Ars Magica Chronicles: Allain

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Name:  Allain    
Character Type:  Magus House:  Ex-Miscellanea
Nationality:  English Confidence:  3
Sex:  Male Current Score:  3
Age:  30 Size: 0
Year Born:  1121 Decrepitude: 0
Player:  Mike Viz Carried: 2 Cr, 1 Pe, 2 Re, 5 An

Characteristics   Virtues & Flaws   
Intelligence:  +3 Life-Linked Spontaneous Magic:  +3
Perception:  +1 Extra Arts:  +4
    Gentle Gift:  +1
Strength:    0 Subtle Magic:  +2
Stamina:    0 Animal Friend:  +1
    Dark Secret:  -1
Presence:  -2 Diabolic Upbringing:  -2
Communication:  -2 Weak Writer:  -1
    Reclusive:  -1
Dexterity:    0 Disfigured:  -1
Quickness:  -1 Lost Love:  -1
    Enemy:  -1
    Study Requirement:  -3
    Personality Traits  
    Reclusive:  +3
    Distrustful:  +2
    Empathic:  +4

Parma Magic:  4 Animal Handling:  2
Speak English:  4 Survival:  2
Finesse:  4 Ride:  2
Magic Theory:  3 (2 XP) Awareness:  2
Speak Latin:  3 Brawl:  2
Penetration:  3 Scribe Latin:  1 (1 XP)
Concentration:  3 Swim:  1
Single Weapon:  3 (1 XP) Stealth:  1
Bow:  3 Speak Welsh:  1
Certamen:  2    

Magical Techniques   Magical Forms  
Creo:  7 Animal:  7
Intelligo:  3 Aquam:  4
Muto:  7 Auram:  1
Perdo:  4 Corpus:  4
Rego:  7 Herbam:  7
    Imaginem:  3
    Terram:  1
    Vim:  4

Spell Book      
Soothe the Pains of the Beast:  CrAn20    
The Transformed Beast:  MuAn20    
Cripple the Howling Wolf:  PeAn20    
The Falcons Hood:  PeAn20    
Circle of Beast Warding:  ReAn25    
Mastering the Unruly Beast:  ReAn25    
The Gentle Beast:  ReAn20    


Allain was born into a wealthy family. His father was a nobleman who married a bewitchingly beautiful French woman who was working as a housemaid. All would have been happy but for their inability to have a child. In desperation his mother sought the aid of a reclusive old woman who was rumoured to be a witch. Following her advice she eventually conceived and 9 months later Allain was born. He grew up with the rumour of being a demon child, especially as he was reclusive and seemed more interested in animals and nature than people and other children.

Allain was eventually disowned and exiled when the old woman who had helped his mother was denounced as a witch and devil worshipper and later executed. He travelled North and was befriended by the mage Markus Lightfoot, who took him as his apprentice and trained him in the magical arts. He found he had an affinity for Animal magic.

Towards the end of his apprenticeship he met and fell in love with Mary, the daughter of the local lord. They met in secret. Mary was beguiled by the way Allain could calm and befriend wild animals and the beautiful flowers he gave her. On one tragic rendezvous however they were discovered by the lords sons who accused Allain of seducing Mary. They tried to strike him down and in the ensuing fight Allains face was scarred and Mary was cut down as she tried to intervene. One of the lords sons was also killed as his horse reared and trampled him. Allain of course was blamed for the deaths and forced to flee.


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