Traveller Chronicles: Episode 2 - Gram

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So several fake ID's, a fake transponder and a new paint job later - not to mention selling our souls to the Mob we are shortly going to be on our way to Gram...

Our job is to pick somebody up from Gram. We can carry cargo as we go. This led to a long debate to decide to carry cargo and another longer debate to decide what to carry. Several references within this debate were made to something called "Charity shops", apparently this was an ancient Terran custom of selling second hand goods (in a small slightly scruffy shop staffed by unpaid people too old to be useful anywhere else) for more than they were worth so that some poor person could be bombed out of existence by some corrupt Government (oh how we have progressed!).

We still have a wounded man in lowberth. Several options have been discussed, some with more taste than others. For now he stays in lowberth. Then we went shopping.........

Oh, such joy, I love shopping.......

Still shopping yawn..........

dum de dum de dum shop til you drop......

and today on super market sweep/challenge/whatever. snub pistols, assault rifle ammo, armour etc... tooth brushes and shaving cream. Oh I forgot the tac nuke device.

Still shopping but somebody also wanted to get that ancient Terran cult 2-D classic the Matrix trilogy along with a sexy knife. Oh and at the last minute a couple of rifles as the Noble or whatever he is started getting impatient. Just as the shopping was about to start somebody cries out 'What about a hand computer and another vac suit and communicators!' Give me strength!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrrgggggggg! still shopping.

More references to twentieth century 2-D movies and still shopping.

Malachite cannot barter well (but better than I can) but he did not cost us anything. He does like spending money (better still if it is not his to spend in the first place). Now for the cargo. So after a ridiculously short chat (for the crew) we have decided to carry:

10 tonnes of Herbs (wow man!!!)
10 tonnes of Rope (to hang my self)
1 tonne of Tea (Fancy a brew?).

Quote of the day: "I'm glad somebody else is doing this I just shoot people."

I'm sure that trading is more complicated than it needs to be (oh interstellar culture has come so far). Malachite's bartering was spot on this time. So we buy some more:

1 tonne of Coffee (To keep me awake while we trade though I suspect that will not be enough).

Next time we trade we I want to be placed in lowberth!

For a short while after we discussed other ways to make money either legally or otherwise and further discussions with regards to early twenty first century Terran television (we have a amateur historian in our midst!) and finally we all received weapons etc. from shopping and then we noticed all the nice things that we had missed. We have also found out how expensive it is to run a starship. The ship is now called the "Blatent Gift"

Finally we have the contact information and we are ready to go. That is after buying a disguise kit. More shopping! We now spend a while discussing the contact, what he does and just how is this really relevant to us?

We finally leave Beater. Yahoo!!!!!!!!!

Once in jumpspace we start discussing shopping and we are here for a week. Arrgg!

Simon, Harry and Jack play hide and seek and Gamble. Wym tries stripping guns down, what an eventful seven days! I cannot stand such levels of excitement for much longer. Oh I forgot Malachite studied law.

Gram is quite a busy place. Lots of crafts about. Lots of traffic on the news nets. A few of us wonder if we are in the news maybe to satisfy their bored egos, we are! Then Harry asks what the most expensive ship is in system so we can hijack it.

Gram seems to have a refugee problem and there is a missing officer that seems to have tampered computer records in a refugee camp. This man looks like the man we are supposed to be contacting, a Giles Orrin. Malachite doesn't seem to mind this kind of job (Fool).

However a Merchant ship seems to be nearby spawning more hijacking jokes. The ship is 440 tonne which is too big for a free trader, I find a turret. The ships transponder changes to the system patrol cruiser Lictus, they want to dock with us because of a discrepancy with our transponder. This enables us to deal with the low berth problem in a cold blooded manner - we push the captive through an airlock without a vacc suit. There is some semi panicked computer use to cover records and find flaws etc. We decide to let them dock and don't seem to take the 3 hours that the cruiser gave us and even the crew roles seem to be dealt with quite rationally (quite strange really). They board us. They ask us for our papers. This seems to check out ok. They check the hold. Then the officer drops the bomb, why does his records differ from ours. We brazen it out - "Do you mean somebody has stolen our transponder code?" After a while they seem satisfied and leave. We then discuss the whys and wherefores of the encounter and progress on to the downport.

More references to classic 20th century 2D cult entertainment!

