1151 AD

The Tribunal (Day 1)

From the diary of Cuthbert, Magus of Bonisagus

Nearly 12 months have passed since we arrived at Llyn Brenig, 12 industrious months. The ruined tower has been restored so that we now have a roof, floors and most importantly basic laboratories. We have appeased the local lord, found a source of Terram and Aquam Vis and found a cave that shows great potential as a mine. Despite my concerns there has been no overt threat from Blackthorn. All in all the covenant seems to be getting off to a better start than I could have ever expected. I can't help wondering though about who had originally built the tower and what had happened to them?

At the due time I again cast the Aegis of the Hearth to protect us, wondering what the year ahead may bring. Llewellyn, a magus of Bjornaer arrives at the covenant and petitions for membership. After much debate in the council chambers the petition is accepted.

Llewellyn is accompanied by Ithel, a merchant. Some trading is done with the members of the covenant expressing interest in books on myths and legends, glassware, vellum and writing materials. Ithel recounts a tale of a strange pool in Chester and a strange local stream.

  • Cian chooses to copy some spells for trade (his seasons work for the covenant)
  • Roderick decides to invent some spells
  • aura decides to study Intellego
  • Allain decides to study the spells in the covenants library

An Expedition

Myself, Llewellyn and Rhys decide to investigate the stream and the pool in Chester. We are accompanied by Liam, Luke and Ithel and a group of grogs. We stop over in Ruthin. In Ruthin I am offered 2 books by a local merchant, a bestiary and a history of South Wales, both in Latin. I buy both for a total of 15 1/2 shillings. That night there is some debate over what magical protection if any is appropriate and Rhys finally puts something in place. Ithel entices one of the local serving wenches into his caravan!

Early the following morning, just as we are beginning to stir, the inn is approached by a group of Militia and Hywel, local lord. Hywel invites us to attend mass and then to meet with him to discuss a certain matter. Llewellyn makes his excuses but everyone else attends. After the mass Hywel explains that he has been having some problems with bandits in the hills led by a Delling Ros. Delling Ros seems to lead a charmed life and the lord asks our aid in dealing with him. In return he offers us the services of Ruthins craftsmen. After some discussion we agree.

We leave Ruthin in Ithel's wagon, accompanied by a guide provided by the local lord. I cast Wizards sidestep in anticipation of a hostile encounter, as does Llewellyn. After a short journey we have to leave the cart and continue afoot. Near a waterfall we find some tracks and the guide leaves us. We follow the tracks. Along the way we find a wooden spoon which I unsuccessfully try to use as an arcane connection to locate the bandits. The tracks soon merge into others so we climb a large hill to get a better view of the surrounding terrain but this doesn't help much. We decide to backtrack and searching along the trail we find some hair. We also see an old crone in the distance and send Rodri after her. Rodri loses her and becomes lost but is eventually found. Later we found the stream with icicles floating in it. This proves to contain 2 points of Aquam viz. We return to Ruthin.

In Ruthin we hear more rumours of the bandits. Apparently their leader, Delling Ross, was recently shot in the chest with an arrow. He collapsed and was carried off by the other bandits & a week later he was seen acting normally. He seems to have the 'Devils Own' luck. The locals still seem suspicious of us and tend to avoid me, which suits me. Rhys later tells me that he encountered 2 minor demons outside, one of whom he destroyed while the other ran away.

The next day we return to the Covenant so that I can consult with my fellow magi. I convene a council session and explain recent events. I ask if anyone can divine the location of the bandits from the either the spoon or hair we found earlier. Cian says he does so I hand the items over. Cian casts the spell.

An Unexpected Visitor

While the magi are in council signs of someone approaching are seen. Simon sends Bronwyn and Daffyd to investigate. They see a scrawny monk and a tall, thin tattooed man approaching. The tall man introduces himself as Guilliam of Criamon from Voluntas, here to be betrayed. He is escorted to the magi who meet him in the council chamber. He asks for food & shelter. He was sent by a Quaesitor, Isabel who accused him of dealing with demons. He says he had summoned and trapped an entity from beyond the lunar sphere in a body and had been torturing it to obtain information. The Quaesitor sent him to Llyn Brenig for the matter to be investigated by a council of 3 magi. We also find out that the monk holds some heretical views. We decide to give him accommodation while we wait for the Quaesitor to arrive.

