Dawn of Defiance: Core of Corruption

Cast of Characters
  • Praz Toth: Zabrak Scout
  • Disco Daley: Human soldier
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel
  • Hyrathan Orr: Human Techie
  • Junas Melecopalena: Ithorian Noble

From the Journal of Niik Teelan

Meeting on the resurgence. Admiral Varth looks knackered. Sarlac project blah blah. We need to go to Coruscent which is secure. We become very mercenary. They promise to fix our broken starship. We agree. Sarlac project data will be on a tight bound communication. ISB agent Lisan Dos, CZ3T6, Resh, a sallustan, might be good contacts. There are agents of Bale Organa on the planet but we don't know who they are. We are being loaned YT1300. We are being given some food to transport and some licences for weapons. Cover stories _ Niik is the merchant, Orr is to be the techy guy, Kel and Wenton pilots, Disco and Praz are body guards. Captain Vrana tells us the contacts name and some info on him.

We come out of hyperspace near Coruscent. We are directed to a space lane. We dodge pass a transport. Something went wrong with the engine. The ship is listing to one side. We contact space control and they send some tai fighters to escort us. A star destroyer appears right next to us. It is the Asidus. We fix the ship.  We come into cloud scape platforms. The sun glows red as it drops below the horizon. We are told to land and await customs inspection. We find somewhere cheap to park the ship and sleep. We find a buyer for the grain. 

We make contact with the Captain Vranas' contact. We bargain for a cheap speeder hire. We head for a bar. We see an old man with long white hair. He has a cane. He sits next to us. Lisan Dos has been on the newsnets. He exposed alien plots to influence the senate.  We would have to get some scanners to scan for tight bound communication on the Sarlac project. We offer to charter some goods.

Orr and Kel are going to use computers to find out some info. The rest of us are going to a seedy area to ask around. Orr finds out that CZ3T6 went to Droid Services in Cocoa town for reassignment. Orr hacks into the computers at Droid Services. He finds out where the droid was sent. It sounds like an Imperial tower block, with government offices. Dos is protecting something big.

  The seedy area is smog filled. We go into one of the casinos - the Happy Harlot. Resh lives in the Works. Resh has an outstanding bounty on him of 10 000 credits. Resh was a trusted Lt. of Darga the Hutt. Etoa Row is an information broker. We arrange a meeting with Etoa Row. Praz accepts the bounty on Resh. He has gunned down two groups of bounty hunters.

Orr and Kell spend some time on the computers. We head to a coolant factory to meet our contact. He arrives on a speeder. He knows about Resh. He is looking for a way off planet. We may need some ID for him to get him off contact. He is in a warehouse in the works. The scanner would cost us 3000 credits. Corecraft do the construction on Droid Services building.  

On our way back to the speeder we are ambushed by some thugs.  We kill most of them and the rest run.

We find a way into the labrynth. As we move through a power coupler falls and damages the speeder. Our speeder is damaged again. There is a crashed speeder on the platform. I hear a voice in Huttese. Someone is about to collect the bounty on Resh.

We see some people attacking Resh. Others are closing in on him. Disco shoots on and he is heavily damaged.  The Jedi and Disco advance. Niik blows one of the bad guys away with a heavy blaster. The floor disappears beneath Wenton who falls and is covered in oil. Niik kills another with a heavy blaster shot. Wenton force slams the leader into a concrete post. Disco persuades the rest of the bounty hunters to surrender. They flee. We are about to talk to Resh.

From the Journal of Junas

Leaving the cafe it is apparent that we are being watched. As we head off 2 folk close in from in front and 2 from behind. They draw stun batons as we open fire. They cry out "death to alien scum" as they attack wildly. Soon three are dead and the other runs off. We take their stun batons, blasters and vibro-blades.

Heading back we meet up with the others and talk to the new contact. He knows a little about the Sarlac project, but nothing exceptional.

We decide to monitor the building where we think the transmission is coming from and rent a room overlooking it. Eventually we intercept the meaningless signal and record it for future use. It is coming from the roof./p>

Next on to the Blue Outlander bar to find Dos. Disco looks around very obviously and spots him, two humans sit nearby watching, probably his bodyguards and immediately make him. So Discos walks up to Dos and asks him if he is looking for a good time. Hyrathan flicks the channels on the large screen TVs in the bar  to create confusion and Wenton spills a tray of drinks over the bodyguards. Dos suggests they take the conversation outside. Just then the lights go out and we all head outside.

