Rivers Run Red

From the journal of Dindenion, Master Magician

For 3 months we build up our kingdom. During that time several events trouble our kingdom including a food shortage and unrest caused by rumour spreading. Some new rewards are also posted.

Svetlana’s clan have camped out on the road between Oleg’s and Deepwater, and are spreading rumours about Svetlana and Oleg to all who pass through. They are summoned by royal decree to stand before the council. After much argument it transpires that they are mostly sore about not getting a dowry from Oleg. So to avoid the negative unrest their presence brings we pay them off with an agreement that they will maintain good relations with our kingdom.

After 3 months we are going stir crazy and set off into the wilderness to clear the hexes around Deepwater. We head east into hills.

During the night I am woken by a wolf tearing at my skin. That’s unpleasant. Five wolves are upon us and no alarm has been raised. There will be words. People are falling over all over the place but the fight is soon over. We discuss the possibilities of obtaining magical alarms for future use. The Warg is skinned (badly) for return to the city.

Exploring south we come to a large river we cannot cross and a continuation of Lake Deepwater. Instead we continue East to try and find a fordable point on the river. Having done so we head back west and continue around the bottom of Lake Deepwater to the south.

We come across a boggy stretch with towering fungus. A Tendriculous attacks Tristan (hmm, bite causes paralysis, swallow whole, and hard to kill, but at least slow). However Tristan is down and dying almost instantly as we back off and attack from range. Denion moves in to levitate Tristan out of the way and gets grabbed by a tentacle. Raenari moves in and severs it – go Raenari. He pays the price as he is bitten, paralysed and in its mouth in one and swallowed almost immediately. With that the creature moves off. We head back to the city.

From the journal of Dindenion, Master Magician

Bite Night

Reports of shepherds and animals being ripped apart begin to filter back to us. Investigating, it transpires that they were attacked by a man size creature, possibly a wolf or worg. Further exploration reveals tracks of a very large wolf which we follow into a copse. Human tracks lead out and back to a local village. A werewolf?

Inquiries are made about recent arrivals and they are invited back to the fort for an audience with the Baron. A merchant and his entourage accept as does a female bard. Two hunters who were also new decline the invitation though they are possibly out hunting. The town crier is dispatched to ask for anyone with silver weapons to come to the castle where they will be handsomely rewarded. This yields 2 silver daggers.

Sir Tristan decides that the bard, Lici, is trustworthy because she is pretty! Though he says she can prove her worth by acting as bait for the werewolf. Later she stands out in a clearing by a fire, waiting, while we hide in a nearby copse.

Izzy’s darkvision let’s us down and without warning a wolf is upon Lici. The fight is on. Lici rolls away but still takes a bite and then vanishes. So the wolf charges Sir Tristan’s horse and is soon dead. The dead body transforms into a naked muscular man. He is taken back to the village to prove he is dead. Inquiries reveal he was a lone hunter so hopefully it was an isolated incident. His room has a magical great axe and a potion of remove fear.

Glugging Gnomes

Next month we head west into the forest, known locally as the gnarl marches. Screams echo out from the swollen river. A wagon with two gnomes is in difficulty trying to cross the river and it looks like it is about to be swept away.

Ropes are quickly thrown and tied to horses. Then the mages both cast pit spells to temporarily drop the water level and the wagon is dragged only a little. This is repeated again to little effect. After another feeble pull the wagon is swept away. The horses are pulled under. Lici transforms into a Boggard and dives in to help them. Baldwin also dives in.

After the gnomes are pulled out we offer them hospitality and dry them out. They explain they are searching for a ruined dwarven fortress. They had some old maps but they were on the wagon and have been swept away.

Sir Tristan has a Wood problem

We come to a glade with a pool and an oak tree. A woman kneels crying by the tree. A Dryad! Sir Tristan leaps down and talks to her. She says there is a scythe tree nearby – an evil tree that likes to eat the flesh of Dryads. It lives to the south-east. We offer to help and ask to spend the night here. Sir Tristan of course tries his luck with the Dryad.

Next day we head south-east into woodland. We are looking for a tree in a forest! Sir Tristan finds it when a branch smacks him. He charges and gets hit twice again. Go tree! Fire spells fly out and it is down in a couple of rounds.

