to climb. Lini climbs through a narrow window and opens the main door to the castle. There is no sign of movement anywhere. A bridge leads from the walkway along the walls to double doors leading into the first floor of the castle. Amrol peers through the door. There seems to be a desecrated temple of Desna on the other side. Unfortunately we can't open the lock. We move round the walls and enter a guard tower.

Bragg listens at a door and hears faint noises. Amrol peers though the wooden door. Within there is a large horse-sized, bat-like creature. It seems to be resting. We tie the handles of the door together with twine, hopefully trapping the creature inside and continue to explore.

We find locked double doors leading into the castle. Bragg tries to pick but again struggles to do so, breaking her lockpick.

We continue to explore and descend into what used to be a garden with a stagnant pool in the centre. As we move towards one of the exits a creature rises out of the slime-covered pool. A large, insect-like creature. Bragg is taken by surprise when it attacks and falls to the ground gravely wounded. Lini casts Colour Spray, which doesn't seem to affect it. Amrol attacks. Cricket fires a crossbow, hitting the creature (go Cricket!). I attack and wound it. The insect then attacks Amrol, striking him with a claw. Lini casts minute meteors. I attack but miss. Half-eaten corpses float to the surface of the pool. I withdraw. The creature surges towards Cricket, who collapses to the ground. The battle continues. Amrol eventually kills it with a mighty blow.

We enter a storeroom. Bragg finds a case of 20 masterwork cold iron arrows and a single arrow wrapped in red cloth - an arrow of flaming burst.

We leave the storeroom and enter a hallway with two doors. We hear sounds from behind one of the doors so secure it with twine. Opening the other doors we see a large room that bears the signs of an ancient battle and hear noises from further in the castle. I move through the chamber and open the doors at the far end. A short passage opens into another large chamber. There is a group of birdmen, acting before an red-skinned creature with a large nose.

Cricket and Lini hear a voice calling through the door we secured and burn the twine we used to secure it. Within a small creature is using scissors to snip at the stomach contacts of a man. Bad Lini! The creture is quickling.

We explore upstairs and enter a dining room reeking of birds. We also find the internal door to the temple area Amrol saw earlier. and hear a high-pitched bird-like noise from within. For the time being we decide not to open the door.

We plan to attack the red-skinned demon. Lini and Cricket are to cause a distraction at one end of the large hall while Amrol and I charge the demon.

Lini cast an image of me and sends it into the chamber. Cricket accompanies it and as the image turns to face the demon calls out Prepare to Die in a very deep voice (or at least, the deepest she can manage). The rest of us wait at the top of the stairs. Some of the dire corbies move towards Cricket who cries out "Attack!". I charge, bad idea. The red-skinned demon casts scorching ray at me. Ouch I hit him with my flaming longsword. Amro, charges into the room. The battle rages. I get hit with a ray of enfeeblement. Lini casts Color Spray. Cricket casts her 7' rope at one of the dire corbies. Tough fight that eventually ends when the red-skinned demon teleports away. We are badly wounded so decide to retreat back to the graveyard.

As I move across the courtyard to the castle exit the stable doors open and an ettercap and giant spider emerge. Damn!

From the journal of Morticia

Drendor approaches the castle, having spend some time at the nearby village. I charge the spider, but it's too quick for me. The spider tries to bite but also misses. The Ettercap hisses in rage. Drendor enters the combat. Lini pokes her head out of the castle and casts Minute Meteors at the spider as I strike it with my short sword. The spider squeals in pain and tries to bite me but again misses. Amrol charges into the fray and Cricket steps outside and casts a spell. The Ettercap attacks Drendor. Bragg then steps out into the courtyard and casts a spell.

2 arrows suddenly strike the spider. A form drops from above and touches and then flies away. Bragg hears a voice uttering a warning 'Flee!'. Looking up Bragg sees a harpy flying away. Inside the castle a door bursts open and Lini sees Troglodytes approaching. She runs out of the castle screaming "Run away! Run away" as I behead the Ettercap.

We withdraw from the castle and rest.

During the night Bragg hears a voice in his head, 'We need to talk'. The creature is called Zaiobi and she wants to meet outside the crypt we are resting in. She wants help in killing the creature that rules the castle. Bragg and Cricket leave the crypt (the rest of us are still asleep). Zaiobi is the harpy we saw earlier - Cricket strokes her feathers! She offers to lead the red-skinned demon into a trap and warns us that there is an ogre in the basement of the castle. Cricket wakes us and we discuss an alliance with the harpy. I am against but the rest of the group seem to be in favour.

After much discussion a plan is hatched. The harpy will lure the demon to the old glassworks nearby. Cricket draws puzzles on the walls of the glassworks (the demon seems to like puzzles) and we hope these will prove a distraction. We all hide.

The demon teleports into the room.