Dos and Disco go into a side alley to talk, but then he says "why have your friends followed us?" Hyratham shouts out "you left without paying me that hundred credits" to Disco. And it all kicks off predictably. Just as the trailing groups spot someone else trailing us.

Wenton slams the bodyguards to the ground and much blaster fire is heard. Then the guy following the trailing group shouts out "get them lads" and a squad of storm-troopers come round the corner. Chaos ensues. Enemies drop like flies, but seconds later an air speeder flier over deploying more troopers and a weapons platform. Someone is not pleased to see us.

Wenton shouts out that who we think is Dos, probably isn't as he leaps into the weapons platform. It's a trap! But fortunately soon all enemies are down. A surveillance drone is dropped quickly. Though Wenton is off somewhere with the weapons platform as the pilot tries to shake Wenton off before he gets to him. The outcome is never in doubt and he brings it back to us quickly. Comms chatter indicates reinforcements are on the way.

  We jump into the other air speeder and fly off. Soon two armed air speeders pull alongside and order us to the nearest platform. We pull up sharply to get them alongside and  slam them into each other using the force. Damn! Heavy armour.

Wenton leaps onto one. What? And everyone opens fire. The patrol ships start shooting at each other as Wenton slams his light sabre into one doing serious damage as we manoeuvre underneath to catch him and the other .

The patrol ship that is underneath Wenton explodes under our fire. Debris and Wenton rains down, but we manoeuvre to avoid it. Which leaves Wenton in free fall. Fortunately our pilot is up to the task.

We need to dump this ship fast. So we land, wipe the trip recorder and set it on auto-pilot back to the rental shop. Time to go undercover.

  We activate our last remaining contact. He can get us new identities but that will take a day or so. He can also get us off planet when we need it.  We lay low while we wait for new IDs. We plan to get jobs that will get us access to the Corecraft building.

 Orr is first, trying to get a droid repair job, though this requires a higher level of security checks. After a long nervous wait the security checks are cleared. Orr and Kel are then interviewed and employed. One of us is also employed as a pilot.

We plan to fly in with our pilot. The other two are already inside as workers. The first part of this plan goes fine, though a  security lock down during the approach lanes might indicate the codes have changed.

From the Journal of God

The party created a small explosion in the main hangar bay at the same time as Orr/Kel short circuited the shields therefore preventing any vehicles coming in/out of the hangar. This caused several of the technicians to come into the hangar to fight the blaze. Along with a timely "fire! fire! from Niik this pretty much emptied the control room. After a short scuffle the party managed to take control and shut out the technicians.

On level 189 the party encountered feelings of the dark side but there was no one present in any of the rooms. Evidence of black jump suits pointed to the presence of Inquisitors at some point.

Descending down to level 188 the party are trapped in a room where noxious fumes were pumped in to try and disable the party. As Prax and Niik shoot at the nozzles Wenton makes for the window and pulls one of the troopers through it with the force breaking the window! The coruscant guards on the other side jump into the room to engage with electro staffs. After a short scuffle the guards are all killed. 

Making their way down the corridor and destroying a few turrets and defeating a series of shields and blast doors the party eventually arrive in a detention center.

They free several non-human starship designers. The only sane one a Duros Male reveals that the Sarlacc project is an epic Star Destroyer under construction which is 12km long!. Downloading extra information from the detention center computer the heroes realise they appear to be trapped!

They find a window which they smash which allows access out onto the partially finished construction. Once out 3 Apprentices 2 Guards and an Inquisitor attack.

Prax is disabled with a force grip, Wenton is flung below and chased by an apprentice, Niik and Disco try and hold there own but eventually Niik is also taken down and Disco flees under the effect of a mind trick!

Wenton kills his apprentice and then uses his own force powers to stop Disco from running away any more! Between Disco and Wenton they are able to finish off the Inquisitor, however as the battle ends they hear explosions from below! The building is being destroyed, the number of lives lost will be vast but obviously the information the heroes hold must be of vital importance!

The heroes realise that the modular construction of the building allows for them to hide in one of the prefab rooms and hope the collapse doesn't kill them!

