Heroes who dies for the cause

  • Karl Drucker, male human Templar of Ulric
  • Karl Weiss, male human Academic
  • Dieter Topfer, male human Warrior
The story so far:

Episode 1: Fire in the Mountains

The Yetzin Valley stands at the southern end of a vital mountain pass between the Empire and the Border Princes. Settled by Dwarfs, conquered by Orcs, it has been quiet for almost a century. Now, once again, powerful forces are on the move.

A chance discovery in the mountain puts the adventurers on the trail of the legendary Orcish war-force, the Bloodaxe Alliance. Led by a great warrior-priest called Torgoch the Alliance briefly tried to establish a new Orc kingdom in the Yetzin Valley. The trail leads to an abandoned dwarven complex behind a waterfall, now the lair of a group of Beastmen. Clues discovered here lead the adventurers to a ruined tower in the Yetzin Valley, through an area that has fallen under the influence of Chaos and finally to a derelict druid temple. Inside the temple the adventurers encounter Torgoch, now a lich, and finally gain possession of the first Doomstone - the Crystal of Fire.

Episode 2: Blood in Darkness

Following clues discovered in the druid temple the adventurers travel up the Yetzin valley in search of the lost dwarven shrine of Kadar-Helgad. After encounters with harpies and various other creatures, and a long trek up the side of a mountain in bad weather, they eventually find the shrine. Unfortunately it is now occupied by a group of Ogres. Opting for the direct approach they attack and in the ensuing melee Karl Weiss is slain. The adventurers however are victorious and free Kazrak, an ogre who was being held captive at the shrine. Kazrak joins the group, providing they can keep him adequately supplied with food. 

Exploring the lower levels of the shrine the adventurers encounter various traps and Xhardja, a powerful elemental, who manifests as tentacles formed out of the mud that fills many of the rooms. They eventually defeat Xhardja and recover the second Doomstone - the Crystal of Earth

Episode 3: Death Rock

A century ago it was to Eyrie that the Dwarf mage Yazeran fled with the fabled Crystal of Air when Torgoch and the Bloodaxe Alliance first invaded the valley. 

An encounter with the ghost of Yazeran sends the adventurers towards the Eyrie. Oddly, when they arrive, they are greeted as the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and given the first clue that puts them on the trail of the next Doomstone. 

While the adventurers are exploring Eyrie the first signs of an impending Orc attack are seen. A few preliminary skirmishes occur leading up to a full-scale attack. The adventurers find the third Doomstone - the Crystal of Air - as the attack is in progress. Tank Ard, the dwarf, single-handedly holds the the force attacking the main gate at bay. Unfortunately the Orcs also launch airborne attacks, climb the walls in other places and tunnel in from below (with the help of a few elementals summoned by their leader, Radzog, a relative of Torgoch). Eyrie is bound to fall. Fortunately the adventurers find a secret way out of Eyrie, through the tomb of Yazeran. They are able to escape and save some of the monks as well.

Episode 4: Dwarf Wars

A map and some fragments of a century-old journal set the adventurers searching for the lost Dwarfhold of Kadar-Gravning. There is a strong indication that a Crystal of Power is hidden there somewhere. After traveling through the mountains for several days they find the lost Hold - and discover that it is no longer lost. An expedition from the Dwarfholds of the southern World's Edge Mountains has begun to clear the Hold, searching for a relic that will prevent an impending civil war. They are expecting an expedition from the opposing faction to arrive at any time and are highly suspicious of the adventurers.

The adventurers deal with the dwarves, overcome ancient traps and undead guardians and eventually find the fourth Doomstone - the Crystal of Water - in the tomb of the dwarven king Hargrim. Dieter is unfortunatley killed during this adventure.

Episode 5: Heart of Chaos

Kazrak, Tankard, Ugdet and Shasandilas use the Crystal of Earth to escape from Kadar-Gravning, avoiding the besieging dwarven army

Some dwarves from the Royalist faction accompany them, carrying the Crown of Hargrim. The rest stay behind to delay the other dwarves

On the trail the group encounter Karl Drucker and Eleanor Venkin. Karl is a Templar of Ulric, looking for Dieter Topfer

That evening Shasandilas attunes himself to the Crystal of Water. There is a loud thunderclap and all four crystals fly together and fuse into one. Everyone experiences bizarre visions and then the heavens open

After 2 days on the trail the group encounters the small mining village of Urdevar. They rest here and discuss what to do. Kazrak buys 10 sheep and Ugdet buys the freedom of Jeanne, a local prostitute

The following day they decide to leave but before they do so three knights arrive. The knights hold an old scholar captive. It appears the knights are on a quest to recover/destroy some artifacts of Chaos - the Doomstones. The scholar knows something about them

After some debate the group decide to rescue the scholar. That evening Ugdet and Shasandilas sneak up to the building that houses the knights. Peeking in through the window they are spotted. Tankard summons an air elemental but fails to control it. It attacks the group. During the ensuing melee the knights are aroused, but before they can act Ugdet casts Wall Shaker and collapses the building (and every other building in Urdevar). The death toll among the villagers is high but the knights survive. The group remove the knights equipment, questions them, then leaves them in the ruins of Urdevar when they leave, taking the scholar with them

Kostenlos Umlaut, the scholar, tells them to seek out Zockri the Younger on top of Hawks Claw Peak

On route they sense they are being watched, then drums start to echo through the mountains. They come across six piles of fresh dung and then several pots of fresh meat (halfling) on top of a pile of stones. Shortly thereafter a group of Beastman rush out into the trail and prostrate themselves, pledging eternal loyalty to the mighty 'Champions of Chaos'. There is sone debate about the offer but Karl eventually ends it by attacking one of the Beastmen.

During the combat the Beastman leader escapes. Ugdet tries to use a power from one of the crystal but it misfires and hits Karl. All the other Beastmen are slain

After the combat Karl accuses Ugdet of being a minion of Chaos, willing to deal with Beastmen. The situation escalates when Kazrak offers to be Ugdets Champion. In the ensuing combat Karl is slain

Climbing Hawks Claw Peak the group encounter a large number of Hawks and then 2 giants. The giants are slain and a dwarf, Gnud Gnudson, is found being held captive in their lair.


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