Queen Euphoria

From the Journal Of the best Combat Mage in the World. Ever.

Drummer is woken by one of his fixers and given a rendezvous that evening with a shiny new Johnson at Tacoma. We drop Mason off to spy on the meet site, baulking at the industrial stench. We prepare as best we can, being safe about the meeting. A Harley Scorpian combat bike pulls up with a latino aboard, followed by a car with tinted windows.

 The job is to 'entertain' Euphoria, a simstar that is to promote a new food 'Ambergel' by Strice Foods. We fumble the negotiations, but still manage to get the job. Today is Thursday, and she is due to perform Friday through Sunday, so we need to hustle to her penthouse and abduct her. There's a safehouse at the Royal Meadows apartments in the Redmond Barrens.

We decide storing her in the safehouse is asking for trouble and plan around it. The penthouse is at the top of a twenty five story pyramid shaped hotel. We analyse the pyramid in various ways and find out information about it - security is high and the building is warded, we cannot get access to the internal networks without being inside the building itself.

From the Journal Of the best Combat Mage in the World. Ever.

We dither at length. Net hacking gets us the name of the bodyguard, Osprey, and the extra guards in the suite are his. We decide the best course is to sneak the Technomancer and the Special Ops guys in underneath a security van. They roll under it and latch on using gecko gloves and are carried into the underground garage.

They hack the cameras inside then the external ones too. We sneak in in the van and the Technomancer goes comatose in the back of the van to hack the hotel network for control over the elevators.

 We get in the elevator and the doors open to the penthouse. I levitate the guard over to us and we dispatch him, though not quietly - so we ask the technomancer to set off the fire suppression systems as the Covert Ops guy sneaks inside. Our street samurai and gunslinger take care of two guards in quick succession. Then we move inside killing the final guard.

The Covert Ops guy manages to talk Euphoria and Osprey out of her bedroom to "escape", as the shaman appears and summons an earth elemental. Our gunslinger unloads on the Shaman, killing him with just two shots. Osprey and the summoned elemental lay into the gunslinger and street samurai, and I attempt the banish the elemental. Osprey hits the gunslinger with multiple shots, dropping him to the ground and I banish the elemental finally.

We escape with Euphoria and take her to the first of our series of safe houses. We provide her with Amber gel to sate her hunger, but as we open a jar I see astral ants crawling all over it that bite me. Ti Shan tastes the terrifying goop and enjoys it.

From the Journal of Drummer

We plan to regularly change safe houses. Adar sets up mystical protections. Ti Shan attempts to convince Euphoria that Hong Kong action films are the best. Ti Shan and I give some demonstrations of real martial arts prowess. On the second day Ti Shan & Echo hear a sound in the hall only moments before the door is kicked in,  the attackers are wearing high street suits. One of them roars and disappears.

Combat begins bullets flying in all directions, we get sprayed with bullets the damage lessened by the combat mage Adar. Mason cuts a hole in the floor with his chainsaw. Ti Shan and I kill two of them and Echo surprisingly takes down another and then proceeds to dive through the hole in the floor. Euphoria climbs from behind the couch and jumps after Echo. Since we can't see the last guy Ti Shan and I dive in the direction of Adar's hand gestures, Ti Shan misses but I connect and Ti Shan takes the hint and blasts in my direction dropping the final attacker.

The final day passes without incident and we return Euphoria home.

The next day my fixer informs us the MegaMedia corporation knows we were behind the kidnapping and they want to meet with us. We meet with their representative. We are told Euphoria has been kidnapped, they will wipe the slate clean if we find out who has taken her this time.

We return to the apartment to find it trashed but Euphoria's simsense equipment is still running. Echo plays back the last recording and sees the kidnappers and tells us the name of a bar, Garratty's Bar & Grill and the name Burroughs, Echo looks shaken by the experience.. meh.

We travel to the bar and interrogate the bar and patrons, we find out one of the kidnappers Van Willis has disappeared but was last seen with Mr. Craft who owns the shop Magic Crafts and is rumoured to be obsessed with a famous simsense star.

We travel to Magic Crafts to investigate and find Van Willis. Ti Shan moves towards him asking if he is Mr. Craft and is immediately attacked, Ti Shan shoots him and I follow his lead and finish him off. In Magic Crafts we find a basement set up with a shrine to Euphoria and a room spattered with dried blood and replica Euphoria clothing and wigs. People have obviously died in here.

Upon further investigation we find out Burroughs is an executive for Streiss Foods in charge of the Amber Gel range of foods. We try to make an appointment to see Burroughs under the guise of being a food distributer who is interested in Amber Gel.

From the Journal of Adar Sintel

We talk to Mega Media. They tell us to go assault the production facility for Ambigel and sign a contract with them so they give us transport, armour and weapons. We arrive at the facility and at least one of the guards outside is a possessed ant thing. We snipe a couple and the rest run inside the building.

We cut a hole through the fence and race to the door where the gunslinger tosses a grenade at the door. As the smoke clears twenty possessed zombie ant people run at us. We unload with grenades, automatic fire and manaballs until no bodies are left standing.

Inside the building barrels of Ambigel have leaked over the floor and it is beginning to pool in corners. We proceed down some stairs and a spirit of an ant creature manifests infront of us - all but myself run away in fear. I manage to hurt it but it poisons me and I fall to the ground unconscious.

The others come back and manage to kill the spirit with some well placed shots. Through one of the two doors in this room is Craft and a giant cocoon - infront of that are many many human-ant-zombie creatures. A barrage of bullets fly towards Craft, many bouncing off a magical barrier infront of the mage, grenades exploding amid the transformed humans. A few make it close enough to breathe noxious gas over the group.

Craft goes down to a sniped shot but his anthumans keep advancing until Drummer is covered with writhing bodies. He bursts from the pile in a shower of blood. The gunslinger manages to make his way to the far side of the room, swinging across the rafters until he can drop infront of the cocoon. He cuts it open and the body of Euphoria drops out, dead due to the cocoon being what was keeping her alive.

Mega Media releases a simvid of 'Against the Hive Masters', starring us all, and Euphoria 'retires' amid fan outrage. We get paid a crapload of new yen.



Last Updated: June 2012