• Richard:    Knight
  • Chris:       Warrior of Chaos
  • Colin:       Berzerker & Witchdoctor
  • Steve:     Chaos Mage

Boards/Expansions Used:

  • 2nd Edition Main Board
  • Talisman Adventure Expansion
  • 3rd Edition Dungeon/City/Forest/Mountain Realm Boards
  • The Underworld of Hades
  • Holy Grail
  • Mystic Brews

Note - completing this game was always going to be difficult as it started fairly late in the evening

Game Highlights:

  • The Warrior of Chaos lost a combat with a boar, Strength 1!
  • The Chaos Mage fell down a trap door into the dungeon, discovered a tunnel to the temple, prayed and lost a life. Over the next few turns he returned twice and was enslaved twice (taking several turns to escape)
  • The Berzerker killed himself as a result of rolling doubles in a series of combats. He was replaced by the Witchdoctor
  • The Warrior of Chaos was turned into a toad in the tavern as a result of drinking a Mystic Brew & lost all his items and followers to one of the other players
  • The Chaos Mage ventured into The Underworld of Hades (this board was being used for the first time). On subsequent turns he called the Knight into Hades. In the Maelstrom he lost 2 lives and killed 2 Craft 5 spirits before finally reaching Hades. Hades was initially unavailable but then decided that the Chaos Mage was wasting his time (lose a life & a follower). This killed the Chaos Mage. The Knight opted to leave the Underworld of Hades rather than face the maelstrom
  • By this point in the game the time available to reach a conclusion was running out. It was agreed that as characters were eliminated the players would drop out of the game. Last man standing won.
  • In the race to complete the game the Witchdoctor was killed by the Sentinel
  • The Warrior of Chaos discovered the Arena and summoned the Knight to fight him. The tow players agreed to fight to the death in the Arena. The combat took several turns but the Warrior of Chaos had the advantage of armour and finally emerged victorious.


Last Updated: September 2001