Dawn of Defiance: Queen Of Air And Darkness

Cast of Characters
  • G6-492: Droid scoundrel.
  • Dicso Daley: Human soldier
  • Orr: Human soldier.
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel.

From the Memory Core of G6

The datapad came from Fibon Associates office so we head there. Its a small office with 2 ugnaughts. There is some conversation where we learn that Daga is bribing some ugnaught officals to siphon off tebana gas. The authorities are clamping down on ugnaughts in general. We are told there is going to be a syphon today and are given the location and passes to go investigate.

I sneak up and watch them siphoning - a foreman and 4 workers, once they are done they head back and the foreman spots the Jedi. I sense a fight coming. Wenton throws the foreman into the first worker, breaking the workers neck. The foreman runs forward and hammers a gas canister causing small creatures to come running down. Disco shoots one of the workers canisters, damaging it, I shoot one of the workers and Kal shoots another.

Wenton is surrounded by gribblies, he rolls out and uses force slam, that splats them all and kills the foreman: what an idiot! Despite me saying down the comm to use STUN! the fleshie idiots manage to kill 3 of them, only just managing to stun the 4th.

We call the authorities and they turn up to escort us to the guild functionaries, they are very pleased we caught them but we don't get much others. Thankfully our 2 contacts in the office let us in that they know a bit more: There is a deal for the gas going down in the tournament itself. Baron Kithris is dagas unwitting contact in the sabak tournament for selling the gas.

The baron arrives at the hotel and is arguing very loudly about the quality of his room. He has some clone troopers and female ninjas as bodyguards - so high ranking imperial then.

Disco goes to sign on as a security guard - he's going to be paid 500 credits per day and a permit to carry weapons. So does Kal. I make some listening devices but am unable to get into his suite. Niik gets a table next to him at breakfast while Wenton and I bug the room.

During the day a message comes in that the imperials are going to do the deal in the middle of the tournament and that the contact is coming. It is escorted by a star destroyer so I go to the docking area and watch. It's a young man with a very big scar, aside from the scar he looks fresh out of the academy.

Switch calls us and wants me to upload stuff to the droids to help one of his guys win. We pay the 10,000 credit fee so Juun can play, getting 2 more of us in as a guest. I install switches software in Juuns table to help him win instead ad he stays in for the first round. With some more computer work Juun gets through the next round and Niik and I make some money betting on outcomes.

The gambler Niik won on the previous day accuses the imperial agent of cheating and pulls a gun. Disco blows him away immediately and gets a bonus payment. Juun unfortunately gets knocked out. Switches boy is still in so I can play for him.

We find a datapad asking for a covert meeting on a docking platform at 0200. I scan the security system and find that its an ambush - wing guard are everywhere waiting for us to arrive so we head to bed.

We get given an offer next day for Juun to buy back in so he does. The imperial guy loses spectacularly to the ice queen but gives a coded message 137.12. Despite disco letting in on my cheating and having all the droids replaced Juun STILL WINS!

Then half the gamblers pull concealed pistols and we start the standoff.

From the Memory Core of G6

Sylus shoots Drac Mandlebrot (the organiser) who goes down. The droids open fire into the crowd shooting several people, including the imperial agent. Wenton uses the force to call Drac's blaster pistol and shoots Sylus. I deactivate one of the droids and Disco shoots sylus with his rifle. Wenton uses the force to crush sylus dead as Disco and Kal deal with the goons, I deactivate another droid and we shoot the last one

We've been set up, surprise surprise. We have been blamed for starting the fight and the alarms are sounding. The ice queen is lying injured, when we go to heal her she tells us where Daga is. He is living on his luxury yacht in the docking bay. We sneak out in the panic and go running to the docking bay.

I open the blast door and we see daga slithering towards the ramp of the yacht, there is a large combat droid next to him and several pilots next to their fighters. Everyone opens fire as wenton charges daga.

The driod draws fire away from daga, and our blasters take away its shield. Niik runs around the docking bay to where there is another door which opens to reveal stormtroopers that shoot at him. He drives back and locks the door, I close the blast door we came in through and head towards a ship.

In a hail of blaster fire and lightsaber slashes the combat droid falls into bits. Daga lasts a little bit longer, as he dies he tells us that now the slaves are all going to die. The pilots surrender when i blow up one of the fighters.

Some of grab fighters while the rest of us get in the yacht. We hear that the imperial shuttle in the atmosphere has changed course and is going to ram one of the gas transports - destroying them both and killing all the slaves to keep the project hidden.

We fly upwards but end up being intercepted by the interplanetary forces - we need to get through them to get out of the atmosphere. We dogfight around them while Niik blasts with the yachts cannons and we hit the atmosphere - the little police fighters can't follow us.

In space we are opposed by a squadron of new fighters, we have to dodge past and round them to get to the slave ship before it hits the transport. Niik and I let fly with laser bolts and blow the gas transport ship into pieces. The tie fighters go for the slave ship and our yacht. The yacht has to leave as it has taken heavy damage, Disco saw his entire life flashing before his eyes before he manages to steer away from the deadly blast.

I land on the slave ship amid a flurry of fire to try and override the systems, while I do the slaves stage a breakout and gain control of the ship and start flying away. Wenton, Kal, Praz and I begin dogfighting with the tie fighters who are trying to destroy the freighter. It takes heavy damage but is able to make a hyperspace jump, we follow!

We get threatening message from the Sith lord on the star destroyer - he is not going to reach us but will hunt us to the end of the universe yadda yadda yadda.

The Rebellion are really interested in our information, the empire is strip mining and strip slaving the world for its project. The republic are going to look into finding it while we look into what to do with our big yacht and 4 fighters and half a million credits.



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