Dawn of Defiance: Echoes of the Jedi

Cast of Characters
  • Praz Toth: Zabrak Scout
  • Disco Daley: Human soldier
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel
  • Hyrathan Orr: Human Techie
  • Junas Melecopalena: Ithorian Noble

From the Journal of Junas

We stay on station for another day but can find no trace of G6. We leave the station and return to the Resurgence. Once there we are immediately summoned to the briefing room.

The Jedi master tells us of Holocrons - artifacts containing recorded wisdom of past Jedi masters. One has been identified using the force on the planet Almus in the Kalaran system. Our contact is Laneus Kelburtock. She has also detected a link between the Sarlac project and Bespin.

Background: Planet Almus has tainted atmosphere and low light - mostly from plants rather than the primary. There is the ruins of a Jedi academy that was attacked by three imperial cruisers 2 years ago. Two of which were brought down in the battle. There is a wasteland on the other side of the planet containing the ruins of a Sith stronghold many centuries dead. The wasteland around the old Sith academy is expanding ominously and is now 5000km radius.

After preparation we depart for the Kalaran system. On exiting hyperspace we find a red Consular class starship in orbit. The captain of the ship appears on screen and declares us prisoners of the Red Brotherhood. "prepare for the pleasure of being boarded". Action stations!

Kel goes on the comms "we would like to take you all prisoner but unfortunately we don't have the facilities!". Disco and Kel launch in the Z95s as we make a run for the planet. We figure the cruiser wont be able to follow us into atmo, so we head for cover. The enemy ships moves to intercept. Kel fires a long range concussion miles which goes wide. Disco however does the same and hits the target.

The cruiser moves into range and fires a broadside damaging the ship and the fighters engage our fighters. We continue to make for the planet as the cruiser keeps on coming and holds us with a tractor beam. 

Niik immediately breaks free and we head towards the planet as Disco takes out a Z95. The Just Desert lands and our fighters break off and follow us in. We land in deserted spaceport in the midst of a deserted city.

We take to the arrow landspeeder and head into the city. Hints of dark shapes move at the edge of our vision. As we get close to the academy we note that all the grass around it is dead. There are five small aliens and three large aliens - small Squibs and large Ugors. They are arguing over and pulling on a protocol droid 7A39. After some bargaining we agree to pay them for the droid.

After that they start telling us about all this other stuff they have including a Holocron that they are claiming is a holy artifact. We ask to examine it and it is a fake, so we respectfully decline to part them from their holy item. A few other minor items change hands for small change as we gather round two competing stalls. 

Dark lizard shapes emerge from the shadows and attack.

Later we enter the academy

From the Journal of Niiko

It is dark in the lift shaft. We climb down on a rope. 7A tells us that there is a generator room on this level. A lightsabre is used to cut through the door to the control room. We plug 7A into a computer. We head into the generator room. We fix the power and open the blast doors and search for secret doors. The library has been trashed. We find one in the library. There is a blast door behind it. There is a circular stairway leading down. Disco, Kel and the Jedi head into the room. Some masonry falls on Junas and the blast doors shut. Sith force reanimates the corpses.

The zombies attack. Kel shoots first. The zombies shamble forward. Brains. The Jedi force slam them into the ground. Kel blows one away and another rises to take its' place. The zombies use dark force powers including force lightning against the Jedi. One uses force grip on Wenton. Niik inspires the troops and points out the weak spot of a zombie. Kal shoots it and it keels over. Junas severs the force of one of the creatures. A force slam hits Wenton and Disco. Disco kills another zombie. Kel moves over to the stairs.  Junas bellows. Niik targets a zombie and shoots it. Wenton lobs him against a wall the body disintegrates and the dark force fails to reach another body. We finally wear them down.  Kel shouts that he has found the switch to open the stairway.

Downstairs there is a river and a pond. The dwarf finds the secret door. There is a weapons room. We find a high quality rifle. Niik has a good feeling about this place. Groundhog day ensues. We feel disorientated. A giant snake made of dark smoke enters the room. Disco is raked by claws. Niik shouts out to target its nostrils. Kel destroys two cloudy creatures. Niik gets out of the room and the dark cloud isn't in this room. The others follow. Niik decides not to trust his feelings in the future.

