Dawn of Defiance: The First to Strike

Cast of Characters
  • Praz Toth: Zabrak Scout
  • Disco Daley: Human soldier
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel
  • Hyrathan Orr: Human Techie
  • Junas Melecopalena: Ithorian Noble

From the Journal of Junas

Master Dana has detected an oppressed people through the force. They are detected on a mining colony on Centares a moon of the 3rd planet in the Centares system. It is believed that the empire has been raiding Nazron the 5th planet in the Centares system for Nizon slaves.

The mission bonus is 4000 credit each in advance plus a 10K completion bonus for the party.

From the Journal of Niik

Coming out of hyperspace there are Imperial Star Destroyers! One, a Victory Class, is heading right at us. There are four V-Wings. Things are not looking good. We have been hit. We head for the dust cloud. Two Z95s piloted by Wenton and Disco fly out. We duck behind an asteroid as an ion blast comes at us. It’s difficult to manoeuvre through the gas cloud. The V-Wings have followed us into the dust cloud. The Star Destroyer shoots and shields have gone down and we are heading towards the planet. Niik is avoiding asteroids while Orr is desperately trying to fix the ship. We bounce along a valley. Our ship is toast. Our tank has survived. What a stroke of luck.

The Z95s fly in and they hear that the emergency services have been sent to find the burning ship. We are on Nizon. They try and hide the Z95s in caves but they scratch the paintwork. It’s cramped it the tank. Orr destroys the whiney droid 7A. We head for the city. We see giant scorpions. The city is sprawling with huge buildings and statues and fountains. The locals have slumped shoulders and seem to hate the Empire. Orr hides the tank. The Nazron look like ogres. They have no nose. How do they smell? We head to the market to gather information. The Empire took control of the planet. They have been slaving. A rebel Nazron called Sartoc is held in a detention camp.

We see 6 heavy stormtroopers down a sidestreet. A Nazron woman and child are being dragged off. Wenton confronts them. The woman has been sentenced to death. Wenton convinces them to hand her over. The Empire promised them protection from the separatists. The slaves have never come back. We see a flash out of the corner of our eye. It is an ATST. The detention centre is in the centre of the town. We take a look. There are four towers with stormtroopers with heavy blaster rifles. There are also guards on the gates. There are two big dogs in the pen. Orr sneaks up and hides a comlink.

In the morning we hear some chatter over comlink. We hear the daily password. We check out the imperial building where the stormtroopers sleep. We hear that the imperials have found the ship. They are heading out to check on it. Now might be our chance. Disco checks out the building. He talks to some stormtroopers. He sets off a fire alarm. He collects some stormtrooper armour throws it out of the window. He jumps out. We buy a grav sled and some food. We plan to ambush a trooper who is about to relieve a guard. Wenton knocks out a guard.

Orr and Disco replace guards at normal changeover times. Wenton bluffs the guards on the gates. He force slams them into the ground. Niik heads up. Disco uses his silencer and shoots a guard. We open the gates. A shot for Orr finishes him off. Niik shouts encouragement and tells the prisoners to run. The Nek dogs run for Wenton who throws them into each other. One of the prisoners shouts out to the others to flee. We guess it is Sartoc. Niik shouts out to target a dog. He shoots it and Wenton slices it in half. Guards shoot a couple of the prisoners. Orr finishes off the guard in the tower. Disco kills the guards and Niik kills the final dog. Sartoc leads us through the city to a cavern. He is scarred and old. We sit. “His world is enslaved and we must fight against the Empire. You have struck the first blow for the resistance.” He does not know where the slaves have gone. He believes the information is in a control centre in Matres. He wants us to defeat an ATRT to give the resistance a boost in confidence. The imperials have found the ship and are looking for the Z95s.

Checkpoint Gamma has 3 ATRT walkers. Disco runs up in stormtrooper armour and is let in. He distracts the guards and we run up into cover. Wenton jumps the barricade. Wentons throws the ATRT into each other. Disco shoots one. Wenton cuts the legs off one and it falls to the ground. Orr shoots another which collapses. Wenton cuts down the last one. We make our way back to the tunnel.

