Dawn of Defiance: Traitors Gambit

Cast of Characters
  • G6-492: Droid scoundrel.
  • Dicso Daley: Human soldier
  • Orr: Human soldier.
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel.

From the Memory Core of G6

We arrive on the space station and head to the promenade to meet up. A few of us spot a pair of goons with hidden pistols.

A mechanic staggers towards Kel, she is badly injured and and bleeding. Spotting the goons she yells "200 credits to anyone who helps me!" The crowds start panicking. Kel tries to help her to the ground and find cover but fails to spot anything.

Disco yanks his blaster rifle and blows a smoking hole through the chest of goon number one. Orr gets his carbine out and hits the other with a stun bolt that dazes him.

Wenton subtly moves his hand and the mechanic slides behind cover.

I notice that the 2 stormtroopers on patrol around the station are doubling back. I also spot 2 more that had been skulking after the goons. Oh dear, Disco has just wasted an imperial informant...

The 2 groups of stormtroopers open fire from opposite ends of the promenade, with typical stormtrooper accuracy. Kel lobs a stun grenade that knocks out the 2 general patrollers. Disco blows away the other informant.

Wenton moves so fast he's a blur and runs up to one of the 2 skulking stormtroopers and slashes him with a light-sabre. The stormtrooper falls back and shoots him, but misses. The other one shoots at Disco, but misses.

I notice that the stormtrooper is a recruit, and shoot him in the back of the head, killing him. Niik blasts the remaining one.

I go and hack into the computer and see that an alarm has been raised. Other people are grabbing her and looting bodies.

We get her to a room on the station. She explains things: she works for a senator and was sent to get a package from the crime lord droid switch. She was attacked as soon as she arrived. We need to head to deep storage 14 to get the package off switch. We learn that the storage bay is in a quarantine zone - alien crime lords everywhere that bribe the station commander to continue. Switch is a major crime lord, he is a protocol droid and has R5-B8 astromech companion.

We head down to the quarantine zone and find the storage area, there are some Gamorian guards out the front. Niik goes out to speak with them "we are here to see Switch, the senator sent us." There is some grunting and then Niik bribes them with pocket change and they let us in.

It is a large haphazard storage bay, falling apart panels and dripping slime. Sitting in the centre is a very rare and expensive desk, with a shiny protocol droid sitting behind it and a little astromech droid off the side. There is some conversation and we make a deal to act as informants to discount the info. We need to grab some stuff from blue deck. - the imperials section - they never check their own cargo. The cargo is an agent from a core world who has been frozen in carbonite. We have all the paperwork to take ownership of it when it is transferred into storage. The astromech and I make a deal for 500 credits to ship some ale to Alderan, we are going there anyway so I agree.

Then the door is blasted open and an assortment of thugs storm in and start firing. Wenton charges forward again and uses force blast to send a group of them flying, killing a group of them as the rest of us dive for cover. Orr blows another one away with a rifle, I float behind the crates and shoot one of them. Then Switch's guards turn on us and one of them blasts me, nearly trashing me. Switch shoots one of his treacherous guards and kills him.

The rest shoot back and the jedi charges in, killing the goons and their leader. Eventually the rest of them are killed. The droid is grateful and refunds us some money and gives us some intel on what the empire is doing on the deep core worlds

From the Journal of Kel

We've found a use for the droid - he is plugged in to provide a communications bridge to the ship coming to pick us up. We head to blue deck. We spot an informant from the original battle. We go to him casually. His name is Skig. He was paid to look for the mechanic by the boss at the factory - Billy, eventually he comes clean that he was paid to watch for us and he tips us off they are waiting for us (at least 4 stormtroopers an officer and some kind of weapons platform)

We enter the hangar. There are bad guys. It kicks off. The sled comes out and hits the Jedi. He goes unconscious. Lots of shooting. The door is closed then Kel locks it open. They all go down. We start healing and stuff to get us all back up. The ship is coming for our pickup. Kel locks the door. The ship lands we scramble to get on. The blast doors start to open. We make it and make the jump to hyperspace. Its the Banshee. Capt O'Keith. We're heading to Alderon. There's a droid called Crash - the co-pilot.

