Dawn of Defiance: A Wretched Hive

Cast of Characters
  • G6-492: Droid scoundrel.
  • Dicso Daley: Human soldier
  • Orr: Human soldier.
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel.

From the Memory Core of G6

Our flight takes us to meet a heavily armed warship - it's the rebel command centre. We are given the run of the ship, I head to the mech shop to get upgraded while the rest go shopping.

Admiral Varth tells us about an imperial black project that is killing a lot of people, they want us to go and get information out of a Hutt crime lord that was being used to hide the money trail and supply resources. We will be paid 2000 credits + a bonus depending on mission success. The project is called Sarlak.

We get paid 2000 credits for the extra information on the empire putting our party dosh at 6185 credits.

The world has been ravaged by the clone wars, half the city we are in is refugees and slums. As we come out of the tunnel we are surrounded by a swoopbikes, they look cobbled together and the guys on them have large vibroblades and blaster pistols. A female voice we can't locate says "pay up the docking fee 1000 credits each".

We refuse, they attack, come swooping in. We head into cover and return fire. Wenton sprints into the building and attacks the leader, force slamming her against the wall. One of the swoop bikers tries to shoot him but he just deflects the blade with his lightsaber. He moves her to the window and she orders them to stand down, one of them objects so Disco shoots him and they get the point and run away.

We question her and after a bit of "creative talking" she gives us a name of who to talk to. We go looking and Nik talks to the locals and bribes a beggar with a ridiculous amount of money to get some info onto where to find this contact. He gets noticed by a local who I follow - he heads to the imperial garrison, so they know we're here, but it's tiny. We grab him and have a word, Disco bribes him to give us info on Raddon - he's an informant for Daga the Hutt. He is in a warehouse on the west side of the city.

We head up to the warehouse, split up and 3 go in the front door to talk, while the rest of us sneak round the back. When we open the door we find that they have moved an ambush the non stealth party. This is what happens when you play nice! Wenton sends 2 of them flying into each other as Raddon climbs to the top of a broken speeder and starts shooting down on them. Wenton dashes up onto the speeder and tries to stun him but fails.

I am unable to reprogram the combat droids, stupid encryption systems. I do manage to get a shot on one of the droids and blow it to bits. Disco does likewise on the other one, just giving us the thugs to take care of. Between some rapid fire and force slam the thugs die and Raddon surrenders. He states that if he takes us to the Hutt then the Hutt will kill him, I point out that we'll kill him, he concedes the point. The Jedi asks me to download the video for him later.

We rest then he takes us to the palace - it's where the trade federation high-ups used to live. We let Raddon leave early so he doesn't get seen and killed - the guards spot him anyway and recon he's gonna be toast tomorrow. We head into the throne room - there is a hutt there plus a world of firepower pointing our way. We get invited to stay the night.

There is a big feast - horribly garish and gluttonous considering that half the planet is starving. There are dancers. After the feast Nik hires the 2 twileks for his room for the night. The arn't too impressed about his technique but his stamina against both of them is impressive. Winton hires the human girl and gives her a rest, and promises to rescue her. I fail dismally to find a computer connection.

I got spotted looking for computer connection and bollocked by Daga the following morning. Raddon is dragged in and there is considerable debate among the party as to what to do. Wendon and Disco want me to sell out Switch, I refuse. Nik does the decent thing and blows Raddon to pieces, disco takes a pot shot at Nik but misses. Daga is very entertained by this.

From the Memory Core of G6

Technical hitches corrupt the log details.

We take part in some games and a combat tournament and impress the Hutt.

We decode a message to find that the Major Domo is feeding info to the Imperials on the sly. The Imperials arrive and ask The Hutt to increase production of Vespane Gas and Slaves to which we advise him to agree, but to decline the offer of imperial "protection".

We go exploring the basement and I hack into the accountants computer to get the complete money trail. The force users hear a voice in their head and find a secret passage which can only be used by force users.

Inside we find a twilik in a cage and an old woman hooked into a load of drugs and we hear the sound of the major domo fleeing out the back. The woman is a Jedi Master who the domo has drugged up. As we rescue her we see the sounds of doors slamming shut.

From the Memory Core of G6

We can't go back, the security shutdown has locked the door. We head down the passage which leads us to the Hutts throne room. The Major domo is bowing to a hologram of a man in a robe with a lightsaber. The hologram is speaking "I am coming with the Star Destroyer, pray you have not summoned me needlessly." We decide to shoot him.

There is no cover so we go chasing forward out of the tunnel, in the throne room is Ingram Devos, the major-domo, some Quarran assassins and some of the biggest Gamorians.

The gamorians and 2 of the quarions are in a nice group so we concentrate on them to start with, autofiring blasters and Wenton using force slam, one of the quarrons falls. The Gamorians roar and charge, the quarons shoot with their blasters and are crack shoots - Kel goes down to their pistols. The wookie from the iron slaver group opens a door and shoots at us. Ingram throws Disco into Niik using the force. Praz runs up to the wookie and screams in his face "You idiot! We are trying to stop you being doublecrossed." Then shoots one of the Quarrons dead. Disco blasts another one that looks badly injured. Niik tells the wookie that there's a thousand credits in it for him to help us.

The wookie decides he likes our offer and starts shooting at the Quarrons. Junmas throws the Trandocian mercenary into Ingram knocking them for 6. Wenton throws them about as well, the Tandocian saving Ingram then Disco lets rip with autofire and kills them both. I blast a Quarron to bits with my blaster pistol as the Gamorians take Wenton down.

The gamorians charge to attack Disco and the Wookie who whacks him with a stun batton. I blast another Qurron to bits, Jun lets rip with a bellowing roar that hurts the gamorians. Niik medics Juun and goes rushing forward to try and medic Wenton under the warlord who is almost the only one left standing. I send him down in a hail of not very powerful lasers. The remaining gamorian runs.

The entire place is locked down - with the empire coming we need to leave fast so we leave the potential information left here. We cut through the external doors and steal some swoop bikes from the garage. Using the force we work out that the leader of the swoop gang is holding captain Okeith hostage in the ship.

When we get there the swoop captain demands the Niik, Praz and I for revenge. There is some negotiations that result with me, Niik and Disco going in. We go in and Niik bribes the guards inside to give us their guns. When we go into the bridge Disco tackles the crazy lady before she can shoot captain Okeith. Unfortunately she pulls a thermal detonator and blows the front of the ship out. Disco and captain Okeith manage to land the ship just about.

We get back to the republic ship - we get paid for the money for the mission plus a bonus for rescuing the Jedi master. I spend a load of money to help repair crash as he got trashed in the fight, Wenton pays to help support the girl he rescued.

We are being sent to the cloud city to track Dagga the Hutt. Landing there requires a LOT of bribes and some quick work to get the jedi's lightsaber through and a few holdout blasters. There is a huge gambling tournament going on.

We search for information, I find from the computer that Daga landed here and then had any further records erased! We also learn there is only 1 company that manages all Tebna gas on the planet - so who Daga will be forced to deal with. Fibon associates is where we will need to go.

Disco finds a datapad has been stealthed into his pocket it has a simple message: "stop asking obvious questions. Hutt's enemies have a habit of dying!"



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