Voice in the Void

  • Hirondelle, Cleric of Sarenrae, Female Human
  • Darian Furor, Magus, Male Half-Elf
  • Trax, Summoner, Male Halfling
  • Monkey, Monk of the Four Winds, Male Human
  • Runar, Fighter, Male Dwarf
  • Falad, Witch, Male Elven


Mystery strikes at the problem-plagued Blackros Museum in Absalom and its curator, Nigel Aldain, needs help. When a famed Osirian tomb raider returns to Absalom and disappears in the museum's basement, Aldain fears the worst. When strange sounds echo from below and several of the curator's night watchmen go missing, he panics and begs the Society to investigate the mystery and save his museum from the darkness that infests it.

From the journal of Hirondelle

Venture Captain Adrun Hestrin summons us.  He would like us to investigate the goings-on at the museum and locate the missing tomb raider - Imrazade Blackros.  She has recently returned from an expedition and had ventured into the museum archives to conduct some research on an artefact she'd discovered.  The society would like us to secure this artefact if at all possible.

The museum is ancient, supposedly carved from a single piece of black basalt.  We're to venture down into the basement this evening.  At the museum we're met at the front doors by Nigel, the curator.  He seems somewhat wary of Trax's lizard companion. He hands me the key and departs after giving directions to the basement.

We pass through the museum and descend to the basement. We see 2 large double doors facing us, labelled storeroom 1 and storeroom 2. We open the door to storeroom 1.  It is full of dusty statues, some covered. There is another exit at the far end.  We close the door and open the door to storeroom 2.  The doors open to reveal a room full of stuffed monsters, mummified corpses etc.  Again there is an exit at the far end.

Trax explores storeroom 1 by himself.  As he moves deeper into the room  one of the statues attacks! The statue has wings and a devilish aspect. Fortunately for Trax its blow misses.  Trax's Lizard attacks, striking but ineffectually. Darian moves into the room and the statue turns to confront him, severely wounding him. I enter and cast a bolt of divine fire at it but it misses. The creature strikes a critical blow against the eidolon, though the blow seems to damage both the eidolon and Trax. The eidolon backs up and Trax jumps on its back, thrusting forward with his spear. The spear breaks against the statue.  This is not looking good!  I channel energy, healing the wounded. The combat continues..

Falad lashes out with his whip, pulling the creature to the floor. 'Get it!' he yells. Trax and his eidolon do so, though Trax does break his second spear. Runar strikes it, chipping off bits of stone with his axe, but does break his axe in the process. The creature stands up to attack Runar, wounding him. Falad lashes out again with his whip, impressive but this time missing. More attacks are made, though this time Runar refrains, unwilling to further break his weapons.  Falad pulls it to the ground with his whip and finally the eidolon strikes a killing blow.  In the remains we find a fist-sized opal and a longsword.   I heal the wounded.

 Runar wanders into the other storeroom and triggers an attack from a stuffed zombie owlbear. Runar falls to the ground dying. We rush to save him. I stabilise the dwarf.  Monkey comes in to attack.  The creature strikes him and he falls to the ground dying. The eidolon attacks, tearing into the owlbear. Trax is badly wounded. Trax attacks with his slingstaff.  I throw a firebolt against it and it falls to the ground. Yay!

Searching the room we find the skeleton of an ancient dwarf.  Trax takes a rubbing of something on the dwarf.  I heal everyone.

We move deeper into the basement, entering a small storeroom. There is a strange yellow miasma in the room.  Coiling around a human skeleton is a plant - a yellow musk creeper.  Strange mosses grow on the floor.  We close the door and seek another route.

Opening the door in the other storeroom we find the scriptorium.  Desks, parchment etc fill the chamber.  A body is slumped in the far corner clutching a club.  Its legs seem to have been eaten away by acid. Fungus grows on the ceiling.  At the far end of the chamber is a door labelled Archives.

The archives contains several bookshelves.  Fungi and mould abound. Several of the fungi glow with a strange purplish hive. A pit lied on the far side of the chamber. Runar and Darian move towards the whole - they suddenly seem to shiver and freeze.  There is a patch of brown mould on the floor near to them.

Trying to bypass the mould I spot a man-sized fungus, just behind one of the bookshelves. It seems to be sensitive to light -a shrieker. Fortunately it remains quiet and I quickly withdraw.   The eidolon is sent in to deal with it.  I spend some time searching the bookcases and find some documents relating to the Blackros family.

Monkey finds a backpack with canopic jars and a motto.  We rest.  The mould seems to be spreading quite quickly.

We return to the chamber with the pit.  The pit descends in to darkness.  Some stairs wind down the side but they're only about 4" wide and covered with moss.  We find some rope to help with the descent.

The shaft leads down into an antechamber with an organic style of architecture.  An arch stands at the far end, covered with s black curtain.  An iron box sits in the middle of the room, seemingly begging to be opened. Runar does so and a swarm of spiders boils out all over him..  Falad uses burning hands on the swarm and later smashes a vial of oil which I set on fire.

I peek behind the curtain. The walls and ceiling of the chamber bulge outward, continuing the grotesque architectural style. There is a sickly green glow.  An archway stands across a low dais. Ghostly whispers issue from the archway. There is a sense of wrongness. A woman stands in front of the archway. Pink tentacles can be seen around the woman, emerging from the archway. An archaic-looking cylinder is attached to the top of the archway.

We charge. Imrazade summons a zombie and uses a wand. Runar fall unconscious. The zombie attacks Darian, hitting and the woman also hits him with a magic missile.  He goes down.  I step into the room and channel, healing the wounded. Darian rolls back and stands up, attacking the zombie with his whip. The zombie moves behind Monkey who strikes it with his fist. Darian attacks the zombie with his rapier!  The zombie attacks Monkey, dropping him to the ground. I channel again, healing the group.  Monkey pulverises the zombie with a crushing palm to the head. He then climbs the portal. Dariian fires acid at the cylinder, destroying the leather bindings that hold it in place. The cylinder falls to the ground. Runar strikes Imrazade as she starts to cast at him, striking a telling blow.  I move and pick up the cylinder. The combat continues - so far we've severed 3 of the 5 tentacles grasping Imrazade. Runar severs the fourth tentacle. Moneky severs the last tentacle and the portal goes blank. Imrazade cries out in a male voice "Curse you fools, that took me days". The combat continues. Monkey eventually fells her with an acidic elemental fist.  Yay!



Last Updated: January 2011