Bragg tries to fascinate the demon by singing a love song (huh?). Amrol then walks out into the open, drumming in time to the singing. Sometimes I despair! I attack and Lini casts Colour Spray, stunning the demon. Cricket then casts a spell and Drendor moves. Myself, Amrol and Drendor attack. The demon teleports and appears on the ruined first floor, next to Cricket. I run across the floor and leap, pulling myself up. Cricket casts Glitterdust and tumbles backwards, falling hard on the floor below. Drendor runs forward, using Lini as a springboard (Lini squeals in pain). The demon attacks me with its strange weapon and then steps back, hovering by the edge of the collapsed floor. Drendor leaps out in an attempt to grapple him but misses and hits the ground below (splat!). The demon hits me with a scorching ray. Lini tries to climb up the monk to get within range of the demon but then fails to cast a spell. Drendor picks Lini up and throws her at the demon. Unfortunately Lini hits the wall (Lini squeals in pain again!). Zaoibi attacks from above and slays the demon.

On the body we find his strange weapon, a pouch with 5 vials of ink, some pearls and an etching of Brinewall. I take the demons head

We investigate the lighthouse. I find a crushed strongbox with 93gp and a large rusting key.

The next day we head back to the castle.

We use the key to enter the temple area on the first floor and find a box with 4 arrows - evil outsider bane, 3 scrolls - cure moderate woulds, remove disease and restoration and a phylactery of faithfulness.

We continue to explore. One of the doors off the dining room radiates cold. The dust in front of the room is undisturbed. I open the door. A small indistinct shape forms. We hear a voice 'Mummy?' Drendor enters the chamber. There is skeleton of a small child inside. Drendor chats with the ghost and then ubnknown to the rest of us eats the soul of the child!

We continue to explore the castle.

We decide to set a trap for the Quickling, Buttersnips. We move to her room where we find a disected Dire Corby. Amrol also finds a stuffed elf. Buttersnips arrives but after a short engagement runs away.

We continue exploring. In one chamber undead rise up and atack wights! Drendor is hit and appears weakened. Lini casts Grease. After a harrowing combat we defeat the wights.

Amral’s Journal, Entry # 131

We retreat from the castle and back to the makeshift camp, however Ameiko is no better, despite our efforts over the past few days. Explaining the biggest problem is Buttersnips, Shalelu jumps to her feet and rummages for a while in her belongings, coming out with a scroll that may help us. We spend some time around the camp recovering and discussing our options - the plan is to sneak back into the castle in the early hours of the morning and explore the stables first.

We proceed back through the woods, following the slow moving stream, and narrowly avoid running into the Ogrekin from the castle - she smells me though and we're forced into a combat with her. She goes down fast thanks to a few lucky hits and we take her only useful belongings - an arcane forged flail and a pouch of money. We hide the body and move around the castle to the stable wall, but as we explore Drendor notices a cave below us - we climb down instead of climbing over the castle wall and negotiate a series of secret doors into a cavern complex.

A cave formation filled chamber ends in a wooden door, which we oil then move through. The air is stale and filled with Troglodyte stench. We move through and into a large kitchen, filled with stone pillars and covered in dust, that is broken only by clawed and booted footprints. Coming from a set of double doors we hear a pair of voices in discussion. I look through the doors and see 5 troglodytes and a dire corby priestess. We decide to wait the conversation out and hide, eventually hearing a single creature move away and out of the kitchen. We then hear a scream in a different direction, we assume that whoever left is torturing a female somewhere in the lower levels of the castle.

We move through the second set of double doors and through what appears to be the water supply for the castle, beyond which is a torture chamber - the female dire corby and an ogre are torturing the woman we believed had been captured. We concoct a genius plan that immediately fails and we're left fighting for our lives. We pull through by sheer luck, avoiding the ogre for long enough to drive off the corby - she casts invisibility and runs away. Eventually Knuckles saves the day by taking the cell keys to the trapped female who then joins the battle, helping me deal the final blow to the giant Ogre. He has a magical stone, we take it and later discover it can summon an elemental to fight for us.

The female Linorm is called Keldar Oxgutter and has been trapped here by the Troglodytes. Unfortunately as we're trying to leave we spot the Corby and Trog's waiting for us. We open a locked door and find an unusual room with an intricate iron screen that blocks our progress, but it does have a door painted with a tall human woman, a likeness of Pharasma. The room is large but has partially collapsed at one end, surrounded by dancing motes of light. We devise a plan to burn the pitch that is in the torture chamber and smoke out the troglodytes - it works! We make a run for it and head all the way back to the caravan to drop off Keldar.