The Bandits

The next morning Domaura takes to the air and scouts out the area that Cian had indicated the bandits might be. On her return she tells us that she saw a small hut. She dropped a stone on the roof and a man came out. I lead Rhys, Liam, Luke and a group of grogs to the hut. Bronwyn and Liam approach the hut while the rest of us surround it. On the way they realise that neither of them can speak Welsh but this doesn't deter Bronwyn who knocks and speaks in English. The men inside respond in Welsh. The door opens and two men wielding spears appear. After a brief 'conversation' they withdraw inside. Bronwyn knocks again and mentions the name Delling Ross. The door opens and three men with spears emerge and attack. In the ensuing combat one is killed and two are captured. Inside the hut we find 84 pennies, 2 rings and a necklace. When questioned they admit to stealing the items but don't know the exact whereabouts of Delling Ross - they were to lay low for a month. He is in the area somewhere. They tell us that Delling has a deal with someone or something so that if he or any of his men are injured they automatically recover in a day or so.

The Quaesitor

Meanwhile, back at the covenant, a woman arrives on a horse. She announces herself as Isobel of Guernicus. She's come to the covenant to question Guilliam of Criamon. She questions the magi present to decide who is most suitable to sit on the tribunal to judge Guilliam and chooses Roderick (after he exclaims that Guillam is obviously guilty!).

The next day a Flambeau mage arrives, Astrin Malia to sit in judgement over Guilliam along with Isobel and Roderick. She brings with her a cart with the body that contains the entity summoned by Guilliam. She is accompanied by 6 grogs. Cuthbert asks that the body be left outside the Aegis, concerned that it might contain a demon. Isobel agrees to this and also allows the magi to view the body

Inside the cart the is a table to which is chained and nailed a naked man. Runes are carved in his skin and he is uncommunicative though does not appear to be in pain. Also in the wagon are a number of scrolls and other bits and pieces.

The trial is held behind closed doors with only Roderick, Isobel and Astrin present plus Guilliam the accused. The outcome is undecided. Isobel asks the magi if they can try to dispel any demon that might be in the body. Rhys tries and then Cuthbert but to no effect. Rhys and Cuthbert both notice that the body seems to understand Latin. Strange things start to happen around the Covenant - women weep, food starts to taste bitter and the wind blowing more strongly. Isobel decides that the body should be sent to Ashenrise is Scotland for further investigation while Guilliam stays in Lyn Brenig. Isobel asks us to escort the body there.

The Journey Commences

At the council of Magi it is agreed that Cuthbert, Domaura and Llewellyn will take the body to Ashenrise. They will be accompanied by Luke and Owen to act as guides and spokesmen for the expedition. The cover story is a group of scholars following a lead to the location of the Holy Grail. A number of grogs will also accompany the expedition to provide protection against bandits and to cook. It is agreed to provide the expedition with a number of points of Vis from the covenant stores plus some silver from the Covenant treasury.

We release the tattooed man and speak to him in Latin, asking him to dress. He does so but seems distant and remote. For the journey he is to be manacled hand and foot and secured inside the wagon.

The next day we leave, heading for Ruthin and arrive there about mid-day. The lord of Ruthin is absent with day-to-day business being taken care of by his wife. When she hears we're in town she summons us. She tells us of some local trouble - the death of a woman in suspicious circumstances. Nadia, wife of Louis a Flemish man . The local wise woman believes she's been poisoned. She would like us to investigate.

Luke and Owen meet Benedict in the local inn. Benedict is running a game of Cups. He is looking for a job and Owen offers him one as a guide. Owen hears a rumour about a group of monks who are planning on establishing a priory not too far from the covenant.

Cuthbert and Domaura agree to investigate the death and summon Luke and Owen on the way who bring Benedict. Those involved are the summoned.

