Traveller Chronicles: Beater System (Border Worlds, 1424)

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Beater System (Border Worlds, 1424)


0 Beater I Alpha B685686-A Ag Ni Ri Planet, 9120Km diameter, Base, 6M people
1 Beater I Beta X000000-0 Asteroid/Planetoid Belt
2 Beater I Gamma Y100518-9 Planet, 1920Km diameter, Rockball, 600,000 people
7 Beater I Gamma Ay FS0056A-A Co Re Satellite, 400Km diameter, Rockball, 600,000 people
35 Beater I Gamma Bee GS0016A-9 Satellite, 400Km diameter, Rockball, 60 people


0 Beater I Alpha B685686-A Ag Ni Ri Planet, 9120Km diameter, Base, 6M people
World Mass: 0.38 terra
World Gravity: 0.675 terra
Rotation Period: 38.8 standard hours
Atmospheric Composition: Standard oxygen-nitrogen mix
Base Temperature: -32.936 degrees C
Native Life: Exists
Hydrographic Percentage: 47% H2O
Landmass: 6 major oceans, 9 minor oceans, 11 small seas, 8 scattered lakes
Volcanoes: 5
Resources and Goods: Compounds, Agroproducts, Non-Metals, Durables,
Weather Control: Is practiced
Total World Population: 6,000,000

Medium-Large Cities (UWP Pop-2): Cities=84, Population/City=50,000
Moderate-Size Cities (UWP Pop-3): Cities=144, Population/City=5,000
Small Cities (UWP Pop-4): Cities=1,080, Population/City=500
Very Small Cities (UWP Pop-5): Cities=10,800, Population/City=50
Primary Cities: 10
Orbital Cities: Present

Social Outlook:
Progressiveness: Progressive, Advancing
Aggressiveness: Competitive, Militant
Extensiveness: Harmonious, Aloof

Uniformity of Law: Territorial

Government: Civil Service Bureaucracy, Several Councils

World View: Neutral

SDB Squadrons: None

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