Dawn of Defiance: Sword of the Empire

Cast of Characters
  • Praz Toth: Zabrak Scout
  • Disco Daley: Human soldier
  • Niik: Rodian Noble
  • Wenton Kether: Human Jedi
  • Kel: Duros scoundrel
  • Hyrathan Orr: Human Techie
  • Junas Melecopalena: Ithorian Noble

From the Journal of Disco

 Jedi Master Denion has fallen into the hands of the inquisition and is being held captive in the Deep Core, We now have the codes that will get us into the Deep Core. Prakith is a mining world in the Deep Core.  Senator Organa would like us to go to Prakith and free the Jedi Master and see if we can find out any more information.  The senator will reward us with 15,000 credits each if we are successful.  Prakith is also the home of the inquisition.  We accept the mission.

We travel to Prakith. Entering the system a no-fly zone is announced around a mountain range close to the main spaceport. All ships instructed to make directly for Prakith.  We do so, arriving 3 hours later.  A lot of construction is going on.  Niik detects a weak transmission, a distress signal.  A ship is trapped on the inner moon.  We inform the local tower and they authorise us to perform a rescue.

On the surface of the moon we find a dodgy-looking yacht - the Good Feeling, sitting inside a crater.  The ship looks cobbled together. We land.  From  outside the problem is obvious.  Orr goes outside and fixes the problem.  The Good Feeling takes off.  We travel to the spaceport, though we don't get far before we start to experience power fluctuations.  Wenton notices an creature attached to the outside of the ship and blasts it off with the Force.  There are obviously others attached though.   Kel powers the ship down Wenton suits up and heads outside.  Between us we force the creatures away from the ship.

We arrive in Prak city.  The obsidian tower of the Citadel Inquisitorus looms over the city, located in the distant mountain range.  This is where the jedi master is believed to be.  Wenton has a bad feeling, the place reeks of the dark side.  Only miners are allowed into the mountain range.

We head to the Motherload cantina, to check out the local situation,  potentially establish some contacts and to seek out the pilot of the ship we rescued.  We ask around and are directed to Old Man Geddis.

 On the way a barrel come rolling down a hill towards us.  I shoot it and step aside.  Wenton stops it (using the force but making it looks as though its his strength).  Some human alien haters appear at the top of the hill (there is an alien in the barrel (oops).  A fight ensues.  We win.

A heavily armed speeder lands with military / guard types disembarking. We run.

The next day we head to shanty town to speak to Old Man Geddis.  He tells us that there are a lot of mines in the area but non connect to the Geddis Mine or the inquisitors tower. He mentions hairless wookies before passing out (maybe it was a mistake to take him alcohol!). As we leave we see a truck dropping rubbish into a hole. Something runs across our vision.  We go to the dump to investigate.

Behind a box we find one of the hairless wookies. It asks for help- it want to get home - under Prakith. It needs to get back to the world-flesh.  It came here looking for the source of the poison. It needs to get back down the hole that rubbish is being dumped into.  We need to delay the frequency of the dumps to allow time for this.

One of the workers approaches. Wenton captures him.  He suggests calling in a power fluctuation which will defer the next drop. Afraid for his life he does this. We descend.

We are attacked my a mad gelatinous cube. It swallows me but the rest of the group succeed in killing it and rescue me. We descend deeper.  More hairless wookies appear and we talk to them.  They agree to guide us to the mountains via their underground passages providing we take care of some of their enemies first.

From the Journal of Orr

Oops. We talk too loudly and the guards (or what we expect is there at least) stop making noise. We throw glowrods and frag grenades down the corridor then wait to see what happens. There's a squeal and a mech sidesteps into the corridor and fires a giant laser into the center of the room. It misses most of us and Praz dodges out of the way skillfully.

Disco, Wenton and myself destroy the mining vehicle then we all take cover watching the two entrances having heard some other guards/miners run off calling for help.

Disco destroys an incoming droid, then forms move toward him and two more mining mech's fire lasers at him. Praz moves up to cover the other corridor and shoots an incoming droid as they announce their intention to make us leave the mine. I cover Praz, over his shoulder with autofire and take out a group,  while Disco and Wenton charge up the corridor, the Jedi deflecting giant blaster bolts ahead of the soldier.

Praz backs up screaming "You'll never eject me from the premises!" and between him and Niik they finish off the mining droids. Wenton engages a group of hidden miners, while we cover the corridors awaiting targets to shoot at. Wenton plays tag with a group of arc cutter wielding miners, the charges up the corridor to the mechs and we return fire on the no longer hidden mechs. They explode in a hail of blaster fire and saber slices.

Sterub bodies, cut in half by thelaser borer mechs, lie all over the room, executed by the miners. Job done (and we find 7 speeder bikes too)! Herd takes the prisoners and puts greithka over their heads till they suffocate and die, feeding the tiny cube.