It would seem that as we fly in we have too many historians in the team. There also seems to be a "I just shoot people or flush them out off the airlock" attitude. Educated pirates, wow!

When we reach Gram we are put into a holding pattern. Due to the recent war on neighbouring Joyeuse space traffic density is unusally high and it will be at least a day and a half before we'll be able to dock. We discuss bribery to get in more quickly but finally decide to just wait.

There are a lot of SuSag ships in the area.

After waiting for just over the day and a half we are finally allocated a landing slot. We land and are then inspected by customs.

We have now to refuel the ship and sell the cargo. Yawn, I love space travel!

Selling seems more complicated than it needs to be. We actually make a profit however and can buy more cargo if we can get off Gram alive.

Simon, Harry and Jack cruise bars asking questions and playing cards. Public opinion is split with regards to the refugee problem. After this we go to see our contact, Bob Ferris. He runs the Bob Ferris Brokerage Company. It would seem that our prospective passenger is quite paranoid. His cover has been blown once and he will not deal with his people. Bob tells us how to make contact with him and we returned to the ship.

It would seem that some members of the team have got a real taste for trading. So Wesley, Simon, Jack and Harry make contact with Giles Orrin and organize to meet in a warehouse in the industrial district of the city. While this happens Malachite and Wym discuss beam lasers, cargos, trading up and/or stealing another ship.

Harry and Simon give in their swords to customs, Malachite however uses his bearing to retain his. The customs officials seem to reason that he could not use the sword anyway.

We meet the contact and he jumps into Malachite's air raft. We then realize that we are being followed. Before we can get our cargo we need to loose our tail. Simon tries to speed off to lead the tail away unsuccessfully.

After a chase Malachite loses the police and we arrange to meet up again.

The dilemma is how we are to get back in the space port and how to account for the picking up the contact as we seem to have attracted some unwanted interest. To blag our way back in it is decided that Malachite was looking for some Male Companionship to help curb his foppish urges. The explanation that was that this would make the crews life easier in Jump space. When Malachite's Air raft gets back to the starport they are met by the police and given a he tries to deny everything. After this Mal "comes clean" and gets a fine. Mean while.......

The remaining air raft crew arranges to hijack a truck from a greasy spoon type bar.

We managed to find two victims and over the course of the evening make sure they are drunk. They return to their truck for the night - the problem now is how to get into the truck......

How many starship crew does it take to open a truck door? While the strike team try to figure out the answer we raise our morale by bragging about our much better performance in computer games...

Malachite maintains the charade of waiting for his 'date' and sits in the restaurant reception looking anxious. Wym and Wesley remain on board ship.

After much discussion about doors and how it's never a problem in the holovids the strike team run out of ideas and call for help. Wesley drives out to the truck stop all alone (our hero!). They immediately gain access to the vehicle, walk up to the snoring truckers and calmly break ones neck (how brave), then drag the other one outside taking a pillow from the truck and shoot him . The bodies are placed in the back of the van and the team drive off to the warehouse.

In the warehouse there are 24 crates, one-metre cubes, all plugged into the power supply. Loading up the truck with a grav loader conversation drifts back to old campaigns and old movies (it's better than accepting our incompetence in this one).

Out of nowhere a small group of men with shotguns appear! Wesley reacts by trying to run them over with a grav vehicle. He sideswipes them and drives round the block to come up the rear. A prolonged firefight ensues - snub pistols vs shotguns makes for a long slow fight. Highlights: Indestructible Harry took many shots yet remained standing, Simon got involved in a life or death struggle wrestling a shotgun with his opponent and finally twisting it under his opponents head and pulling the trigger. Wesley, the technician, was completely unharmed and took out two of the bad guys. Jack and our contact Giles are both downed during the firefight.

Wesley returns to the ship to get Malachite as they need a medic. Returning with the medical drugs the team are revived. Simon and Giles take the truck to the starport, a tense moment at the checkpoint passes without incident. After unloading the cargo and sneaking Giles onboard the truck is returned and then we make a low key flight off world. The jump and return to Beater is totally uneventful.

We deliver the cargo to a warehouse where Giles has a lengthy conversation with Max Schreck. He wants to know when he'll be receiving his cut. Max takes him to a back office and emerges later by himeself. Max says he won't be needing our services for a while so we leave for the starport to sell our own cargo and indulge in a bit of well-earned R&R.

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