Cutting off a small leafy branch of the scythe tree as proof we head back to the Dryad’s glade. She rewards us with some magic items: a potion, a scroll, a wand of cure light wounds, and 6 feather tokens. She also offers to keep an eye on the Gnarl marches and inform us of threats. An ally.

Fey Elven ruins

Heading further west is more forest and then we head south to find the source of another river. A ruined keep sprouts out between trees surrounded by vine covered towers. An overgrown walkway leads to a ruined gateway. Is that architecture Elven?

Tristan and Baldwin head through the gateway into the courtyard. Baldwin cries out “watch your step” as Tristan steps on a pressure plate. A portcullis slams down on Tristan and pins him to the floor. A pit spell gives us room to crawl under and frees Tristan.

As Tristan crawls out a Quickling stabs Tristan and runs away. Then he does it again. We try to nail him with spells but he evades them all and disappears into another tower. We pursue, buffing as we go. After a few rounds working through our own difficult terrain Tristan enters the tower and gets hit hard for his trouble by something undead looking. Denion moves into range and drops him into a pit. It is a Darkstalker evil Fey. However he climbs out immediately but a color spray and a scorching burst

A chest is smashed open to reveal many riches, quickly grabbed and backpacked. Heading quickly upwards Baldwin comes to a room with an open skylight. A swaying elf like creature attempts to entrance Baldwin.

From the journal of Baldwin

At the top of the tower there are nature motifs. There is an alluring elven woman in a flowing white gown. Her seductive dancing fails to entrance Baldwin. Ser Tristan stands in a daze while watching the lady. The uncouth monk attacks the lovely elf. The evil Izzy joins in. The elven lady embraces Tristan. There is a plot to kill Baron Tristan. Izzy and Denion attack the woman and Tristan. The flaming sphere Izzy cast sat on Baron Tristan kills him. Baldwin kills Izzy. Baldwin finally realises the woman is evil when she attacks him. Baldwin slays the Baobhan Sith and she curses him in return and prophesises that the kingdom won’t survive a year. Her mistress will avenge her.

We find a statue of an elven woman, a masterwork harp, a waterclock, a small wooden coffer, a gem studied tiara and an elixir and some money. We take the bodies of Ser Tristan and Izzy back to the Kingdom.

As we turn up a bard called Grigory is fostering unrest. He is accusing us of starting the werewolf problem. He also complains that we have been off gallivanting while the kingdom goes to pot. He complains of the womanising that Baron Tristan. We throw him in jail. We notice he had a magical rapier and a magical chain shirt. Denion decides to kill off Grigory. Rumours abound and unrest increases in the city.

We appoint a Halfling Sorcerer Kaleb as councillor. There is new Royal Headsman appointed. We ask around to see if anyone is interested in Elven art goods. Nobody seems interested.

We get bored and decide to go off exploring. We cross the ford and hear the sound of singing. It’s a man sat on a powerful cat. He calls himself Bob. He is singing bawdy songs. During the night Denion sees Bob poised over Baldwin about to stab him. Denion opens a pit underneath them. A fight ensues. Bob is giggling. Kaleb casts sleep and Baldwin falls asleep but Bob is unaffected. The others jump down into the pit.

In the last two months there have been a series of deaths and it looks like we still have a werewolf problem.

We come across a dilapidated hut to the west of the lake. We ring the bell. We chat to them but they don’t seem friendly. Kaleb tries to smooth talk her but fails. We head south. The lake continues. A man in a rowing boat is crying out for help. He looks wounded. He has just one boat. Oriel and Gil swim out and help him to safety. “Something has upset Deepwater. Creatures have been coming out of the lake and taking people. Blackcove is a small fishing village. His wife has been taken. We make our way to Blackcove. Hidden by overhanging cliffs the ramshackle village clings tightly to the ground.

