Traveller Chronicles: Episode 3 - Thieves in the Night

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++Latest News++

++Beware the Orcrist Pirates. These men are extremely dangerous, do not approach!++

++Reward for any information 500,000 Cr++


The vid clips look real good, nice to know we are sooo wanted! Looks like we may gain some unwanted attention, I'll have to grow a beard.

We go to see Maximilian Shreck. Max is not happy, somebody is stealing on his turf. A gentleman called Winston Byron, a very wealthy businessman and collector of rare goods. Byron has been robbed recently of some recent additions to his private museum.

Basically Max does not want:

  • People stealing on his turf
  • Anybody getting anything valuable on his turf - Max wants it

Our Mission revolves around finding out who has done it, make an example of the people who did this and return the goods to Max, not to Byron!

Does Max know what he is letting himself in for?

So the new company Detinarie Associates go to visit Mr Byron with a view to getting a job. Malachite tries to get an appointment with Elliot Cooke, his PA. However the job has already been filled. Malachite tries to fast talk the man but is not very successful. We talk to Max and he agrees to get us a reference and some time later we get a call from Cooke asking us to go round.

Before going round to the mansion we decide to split up (what!!!!!) and cruise some bars looking for rumours, nothing much to hear though. So to Byron's mansion for four o'clock.

Quite a nice place, Malachite seems to fit right in (well he likes the place), we are welcomed by the robo-waiter. Nice paintings here.

We are met by Cooke and taken to Byron who is in his library with real books and everything. This man wants his possessions back and will pay good money for them. Malachite asks what these items are:

  • A broach once worn by the Empress Leanna.
  • Several small identical statuettes of no great value except sentimental value. Each 20cm tall and black in colour.
  • Some clothes.

Whoever got in melted the security system and its backup. The police have been informed but don't seem to be making any progress.

The people who work onsite are Elliot Cooke (PA), Miska Bogadov (Head of Estate Security), Simon De'voe (Security Officer), George Wilkes (Security Officer), Thompson Walters (Security Officer), Tandy (The Chef), Max Lewis (The Groundsman), Alice Bryant (Menial Worker), Running Deer Smith ( Menial Worker) and Jason Grey (Menial Worker).

The Security Guards on duty that night were both gassed. No explosion was heard by Byron, but the place is really big. All the staff were questioned by the police.

We are taken around the crime scene. None of the glass cabinets are locked. The statuette's cabinet stands in the centre of the room - it was not labeled. The broch was in a cabinet placed aainst one of the walls. Wilkes and Walters were on security detail that night. The system was destroyed by incendiary cord, and done really well judging by the amount of other damage, a professional job. Walters still has not come back into work.

We go to the hospital to try to find Mr Walters while Wim and Wesley go to watch Wilkes.

It appears Walters discharged himself after several hours in the hospital and Wilkes was discharged after two days. We go to Walters address to see if he is there. On ringing Walters apartment he seems not to be there, in fact after ringing several apartments it is decided that everyone on the floor is out! Eventually we decide to bluff our way in through the first door and then resort to calling Wim to open the door upstairs (problems with doors again!). Up on the 8th floor and into Walters apartment. It is empty but recently used - by Wallters and his sister. Looks they left in a hurry but not before wiping all data from the computer terminal. In the trash tin there is an empty jewelry box. There is a lot of posters of a bar called the Watering Hole and pictures of Walters sister with a DJ there - Gary-X. We spend some time discussing several theories as to how he got the box. We inform Byron and then go to the club.

Fat man and the academic (Malachi & Wym) go back to ship to drop off academic so he can hack the wiped computer, the fat man goes on to Shreck to pick up some guns. He also buys some more jewelry (a ruby ring) with our money!

The gung-ho twins (Harold & Simon) go to stake out a security guards house (a potential bloodbath!)

Wizkid and the thief (Jack & Wesley) go to the night club during the day - dark dingy and full of hardened drinkers. The DJ we're looking for should be spinning some discs tonight though.The thief is talks to the bar man about the DJ and his girl friend but fails to glean any useful information. As we leave we spot a couple following us. We ignore them and continue, stopping for food and some night clubbing gear. Wizkid gets some clothes with some real street-cred. Jack appears to be tring too hard.