We land at the palace. We head to the senator's meeting room. He has a task. Some admiral (Varth) taken to Felucia he wants to know what's happened to him. They will take us to the planet. We are dismissed.

We go to the planet. There is a star destroyer. The ship crash-lands on mushroom - it must be magic. We have to walk 12 hours to the prison.

The tracker (Jun) leads us into an acid pool and off a cliff and into razor wire. Useless. We were attacked by four locals. They got battered Kel got two. A human comes and says peace. He says come to a local village - so we go. He gives us some explosives so that we can destroy the imperial compound. He takes us to the chief who we talk to and agrees to provide a scout to take you to the prison complex. He also asks for some assistance in curing some sick children in the compound. As a result of the help given to the children the chief gives the jedi some information on how to access the force in a different way and the jedi reciprocates.

We meet the scout Gundak. A speeder-bike goes zooming off - it has been watching the village. We get onto some mounts to chase. Eventually after speeding to try and catch up you all enter a valley at the end of which is a small communications array and what looks like a group of stormtroopers and scouts.

From the Journal of Praz Zoth

Praz Zoth here: We were just spotted by an Imperial Guard on a speeder and after retiring him, we find ourselves near a communications array. Sort of an outpost-like mini base / relay station. We have been met by 4 guards / Imperial troopers - things look like they will be very interesting very soon. 2 speeder bikes turn and engage us. We are hit, but hold our own. Trading fire between us - and i hope that we drop them before they drop us.

Niik falls and things look dim. Wenton (Jedi) performs a miracle move and jumps into the middle of the stormtroopers (leaving the enemies on the speeders to the rest of the party). We dropped one speeder, thanks to a great shot by Disco. Wenton swoops the stormtroopers with the power of the Force - they are all dead. The speeders are still a problem, but we will focus our fire and drop them. After some work and a lot of misses - we destroy one of the speeders and focus on the remaining speeder.

We finally dropped the other.

We spent time trying to repair speeders, collect any evidence of our 'being here' and breaking the computer security systems so we can take control of the communications relay station onto the comms array.

After healing up, resting a little and using some 'creative engineering' by integrating the droid into the speeder. The Scout leads the team towards our next Imperial Base (prison). Entering an area where there are more, but smaller, mushrooms. Our guide is effective in bringing us in quietly. We found a grate with a data port nearby. Droid deactivated the forcefield in the tunnel we are about to enter. We are heading upstream against a constant dribbling flow of alien fermented shit. Delightful. Yippee.

We have entered some sort of establishment. We are moving with stealth and trying to ascertain where we can accomplish our goals - without invoking a battle. We entered the comms room - surprised faces all around. Wenton downed 5 of the 6 troopers and a prolonged firefight got the last one down. But, we made some noise and we are now preparing to see some visitors (enforce).

Seems that our noise has brought forward some local resistance, a medical droid and a Stormtrooper holding a blast cannon. Been really nice knowing you. Wenton has, again, launched himself into the fray. Happy to watch him do the magical hard work. I seem to be missing everything today - need to find a way to add a bunch of pluses to my attack rolls. Reinforcements will be here in 10 rounds - our ability to lock out the computer is nil, but we can manually jinx the doors / lifts, if we can get to them.

G6 found our Admiral. He is in a nearby room, and he looked drugged and restrained. Cannot get to him because G6 is looking through a vent into the room. Meanwhile, I finally connected with a rapidfire against 2 security droids. The battle continues to rage. The Admiral is in a room with no computer access. The trooper with the blast cannon is after me. I like a challenge - especially on a day when I have had a lot of fibre.

Our exit was blocked by an Imperial Walker of some kind. So, we are goingup the lift to get picked up via our ship from the top of the mushroom structure. We have just met the Commander of the base and killed him! Seems we may yet exit this place alive. The ATSC is firing at our ship, but our ship is heading to us at the top of the mushroom. We need to move quickly or risk getting blown up with the nuke we set earlier in the day.

We made it. Our exit is clear and G6 downloaded a bunch of valuable info as well. The Admiral has been rescued.



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