From the journal of Gilgamon The Whirlwind

We follow the villager back to the village, entering one of the hovels we find nothing but a shrine to two sea gods. Obviously just to appease the local gods. Gil “enters” an apothecary and we find a half formed homunculus part fish man and a couple of scrolls for the wizard. When we get to the shoreline we see a few boats out on the lake we think are fishing. Gervus the local innkeeper introduces his self and luckily (yay) he has room at his inn serving fish. There is a town meeting in the inn and the remaining residents of the village are congregated in it. We are fed fish, fish and more fish.

Eventually the boats come in and the local fishermen enter the inn. A more sorry lot we have never seen. They all seem ill and demoralised. Our Queen Lici tries to assist the stuttering innkeeper in his story of woe. This place is a stinking hovel btw and I truly hate it}. A villager called Gurlak (the apothecary) trespassed on the island and visited it regularly. He disappeared when the attacks started. He blamed the wedding rock for the ills that befell the people of the village. The wedding rock is touched by newly married couples. We request that the villagers take us to the island in the morning so we can investigate and a fisherman volunteers to take us.

The island appears out of the mist ahead of us, there are several floating towers surrounding it! There is a large swathe of jellyfish surrounding the island, he sings out a shanty and grins. He then transforms into lizard/fish thingy and attacks the first boat. Luckily I am not on it so I settle down to watch the impending disaster. A few people fall into the water but the jellyfish don’t seem to have too much effect and eventually the fish creature jumps into the water and flees. We manage to get everyone back into the boats and carry on our way.

We finally get to the beach and a large rock covered in graffiti lies in the middle of it. We see the floating towers high above. There is a faint humming coming from the newly named Bed Rock. Gil throws a rock at it, Lici casts detect magic and the Gregory casts detect evil. It is definitely magical but not evil. The rock did nothing. We see a faint white path which leads up the cliff face. The path is decrepit and dangerous, we will have to climb. Everyone makes it up safely, except the dwarf who even with help falls several times before the paladin finally just drags him up.

Weird magical stuff seems to be around an old magical fortress. There are several cliffs leading up and what appears to be damaged towers on the cliffs. Probably they used to be connected to the floating tower tops. We approach one of the damaged structures. There is nothing of interest when we get to the tower it is choked with vines.

My skin becomes clammy and oily with sweat. Baldwin and Oriel starts bleeding black blood from his eyes. Thorgrim’s eyes bulge. Gregory’s gets webbed fingers and feet and his joints start to ache. Lici starts to develop a nasty hacking cough. The island must be affecting us in some way. Might have something to do with the magical aura of transformation. Again we climb up a cliff face a couple of people fall but we all finally make it to the top.

On the next level there are several larger structures. We approach one of the structures; a glass dome above it has fallen down around the structure. It looks like the structure is an old archive. Thin copper plates float in the air creating books. As we enter looking around we realise why so many of the copper plates are missing, Rust Monsters!!! Gil flees as does Baldwin and Lici shooting ranged weapons. The dwarf, paladin and monk move to engage, fools. Rather amusingly the foolish dwarves breastplate starts to fall apart. More amusingly Ser Gregory’s magical full plate falls to the floor as a pile of rust, he is not a happy bunny. The battle is going well; the bard summons an illusionary wall which people are struggling to disbelieve however it does seem to be holding the rust monsters up as well. Ser Gregor kills one and Lici finishes off the final one.

So we have a cleric and paladin both without armour, at least they still have there shields, but it doesn’t look good. We find 3 scrolls which still have writing on them, luckily the scrolls of comprehend languages we found earlier might help to decipher them.

  • Idionestra’s Histories – early chronicles of Narkashel (this island) which was an isolated observatory of the old Azlantl empire.
  • The Seventh Column – a secret society who were executed by drowning after an unsuccessful coup.
  • Sigil And Glyph – which discusses the creation of half men/fish creatures under the control of the Unwelcome Guest.

We also find a magical crown and Lici the fool put it onto her head… not the best idea maybe… but nothing happens so I suppose we will see.

Baldwins eyes turn black along with the bleeding… he gains darkvision 10’. Thorgrimm’s hair falls out and his eyes subtly move towards the side of his head he gains +2 Perception. Oriel is fine. Gil’s skin develops a slimy mucus giving him greater ability to escape from grapples and bonds. Ser Gregor’s limbs elongate giving him extra natural armour.