First we talk to the dead woman's servant. Benedict charms her and asks her about the death. She says that Lewis was out celebrating a business deal. Her mistress, Nadia, wanted to cook the evening meal. The neighbour, Affam came round and spoke to Nadia (overly friendly). He left, Nadia ate and then started to choke. Her tongue was blackened.

Then we speak to the husband. He was out celebrating a business deal. Cuthbert spontaneously casts Sight of the Transparent Motive. The merchant seems to be primarily driven by greed.

Affam is next. He seems indignant, denying he was involved. We tend to believe him and summon the servant again .Luke intimidates her. Benedict tells her she was seen doctoring the food. She succumbs to the pressure and confesses that the husband, Louis, provided her with a bottle whose contents she was to add to his wife's food. In return he promised to make her a free woman. The guards escort her out, crying.

The dead woman's brothers ask for an audience, demanding justice. They're angry but know nothing.

The companions go to fetch the husband again.

Benedict confronts the husband. Cuthbert invokes the Lord and challenges Louis to speak the truth. He denies it but his breath is frosty indicating guilt. He is led away by the guards. The dead woman's brothers however intercept the guards and bribe them to release the husband to them. They ride off - the husband is unlikely to see the sunset!

We tell the lady what happened and the next day continue our journey.

It starts to snow....

We continue the journey, stopping off in villages etc on route. We notice many crying children.

One night we're forced to camp outside. Bronwyn and Stephen take first watch and hear wolves nearby. The group also dreams of wolves. The next day Cuthbert parts the snow.


At the border is a toll bridge. There are a number of carts ahead of us. One of them has a white haired child rolling bones.

Domaura casts invisibility on the tattooed man. We reach the guards. Benedict explains that he is escorting some learned men who wish to look at books in Chester. One of the guards searches the cart. Llewellyn tries to intimidate him but the guards just sniffs. Benedict distracts him and we are allowed into the city.

As we enter we are approached by someone asking about Alrci the Apothecary. His description matches that of the tattooed man in the back. He went missing about a month ago. Benedict takes us to the Travellers Rest Inn and we secure rooms.

Benedict looks up some old acquaintances and gets offered a job. That evening he and Owen venture out to try their hand at Burglary. They sneak into a merchants house. Owen admires the pots and pans but in doing so causes them to clatter. They quickly venture upstairs but hear the cook shouting behind them. Upstairs they search the bedrooms. They find a strongbox hidden behind a wall. They sneak downstairs and make for the front door. A servant confronts them but Owen looks him in the eye and persuades him there's nothing wrong. The leave the house and run off down the street, leaving the hue and cry behind them.

Meanwhile back at the inn, the mages spend time in their rooms...Llewellyn eventually ventures downstairs where he is approached by a man offering him a Grimoire.

In the strongbox Llewellyn and Owen find jewellery and 4 bags of silver (20 silver each).

Cuthbert examines the Grimoire - it seems to be occult. The intermediary is called Padraig.

Llewellyn sends to companions off on a wild goose chase - unfortunately they couldn't catch it!|

The next day Cuthbert and Llewellyn make their way to the Apothecary. It is locked up. Llewellyn manipulates the lock while Cuthbert keeps watch. A search of the Apothecary reveals nothing apart from some papers written in Latin. A study of these papers shows that they are related to some form of non-hermetic magic, probably Necromancy. The papers relate to the summoning of spirits.

Benedict and Owen try to track down the apothecaries wife but she has no new information.

Domaura finds the rumoured fountain and determines there is a faint magical aura - Aquam. Benedict speaks to the merchant (Phillip the Cobbler) and obtains a sample - a pearly white stone. Cuthbert confirms the stone contains Aquam vis. We return to speak to the merchant. The stones appear at the full moon. We enquire about the price. His friend, Abbot Anselm, is having some difficulties at the moment relating to his niece. If we help the abbot he'll be happy to let us have the stones.

We go to speak to the abbot. His niece , Eleanor, e is having trouble on her estates. Some merchants were selling some strange stones(green, glowing) and some had gone missing. The merchants claimed they had been robbed by someone from the local villages. One of the merchants, Peter, may be in Chester.

