The Hungry Storm

From the Journal of Amrol, Journal Entry 142

The caravan sets out Northward from Karlsgard, on the Path of Aganhei, arriving in the trading town of Turvik without incident. Largely Turvik is peopled by drunks so we decide to avoid it. Skygni tells us that just over the Stormspear hills into the tundra there is a place called the Giant Downs - blustery badlands that were once home to a collection of frost giants, though most have now left or died.

Continuing on we're surprised when a Silver Dragon lands, injured by a White Dragon, Argithix, some distance north of our current position.  Bragg and Argithix trade tales and the dragon is so impressed he gives Bragg the Harp of Storms, a magical harp.  Our standard watch is set and all fall asleep for the night. During the first watch Jhod approaches Drendor with an opportunity - kill the dragon quietly to take its treasure. Skygni and Bedavale urge him on, but Drendor takes Jhod alone to the dragons side before betraying the caravan guard by attacking him in the back.

We hold a makeshift court and allow Argithix to decide Jhod's fate - he decides to deposit the traitorous mercenary on the tundra with only his clothes to make his way back. We do not expect to see him again, and Skygni has left during the night. We travel onwards and find giant barrows, which we avoid. Down the path some we come across a Frost giant with a pet Winter wolf, much larger than Skygni. He asks for two of the horses, and when negotiations fail increases it to four - I tell him we will not deal with giant scum and a fight breaks out. The giant casts a spell on himself and I attack as the wolf breathes cold on us. The giant retaliates and knocks me unconscious before enlarging himself after Lini throws a fireball his way. Cricket fires Lightning Bolts at the frozen pair as Bragg and Drendor distract them, Bragg making time to run over to me. Drendor drives off the wolf and Lini throws a final fireball and the giant killing it. We find an expensive golden astrolabe that Lini claims with a glint in her eye.

Cricket finishes a project that has taken many weeks, eventually emerging from the fortunetellers wagon with a stuffed weasel doll - nothing alike Knuckles, except in the red eyes. It seems to radiate an ominous and foreboding power. Suppressing shudders of unease we later see this stuffed doll running and playing with Knuckles, noting the suspicious absence of Cricket.

A number of days later we find an abandoned caravan, but the people of the caravan are not to be seen anywhere amongs't the wagons. Finding some tracks we follow them to a frozen pool with a dead tree at the edge - the bodies of the wagons followers are kneeling under snow mounds at the pool's edge. The tree is burnt with flaming arrows and a jug of oil, but I see something hiding and moving below the surface of the icy water. We leave and go back to the camp, against my better judgement, then settle down for the night. Bragg is on watch when she spots a figure leave the camp - she follows thinking it is Ameiko, however the figure turns and fascinates Bragg, now appearing to be a ghostly female surrounded by a snow storm. I awake to find Bragg missing and so go to investigate - the spirit turns to me, causing me to run in fear and chilling my bones.

A long fight breaks out where we learn the benefits of being incorporeal, and almost lose a number of the party in close calls, however Bragg rallies those of us too afraid to assist and the spell casters loose enough spells to overpower the undead spirit and send it to rest.

The decision to take a quieter but more dangerous route northward is made, to avoid exposing ourselves, and more importantly Ameiko, to inquisitive eyes along the path across the frozen tundra.

From the Journal of Morticia Dancingblades

We continue the journey through the hills, the wheels of the wagon cracking the ice that covers the ground. Blizzards start to hit us.  Our guide, Ulf, advises that we will soon reach a small village. At night we seen strange lights in the heavens.

The blizzards continues the next day and almost without noticing we reach the village,  buildings appearing out of the sleet.  A door slams in the wind.  It is deathly quiet with no sign of life. The village seems to  have been abandoned.  The only thing left in the houses seems to be childrens clothing and toys!

As we approach the river we hear a crack and see a hole in the ice.   There are tracks of a large, clawed and webbed foot leading towards the hole. A child crawls out of then water.  It is obviously a lure so I shoot it with an arrow and it falls back into the water. A large creature rises annoyed that its decoy hasn't worked. it sinks back down into the freezing, murky depths.

We move on, into more rugged terrain. Later, we hear a strange rumbling noise. Looking up there seems to be a white cloud racing down the mountain towards us! A shape with three-heads then takes off from the nearby clifftop.