We all go back to the club. Malachi is wearing a red and purple suit dripping in jewelry flanked by the Gung-Ho twins wearing black suits - no attempt to blend in whatsoever. He then sends out a Gung-Ho twin to procure some scantily clad women for the evening, flashing his wealth. He makes a token attempt to gather info from the women. He now seems to be gathering a harem which is iritating the local men out to score. The DJ is in the booth with a techie.

Fat man talks to Dj about his girlfriend. We have found out about a meeting that happened a couple of days ago with the Dj his girlfriend , her brother and a dark skinned outworlder.

The girlfriend appears at the club. DJ motions to her so she runs . The Gung-Ho twins follow. They see the girlfriend being escorted towards a car by two men in suits. Harold blows them away with his machine pistol but gets shot in the process. Simon chases the girl who legs it as soon as the shooting starts. The car speeds off. Unfortunately Simon gets beaten in a foot race by the girl. Who ate all those pies!

Meawhile we come out the club and shoot the bouncers on the order of the Fat murdering pimp (Malachi), to eliminate the witnesses to the first shooting. We then give our guns to the two dead thugs so that it looks like they shot each other and the bouncers. Malachi takes his 100 credit tip back off the dead bouncer - shady evil git or what!

Malachi and Simon go to to stake out the Waters apartment, in case the girlfriend returns there. The rest of us stay outside the club to follow the DJ.

The cops arrive and secure the area. People in the club are quesioned and the local media circus arrives.

Much later a cab arrives to pick up DJ and the bar tenders.

We follow and observe. The DJ leaves the cab and enters an apartment building. We observe which floor a light comes (the tenth). Wesley opens the doors and we break into the apartment brandishing guns as the Gary-X is cleaning his teeth. Unsurpriningly he drop his tooth brush, still foaming at the mouth.

"We just came to see how you are ??" says Jack "Have you seen Eleanor?"

"No" he says.

"Hit him he is lying" says Jack and starts geting some wire out of an electric appliance and sparking it.

Gary-X starts to talk. He says Eleanor and her brother were planning some big deal with some off-worlders. We get Eleanors mobile comms number of him (try and track later) and check his comms unit for messages. The TV shows thje slaughter at the nightclub. This amount of violance is quite unusual and is attracting a lot of attention. On the screen a policeman is appealing for a fat man in purple suit to come forward so he can be eliminated from their enquiries. They have a photofit of Malachi that does look somewhat like him when viewed from the right angle and squinting.

A call comes in from Eleanor on the portable comms unit. We try and intimidate Gary to get him to arrange a meeting but he decides to play the hero....

Hmm, how much could I (Simon) get for turning Malachite in? It does seem difficult to sweet talk somebody once they have been intimidated the hell out of. The best he offers is to arrange a meeting with his girlfriend which is not good enough for us. Harry suggests breaking his fingers or chopping them off or something. Several other theories are discussed. In the end we decide to ring the girl.

Jack tries to sweet talk Eleanor with a view to meeting with her. She says she will ring us back. Then Garys phone rings - it's Eleanor! Gary warns her to go to ground - suprisingly he lives though the experience. Shortly afterwards the police arrive - time to leave. We run down the stairs and think about stealing the police cruiser but finally choose our own vehicle. The guess is that Shrek is not going to be happy!

Simon and Malachite watched Waters appartment but nothing happens. We have run out of leads!

The next day Malachite turns himself in. The incident has managed to cause a lot of interest -seems that this sort of thing is quite rare. There is a 50,000 Cr reward for information.

Wesley monitors the Eleanors phone records.

Malachite was with the police for some time. He feeds them some rubbish about slumming it a bit and having hired some security and lots of blagging but after a day they let him go. The Police also visit the starship and speak to Wym. Wym also trys to hack the PI computer.

A press conerence at 1 O'clock gives out details about the dead, old they are, how many children they have, the PI firm they worked for etc.. The Boss of the PI firm gives an interview and offers a further 100,000 Cr reward. We ditch the hardware - Harry puts the guns in a locker in the space port.