Benedict shows the stone tears he has in his possession. Cuthbert senses that it is Rego Vis (3 pawns). He tells the tale of how he came to possess them. An old woman sang a song about a jilted lover, at the end she cried and gave 3 of the tears to Benedict.

We leave Chester to travel to Lady Eleanor's estates, joining up with some other travellers, including the white-haired child. She rolls the boned and says that we have something dark following us. We try to recruit her, Owen negotiating with the her master. He strikes a deal. The child is called Narigorn and may or may bot have the Gift. We arrive in Lady Eleanor's manor.

Lady Eleanor

We meet Lady Eleanor in a hunting lodge on her estate. She confirms her uncles description of her troubles. The merchants are well known in the area. On their last visit one of the merchants had some glowing green stones that were supposed to help one to contact the spirits of the departed. Lady Eleanor bought one. Later, one of the merchants was mugged by masked people who stole some of the stones and a few coins.

Llewellyn leaves the lodge to locate the area of the attack and search for tracks. Domaura and Cuthbert wait to speak to the merchant while Lady Eleanor goes to get one of the stones she bought. He finds three sets of tracks, probably male.

Cuthbert examines the stone. There is definitely an aura of magic and it isn't hermetic in origin. Domaura also determines that the magic is not related to faerie. Lady Eleanor says the merchant advised her to think about her husband whilst holding the stone. Llewellyn examines the stone but can't determine anything new about it. The suspicion is that it might be infernal!

During the evening meal the merchant Richard appears, taking a seat at one of the tables. We introduce ourselves. Richard says that it was his colleague, Peter, who found the stones. He also describes the attack. Llewellyn examines the stone again and determines that the magic in it most closely resembles Intellego/Rego Vim.

The grogs sleep outside the hunting lodge and set a watch. Bronwyn hears wolves again! Later, John hears sound from the cart which holds the tattooed man. The prisoner jumps off the cart and runs off. John raises the alarm and he and Stephen run after him. They find him trying to hide in a bush. Stephen and John both shoot bows, aiming for a leg. Stephen hits and the prisoner falls to the ground, incapacitated. John and Stephen drag him back to the hunting lodge.

Through questioning we establish that Narigorn released the prisoner. Her actions might have been motivated by innocence however Llewellyn orders one of the grogs to thrash her (5 strokes across the back of the legs). We also realize that she has some form of non-hermetic magic resistance!

The next day Domaura, Llewellyn and some of the grogs go into the village and question the locals. Cuthbert asks Lady Eleanor if he can examine one of the stones again. She agrees but when she goes to get one she finds they've disappeared. The pouch she kept them in is there but the stones are not in it!

Llewellyn and Domaura go to talk to the parish priest but don't find out anything new. Further questioning in the village reveals that the stones that were bought by the local peasants have also disappeared.

Domaura turns herself invisible and investigates Lady Eleanor's house but finds nothing out of the ordinary.

The merchant Peter arrives in the village. He bought the stones from Padraig in Chester (the intermediary who tried to sell us a Grimoire!). Padraig apparently found the stones in his dead mother house.

Llewellyn revisits the scene of the attack and uses magic to follow the trail. It leads into the village and then splits into three, leading to different huts. The houses of Hugh, Robert and Thirsten. aura confronts them, scaring them badly. They confess. The stones however have disappeared like all the others.

That evening, after the meal, we. hear footfalls approaching the hunting lodge. There is a knocking at the door and a Knight enters. He introduces himself as Sir Quentin. Lady Eleanor believed he had died in the same battle as her husband in Lincoln. Cuthbert detects the presence of magic. Sir Quentin demands that Hugh, Robert and Thirsten be handed over to him. Lady Eleanor refuses and Sir Quentin leaves, promising to return. We prepare for conflict.

The Battle

aura casts Eyes of the Cat on all the grogs, companions and magi. Llewellyn and Cuthbert both cast Wizards sidestep. Shortly thereafter Sir Quentin returns with another knight and eight men at arms. Cuthbert points and Sir Quentin rises into the air. Llewellyn causes the ground to open up beneath the attackers. The men at arms attack our grogs, wounding Bronwyn and Lludda.