The tower is shedding white shale everywhere which looks dangerous to get through. We all run through only the dwarf gets hit (what a surprise), inside a large lizard resides! We kill it relatively easily. And discover an amulet and horn. The amulet is some kind of divination thingy and the horn makes fog, Gil does a happy dance over the amazing magical items found.

We decide to proceed upwards before we all turn into fish people and this time we all make it up in one go. We make a bee line for the centre which appears to be some for of inverted pyramid into the ground. Tall walls surround the structure, large lenses lie above it and aqueducts go into the square. There are 2 bathing pools with stagnant water in them. There is a giant well with a spiralling descent downward. We make it to the bottom and find nothing… always worrying, we leave…

A cracked crystalline dome and lots of astrological stuff lies inside. The monk gets hit by a beam of light from one of the circling globes. We are attacked by 2 fey spiders which are phasing in and out. They are a pain in the arse and extremely difficult to hit, we are having to ready actions to hit them. Eventually we do take them out. Lici is heavily injured and appears to be under the effects of some form of spider poison. Eventually the poison wears off but she is looking very weak.

Gil’s skin must now be kept wet otherwise it cracks painfully otherwise -2 Cha (in water once per day). Thorgrimm’s mouth widens and tongue lengthens -2 Cha and 15% spell failure… Lici gains a painful cough but can hold her breath for a long time.

From the journal of Baldwin

Dandelion appears. He has a hacking cough. There is a message saying we should wear the amulets while in this building. We only have the one. He is left to suss stuff out. The building seems to be a device for prophecy. There is a strong aura of transmutation on the island. Dandelion finds there is a glyph of enchantment/compulsion. In another tower there are seven pools of magical (divination) liquid. We see twenty corpses of villages. They are serenely laid out. The monk sees silvery liquid on them. They have all been bludgeoned to death. There are inscriptions with proper names of important people. They are dull lectures – yawn. There are signs of recent activity. We suspect the villages have been sacrificed to gain knowledge. Dandelion listens to a lecture. We learn that there are spare lenses in the floating towers. Dandelion is surprised to be attacked by a creature from the pool. At last some excitement. The ooze swallows Baldwin but he escapes. Gil retreats and starts to carve up a body to use as a blunt weapon. Dandelion burns it to death. We turn around to see Gil chopping away at the body. We suspect that the power of the liquid has been used up.

We find a dead Skum in another building. He has a magical cloak and scrolls. It’s a cloak of the manta ray. The scrolls are of freedom. We see a steep staircase heading down. We also see a load of people combing the beach. The villagers ignore us. We head into the cave. There are two will-o-wisps. Ser Gregory shouts out evil and smites them. Dandelion shoots magic missiles at them. They disappear. Dandelion shouts out that they haven’t moved. Gil and Baldwin finish them off. The canal extends the length of the cave. We hear sounds of scraping from the other side of a coral wall. We fail to smash through the wall.

Oriel eyes turn a shiny black colour. We head into a tower to rest and get attacked by magic. The monk is ready to jump up for the tower. He does so impressively. He searches the tower. A number of lenses are in the top of the tower. Three lenses remain intact. When he touches one a magical trap is set off. An arc of electricity hits him. He stumbles around and drops a lens which smashes. Gil jumps up. Gil isn’t told about the traps and is hurt by one. Oriel takes some damage and stumbles. Another lens is smashed.

As we head around the island we hear the sound of a woman screaming. She is pursued by what look like flying manta rays. She has the taint. Dandelion casts stinking cloud on them. Some magic missiles follow. A cloaker engulfs Ser Gregory. Baldwin hacks at the other cloaker which falls to the ground. The other cloakers fly off. Sarah is the wife of the fisherman we originally met. The Skum impregnate human women in the marriage ceremony on the rock. The villagers tried to fight back but were dominated. The Alchemist was trying to stop the effect but is now more fish than man.