We head to the surgery. There is nothing worth taking. In the corner room is a Twilec. He came to investigate the destruction of the academy. He was attacked by a Sith Lord Inquisitor Draco. The Sith forced his follower to attack him so he had to slay him. Wenton cuts through the cage. An electric spark shoots out at the Twilec. Kel works out the repulsor mechanism. Wenton uses the force to lift. Wenton persuades him to leave. He tells us that a Tsalec is here. Its black and slimey. There are two Mandalorian boxes that are rumoured to nullify the force.

From the Journal of Junas

The large room has four ten foot tall pillars near the centre. In the far corner of the room a pit descends into darkness apparently a victim of the orbital bombardment. In the room there is a Night hunter - bane of the Jedi - aren't they supposed to be extinct? - and three Nogrhris.

Wenton lays into the Nighthunter with his lightsaber though it doesn’t look as damaged as it should. Disco moves up to the pillar for cover as a Noghri drops off the top of the pillar from cover and attacks – and another appears atop another pillar. A hail of fire targets Orr from several of them to no major effect. Junas flings the night-hunter into the one atop the pillar. The night-hunter falls down dead – its back broken. The Noghri also falls off the pillar taking more damage.

A couple of shots target Jun, ouch. So Jun recalls the Move power and throws another Noghri into the one who has moved atop another pillar. One falls dead and the other falls off the pillar taking more damage. All the others except the leader are quickly despatched. The leader runs forwards and pulls the pin on a thermal detonator! We all take energy damage.

We stand stunned for a moment and then proceed to heal the wounded and search the room and the bodies. A couple of vibro daggers and several blaster pistols are recovered. The walls of the room are lined with Jedi items in cases. We spend some time cataloguing them and then the Jedi trance to recover wounds.

After recovery we investigate the pit and dangle a glow stick on a rope. Paz descends and find that it opens up into a large dark cavern. An indistinct figure is seen in the distance. We all climb down.

A red robed figure “Inquisitor Valen Draco” approaches with a red-lightsaber wielded woman companion by his side, his padawan perhaps – an indistinct mass is somewhere behind him apparently connected to a cube on his wrist. He delivers a monologue about how he understands us as he was once like us and we should join him, blah, blah, blah. The room has two very large bottomless pits and four large rocks.

The team let fly with a hail of energy bolts. Some sort of energy bolts are felt whizzing past – where did they come from and what sort of weapon was that? A couple of clone troopers are spotted carrying odd looking blaster rifles. Wenton surges in and Jun attempts to sever Draco’s access to the force – which he makes an heroic effort to cancel. Orr head shots the padawan who falls dead into the pit, lightsaber spinning into the darkness.

Wenton makes a huge attack against Draco – but somehow the blow does not land home. Disco targets the wrist strap, but this is absorbed by the incorporeal blob. Junas tries to throw him into the pit only to be rebuked. Wenton throws a clone trooper into him successfully and Disco follows up killing the clone trooper and wounding Draco.

Draco runs away down the far corridor. Wenton hears a voice in his head “you must sever the link to the holocron”. Junas slams one clone trooper into another and Orr autofires to finish them off. Shortly thereafter the final clone trooper falls dead.

Wenton runs after Draco and finds himself on a stone bridge with the dream beast at the side. The beast is firing force lightning and Draco is absorbing it. He redirects one towards Wenton before Wenton closes with him. Several others rush to engage. Wenton channels the Jedi master’s life-force to sever force on the cube. He utters the fateful words “Fools, you do not know what you have done!”

After taking many attacks he tumbles past us all hitting out as he goes. Wenton closes again and hits him with a good blow. Disco closes and lets blast and falls down dead. The dream beast lunges towards the platform as we all run. We grab the holocron and weapons as we go. Disco grabs a clone trooper body.

The dream beast bursts through the wall and oozes towards us. Junas move objects the body up the pit. Several people struggle to climb the pit and we pull them up frantically. We continue to run as the academy collapses around us. The dream beast pursues but as we pass the fountain an oily blob rears up and engages the dream beast. We run to the Arrow and get the hell out of there as the academy collapses into a pit.

As we leave orbit we spot star destroyer Sidus and a dungeon ship in the comet belt. There is no sign of the cruiser. We make the jump to the Resurgence without event. Our mission a great success. Time to go shopping. Medpacs, Jet packs and ascension guns are popular plus a few heavy weapons for Orr.



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