Cuthbert confuses the second knight, whilst keeping Sir Quentin floating in the air. Llewellyn opens up another pit beneath more of the men at arms.  2 fall into the pit.  The grogs and companions exchange blows with the men at arms.  Cuthbert confuses one of the grogs.  Bronwyn is struck down!  aura causes a number of the enemy to rise into the air and then fall to the ground.  We eventually prevail - Bronwyn is incapacitated and Rodri is badly wounded.

Lluda goes in search of the foes who wandered off confused and slays them.  We loot the armour     (2 full chain and 5 sets of full scale - the scale needs repairing). All the bodies are thrown into the pit Llewellyn opened which then closes.

Sir Quentin is screaming to be released - 'The Master' requires the thieves to be returned.  He also suggests that Benedict should also see The Master.  He reaches for a dagger and slits his throat.

We investigate the bodies.  Cuthbert determines that their is a pawn of Vis each in the hearts of the bodies (8 points of Vim Viz).  We harvest the hearts!

Benedict talks to Narigorn and has his fortune told - something about ravens, wolves, a wood and a cave and seeking out the barrows.  Narigorn asks him to obtain one of Llewellyn's possessions for her.

LLewellyn tries to backtrack the Knights.  The trail leads to 2 separate graveyards at 2 villages.

We decide to rest for a few days to let the grogs heal and to see if the mages can track down the Master.

The next day Llewellyn gets drunk and tries to bounce Domaura on his knee.  Domaura slaps him and Llewellyn falls to the ground, unconscious. Domaura talks to Narigorn and notices a bracelet she's wearing.  He asks to examine it but she refuses.  Domaura tries to take it by magic but fails and Narigorn runs off into the woods.  Stephen and Branwen pursue and Stephen fires a warning arrow over her head and the eventually catch her and return her to the camp.  Cuthbert magically lifts her into the air and lectures her on the error of her ways.

The search for the Master leads nowhere.  In a few days we resume the journey to Scotland, joining another caravan of two other wagons. One of minstrels and one a knight and his retinue.

The Journey Continues

In the morning we spot some ravens in a nearby tree. Benedict lets loose an arrow and drops one. Cuthbert examines it and detects the residue of magic!

Just then a cry goes up "thief!" A man from one of the other wagons is shouting that a box and letters have been taken and they demand to search all the wagons. We stand firm and they break off from the caravan and head off looking for "someone in authority". 

Narigorn calls Llewellyn over as she has read his fortune in the runes: darkness, homeland, hail, a gift, light and knowledge (reversed), the sun.

We examine our wagon and find the box under a blanket in our wagon. Benedict explains that he was asked to remove it by its owner - the Knight. Benedict picks the lock while Cuthbert tries to magically open the letters. Domaura looks on haughtily.

The box contains a wide variety of semi-precious stones. The letters are not magical. Cuthbert warms the wax magically and lifts the wax away on one letter. It appears to be in code. This makes Cuthbert very happy as there are long hours of study ahead.

We continue as a two wagon caravan. Benedict is cornered by a midwife from the next wagon who tells him an exceedingly tall tale about birthing a demon wolf cub.

We decide to copy the scrolls and reseal them and relock the box. When the knight, Sir Thomas, turns up we pass them over. 

Later that evening Cuthbert has cracked the code. It is political correspondence.

The night passes uneventfully.

Engulf repeats his tale of a says a nearby cave in the woods where there is treasure. He sees a standing stone at the roadside that he recognises.  Domaura also notices that we are entering a low level Regio.

Bradwen finds the tracks and we slowly make our way through dense woodland. Eventually we come to a clearing in front of a cave. A man paces up and down outside the cave. Domaura makes Benedict and herself invisible and we head off to the cave. Cuthbert casts wizards sidestep and walks out to catch the guards eye.

The guard draws a bow and knocks an arrow. He begins to cry out as his throat starts to bleed from a sharp cut and his cry is cut short. He falls with several wounds appearing in his body.

Casting eyes of the cat Domaura enters the cave and finds another Regio border at the back wall. Everyone crosses the boundary and we find ourselves in a large cavern. Benedict spots something odd and finds a pit trap. We avoid it and take the left path and we hear a grumbling ahead. A rotting corpse shambles our way!

