Star Wars: The Search for Adar Tallon

Setting the Scene

Dour Han-Daall:Are you sure this is where we're supposed to meet this Dana person?"

Oliver:;Sure I'm sure! This is the place in her message - Kwenn Space Station

Samina:;Yup, good ol' Kwenn. The final fuel and supply point before the Outer Rim Territories. Why would Dana choose such a desolate place for pick up?

Xosa:;Probably because her last mission was an undercover assignment aboard the Star Destroyer Relentless

Lagon:You mean she was on that monstrosity parked outside?

Xosa:Not only on it, she's served as an officer for these past few months, gathering all kinds of information for the Alliance

Oliver:Still, her mission had another few weeks to go. I wonder why she decided to jump ship early?

Dour Han-Daall:Her message sounded urgent. Code Green - agent in trouble, pick up immediately

Samina:And she mentioned the name Adar Tallon

Lagon:Everyone got excited by that. Clue me in, who is this Adar Tallon person?

Dour Han-Daall::What planet are you from? Commander Tallon was a hero back before the Empire, in the days of the Old Republic

Samina:He was a brilliant tactician and naval officer. His space-fighting strategies and maneuvers were years ahead of their time and are still used by us and the Imperials

Oliver:You mean the guy whose statues were torn down by the Emperor a while back? That Adar Tallon? I thought he was dead

Xosa:He is. Commander Tallon died fighting pirates in the Dalchon sector. His ship was obliterated. No wreckage, no survivors, nothing! Heck, there wasn't even enough left to give him a decent burial

Dour Han-Daall:Don't be gross. Let's just get to the rendezvous point, find Dana, and get back to our ship. I'll feel a whole lot better with some distance between us and that Star Destroyer out there

Samina:She should be right around the next bend

Xosa:There she is! But hey, wasn't she supposed to be alone?

Lagon:You know, I've got a bad feeling about this...



Last Updated: June 2001