Dawn of Defiance: The G6 Incident

Cast of Characters
  • Praz Toth: Zabrak Scout
  • Disco Daley: Human soldier
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel
  • Hyrathan Orr: Human Techie
  • Junas Melecopalena: Ithorian Noble

From the Journal of Niik

We have bought a new ship which can hold our Z95s. We meet with the Admiral. We are wanted by the Empire. The Jedi has the largest bounty on him. We need to head to Alderan to get new identities and faces. G6 has gone with our money. We suspect that he has gone to Rodia. We head to Alderan where experimental techniques are offered up alongside facial reconstructions. Praz gets a cybernetic eye. G6 has set himself up as a crimelord is offering information. Niiks brother sends him a message. It seems G6 has bought a super heavy battle droid and 6 other G6s and remote controllers.

Telans droids and technologies is the Teelan family business. Niiks brother has taken over the business after the death of his family. The family is rich. We are offered fancy foods. Niik doesn’t remember his brother being so nice. He knows of the bounty on our heads. We are to go on the great hunt. Telks company is competing against us. Our prey is a Rankor. They are huge beasts which regenerate have low light vision and are stupid.    

From the Journal of Orr

Still smarting from the knowledge that the opposing team have already started out ahead of us, we head off into the jungle. Unfortunately Praz and Junas lead us in circles for a couple of hours first, before finally spotting the tracks of seven Rodians crossing our path. We decide to follow the them and stop a couple of hours later to sleep, only Junas falling out of his hammock disturbs what is otherwise a quiet night.

We set off early following the Rodians, a minor scrape with some stinging trees causes us to divert, accidentally making us take a shortcut back into the trail of the Rodians, and a couple of kliks later we hear the noise of blaster fire in the distance. We pickup the pace and jog toward it as darkness begins to fall around us. A noise comes crashing toward us, and i take a blind shot as a Rodian comes crashing out of the trees and dies to my shot! In mock grief I call out in anger at the gods!

As we discuss plans we hear a crunch in the trees, and then a second crunch... could there be two Rancor's, not one? We retreat to regroup and wait for daylight.

We approach a pit full of carcasses, with Praz and I up front. We spot a single Rancor and take aimed shots at it. Praz scores an awesome hit to the beast, and it roars in pain. We hear an answering roar from the distance and Praz scores another hit as my shot goes wide. Niik shouts a rallying cry and we advance. The Rancor turns and runs away from us. We prepare for the likely charge of the second beast.

It charges at us, jumping the pit toward me, Disco and Wenton. We all unload on the Rancor as it flies through the air peppering it with blasterfire, and it unleashes a bellow. Junas takes it in a force grip, squeezing its neck as Wenton rolls past it, lashing out with his lightsaber in a cleverly hidden attack across its calf.

The baby Rancor returns, jumping across the pit at Junas, stamping down and crushing him to the floor. Half the droids drop out of the sky, and the others unleash blaster fire on Niik, Praz and Kel. Disco backs out of range of the Rancor, Junas's grip now broken. Big Game Hunter Disco takes the rancor out with a shot to the head and it topples backwards into the pit. Seconds later I land a shot on the baby Rancor, killing it. The body falls on Junas trapping him there.

Wenton hurls the baby Rancor off Junas, through the air at one of the camera droids whose shield shimmers as it absorbs the bulk of the hit. All 4 remaining droids take shots at Wenton, but he deflects one blast bolt back at the same droid and it explodes in a shower of sparks. Junas slams the two damaged droids together and they explode in mid air, crashing to the ground. The final droid flies toward Niik and Praz, exploding in mid air. Niik falls over unconcious, a fallen tree narrowly saving him from the brunt of the explosion. Wenton performs some mystic tricks to heal Niik using the force.

Five minutes later the shuttlecraft that dropped us off lands in the pit to pick us up. Niik's brother Nuuk lodges a complaint about the behaviour of the other company, and is over the moon at our victory. Niik spends some time in a Bacta tank while we journey back. He will purchase the information from G6 and arrange for us to meet G6 on Belzon station where this whole mess began some months ago.

A day later we dock at the station, and disembark into the promenade. There are far more Empire soldiers on this station than when we were last here, and even fewer non-humans. We head down towards Switch's cargo hold, the address we've been given by Nuuk. Two beaten up Gamorian guards let us through, and we discover G6 through the doors. He has attached himself to the body of a Super Battle Droid, equipped with a sword, heavy blaster and shoulder mounted missle launcher. Flanked by the 6 copies of himself he has mounted the head of Switch on a pike and it looks on, eyes flickering in some not yet dead state.

Disco runs for cover as we head inside and G6 wastes no words on us - a missle launches from G6's shoulder exploding around me, Wenton and Kel. Praz flicks to autofire and sprays two of the G6 clones making their shields wink out. The G6 clones scatter and focus fire on Praz, scoring nasty hits. Wenton charges forward and force slams G6 and two droids into the floor, exploding one and barely scratching G6. Our onetime service bot stands and launches a missle at Disco, Junas and Praz.

Wenton engages G6 and the cunning droid flips backwards over the throne and launches a missile at Wenton, which explodes in the Jedi's face, followed by three G6 clones turning to fire at Wenton in the back. Niik races to Junas's aid, whipping a medpack from his utility belt. We focus some autofire on the clones. We whittle their numbers down to just one clone as Disco runs to Wenton's aid, missles and heavy blaster fire raining down around him. As we finally knock G6's shield out and the coward runs and dives into one of the chutes, but Praz shoots it and destroys it.

We investigate and find that the G6 droid had detached itself from the Super Battle Droid. Switch is still repairable and the Empire pays us for destroying G6. We also find G6's computeran d crack it gaining us 70k CR.






Last Updated: May 2010