We take a few days worth of digested miner meat courtesy of greithka and set off an a completely unsafe speed through the depths of the planet. 2 crashes, a collapsing wall and my own stupidity put paid to my bike, it exploding against a stalagtite as i jump free. Wenton heals me and i climb aboard Praz's speeder.

Catching us by surprise, all but Disco are grappled by a giant dark side creature hanging from the low ceiling. We ignore its crushing grip and unleash blaster fire and flying lightsabers at it, tearing into the evil mass with abandon - it ignores us and continues its own assault with flailing tentacles and mind blasts. It takes over Wenton's mind and drops him to the water, right before I hit a lucky shot and the creature appears to die dropping me into the water too.

We rest over night and repair the very damaged bikes as best as possible and continue on up an incline that opens into an ancient moss covered area. The Inquisitorious stands above us, the base suspended on colonnaded posts, a giant dark side phallus rising into the night sky above.

Praz and I move over to a service elevator and convince it to come collect us, followed by the others as the lift decends. Praz and I climb in, but Wenton stumbles infront of a camera, triggering automated defenses. Two squads of droids drop from the citadel and open fire on Wenton and Niik, while the doors close around us and the elevator begins rising into the tower. Praz finds a hatch in the elevator and I fail to take control of the stupid machine again - causing the doors to open and the movement stops, and Praz has to dodge a hail of blaster fire from droids blocking the doorway.

Wenton succumbs to the desire to use the force and throws the droids into each other. Praz and I defeat our droids and take control of the lift, sending it back down as four dark jedi drop to the floor and swarm Wenton.

In an epic battle we finally bring down the last dark sith trainee and take a breather.

From the Journal of Wenton

We are fighting in a lift. Lots of stuff is happening it's very exciting.

We are going into different levels of the tower. Always split the party, that usually works out for the best.

Some Sith are attacking Ore. We are all in the same area now, more or less.

I disarm one of the Sith and take the fight to the other. Everyone else also does some stuff but it's no where near as flashy.

One of the Sith attacks with his little sabre and hits Disco. Not a problem with the amount of hit point he has. Ore kills one of them with a crit.

Kel attacks with his little pistol pew pew. He is dead. Bravo.

We are in a corridor looking for a way up.

We are going up in a lift.

There are some more Sith at the top level, it's about to get dangerous. May the force be with us.

Denia is being tortured and Draco is ALIVE!!! We are in trouble.

Nik tumbles into the lift shaft following the two droids I threw down. Draco means business.

Big fight but I think we are winning. Auto crit against him doing lots of damage. I crit him on an opportunity attack, that's gotta hurt.

Denia is getting weak, I will have to save her.

Draco escapes screaming i'll get you potter.

Denia has died her last act to drive away Draco, Jun is on his way to pick us up in the ship, whilst being chased by the ships from Prax City.

We flee the planet as fast as we can, leaving Nik behind to steal the imperial shuttle.

The Sarlec project is being assembled near the planet of Bis, we shall fly to Biss to destroy the Sarlac ship once and for all.....

From the Journal of Gold 15

We fly into the system to fight. We see the ship. Dogfight.  We win, dock and see malfor's ship. We get jumped.  Some stormers and big humanoids with axes.  Fight.  Orr and Neek go down. 

From the Journal of Niik Teelan

The fight finishes with some stormtroopers running off with Disco in hot pursuit. At this point an alarm sounds and we hear a call to evacuate the station. Praz is left on the ship. He stupidly decides to join the space battle. It's strangely quiet. Finally we see signs for the control room. Small dark hovering droids open fire from side corridors. We all go down under a hail of fire.

We awake but feel groggy. We have been heavily drugged. G6 asks us where the rebel fleet is. We hear an alarm and our doors open. Jun comes and rescues us and then disappears. We head for the lifts and hack the controls to head up to the top.

The doors open and we see our mortal enemies at the far end of the room. Draco, Varth and G6 stand alongside shadowguards in lovely red armour and cloaks. We see that there is a huge space battle going on. The empire is attacking the rebel fleet. We engage the shadowguards. Wenton and Disco attack G6 and Varth. Niik cruelly executes the technician in charge of shield control. Niik and Orr try to work the shield controls while being attacked by Varth and the Shadow troopers. Draco causes G6 to explode in front of Wenton. Wenton comes to the rescue. Disco trades shots with Varth and the troopers. It's all down to Orr. Orr takes a blast as he works the computer. We hear the sound of the shields going down. Draco kills Orr and tries to put up the shields. Niik throws a grenade at the computer which explodes. Disco and Wenton makes a cowardly escape in the turbo lift.

Praz is on the bridge of the of the Nebulon B Frigate as it ploughs into the bridge killing Kel and Niik. Draco dives into the lift.

Draco force slams Disco into Wenton who expires on the ground. Disco barges Draco out of the turbolift and both of them are killed.  


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