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Spell Books

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Animal [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Animal

Weavers Trap of Webs (Level 20)
Create a Horse (Level 35)
Curse of the Ravenous Swarm (Level 50)

Intellego Animal

Hunters Sense (Level 30)

Muto Animal

Beat of Outlandish Size (Level 15)
Steed of Vengeance (Level 30)

Perdo Animal

The Hunters Lethal Arrow (Level 30)
Kill an Animal (Level 35)

Rego Animal

Commanding the Harnessed Beast (Level 30)

Aquam [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Aquam

Footsteps of Slippery Oil (Level 15)

Muto Aquam

Lungs of the Fish (Level 10)

Rego Aquam

Gift of the Floating Wood (Level 15)
Parting the Waves (Level 30)
Tower of Whirling Water (Level 30)
Construction of the Watery Heights (Level 35 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)
Neptunes Wrath (Level 60)

Auram [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Auram

Stench of the Twenty Corpses (Level 10)
Charge of the Angry Winds (Level 15)
Wreaths of Foul Smoke (Level 15)
Wizards Avalanche (Level 20 - Grimoire)
Clouds of Rain and Thunder (Level 25)
Fulgurous Orb (Level 35 - Grimoire)
The Incantation of Lightning (Level 35)

Intellego Auram

True Sight of the Air (Level 15)
Whispering Winds (Level 15)
Hear the Winds Whisper (Level 15 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)
Sailors Foretaste of the Morrow (Level 25)

Muto Auram

Rain of Stones(Level 20)

Perdo Auram

Thief of the Stolen Breath (Level 10)
Quiet the Raging Wind (Level 20)
The Cloudless Sky Returned (Level 35)

Rego Auram

Jupiters Resounding Blow (Level 10 - ARM3)
Prison of the Zephyrs (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Pull of the Skybound Winds (Level 30)
Ward against the Faeries of the Air (Level 35)
Images in the Clouds (Level 45 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)

Corpus [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Corpus

Bind Wounds (Level 10)
The Chirurgeons Healing Touch (Level 20)
Restoration of the Defiled Body (Level 25)
The Severed Limb Made Whole (Level 30)
Incantation of the body made whole (Level 40)
Faerie Companion (Level 40 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)

Intellego Corpus

Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh (Level 10 Faerie Magic)
Whispers through the Black Gate (Level 15)
Whispers through the Black Gate (Level 15 Faerie Magic)

Muto Corpus

Eyes of a Hawk (Level 10 - Grimoire)
Eyes of the Owl (Level 10 - Grimoire)
The Serpents Armour (Level 15 - Grimoire)
Disguise of the new Visage (Level 15)
Mask of Whimsy (Level 15 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)
Cloak of Black Feathers (Level 20 Faerie Magic)
Gift of the Bears Fortitude (Level 25)
Curse of the Serpent (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Gift of the Sages Thought (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Gift of the Silver Tongue (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Gift of the Winged Feet (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Gift of the Catlike Agility (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Gift of Wolfs Stamina (Level 25 - Grimoire)
Dismemberment of the Innocent Magus (Level 25 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)
Stance of the Patient Tree (Level 25)
Eyes of Eternity (Level 35 - Grimoire)
Blessing of Anataeus Fortitude (Level 35 - Grimoire)

Perdo Corpus

Grip of the Choking Hand (Level 20 Faerie Magic)

Rego Corpus

Lifting the Dangling Puppet (Level 15 Faerie Magic)
Exchange between Prison Bars (Level 25 Faeire Magic - Grimoire)
Leap of Homecoming (Level 35)

Herbam [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Herbam

Wall of Living Wood (Level 25)
The Bountiful Feast (Level 35)

Muto Herbam

Thaumaturgical Transformation of Plants to Iron (Level 15)
Piercing Shaft of Wood (Level 25)
Stir the Slumbering Forest (Level 30)

Ignem [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Ignem

Lamp without Flame (Level 10)
Vengeful Backfire (Level 10 - Grimoire)
Blade of the Virulant Flame (Level 20)
Pilum of Fire (Level 20)

Muto Ignem

Darkling Fire (Level 20 Faerie Magic - Griomoire)

Rego Ignem

Ward against Heat and Flames (Level 25)

Imaginem [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Imaginem

The Warring Twin (Level 25 Faerie Magic)

Intellego Imaginem

Eyes of the Past (Level 20)
Summoning the Distant Image (Level 20 Faerie Magic)

Muto Imaginem

Visions of the Infernal Terrors (Level 20 Faerie Magic)

Perdo Imaginem

Veil of Invisibility (Level 10)

Rego Imaginem

The Captive Voice (Level 15 Faerie Magic)
The Wizards Act of Hypocrisy (Level 20 - Grimoire)
Image from the Wizard Torn (Level 30)

Mentem [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Mentem

Panic of the Trembling Heart (Level 15)
Confession of the Penitent Monk (Level 15 -Grimoire)
Spectacle of Abject Terror (Level 20 - Grimoire)
The two-faced diplomat (Level 20 - Grimoire)
Terrors of the Minds own devising (Level 30 - Grimoire)

Intellego Mentem

Frosty Breath of the Spoken Lie (Level 20)
Weighing the turncoats silver (Level 20 - Grimoire)
Know the Longing (Level 20 Faerie Magic - Grimore)
Thoughts within Babble (Level 25)
Curse of the Truthful Nose (Level 35 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)

Muto Mentem

Glade of contentment (Level 15 - Grimoire)

Perdo Mentem

Eyes of the Abyss (Level 40 - Grimoire)

Rego Mentem

The Call to Arms (Level 15 - Grimoire)
Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lived (Level 20 Faerie Magic)
Ring of Warding against Spirits (Level 30)
Mastering the Stolid Mundane (Level 30 - Grimoire)
The Shrouded Glen (Level 40)

Terram [ Top Of Page ]

Creo Terram

Wall of Protecting Stone (Level 25)

Intellego Terram

The Miners Keen Eye (Level 20)
Tracks of the Faerie Glow (level 25 Faerie Magic)

Muto Terram

Earth that Breaks No More (Level 10 Faerie Magic)
Rock of Viscid Clay (Level 15)
Teeth of the Earth Mother (Level 30 Faerie Magic)

Rego Terram

Circle of Warriors (Level 10 - Grimoire)
Hands of the Grasping Earth (Level 15 - Faerie Magic)
Blessing Against Blades (Level 30 Faerie Magic - Grimoire)

Vim [ Top Of Page ]

Intellego Vim

Sense the Lingering Magic (Level 30)

Muto Vim

Gather the Essence of the Beast (Level 15)

Perdo Vim

Disenchant (Level 25)

Rego Vim

Circular Ward against Demons (Level 30)
Wizards Wait (Level 35 - Grimoire)

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