From the Journal of Junas

I leave them alone for 5 minutes and look what happens. I am questioned but I convince him that I am not the rebel scum he is looking for and we are soon on our way and lay low with loyalists on Coruscant.

In the safe house they have a holo-projector and Admiral Varth contacts us. "Pavel Trennel, a weapons tech from the Sarlac project has contacted us and is willing to exchange information on the offensive capability of the Sarlac project for transport off planet."

  After sleeping overnight we make our way downtown in two loyalist speeders. The sky-lanes are on high alert and we have to avoid checkpoints and bluff our way past veteran storm troopers quite easily.

In the lobby of the building an officious 3PO unit demands 50 credits for every question we ask and cons us out of a couple of hundred credits to find Pavel and give us the key card to his room. We make our way down to his room and enter it. A note on the table says "Invisible hand". Niik recalls that is a bar made from the remains of a crashed ship.

Heading off to the Invisible Hand on foot we become aware a rotten meat smell and growls from the side alleys. Impossible looking ogre like creatures emerge from the alleys slavering and growling, looking for lunch. They really don't want to do this. Stupidity around us carries a high price. They charge in trying to grapple us down. One picks up Orr and runs off with him! As expected it doesn't matter and most are soon dead and two flee on command.

A Quarren bouncer stands outside the invisible hand bar. He nods at our weapons us and says I trust there will be no trouble. As we enter we spot Pavel and four Quarrens  and a Gran behind the bar. The Quarrens see us and stand up reaching for their weapons. Hired muscle. But which side are they on? Pavel also stands up drawing a weapon and fires at Wenton! Problem solved. It's a trap! Another lesson in stupidity is handed out. Hmm, no imperials. Was he a bounty hunter? We head back to the safe house.

The safe house is strewn with dead bodies and blaster scorch marks are everywhere. Farseeing our previous contact he lays dead in the workshop area. Damn. Wenton hears something and sets off at a run down the stairs with us close behind.

Seven warriors in black combat jump suits and full face masks stand ready at the bottom of the stairs. A force slam from Wenton drops them all momentarily. Their combat training is evident as they jump back up and, with their leader's barked command of "give him hell", they lay down a barrage of fire on Wenton. Wenton's light sabre is a blur as he fends off the worst of the damage. Anyone else would have been a smear. The others cautiously step in to assist as they focus fire on Wenton. This lesson in stupidity takes a little longer. Hmm, they are beginning to learn.

We grab the holo-projector and a few hand held items and jump in the speeders. The holo-projector is flashing so we answer it as we fly off. Our ship has been located, so we have the option of trying to recover it. Hmm, we know it will be a trap. Is there a better option?

The starport is closed down. On closer inspection our ship is visibly guarded by an AT-AT, 2 gun emplacements and a squad of storm troopers. Light opposition.

Disco and Wenton climb the 60 foot wall around the starport and jump down on the 50ft tall walker below. Tying themselves on, Wenton cuts a hole through the head  of the walker and Disco opens fire before Wenton jumps in with his light sabre leaving a trail of death.

A crate lands on a gun emplacement and the gun then smashes into a blast wall. The gunners run towards the building and the window shatters sending glass everywhere as the boom of grenades echoes for several seconds.

From the Journal of Praz Toth

I've always enjoyed a space battle, but not when I'm fleeing pursuit from the Empire.

As we come upon the Republic flotilla we receive a crackled message from aboard Captain Verana 'The Resurgence' alerting us of their imminent boarding by Imperial troops and pleading for a lift out of the situation. 'The Resurgence' and it's support ships are being engaged by two star destroyers. A corellian corvette is attempting to protect the frigate and allow it time to escape but the ship is clearly having difficulty and is still receiving some bombardment.

We skirt around the battle and attempt to board the frigate from a better angle, we set down in the landing bay to find it deserted, no ships and only a few dead rebel troops sprawled across the cavernous metal docking area. We head towards the bridge. As we exit the docking lift Disco narrowly avoids a falling power conduit. We find that the route is blocked and the connecting lift damaged so we have to continue to the next level by climbing the lift shaft.

