Ars Magica Chronicles: Simon

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Name:  Simon    
Character Type:  Grog Profession:  Turb Sergeant
Nationality:  Welsh Confidence:  3
Sex:  Male Current Score:  3
Age:  30 Size: 0
Year Born:  1121 Decrepitude: 0

Characteristics   Virtues & Flaws   
Intelligence:    0 Grog Leader:  +1
Perception:  -1 Superior Armaments:  +2
    Obligation:  -1
Strength:  +1 Common Fear (Spiders): 


Stamina:    0    
Presence:  +1 Personality Traits  
Communication:  +1 Leader:  +2
    Reliable:  +2
Dexterity:  +2    
Quickness:  +2    

Battleaxe:  5 (1 XP) Brawling:  2
Crossbow:  5 Bargain:  2
Leadership:  5 Ride:  2
Speak Welsh:  4 Chirurgy:  2
Speak English:  2 Carouse:  1
    Wagoneering:  1

Heavy Crossbow      
Half Chainmail      


Simons family was left homeless when his village was burned during a war between two rival lords and over the next few years most of his family died of starvation. To survive Simon became a mercenary, but it was dangerous and unrewarding work. He had a number of stints working for different lords but the food and pay was terrible so he started to look for something more permanent. He took a job protecting a scholar who turned out to be something more than he seemed. The pay was good however and life in the covenant was far from boring so he chose to stay.

Compared to most of the other grogs Simon is a seasoned veteran and the other grogs soon started to look to him for guidance. He has taken on the role of turb sergeant and he likes the respect this earns him.

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