We charge forwards as quickly as possible, trying to avoid the worst of the avalanche.  In the main it  misses the caravan but the rear is partially caught. The chimera then attacks looking for easy pickings. Its wings whip up a storm of snow and ice, partially concealing it.  I shoot with my bow, wounding it. The creature breathes as Amrol casts a spell.  Everyone else is digging their way out of the snmow. I fire again, wounding it with another three arrows.  Lini casts a fly spell on me!  The creature lands and bites Lini, grabbing her in its Walrus mouth.  Cricket casts a spell - the head of a large white dragon appears.  Lini blinks out of the Chimeras mouth - it looks confused. The creature then attacks me, hitting several times before taking to the air.  I strike at it with my blades, severing a head and disembowling it. The body falls to the ground.

A cave is visible above us, the lait of the Chimera. We explore.  A baby chimera is in the cave.  I move to kill it. Cricket tries to stop me by casting a spell (Black Tentacles) but I move through them and kill it. I have no idea why they want to keep an evil magical creature alive but I'm not having any part of it.  In the cave we find 3 sets of cleats, a jar of Frostbite ointment, 789 GP, 139 SP, a suit of banded armour made from the scales of a silver dragon (Glamoured armour) and an Elixir of Fire Breath.

The caravan takes 3 days to dig out. We then resume our journey.

We reach another settlement. The people seem friendly and invite us to join them for their evening meal. We eventually discover that they're eating one of the tribal elders (taking her back in to the tribe).  Everyone eats except Amrol (who doesn't eat the meat) and myself (who doesn't eat). I can't believe I'm travelling with a group that wants to adopt a chimera and is happy to eat humans!

The tribesfolk tell us of a black stone that has appeared in the ice and has awoken the dead around it.  They also warn us of 'living' storms.

We resume our journey towards the high ice.  We reach a village and Ulf walks forward showing a talisman he carries (a scale from a Remorhaz). One of the villagers greets us - the headwife of the village.  She tells us that the path we travel is blocked by the Hungry Storms.  There is also a dragon plagueing the village.

A mob approaches, led by a wizened old man. They aren't happy with our presence.  Cricket flies up into the air.  The old man gestures and Cricket is thrown backwards. Brag starts to try to influence the crowd, using her bardic skills.  The old man storms away when he sees that Bragg is succeeding.

I follow him.  He enters a tunnel leading into the mountainside and opens a secret door. I return to the rest of the group and we then follow him.  We detect a trap on the door but are unable to disarm it.  Cricket flies to the door and opens it. The floor in front of the door collapses.  We then jump across.

The passageway leads upwards and we hear noises from ahead.  Lini scouts ahead. There is a man at the end of the corridor - a hunter. We make a plan.  Lini puts the light out. Amrol sneaks up and moves to attack the hunter but he disappears.  A combat ensues in the dark until Lini cast Dancing Lights.  I join the fray.  Drendor tumbles past and attacks.  On my next attack I slice and dice, slaying him.  The spirit of a quasit flees the body.

We find another secret passage.

The door opens into a wide pit open to the sky above.  A ramp descends to the basement 60' below. We descend.

The pit is dimly lit and filled with bones marked with a curious rune.  Skulls have been piled onto a nearby alter. The symbol is of Sithhud, the nascent demon lord of blizzards and the frozen dead. There are also a number of white shards on the alter - the fragments of a white dragons eggs.

Cricket goes to get the Headwife.  The shaman is arguing with her.  He leaves and makes his way back to the secret passage.  Amrol hears the approach and turns herself invisible just before the shaman opens the door.

From the Journal of Morticia Dancingblades

We hear the secret door open, the sound of footsteps and the tapping of a cane. The shaman appears. Drendor doesn't like the look of the old man and cowers in the corner. The shaman gestures and shapes emerge from the ice - hoar frost spirits!

They move to attack.  Lini casts haste on the group.  I shoot the shaman with four arrows. He calls out a curse, targeting me with a spell. Ouch! Amrol moves through the secret door, behind the attackers, casting a spell that summons a spinning knife to attack the shaman. Bragg starts to sing and floats into the air, landing on the ledge.  Lini casts fireball. I destroy one of the spirits with more arrows. The shaman vanishes. Amrol drops down onto the ledge and attacks one of the spirits while I charge the remaining one.  The shaman reappears and casts a spell. A river of wind knocks me backwards and I fall prone.  Amrol resists and steps forward, Cricket enters the chamber and casts lightning bolt.  Lini immolates the shaman and he falls off the ledge, dead.

The headwife enters the chamber with some of the village guards.  They are shocked at the presence of this evil in the heart of the settlement.