We find some villages that have died from exhaustion. We take them to use so we can learn more about the observatory. At the end of the two lectures a simulacrum attacks. We run away. The next day we realise that a lens needs replacing. We replace it. We shut down the glyph. We check on the villages. The Skum are trying to get the villages to work on. Baldwin’s ideas and Ser Gregory’s smooth talking sways the villagers. Seeing the way things are going the Skum attack. First blood goes to Baldwin. Ser Gregory casts Holy Light. A stinking cloud engulfs some Skum. Dandelion charges in with his magical long-sword and finishes one off. We make quick work of them. The villagers reveal that Gerlac leads the Skum. The sorcerer found the husk of an old god. Some recollect that they were lead down the inverted pyramid.

From the journal of Denion the Dark

The decision is made to find a way down the inverted pyramid so the stagnant pools nearby are investigated. Gregory dons the cloak of the manta ray and dives in to each of the pools in turn. He returns reporting nothing found. Oriel, who currently has darkvision for the fish taint, takes a turn with the cloak and finds a small casket at the bottom. The casket radiates a weak magical aura. Opening it there are three potions of cure moderate wounds, which are dished out to the three fighters. Investigating the first pool again Oriel finds a suit of banded armor in the likeness of a fish, and a lever which he pulls to no obvious effect.

We make our way down the steps of the pyramid, Baldwin knocks on the floor and Gil jumps on it. The floor is however illusionary and Gil flails desperately and clings on to the edge of a 90ft drop by his fingertips! We lower Gregory down on three tied together ropes into a large spherical chamber in chest deep water. There are three tubular passages leading off, two of which are collapsed. He calls back up for everyone else to come down and sends his backpack up.

Gregory starts thrashing around with his sword seemingly fighting the water. He shouts that there are electric eels in the water. Oriel heads down the rope as fast as he can as Gregory disappears under water. Baldwin jumps off the top as Denion feather falls him. They look like they are having fun splashing about in the water. Once the backpack is pulled up and the grappling hook held attached Gil heads slowly down the rope and joins the fight. Now everyone is splashing about, it looks great fun, shame I can’t join in.

The fight takes ages with several party members going down. Afterwards dozens of cure light wounds charges are burnt. Denion is lowered down and we proceed up the only clear passage into dry land.Against better judgement we take a right turn and find a room full of seriously ill and wailing villagers. Oriel and Gregory move to help and it turns out to be a programmed illusion.

Further on another side room is half filled with water. Gill grabs the manta ray cloak and prepares to jump in. Just in time he spots a cloaker which lets out a low moan. Gil and Denion fall prone retching. Multiple images of the cloaker appear – some sort of supernatural effect – but it is still quickly killed. A calcified skeleton holding an encrusted spear is found – which turns out to be a magical bane weapon!

Down the corridor a chittering is heard - a crab like large creature is coming our way. The fighters rush forward and take massive damage!Gregory is paralysed before the creature goes down, but just then another creature comes out of the side passage and it is looking bad. The combat lasts so long that spell effects run out. After a minute or so, finally we emerge victorious but we are badly damaged and depleted on resources. We retreat and rest.

A fire elemental gem is found in the pool where the crab creature came from. Further on, a large rubble filled chamber is searched. A salve of slipperiness with four doses is found. It is immediately applied to the four fighters. The corridor continues and proceeds into a waist deep water filled section. A will-o-the-wisp illuminates the chamber, 5 skum are using mining tools on the walls. The wall is healing itself so they are making slow progress.

From the journal of Gregory the Light

1.We are about to get in a fight. Check back later for the results….

2.Lots of Scum digging. Willow the wisp as well. Evil… Get it!!!

3.I hit 2 with cleave.

4.Baldwin misses

5.They are falling quickly. This is easy. Too easy.

6.Nasty scum sorcerer casts Evards tentacle.

7.Baldwin and Gregory move forward to attack

8.Monk boy and gill are still held by the spell. Now they are free.

9.Something bad is happening round the corner. Gill is under attack by something.

10.I am nearly dead. Again!!

11.Ok so maybe this isn’t as easy as I first thought. Gurgle Gurgle.

12.I am back up. For now.

13.Gill has done something. He let the creature escape, whilst we were distracted by the Skum sorcerer.

14.All the baddies escape. We suck.

15.Monk finds Potions, Headband alluring charisma, and Cloak of Resistance +1.