The group finds a route the the bridge along a badly damaged section of the ship as we cross the area Junas and I hear a crack and hiss as the hull breaches barely making it through the bulkhead as I make it through I cope the raw end of an electrical conduit. Boarding a turbo lift for the bridge we prepare ourselves for combat taking two separate routes to hopefully gain a flank if we come upon any resistance. Orr, Junas and I prepare to enter from the left as  Wenton cuts through the central door with Disco & Niik.

We hear blaster fire from the bridge. Orr is shot badly as he opens the door and retreats to his quarters to find his hidden lightsaber. With my usual casual air I bravely enter the and rush behind the far consoles where I find the captain and the remaining bridge crew. Capt. Verana is seriously injured. I instruct the bridge crew that more are coming to assist and provide cover from both sides of the rear consoles and open fire when as my companions engage the imperials.

Junas and Disco begin their onslaught of the elite troopers while the crew and I coordinate our fire on the imperials from the rear. Wenton and Disco rush in and engage at point blank range. We make short work of the imperials once our full force is brought to bear.

Capt. Verana orders us to ignore her and rescue Master Deina from the inquistors on the other side of the ship. We rush on through the badly decaying ship as the bombardment increases. We come upon some imperial troops leading republic prisoners away but make the hard judgement call to carry on and save the jedi in the hope that the prisoners are being lead to the same hangar bay where Deina is being led.

As we enter the hangar we see Valen Draco who we thought we'd killed lead Deina onto an imperial shuttle and departing the docking bay. There is one shuttle left guarded by imperials and led by a blonde officer with icy blues eyes, Junas senses she is more than the appears to be. We enter the fray to commandeer the shuttle.

Wenton and Disco fly in for an attack, the female officer draws her light saber as Wenton uses the force to draw her closer for a blow. The female officer flies around the room taking blows at everyone before four inquisitors rush into the combat. Wenton drops the female officer and the rest of the group attack the inquisitors. Junas uses the force to hinder two of the inquisitors advancing down the corridor upon Disco, Niik and himself. Meanwhile the troopers rush upon the shuttle and shut the door. Orr, Wenton and I advance on the other two inquisitors who rush into the hangar. Wenton makes short work of them.

The troopers inside the shuttle prepare to launch as Wenton jumps towards their viewport and threatens them with his lightsaber, ignoring him they fly out of the hangar, Wenton fails to get off in time and is cuaght outside the force field, Junas manages to use the force to pull him back to safety.

As the frigate falls apart we rush for our own ship. As we enter hyperspace we see 'The Resurgence' crumble under heavy bombardment, in the last few seconds before we leave Admiral Vath reveals himself as a traitor over comms.

From the Journal of Niik

We create cover stories for our trip on train. Niik knows the bureaucracy and between him and Orr they create them. Orr has the idea of getting some stuff onto the train.

Wenton has the cover story of the entertainer Sebastion Banehammer. Niik is the reknowned detective Garak Duras. Prax Toth is a great explorer and sharpshooter. Jun is a gambler and ecologist. Orr is nerdy scientist weapons designer Ceelun Kar.

One of the guests Morax Nabin is an imperial governor. He is a great holochess player. Lina the fashion designer who does lots of work for charity. Dean Sub on Surrosub Company is interested in trade. Zalak an arrogant racer, and Aldarion Noble who has a love of dance. An actress loves Saback.

Niik and Orr think they could play chess. Disco and Jun try to get info on Morax in an Inn but fail and get thrown out. Praz breaks into the train station and gets same names from the guest list. Wenton and Disco work on dissassembling their weapons so they can be hid. We also need some disguises. At the last minute Wenton and Praz finds out about the last guest.

The launch party is luxurious. The Gem Valeran is the name of the train. Praz manages to persuades the security guard to let his bot through. Jun uses his force powers to get Disco past security despite him being shifty.

We make small talk with some of the guests. Niik makes a good impression with the hangers on of Morax Nabin the imperial governor. Jun talks to Linas friends about fashion. Wentons dancing fails to impress. Jun uses the force to persuade a guest that he is witty.

Lina is drunk. She talks slurring her words.

There are five train carriages. A lounge and a dining cart. A casino carriage has many sabbac tables. There is a personal nightclub of the hostess. In the casino Praz and Jun have a go at Sabbac. They have a poor start early on but at the last table Ardea is impressed by their skill at cards. She invites them back for a chat.