The next day we return, heading back to the stairs that are behind the throne room. They lead down to a heavy portcullis that has two depressions one with a sun and one with a moon, but without a way past the portcullis it leads nowhere, so we hed back down into the basement and go into Pharasma's room. Once we enter an image of Pharasma beckons us closer, but I don't believe its motives and can sense evil behind it. On accusing it of lying the image disappears and in its place there is a ten armed thing. It spouts some vitriol at us about being bored for ten thousand years and attacks with a unholy cloud of evil that harms Cricket and myself, but luckily not the monk.

We engage and I take a ray in the face, while Drendor tries to jump off the cliff at the back of the room to grab the flying thing. He misses and falls 40 feet to the cavern floor below it. Cricket tries to web the beast but it dodges out of the way and moves after Drendor biting him. Cricket dives into the web to try and see the creature but cannot leap far enough to do so, dispelling the web instead, and dropping to the floor. The monk manages to avoid lots of attacks and I miss when I jump off the edge of the cliff to attack. The monk gets grabbed but immediately gets out and dodges out of the way. Cricket jumps off the edge and heals the monk but the creature blasts him with a ray. I manage to scream at him and drop him to the ground, which means that we manage to get some hits in. Blows rain in from all sides but he dodges many of them as we fight a war of attrition.

Cricket goes down to a massive ray blast, and I fall right after to a bite to the neck. Drendor manages to punch it in the face and kill it, as Cricket and I lay bleeding to death, temptingly convenient, beneath the monks gaze.

From the memoirs of Bragg A Docchio, Bard of the Ages.

Early hours of the morning we see a flare indicate that we should join the other party members. We head to the glass works to meetup up as had been arranged.

After healing people up we spend the night before heading back to the castle. The party heads down into the castle sub levels and places the two seals using Mage hand to open the sect chamber. As soon as Morticia steps across the dusty threshold a wraith appears we recognise him as Rokuro, Ameiko's grandfather from portraits around her home. Mort calls out his name and he gives us a warning to take the seal from the chests beyond. He is no longer our and worthy of guarding it.

I check the boxes for traps and when checking the middle chest the lid opens itself. Lini summons a unseen servant to lift the ornate box within and open it. A bright light emanates from the box and we pass out having visions of Ameiko's family story. The throne of Minkai stolen by an unknown Jade warrior and Ameiko's family fleeing the East, selling their family sword to fund the escape.

We decide to abandon the castle leaving behind several creatures we had hoped to deal with. As we walk through the forest Lini is attacked by an invisible assailant, bloody Buttersnips! Perhaps we can deal with at least one mo beastie before leaving. Lini uses a scroll to cast slow on Buttersnips and Drendor makes quick work of her.

We head back to camp and find that Ameiko is now up having been awoken by the same vision we had. We spend a few hours discussing our options and decide to head to Carlsgard to reclaim her family sword.

Four men approach us in the night saying that had come to claim Talaven the girl from Wolfsear who came with us as she was pledged to one of their elders Jolrel. I step forward and warn them off and say there master can come and claim her. They retreat and we hear wolves howls in the distance and are set upon by three werewolves and the men. Talaven offers to go with them but we refuse her offer to save us by continuing the attack. Jolrel moves forward and rips out Talaven's throat saying "If these are the friends you have chosen!" I kill one of the miserable dogs with my scream. Jolrel and the others flee having completed their task.

We spend the next few weeks travelling to the land of the Linorm Kings. As we travel Shalelu says she is taking Morticia and Amral off for a few days to show them a place she knows and that they will catch up, it seems private so no one else asks if they can go.

When they return they tell us that the glade Shalelu took them to see has been desecrated by dwarves and worse it seems they are Amral's clan. They came across elves who have told them that the dwarves had moved in while they were away but they have called their master to deal with them an arch-druid with a large lizard (doh!) as they threaten the tree of a dryad with their activities.

We decide to intervene and enter the mining camp Amral covering his face with his hood. Amral eventually reveals himself and finds out that his clan splintered after he disappeared and now Amral's cousin sits on the throne in the deep-hold, these clansmen left rather than following who they thought was a corrupt leader who killed his father to take the throne. We also find out that Amral had claim and many blame him for to difficult years since. We explain to them they need to stop destroying the glade or they will have to face the druid and elves who are a formidable force.

We try to mediate Morticia, Lini and I meeting with the elves and Amral talking with one of the council, Mindari (his lost love). The elves say that they can offer the dwarves other locations to mine but the dwarves claim rights to the land sold to them by the Copperburger dwarves and Linorm kings.

Once the council returns we gather with a representative from the elves. Neither side will back down or compromise even though we suggest sending a small party to assess the lands the elves have suggested. We warn them that their stubbornness and ignorance will to misery and death and storm out leaving these fools to their ruination. Before leaving I start work on an epic poem called "A War Born of Stubborn Fools" sending the first few stanzas to both parties in hopes in will wear down their walls built of obstinacy.


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