Jack then recieves a call from Eleanor and negotiates a meeting with her - seems the pressure is mounting on her and her brother as well. They want to get off world and need some credits but they seem to have run out of options. The team talk about actually doing as they ask and not killing them. But we need to find the statues and who has them. We agree a meeting.

Simon walks in the bar after being dropped off by taxi about fiifeen minutes before Jack turns up. Wesley waits outside. Simon rings Jack to let him know that it looks clear. Gary X and Eleanor arrive. They start to talk, but they don't want to be spaced. Jack cuts the deal at 20,000 CR plus passage offworld. They give a pickup point for us to get them from.

Simon and Harry get picked up by the police. We seem to get away with it for now. Jack and Wes go to the police, Harry and Simon go to case out the pickup point in the YNDA. Eleanor and Gary are checking out the street. Harry disposes of the guns.

The trio are brought to the ship. Byron was not Waters favourite person and let some offworlders into Byrons place. He met three of the off worlders, they were Haki, Khan and Jara. Haki was the leader. They stayed in the Wiltshire Hotel.

They don't want to travel in lowbirth. It would seem they don't trust us. They give us the Gem and we give it to Shreck.

Are we being honourable by helping the couple (Thomson and Alana) and the DJ (Gary-X) off-world? Watch this space! The gist of their story is that he was helping some off-worlders with a raid for the statues but helped himself to the necklace. The three off-worlders: Hakim, Khan and Jara are the ‘gang’. They are now after him, apparently for this indiscretion.

As Malachite leaves the police station two heavies flank him and ‘invite’ him to get into a car. Seeing a glimpse of an illegal firearm he ‘cooperates’ and gets into a car with darkened windows. He is then driven to a deserted underground car-park. Malachite is bustled into an elevator, along a darkened corridor and into a room containing a table and 2 chairs. The two heavies stand silent by the door and an interminable wait ensues.

After about an hour, but what feels much longer, two men enter: one smartly suited, one wearing a white coat and carrying a briefcase. The suit calls himself Mr Smith. After brief introductions the subject of truth serum comes up and Malachite agrees! After discussing the medical ins and outs it is administered by the ‘doctor’ in the white coat, though he administers a standard dose and Malachite is not exactly a standard size guy.

After a few minutes Malachite is feeling very relaxed and chummy. He is repeatedly questioned about “why he went to the club”, “what did he do when he left the club”. After several minutes of this he admits that he killed the bouncers because they were pigs. After a few more minutes he says that his two hired goons killed two guys in the street and he then scarpered. Shortly after the drug wears off. Malachite then spins a line to try and distance himself from the killing of the PIs, which they seem to swallow.

Afterwards they hand him over to the police with the line that an anonymous witness has told them that he was involved in the killing of the bouncers. The first we hear of this is a news story that they are “holding someone in connection with the killings” and Malachite hasn’t shown up yet.

Shortly after police come knocking at the spaceship with a search warrant. We are all invited to come down the station and revalidate our statements. After 24 hours of this they take us back to the ship, though Malachite is held for a further 48 hours.

While waiting for Malachite four of the group head off to the Wiltshire Hotel, which is in a working class area, Harry remains as ship watch. Hacking our way through the lock on the tradesman’s entrance, to avoid the security camera on the front door, we enter a narrow corridor. We ascend in the staff elevator then descend to reception in the main elevator.

Simon chats with the receptionist to get the names of the trio we are looking for. After the exchange of 50 credits we find that Mr & Mrs Byers and Mr Zuduchi have connecting rooms 404 and 405. Making our way to the fourth floor we attempt to enter the empty room. After a few minutes we crack the lock and enter the room quietly. Searching the room we find a pistol with silencer, a respirator and a gas canister.

Simon takes the gas spray and dons the mask before opening the door into the adjoining room. He sees the woman lying on the bed resting and the man watching a vid. The split second decision is to go for the man and as he is surprised he goes down. The woman in the meantime has drawn an auto-pistol and shoots doing serious damage. Reeling, Simon jumps towards the woman and sprays her, fortunately she goes down.

He calls us into the room. Wesley administers medical drug to Simon, and we tie up the two miscreants. Unfortunately searching the room reveals nothing so we decide we have to wait for the third man. Simon waits in the doorway of the empty room, gas spray in hand wearing a respirator.