Later.  So, we're off to slay a dragon...

We reach the edge of the icy crevasse that forms the dragons lair. About 150' down there is a cave entrance. We descend. Cricket levitates me down to the entrance.  Amrol and Lini check out another cave - one that seems to be an egg chamber.

I enter the large cave, followed by Bragg. The floor gives way beneath me with a loud crack. Immediately heavy breathing can be heard. The dragon rises out of the ice and breathes on the group, catching everyone except me. Lini casts haste and the moves back, away from the dragon. Cricket crushes a stone and an Earth elemental appears next to the dragon.  The dragon takes to the air and flies to attack Lini.

Amrol charges forwards and jumps at the dragon, scratching it. The earth elemental moves forward.  Cricket casts glitterdust. The dragon hits Amrol with a flurry of attacks. Lini casts fireball but it only seems to affect Amrol, who collapses to the ground, dying. The earth elemental charges the dragon and grabs it. The two mighty creatures totter on the edge of the crevasse.  The dragon breaks free and flies back into the cave, allowing me to attack it.  The body of Amrol slides off the edge of the crevasse.  Lini casts fly on me. I shoot the dragon with three arrows. Cricket flies after Amrol in an attempt to heal her before she hits the grounds.  Just in time she manages to do so. The dragon attacks both me and Bragg, wounded us both.  Amrol tries to save herself however she's too close to the ground.  Splatt!. Amrol - RIP. 

The elemental finishes the dragon off.

We find the dragons treasure - ring of feather fall, lesser dragon slaying arrow, magical short sword, a horse terracotta talisman and treasure worth 2866 GP.

We return to the settlement and are acclaimed as heroes and a day of mourning is held in memory of Amrol.

The elders have been studying the pictograms.  Ancient tales tell that the storms belong to Sitthud.  The pictograms suggest that the woman depicted may have found some way to harness Sithuds power.  The pictograms show a spire near a known mountain range. We must journey to the spre and deal with the woman if the caravan is to journey onwards from here.

From the Journal of Lini

Lini killed the dragon. Cricket watched in awe. Fact.

Shalalu and Helgaval say they're heading back to tell Amral's family that he was killed by ...errr...a dragon. I think they're just worried. We're heading north across the frozen wastes. They think we're heading towards the tower of Sithod, but I'm still leading them to the light first. I'm sure they won't mind....

Cricket only realised today that Bragg was a girl. And Morti's sister.

The guide was getting a bit concerned today, he thought we should be closer. I convinced him we're on course, but not sure he'll keep buying it. He may be a problem I need to sort out...

We reached the star city from my dreams today. I lead the group through the streets without incident, remembering the route from my dreams, although the undead were everywhere. I think they may be a bit suspicious now. When we got to the centre There was a big lizard thing which came to life when I pressed the pillar. The doors opened as I expected, but a big undead ice mammoth came out, which I didn't. Hit me hard, the bitch. Mort and the lizard made a good hard hitting team while Bragg sang a pretty song, which made everyone feel better. I threw a fireball at the beast before heading for the throne I saw in the dreams.


I know who I am.


Emerging from the room I saw the monk kill the creature with a kick to the head. The big lizard thing seems ok, he helped kill it. The group wanted to look around for treasure, I told them there wasn't any, but they didn't believe me. Not sure why. Leaving the city I realigned the astrolab and we headed for the tower. It's pretty tall.

The bridge to the entrance was broken, so we had to make our way across but found a black creature with a big claw hand. I managed to stop Drendor from jumping into it. Another attacked from behind, spaying us with foul ooze. Cricket sent one to sleep which the lizard killed and Mort and Dren took care of the other. Bragg fell in the slushy black stuff. Seems it's poisonous, so Cricket healed him. After a quick rest and heal we try to get into the tower. The  thing is surrounded by a dispel magic which dispeled my fly spell and the lizards air walk spell. I teleported us back to the bridge with Bragg as the others went through... After a delay (they said monsters, but I think they were looking for treasure) Cricket spanned the gap in the bridge with a web. We eventually make our way across. A  big wall of fire blocked our way, but then disappeared after a long, long time. The lizard put it there apparently.