Benedict hits it with an arrow and John the grog lands a mighty blow with his sword and the corpse staggers back.  Lludda finishes it with her axe. A demonstration of combat supremacy.

Pressing on to widdershins we hear sinister chanting ahead, followed by heavy footsteps. Rounding the corner we see six corpses walking towards us.  A larger corpse stands behind them.

We form a front line and wait for the attack. Cuthbert raises the larger zombie into the air just as he steps towards us. The other zombies close and melee begins. Domaura let fly three bolts of lightning and three zombies lie dead.

Two more zombies appear behind us approaching the two archers Benedict and Bradwen - who try to kick one of them - knowing that their arrows are useless against them. Though Bradwen takes a heavy wound.
Domaura again lets multiple bolts of lightning fly and two more zombies lie motionless. Llluda also hacks one to the ground. The big guy is dropped and smashes messily into the floor motionless. Two more fall to lightning.

We quickly make our way towards the chanting just in time to see a husky man rising from a pit. He is a snake from the waist down and carries a huge whip. His shield appears to be covered in human hide. Nearly a dozen people stand around in awe at the effects of their chanting. A handful of zombies mill around aimlessly. There are also a couple of recently dead human sacrifices.
Melee combat ensues though our magic appears to just bounce off the demon. So Domaura picks of the zombies. The whip lashes out  at John and he looks rather unwell. However Cuthbert exerts himself banishes the demon. In the distance behind us we also hear a call for help but can do nothing about that right now.

Bradwen is heavily wounded; Benedict and Lludda have medium wounds.

Benedict goes ahead looking for loot, pricks his finger on something poisonous and is a bit groggy.  A chest is found as is an interesting bone mask. The mask shows as magical. Benedict looks through the mask and he can see the spirits of the sacrifices and hear them screaming in agony. He passes it to Cuthbert who then lays to rest their spirits.

We scout around the rest of the cave to find the people and find a raving man and woman. The man has no fingers on one hand. Cuthbert puts them to sleep. Was that magic or did he just talk to them? We secure them so that they cannot run amok when they wake.

Benedict goes off on his own looking for loot again and falls down a concealed pit, unconscious! He is eventually found as we check out the rest off the cave. So we send two grogs back to get Llewwellyn as we need his healing ability. Who then spends three hours healing Benedict of his heavy and medium wounds as Bradwen looks on enviously.

 There is no sign of the dozen or so demon worshippers, even from the air, so we make our way back to the caravan. We explain that Bradwen ran into a stalactite in the dark... Next day we continue the journey North.  After several days we reach the outskirts of Lancaster and take an Inn for the night.

The gossip in the inn is that the bones of St Ninian have been found and the local council is deciding where the bones should be laid to rest. The herbalist travelling with the caravan is well known locally and is to join the council. There is another place available... There are many other tall tales told.

 Next day we take Narigorn aside, Cuthbert persuades her to pass him her bracelet. Domaura quickly casts a spell and she immediately reacts. Cuthbert examines it and suspects it is of non-christian divine origin - perhaps Norsk? We also instruct a grog to wear it and they do not benefit from it. So maybe it is belief specific.

We decide to head north and avoid the holy bones sidetrack though our journey will go the same way for a couple of days. Others are on the same road including an 18 year old lady a couple of bounty hunters, and a sailor called Kurst Yurgen who has apparently escaped many a shipwreck.  A couple of friars - a short fat one and a tall rangy one - are also on the trail with competing claims for the bones. 

 We continue on at the fork and then head up to Penrith - the old capital of Cumbria. In the inn that evening Stephen overhears someone asking around. They seem to be asking for us - describing the more distinctive looking members of our group - so Benedict lets on they have found us!

The mages come into info the bar area in an attempt to clear the bar, and the grogs don their armour and main weapons under their cloaks. The bar is soon empty. We take defensive positions and make one of the archers invisible.