16.We drink the potion and are all returned to normal.

17.We head to the mainland happy in the knowledge that justice and good has triumphed once again. Though we all feel the sense of foreboding as we gaze out over the troubled waters. Somewhere out in the depths a menace lurks, waiting, watching and drawing its plans against us.

18.Approached by Loy Resbin – we help him to establish a town by giving him a build point.

19.Lici is cured of Lycanthropy

20.Carnival appears in town (winter festival). The peasants love it.

21.Carnival is probably more than it seems. I detect evil a lot.

22.Bad stuff is happening but I am keeping out of it unless I detect evil.

23.Carny had - +2 Chainmail, Amulet of Natural Armour +1. Dagger +1, 3 vials of poison.

24.I walk across hot coals using the power of my faith to resist the pain and prove to the peasants the power of my deity.

25.This place is full of freaks.

26.A fox leads the monk out of the carnival to a Satyr by the river. Felchois. He was sent by the Dryad, apparently we have crossed a powerful Fey at some point, the Dark Fey are seeking revenge. They have come to the carnival to kill everyone. Someone can save us but they are bound by bonds of love. He gives us some potions to drink which will protect us from the Dark Rider and his eye of rapture. We need to break the eye of rapture to free people from the spell.

27.We all drink the potions.

28.We need the mage and the Bard.

29.Globes of light rise up from the festival.

30.People are gathered to watch fireworks.

31.Gong sounds and rockets explode into multicoloured sparks.

32.Band plays a haunting melody.

33.Rain of leeches drops from the sky onto the crowd.

34.Ticket booths are decorated with flayed faces.

35.Major sick stuff happening

36.We need to get past the Brownies and rescue the towns folk.

From the journal of Denion the Dark

Approaching the fair entrance, where six evil fey stand, Gregory draws his sword. Immediately confusion reigns and we set about each other. Gregory lays into me so I drop a flaming sphere on him, put him in a pit and finish him off with a crossbow. Finally I realise what I am doing and cast protection from evil on myself. Fortunately the others have finished off the fey. We heal, buff and head off quickly to thwart the dark rider.

We pass a tent where citizens are tucking into offal pies in a pie eating competition. Gregory takes offence and drops the evil chef.

Moving on there is an ice carving competition on the frozen lake. There are live citizens suspended inside the ice being carved. Several small evil frost chiselers are supervising the competition. Gregory and Oriel slip-slide onto the ice as Baldwin provides ranged support and Denion provides a summoned demon and a pit spell to help. Gregory is not happy about the demon. The slippery combat continues for some time with Gregory slaying the demon.

Next is the ice maze – where we keep to the left. At one point there is a hazy passage with ice chrysanthemums which detect as some sort of protection spell. Gregory walks past and ‘bang’. Oops, must have been a glyph.

Baldwin guides us to the centre of the maze where there is a pile of dead villagers. A minotaur with a bloody axe stands ready. He drops his greased axe and is soon dead.

Making our way to the modern wonders tent we see a skeletal figure plucking citizens at random and shoving them under the folds of the tent followed by screaming and mechanical noises. A brownie sweeps up bones and strips of flesh as they exit the tent.

At the beer tent a pixie is spiking drinks. The imbibers are turning into trees. Oriel wanders up to the pixie, orders a drink, and casually kills the pixie with one swat.

The titan’s wheel rotates with people hanging by their intestines from the wheel. Brownies throw passers by into the wheel. A stinking cloud disables the brownies and a couple are soon dropped while the others run away.

A dark rider enters the fare and bellows a challenge to the heroes who would dare oppose the power of ice.

From the journal of Thorgrimm

Note to self: forgot quill

Throrgrimm’s Old Scroll and Nib

I awaken and have been blessed again. My God favours me.

I must talk to my companions and impress upon them the error of their ways.

My companions barter amongst themselves. A suit of chainmail finds itself in my hands, I gratefully accept it.

We subtly observe our objective. A Carnival of Hell. Evening has arrived and the encampment is busy with enraptured villagers.

A large humanoid form wrapped in mist and sporting antlers, bearing a glaive strides out from the forest, mounted on a stag. He looks like an unbeliever.