Footsteps approach the door, halt, and then recede. Simon realising something is wrong pursues, as temporarily does Jack. Simon pursues for several minutes before catching up. Unfortunately the rogue chooses where to stop, pulls a knife, and gets the drop on him. After the initial struggle Simon is wounded again and just hanging on. Carrying on he manages to disarm the rogue and the knife goes sliding across the ground. The rogue dives for the blade as Simon draws the gun.

A brief stand-off ensues as they weigh up each others mettle. The rogue fancies his chances and dives for Simon as Simon shoots. The first shot stuns him so Simon shoots again and drops him. Searching the perp we find a mailing slip for a parcel sent today to Mjolnir. We report into Max who sends his men round for the 3 perps and arranges a “cleaner” for the room to erase Simons blood traces. Max cannot trace the parcel so we get ready for an epic trading mission…

As per-usual we begin with trading. It would seem that we are about to make an obscene amount of money. Now we debate on where to go, our final destination is Mjolnir. We can go by Gram then either Joyeuse, Colada or Gungnir, as quickly as possible.

We decide Gungnir, trading along the way.

Checking the Library Data it appears that Mjolnir is a hot desert world on the border between the Sword Worlds and the Imperium. There is a Sword Worlds garrison there whose main purpose is to try to prevent smuggling. A small off-world community has developed around the garrison. The locals are desert tribesman who are rumoured to have a high proportion of Psychics in their midst. There is some conflict between the tribesman and the off-worlders.

We decide to wait for Mal, well at least for the 48 hours. The Police eventually let him go, lacking any hard-evidence to link him to the crimes. He has lost some weight!

We buy 50 tonnes of live animals (lets hope there are no quarantine regulations on Gram!) plus 1 ton of novelties. The animals prove difficult to handle and we end up looking after them in full armour in case they fight back.

So off we go! But first we send seven statues in a briefcase with a transponder to Mjolnir for the attention of Palen Almaresh.

On route there seems to be problem with what to do with our passengers. The arguments are

  • Space them (it makes economic sense)
  • Promise that if they don't give us the 20 grand back we'll space them
  • Just be honourable and deliver them as agreed

We eventually opt for the last approach

We trade at Gram, Malachite was not around to broker the initial purchase but we're sure everything will be OK, honest, no problems and lot's of profit, no really. Surprisingly we do actually make a profit on the animals!

On Gram Malachite buys some more goods to trade at Grungir and we say goodbye to 20 thousand credits and the three stooges. We also plan on taking on some passengers and finally secure 8 middle passengers and 4 low berths.

We order a yellow jumpsuit for Malachite and then go shopping:

  • Filter masks x7.
  • Electronic Binoculars with Image enhancement x2.
  • Sunglasses (the best that money can buy for Malachite) x1.
  • White Safari suit (For Malachite) x1.
  • Sun block.

We also buy:

  • Some Perspex, steel and air conditioners to create a bubble on one of our air rafts.
  • Six combat environment suits with refec + air con,
  • An expensive pressure belt
  • Six desert survival kits
  • A load a large water bags
  • Spare parts for the air raft
  • Three grav tents.

Grungnir a week later - all the low birth passengers survive which is a surprise. And nobody spaced a passenger - are we mellowing? We unpack the cargoes. We buy 20 tonnes of vehicles and create the covering for the grav sled.

Another week later we arrive at Mjolnir. Mjolnir has a low law level so we can carry all our guns! This dust bowl has a garrison and desert tribes (who apparently have strange mental powers). All the people around here seem to be carrying guns and we soon find out that this is a sign of status (the more guns the higher the status). Starport customs seems to consist of one man smoking a cigar. We activate the tracking device signal to see if our parcel has arrived and get a response.

We go to a local dive called ‘The last haul’. There are no windows and the entrance is covered with three sets of heavy drapes. Two burly men dripping with weapons guard the entrance. Inside are a number of low tables and cushions with fermented goats milk for beer. Nobody likes this planet, it is dry, boring, and dangerous but money can be made by those willing to take the risks.