Back in the lounge car Disco and Wenton impress Dean Sub with their knowledge of the trade and are invited for a meal. Orr and Niik play a simultaneous holochess game against Morax Nabin. He concedes to them. We are not sure whether he likes us or not.

In the dining car we are served fine wines and sweat meats. Sat at the table is the imperial governor, the noblewoman and some other guests. Jun waxes lyrical about the food and the foolish guests believe him. Niik smells the wine and recognises the scent of Rhodian leaves. Disco and Wenton impress us with their knowledge of foods. The attitude of everyone changes. We are the talk of the train. We have been given a pass to club decadence. Some of the major guests are there. The actress, the fashion designer and the scion are here.

Orr and Wenton plan to do a dance off. Wenton wows the crowd. Jun and an Ithorian hit it off. Praz fails to impress Lina with his knowledge of Ithorian mating rituals. The Scion challenges Disco to a drinking contest. Zalar passes out and loses a wager of 1000 credits. Orrs' quick thinking stops a fight. Niik sees that the music is not filling the dance floor and gets it changed. Lady Aldrette invites us to her car.

Her office has a one way mirror to the dance floor. A Twilec knows that our cover stories were created in the last 24 hours. He knows who we are. The Ladies lifestyle is a cover for a spy network.

We hear that the train has been boarded by bounty hunters. We hear voices shouting for Bale Organa. If they can't find him they may cause trouble.  Moving through the train we hear the sound of heavy blaster fire. We move into the casino carriage. Jun shouts out that there is a war droid and a trandoshan on the stairs. Niik watches as a thermal detonator is hurled at Jun and Disco. Wenton has is lightsabre ignited.

The war machine and Trandoshans open fire at Jun.

Wenton charges the war machine, which Jun throws into the Trandoshans.  Wenton comes under heavy fire. Some storm troopers target the battle droid. Orr and Praz are sneaking forward.  Wenton chops the head off the leader.

From the Journal of Niik

Niik persuades Morax Nabin to let us past without any trouble. A peak through the window to the next cabin shows that there a load of mercenaries and some hostages. We believe that blowing out the windows may harm the mercenaries. Niik moves in and is rushed by mercenaries with vibroaxes. He is badly hurt. Disco resorts to fisticuffs. Blaster fire hits Niik who slumps to the floor. Jun phases and moves to help Niik. Disco rushes in to protect Jun. Blaster fire hails down on Niik, Jun and Disco who are too close together. Jun uses the force to throw one out of the window. High winds blow in and knock them over. Praz steps in gets a head shot on a trandoshan mercenary then vaults over the bannister landing in a crouch. The cruel heartless mercenary leader shouts out kill the mercenaries. Four die in a hail of autofire. Wenton lifts a group of mercenries into the air and slams them into the floor. They pull out vibroblades and attack Wenton who blocks them with  a lightsabre.

There is a medic who helps to treat our injuries. We hear from the hostages that our hostess was lead towards the front of the train. Two fighter planes open fire on the 2nd carriage. The lounge car is devestated. Exposed power conduits are on the floor. We feel we need to disconnect the carriages to save the passengers.

we move into the carriage. Two starfighters strafe the train. Wenton acrobatically leaps the length of the carriage to engage the mercenaries. The fighters launches missiles at the train. Niik crumples to the floor. We hear a crunch as the carriages behind are decoupled. Orr picks up Niik and carries him towards the exit, while he is still on fire.

The control car is ahead. It is being overcharged to keep up its high speed. Disco heads into the carriage. A trandoshan has the hostess bound and gagged at his feet. He shoots the fuel line. Wenton surges into the carriage and tries to grip him using the force. Niik sees an escape hatch above the trandoshan. The trandoshan pulls down a ladder and climbs up dragging the hostess with her. All in a few seconds! What a guy. Wenton uses the force to pull him down. After we kill him we see a cruiser. We see Baudu space transport heading towards the train. Wenton has started to climb the cable. The trandoshan cruiser releases the cable and Wenton backflips off it. The transport hovers ahead of us. We grab cables and are pulled onto the transport as the trains plummets to the ground.

Lady Aldrette is extremely grateful and gives us the information we need.  G6 has been acting as an information broker for Admiral Varth.    





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