I act whilst my companions stand frozen with fear. But our enemy acts first with unnatural speed casting an Ice Storm at us. The freezing snow and rain hampers our movement and we are injured by frost.

I heal my companions move forward and then Denion our Mage casts Haste.

Our Rogue disappears into the shadows….flanking he says….

I’m blinded .There is much noise and I flail curse my ill fortune.

Again I attempt to Heal my companions, though I cannot see them.

More noise around me. My blindness is a curse.

I hear the clash of weapons, my companions fight our evil opponent and I am powerless to assist. Curses!

I hear cries of agony as my friends are wounded by this accursed beast!

At last my eyes can see, just in time to witness Ser Gregory smite our opponent with a colossal blow.

Out of the shadows sneaks our rogue with an underhand sword thrust that nicks our vile opponent, like a nasty paper cut.

The stamina of this monster! Again he strikes at Ser Gregory wounding him sorely and hitting Baldwin with an evil thrust of his glaive. A sneaky strike by the Quickling fells poor Baldwin.

Ser Gregory cuts and thrusts with all of his might, striking the vicious monster with blows that would stagger a giant and kills it. The stag disintegrates

We seize the gem from the corpse.

We shepherd the villagers away from the hideous sights to protect their souls and burn down the circus tents and their unholy contents.

A ring wrapped with green hair is found on this monster’s finger. We now have three in our possession. What they do we cannot tell.

We retire for winter and try to maintain the kingdom. Unrest is rife and the stability of the kingdom is threatened. The fortress continues to be constructed.

The kingdom’s officials decide on onerous taxation levels on the poor peasants and many leave our beloved land. But we need money. And they must pay. The loyalty of our people is suspect. The castle is built over the winter, justifying the harsh taxation and rule that were necessary.

The campaign season begins in spring. We go and explore the lands surrounding our kingdom and discover a barrow mound.

We enter the chambers and discover a bat infested room, the floor covered in insect crawling guano.

My companions debate on how to deal with bats. They want to Fireball them.

We wait until dusk and the bats leave the chamber and we enter.

A further circular chamber is beyond with four grotesque statues representing the four winds but horribly corrupted decorating it. A body lies on the floor and an aura of necromantic magic is detected.

Ser Gregory bravely discovers a trap. Wind blows out of the statues, sapping his strength. But his great stamina shakes off the effects.

A ring of sustenance is found on the body and it is passed to Denion.

To the left is a corridor leading to a chamber decorated with skeletal warriors. I and Ser Gregory destroy them with our Holy Words!!

We explore further and discover a similar chamber opposite. With evil undead skeletons therein too! I challenge them and three are turned to dust. Three remain. I am unafraid. They attack and I defend myself vigorously, whilst my companions attack. The skeletons are summarily destroyed.

We move into another chamber, inhabited by a Wight!!! The Wight surges forward and attacks Baldwin. He is hit and suffers a level drain.

The fight continues but the Wight, unable to strike home again is defeated.

The Wight has a +2 Fey Bane bastard sword, which after much grovelling, sobbing and begging is given to Gil (The Sniffler).

There is nothing else of interest here.

We head southwest, further exploring the lands around. There are hills around us.

The party decide to take on the Huge Malignant Tree Monster and journey to its lair.

It cooperates by being there. Battle is engaged.

We begin by shooting arrows at it. I prepare our gallant party members with spells to enhance their strength.

The HMTM advances quickly.

The battle goes badly, Ser Gregory is grappled and swallowed.

Gil is trapped by a tentacle.

My spells have no effect.

Denion successfully sets fire to the HMTM.

In desperation, the rogue struggles are futile.

Eventually, the HMTM succumbs to the fire elemental that Denion has summoned.

Ser Gregory is cut out of the monsters corrosive stomach.

The beast has no treasure.

We continue exploring despondently to the West.

We encounter an island in the river, surrounded by a palisade.

From the journal of Denion the Dark

Man sized lizard like creatures can occasionally be seen entering the palisade from the water.