There is much talk about going to the post office. This place is deeper in the city. Discussion moves towards what the locals use for moving about in/on, these turn out to be creatures that are a little smaller than horses. We eventually go to the post office.

Trying not to draw attention to our selves we use an air raft to get there. Wesley observes that everyone seems to be

A: dressed the same.

B: armed to the teeth.

The post office is well guarded and for the technology the security is good.

Harry looks through the local address list and finds 6 possible people with the same name and initial. Two of which are nearby.

We take two landrover type vehicles from our hold. Wesley now tries to design a listening device from a mobile phone and Harold decides that he wants to learn how to drive.

One of the addresses is domestic but has a small business attached (Glassware), the other is just domestic.

The party splits up between the two locations to stake them out. Quite boring really.

Wym spends the night watching 2d rubbish. He does do some work and notices that the parcel has moved.

Harold tries to find out where our contact is and finds that he is from the Glassware business. In the news there is a story about a local mystic held suspended in a glass box in the desert.

Wesley goes shopping… Some of the finest desert robes. You would not believe amount of layers or even the types of robes that you can buy here.

Wesley enters the glassware shop on his own, and narrowly misses smashing something. He then walks around the outside of the building.

Harold decides to sell the remaining Landrovers. We continue with the stakeout and Wym notices that the parcel we sent finally made it to the post office.

We need to know when the box is picked up. This was easy to find out and somebody leaves the shop and picks up the box. The box is delivered and we take action…

Action consists of having a chat, not the usual gunfire, well at least to begin with. Ccome on! I want to shoot something! We decide to come back at night, so we miss out on the firefight.

Harold and Jack stay behind to stakeout the shop.

That evening we break in. There's nobody about. Weget Palen Almaresh's address and leave trying to leave the place as we found it.

Later at Almaresh's place we stand around and chat. Looking from above the house there is a trap door. We seem to have a problem discussing getting into the house. On suggestion was to dress Jack in a skirt and send him in to ask questions. We eventually revert to form and storm the place, managing to disarm an 8-year old boy (hmm well knocked him out) and scaring his mother into giving us some information. It seems Paleem Almaresh has embarked on a trip into the desert to a place called the Valley of Light.

Malachite declares that he wishes to be worshipped as a god! We go back to the ship taking Almarresh's wife and son with us and put them into lowberths. We then fly to near the valley, we were going to use the ship but in the end we decided to use the air rafts. It is quite stormy outside the city but Malachite can control the craft ok but soon we approach a sand storm, it's huge! Needless to say we avoid it but this adds three to four hours to our journey.

By now Malachite is feeling tired so Simon takes over piloting. Malachite resumes for the last leg. We stop about thirty miles from the valley which is in fact a giant ravine in the desert. We stop for the night. The next day we go in and we are greeted by gun fire. We back off a bit. Simon then gets out and Wes and Harry follow him for some reason. Malachite runs off. Wes is showing how effective the laser rifle is until he goes down badly wounded. Simon is going full auto but Harry is chipping away on semi automatic. Malachite zooms down to rescue Wes but also gets shot. While we are dealing damage to the tribesmen, they seem to be hurting us as well.

In desperation Simon flies directly at them using the Grav belt and succeeds in knocking one off them off the edge. The remaining two reload and fire. Harry kills one for his sins. Simon tries to take the last man down with his rifle butt (he is out of ammo), he fails however Harry manages to shoot the last man. Mal now tries to stablise Wes who is dying, which he manages.

In the valley there are about 14 horse-type things. A couple of shots greet us from the mouth of some caves. We attack at night. Some of us manage better than others. Wes is paralysed with fear. Mal, Harry and Simon enter the caves. There are carvings on the walls. The place seems empty and so we progress, Simon as usual is on point. We enter a chamber which is lightly iluminated and there is a man in the middle in deep meditation around the room is several statues around the room. Mal and Harry go down with some mind tricks and Simon manages to shoot the guy before he disapears!? Simon brings the other two round and they leave with the statues. Out side Wes discovers that a lot of riders are on their way. He desends into the valley to meet the others on their way out. Mal gets shot while leaving the valley but we escape.

Mal, Harry and Simon start having flashbacks of their previous lives.

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