Two wights converged on us, and Drendor and Morticia ran in for a fight. lizard man ran about a bit casting spells. Cricket was a useful party member, she said. We found a control panel like the ones in the star city and I pressed it. It moved a platform up to another level in the tower. Awesome. We explore the ground floor a bit more, finding some cool artefacts. I keep one. One of the rooms is covered in roots and stuff and turns out to be a root plant creature thing with a big mouth. Pretty. we had a bit of a chat about whether to run away, fight it or use the lift to cut it in half. Fighting won :( Cricket ran away. Morti slashed it, doing a lot of damage but it bit him. Cricket said she saved her life. The lizard, Kai, ran in to help along with Dren and Bragg. I hurt the thing with fiery stars and Cricket came back to watch Mort get swallowed and spat back out. It was minging. She was all wrapped up in a pod thing. Kai chopped it down. Dren tried to get Mort out with his dagger but failed, as did the others. They did, however, make some holes which led me put in my hand to dimension door mort out of the pod. Bloody hurt my arm though.

We went up the lift. Cricket tried to make it work, but couldn't. We got off at the first floor and it was quite warm. Nice. Unfortunately a bloody big snakey thing was there too. Don't blame it, it's cold downstairs....

From the Journal of Kaitatsu

We escape from the rope trick and return to the caravan to proceed on our way, heading toward dead man's dome. Around a month into the 500 mile storm wracked journey the caravan stops as Lini shouts "Koya!" - the old cleric passed away peacefully after saying some words of wisdom to the gnome. We stop for a number of days to mourn her passing.

On the final night as we feast Morticia spots movement off in the distance. Lini sends lights off to let us see what is there - it's a massive wall of shambling undead bodies, behind which is a huge whirlwind ice storm lurks, a female voice laughing on the wind. We evade it as best as we can, losing one cart to the relentless horde, and slowly realising that our only option is to make a stand. Ulf tells us that the only fortifiable place is Dead Man's Dome - where a previous hero made a stand against undead.

The Dome is a small watchtower with a two foot high wall around it and nothing left inside. The undead advance and the storm has gained ground - as we watch the storm looses a lightning bolt at the ground nearby and a black obelisk rises from the ice. The undead surge around it and it seems to empower them.

We buff up and teleport over to the obelisk and investigate. Morticia sees movement inside and Shadows emerge to fight her and Drendor. Bragg and I run over and try to assist. We ignore the shadows and focus on the wall, eventually destroying it and all of the undead in the process.

We enter a town that has nothing much of interest to us except to allow us to rest and recuperate some. As we're leaving the town a huge spider attacks us and we manage to kill it though most of us are drained heavily buy its poison. We travel to the next town to rest up, flanked at a distance by a Morizoko that we believe Katiyana is embodying.

As we leave this town we can see an end to the ice through a pass to the south - as we approach the pass however the storm descends and when it leaves the pass has been closed by avalanches and fallen stones. We start to look for other routes and Drendor hits upon the idea to check for underground passes.

 There is a subterranean necropolis dedicated to Desna through which passes the path of the spirits. Morticia finds a route to the entrance of the necropolis and we prepare the caravan to journey through it.

From the Journal of Morticia

The opening to the necropolis is flanked by large statues of Desna.  The path is wide and long, leading into darkness. We enter, using magical light to show the way.  A wind gushes past us. The going is slow and we journey for seceral days.

We enter a chamber with pillars containing bleached human skulls.  The skulls are painted with the face of a demon.  The path continues and widens into a large cavern.  A bridge aspans a crevasse, also flanked by the skulls.  Angular towers also flank the bridge.

Drendor and Cricket move sneakily to one of the towers.  As they approach they feel a sense of fear. Cricket throws a coin with light into the tower through an arrowslit.  A passageway leads deeper into the rock.  Drendor opens the tower door. 

I advance to the bridge with Bragg.  There is an engraving 'Here the dead walk, trouble them not nor bar their path'.

Cricket and Drendor examine the other tower.  I step onto the bridge, however something stops me - an anti-life spell.  At the saqme time two creatures approach Drendor and Cricket - headless creatures wrapped in bandages! Blue spirits circle them.  They advance and attack Drendor.

I move quickly and tumble past them, flanking with Drendor and striking one with my flaming sword. The creatures strike both myself and Drendor.  More headlerss creatures emerge from the opposite tower.  The first battle continues to rage.  Cricket casts Black Tentacles at the new creatures and then rises into the air. Bragg continues to sing.

Drendor slays the undead creature facing him.  I wound the other one.  Cricket summons spinning blades.  Drendor moves to protect Cricket.  Cricket summons duplicate images.  I eventually slay the creature attacking me - starting to warm up now!