From the shore we shout out in Draconic and common that we wish to parlay. A head pops up from the palisade and asks us what we want. After a few minutes the gate opens and a group of six lizard men emerge from the gate into the water and onto the shore a short distance away. We try to parlay for information but they aren’t interested in my eloquent request. They claim all the lands around here. Deciding we aren’t in a position to argue we move off peacefully.

After a few days exploration we come across a massive pile of dead wood and bushes. Baldwin notices tunnels and a larger chamber within the pile. Gregory casts a light spell and Denion tosses a lit pebble into the chamber revealing a lizard like magical creature. Gregory charges in and the beast sets about him with tooth, claw and tail. The others charge in and are soon hasted. However Baldwin makes short work of it. We have a dead rare magical beast – a shame we don’t know what it is.

After some investigation I realise it is a Hodag – there are unpleasant folk tales about them.

A couple of days later we are ambushed by a bush! It grabs Gregory and Gil and starts to squeeze. A flaming sphere doesn’t seem to hurt it, though Gregory is hacking wildly and sap is flying everywhere. Gil also flails wildly and amazingly kills it. Its sap is drained into a wineskin.

A couple of days later as we are walking though a forested area, a dragon flies overhead. Gregory immediately shouts out a challenge and the dragon roars and lands. Hasted, Gregory charges towards it and the others follow. I have a bad feeling about this. Gregory cries out as the dragon breathes acid on him. However the haste does it work and the grunts soon finish it off. Examining the creature it is a forest drake, which I point out to Gregory who is claiming “Dragon slayer” bragging rights – though he isn’t listening.

Returning to the city there is a message from the sword lords – they are concerned about Trolls in the area. However the kingdom requires our leadership and we spend a few months building up our city before we set out troll hunting.

Several days pass and Baldwin spots Troll tracks and the chase is on. The tracks lead to a narrow cliff side path. Following them up it comes to some doors that are ajar in a cliff face. This looks dwarven build. Gregory peers in and cries out. Trolls are upon him. The carnage begins. It takes a while, but the result never looks in doubt.

Exploring we find their lookout post, and up another stairway the bloody remains of a Halfling on a table. Off to one side there is a room with three troll hounds chained to the wall. Two break free from their chains and charge. Both go down as another charges in and it soon follows. They start to regenerate so they are burnt to finish them off. Further down a side corridor a single two headed troll is found, with a blood circle on the floor – a shaman perhaps? He soon dies. He has phat loot.

From the journal of Denion the Dark

After searching the room we head to the other fork. We can hear gutteral voices ahead. Pausing momentarily to cast spells we head on into a chamber of 6 trolls. Opening with a stinking cloud that fills half the room - coughing and choking is heard  though 4 trolls emerge from the cloud. One is dazed and one is pitted and it never looks too bad and we soon down them all and they are torched.

Down the corridor we scout a horrid room of animal carcasses and headless humanoids.

Onwards to a huge room with several trolls, including a huge troll sat on a crude wooden throne. Baldwin charges in just before the door is blocked by a troll. He is on his own! We  all wail on the troll in the door and he goes down quickly. We are in. Just in time to see Baldwin impaled.

We redouble our efforts to avenge Baldwin and make short work of them. Plundering the caverns takes but a short while. We plan to raise Baldwin, and make a bee line back to Deepwater before his body rots.

On our arrival there is damage to the city. It has been attacked! Tales of an armoured huge creature part owl and part bear attacked and ruined our library.

A few days later Baldwin is raised and shortly thereafter we set out after the owlbear. After many days the tracks lead to a large cave and Gregori leads the way. The owlbear is home and seems a little disoriented. We kill it without much effort.

Another cave contains a dead owlbear and a dead barbarian type. The barbarian has many items including a cursed ring of animal friendship/hostility.

From the journal of Gil

Lici while absent decides to abdicate to take up a role as grand diplomat to explore the world some more, her free spirit just couldnt be quenched... and Ser Gregory takes over. Long live Ser Gregory.

The city is growing well as we repair the library, and build a new barracks to try and bolster the defences or our fledgling kingdom.

A fire rages through  our city, but due to the gallantry of our loyal citizens the fire doesnt spread far and we lose no buildings.

We finish exploring the southern edge of our kingdom.




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