A while later nervous footsteps are heard outside. A shutter bursts open followed by the doors and then a flask billowing a thick smoke lands in the middle of the room. Three lightly armoured spearmen charge in. A brief fracas of crossbows, swords and lightning bolts and three lie dead - the rest run away.

A while later the watch arrives and does some cursory investigation. He recognises one of the dead as Arthur a local ruffian. They take the dead away. 

 Next morning we set off before anything can happen and make our way to Scottish Carlisle over the next few days.  

Local rumours in Carlisle include Hengist the copyist who has made his fortune involving a deal on a ship. Morkir is another local character who has his fingers in lots of pies and is one not to be crossed. Further north in deeper Scotland Purik of Dromar is an outlaw with bestial followers who lives in the forests. He killed the kings emissary and is rumoured to have magical snakes. A group of around a dozen cowled strangers have been seen passing through and travelling north. They too were searching for books.

 We manage to acquire some new books and other supplies before we head off into the wild lands. We continue to hear rumours of mercenary bands as we travel. In the inn at the edge of their terriitory we are advised to pay the protection money. On the road we meet them coming the other way. Benedict tells them a tale that there is a rich merchant at the inn who they would make more money guarding them, enticing them successfully to split up. 

We reach a quaint village, presumably typical of Caledonia. Narigorn offers to read my fortune. The runes: cart or cargo, teamwork,  divine light, dramatic change, unpleasantness and lessons.

Next morning Domaura and Cuthbert have swollen tongues. It is a magical effect as it resists Perdo Vim and Rego Corpus. Initial investigations reveal nothing. It must be a fairly powerful effect. Cuthbert and Domaura devote significant efforts to identifying and cancelling the effect over the next week to no avail.

 Eventually we arrive at Ashenrise, an Autumn covenant. Crossing the Aegis does not cancel the effect. After some investigation by the elder mages they determine we have a curse - that can be cancelled by swimming in the sea. However one of their number cancels the curse by hermetic magic. We are told it was likely a village elder that invoked the curse.

We try to hand over Narigorn, but they don't seem interested. We then pass over the tattooed man and explain all we know about him. They investigate the man further to minimal effect. What they do discover is that he can summon spirits. Perhaps he has fallen prey to one of the spirits he summoned. They suspect a Criamon mage tattooed him to trap a spirit inside. So it is not a demon. And technically the man belongs to the Criamon mage.

 Llewellyn casts the leap of homecoming to go back to Llyn Brennig and check out that all is well. He finds the covenant well, though Roderick has not been seen since setting out for a Faerie Regio. Isabel has gone though Guillam is still there. Roderick talks firmly with Guillam about the situation which he clearly knew about. He claims to be just defending himself from unjust accusations. Roderick leaps back to Ashenrise and he explains the situation to us. 

Meanwhile Cuthbert tries to negotiate a book for vis swap. They will let us copy a text for a payment or stay and study a season for a payment. We decide not to take them up on their offer for now.

We take our leave and head off for Voluntas on the east coast of England, near Scarborough, many days away.

One night we are awoken hurriedly by the grogs. Alarm! Wolves!  tThe sound of combat and spell-casting ensues.  There must be a dozen of them! Domaura is wounded. She takes out 5 with lightning in short order in response. We seem to repel them without too heavy a price paid. We kill most of them. Two or three break off wounded and flee. Llewellyn in wolf form goes after one of them. After a long chase he catches sight of a large black wolf with red eyes, before he loses it.

We discuss following it further but decide against it as we are low on resources. Llewellyn also jumps back to the covenant to get more Corpus vis.

We finally reach Voluntas. Guillam is there and is miffed that his test subject is damaged! However he is willing to overlook that. They also offer us a hospitality offer of a season's study each, and the trading of Vis. We take up their offer and trade some vis. We also offer Narigorn to them as an apprentice. Thankfully they take up the offer.

We head back to our covenant, picking up the injured grogs along the way. In Chester we find some thieves of Benedict's acquaintance have been hung!

On leaving Chester the guards search the caravans so we make Benedict invisible to avoid awkward discoveries and Domaura goes invisible to avoid attracting attention. Benedict takes the opportunity to enrich himself as usual.

Not long after we arrive back at the covenant.





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