We soon slay the remaining two creatures.

The anti-life spell only blocks access to the bridge.  We spend the rest of the day constructing a makeshift bridge to bypass it.  Bragg is infected with Mummy Rot.

We resume out journey through the Nexropolis, entering an older section.

We enter a cavern with a strange tree-like column amidst a pool of water. A faint violet radiance from the pool lights the cavern.  Beyond the pool we spot a body lying in front of a door.  Drendor approaches.  The body appears to be a long-dead Tiefling.  The door is engraved with a demonic tusk face.  A flickering light comes from beyond the ddor.  Words are carved above the door 'Here resides a first of Desna seduced by the star-bound demons and lost to the holies for all time."

I open the door. There is a clkick as the door opens.  A passage leads into n octagonal chamber.  In the centre of the room is a bier of blue-painted stone with a female figure lying on it.

Cricket disturbs the binding wards!!! Boody hell!.  There is a shimmer and the figure moves, spreading black wings.  Cricket introduces us and makes a deal.  I'm not happy (evil outsider!).

Cricket recruits her into the party. I'm not happy with this and attack the demon.  Her hair animates and grapples me.  The rest of the group stsnd around not sure what to do - so much for the supposed Desna worshippers.

I break free of the hair and close to her. Drendor tries to calm the situation down.  Bragg starts to sing. Cricket tries to cast a spell.  The devil rises into the aire and attacks me.  Cricket casts web, catching the devil in it.

The web is at head height and runs across the chamber.  The devil flies up and draws a bow.  We move to the doorway to prevent it leaving the chamber.

Unfortunately she teleports out of the chamber and shoots Drendor in the back.  I charge her.  We trade blows.  Drendor charges forward and tries to grapple her. Tha battle rages.  We eventually tsart to prevail and she teleports away.

So now we have a raging storm in front of us and an evil devil behind!

Inthe chamber we find a golden mask with eyes of jade and a broad bladeds sword with metal rings across the top its blade, a ghost touch weapon that has special abilities.

Cavern dais, bull mastodon.Yetis fill the cavern.  Their chieftan sits upon the throne.  His eyes glow blue.

From the memories of Katiyana chosen of Sithud

recorded at the domain of entry in the 7th level of Hell, by the holy servant of the lord of the frozen undead.From the Journal of Morticia

Nooooooo, how could this happen, retribution was mine, it was promised too me!

Here follows several minutes of weeping before I can extract further information.

I had them in my grasps those who had foiled our lords plans at the crown of the world, their shrivelled souls were to be a wedding gift to him. The Yeti chieftain was subjugated and with his might and the savage creatures he commended I was going to destroy them all.

They seemed so few in number and so small in stature I sent more of my Yeti servants away to destroy the caravan than I had originally planned, perhaps that was my first mistake. Then my only body guard fell quickly to the blows from the monk.

I didn't need him, I was confident that with the body of the yeti and my own magic I could easily dispatch the few weak creature before me, I couldn't have known what powers they had at their disposal. The battle was long and hard and they quickly pushed me out of the Yeti chief curse his hide. Still I fought on and brought a couple of them to their knees but I could not stop them. Who or what was that creature that pulled the gnome from my grasp at the moment I would have destroyed her, I felt her black heart, why would she protect these creatures?

The monk with a weapon seemingly designed with the sole purpose of destroying me challenged me even in the air, I tried one last trick; possessing him and forcing him to attack his allies but they were ready even for that and soon after they brought me low.

As my spirit was pulled screaming back to the domain of our lord I watched them leave the mountain, I take some solace that one of their number seems sick and on the verge of death as the mummies curse ravages her body.

I watched with dwindling clarity as they made their way up a mountain track to an old monastery perhaps seeking more wealth or perhaps seeking a cure for the ill woman, I neither know nor care and as they found a passage into the dungeons below the ruined buildings my sight of them faded and all was blackness.

Again more weeping followed, it really is quite tiresome.

From the Journal of Morticia

We descend into the monastery and enter the Masters study. Rows of books line the walls. They appear to be journals dating back 80 years or so, the most recent being around 5 years old. Written in one og the books are the names og myself, Bragg and my parents. It would appear we've entered an assassins den.

Digging deeper we find that the purpose of this monastery was to protect the family line of Ameko. So what went wrong?

Drendor takes the childrens hands (Cricket and Lini) and leads them into the Dojo. They quickly return having seen a green light.