From the Journal of Niik

We are needed to go to a guard post to infiltrate and stop them radioing for assistance. There is also a garrison which has some weapons which desperately need stealing. And some resistance forces need coordinating. And a communications array needs some work.

Niik dons some storm-trooper armour. 5 storm-troopers are under fire. Niik gets them to provide covering fire while he heads into the bunker. Crawling over the dead troopers he takes some flak. He cons the troopers into believing he is radioing for assistance. Finally he damages the radio and escapes.

Wenton fails miserably to sneak around. He is very loud as he stumbles over and storm-troopers hear him. He kills them. Finally he cuts a way through the roof and leaps to the ground. He sneaks past the troopers.Having no useful skills he uses his light-sabre for everything.

Orr uses his jet-pack to get up onto a large building. There is a large communications array on top. He uses his light-sabre to cut through the cables. He steals a key component.

Jun takes some comms units. He finds some resistance fighters and gives them radios. “Welcome to the resistance.” Jun shakes a building using the force. This disrupts the troopers enough for the resistance to escape.

Heading back to the cave we see some transport ships. We need to save some slaves and hopefully steal some ships (for us). The transport is spewing gunk. The foul scent of acidic vapour hangs in the air. Some slaves are being herded towards the ship. We surprise them an attack. Jun throws some slavers into each other. He picks them up and does it again. Four dogs attack Wenton. He fends one off with his light-sabre. They claw at him. The Trandoshan slavers return fire. The dark side of the force alters the laws of probability and Wenton misses repeatedly. The drop their hold out blasters and charge us. They claw us severely. Wenton rolls away from the dog. He slices at one of the dogs. Orr sprays the dogs with blaster fire. Jun uses a jet-pack to fly up the cliff face. The remaining slavers surround Niik. He soon slumps to the ground bleeding heavily from his wounds. The dogs claw and bite at Wenton and he also collapses. Jun throws a slaver over the edge. The slaves come to our aid. Jun uses the force to throw another slaver off the cliff. A slave grabs onto the slavers ship. Orr uses a wrist mounted rocket at the ship. Jun uses the powers of the force to ram the slavers ship into the platform. What a star! He is clearly outclassing Wenton today. The slaves head onto the ship to help their brethren. Jun patches up Niik and Wenton. Orr tells a droid on the YT1300 not to leave without him. The remaining slavers surrender.

We head onto the YT1300. Wenton pilots the ship. The slavers ship plunges to its’ doom. We hide the YT1300 and head to see Sartoc. Yurka a Nazran woman is claimed to have spooky healing powers. V wings blow up some buildings. A frail old woman calls out to us. She shelters us. She prays to her gods to help heal us. The stairwell collapses. Three droids crash through the walls. Knowing Wenton is having an off day they ignore him. Wenton throws one droid into another. Jun does the same only better. Blaster cannon fire slams into Niik who slumps to the ground. Wenton leaps into the air and comes down onto a droid and slices it into pieces. Jun resorts to using a blaster pistol.

Finally we are about to attack Marters Plaza. We drive our speeder into a turret. Wenton jumps onto an ATST. Jun lifts the ATST into the air. Wenton cuts his way in and kills the pilots. We get into the bunker. We hear reports of the resistance scoring victories. We see an order to destroy the Sarlac Project. The mountain base holds the information. Sartoc arrives and requisitions the ATST we have just captured. We walk to the mountain base. Vrill has the information we need. He has five combat droids in front of him. Jun throws the droids about. Wenton rushes in to engage the bounty hunter. Orr takes pot shots. Niik takes blaster fire and goes down. Orr shoots Vrill dead. Orr finds the remote for the droids and powers them down.

We have freed the planet from the Empire. The Sarlac project is a construction project tied to Coruscant. The bounty hunter was an assassin working for the empire.


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