We all explore. We buff and open the door. Inside are three old crones around a steaming cauldron. Cricket talks to them. The rest of us maneuver in case of a fight.  Cricket asks for help to cure the mummy rot that afflicts Bragg.  They hags would like us to retrieve some items for them.  Cricket haggles. A Red Dragon is mentioned.

We travel further underground,moving a mile or so before entering a cavern full of Kobolds.  In the distance we can see a group of Kobolds worshipping a ledge.  We catch a glimpse of something reptilian in the darkness beyond.

Lini ncasts fly on the group and we move across the cavern, high above the Kobolds. The devil we released appears and whispers to us that the hads lied - the dragon is black.

As we approach the dragon swoops out. The devil follows it out.

We fight.  We win. I strike the killing blow.

In the dragons lair we find treasure. Treasure worth 2600GP, 50PP, 2 potions - slipstream & spider climb, cloak of fiery vanishing, bow of frost, ring wizardry Lvl 2 and daredevil boots.

We make our way back to the hags.

The hags claim the bow and the ring.  They also take half the treasure.

In return they heal Bragg.

We leave and resume our journey.  Kelda, a member of the caravan, is stricken with nightmares.  We suspect the hags and return to confront them however they have disappeared.  Kelda dies on route.

We reach a city - Ordu-Hagon Hey.


From the travel notebook of Kaitatsu Shuritao

As unbecoming as it might be we entertain Batsaikhar at the Feast of Fire, the third day of celebration, with our acrobatic abilities. The next morning Batsaikhar proposes marriage to Bragg, but the halfelf neatly sidesteps the advance with a story about being promised to a man from her home town - Amral.

Drendor visits his monkly order outside the city and learns that the Oni of the Fire Storms, held in House of Withered Blossoms and guarded by the Kami, are no longer there - we know this to be true as my companions have killed two minor Oni's! Rumours say the Kami, creatures i know to be good spirits, still dwell in the forest of spirits.

Feast of Honoured Visitors follows that evening - on short notice we’re told that we need to entertain and provide food for the attendees - we serve Crispy Children Fingers, Roast Leg of Old Lady - delicacies we learnt to cook on our journey across the roof of that world.

Feast of Dragons, the final day of celebration on our behalf, comes at last - We're encouraged to tour the city and eat amongst the residents - street food etc. While we’re watching an elaborate street show, a dancing dragon amongst the streets, ninja’s leap out from beneath it and attack us - I think we pissed Batsaikhar off!

We defeat the ninja’s and meet Miyaro a servant of the Kami, that helped us in the fight against the ninja’s. She has been sent to guide us to the Kami’s through the forest of spirits. She fills us in on some background and we learn that Ana’murumomn is the leader of the Oni’s of the Five Storms.

We travel for weeks to reach the edge of the forest and on the border find a fallen waystone - we right it and mend the cracks, feeling a warm sense of calm. A short wizened spirit appears and blesses us for righting his waystone.

Entering the forest some of us feel the presence of spirits around us, though nothing apparently untoward happens. A few days further along the road three stone giants attempt to surprise us by throwing boulders at the caravan - cricket saves us from the boulders by creating a web across the pass we were travelling across. I attempt to ask them to let us past but they cannot understand me and we’re forced to kill them.

Later that night a spirit of a samurai attempts to possess Drendor yet he rebuffs the spirits attempt. Bragg however fails to do the same after telling us she can see a spirit trying to talk to her and suddenly begins to start trying to set fire to people. We react to this by trying to force the spirit out again with magic which allows her to impose her will and resist.

After two months of journeying we arrive at a clearing in the forest and are stopped by an armoured Kami called Noburu. He prevents passage to the presence of evil and we’re forced to leave both Drendor and Lini behind. In the clearing many forest spirits arrive and begin speaking through Miyaro.

One hundred and sixty years ago most of the Oni were released from the House of Withered Blossoms. As the Kami are barred from entering by planar laws, the spirits ask us to enter the pagoda and discover how they were released, and that at least one Oni still dwells there. If we can defeat it we may be able to obtain information on the Oni and the Jade Regeant. We’re also asked to retrieve a small bonsai tree from this pagoda on behalf of a small spirit named Akumi.

We travel for days to the location of the pagoda, the forest receding around a bowl approximately eight hundred foot across. The pagoda is surrounded by a decaying garden and a stench of death pervades the air. At the entrance a huge door stands covered with stylised dragons. Drendor opens the doors and is surprised by a flurry of daggers in his face.





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