Star Wars: Crisis on Cloud City

Setting the Scene

Walex Blissex:Remarkable piece of engineering don't you think?

Domu Hogyl:It's nothing compared to what that ExOne droid prototype is supposed to be capable of

Togawa Rybu:Controlling an entire capital ship or space station? I'll believe it when I see it!

Devin Kasan:Hey, I've heard it can do more than that. Something about being able to actually redesign & rebuild the ship it's piloting

Walex Blissex:In theory, that's what Dr Len believes it can do and that's why we're going to meet him. He'd like me to design a ship to specifically house the ExOne droid.

Lagon: So a ship with one of these droids plugged into it might learn from it's experiences and actually modify the ship to radjust to a new environment?

Walex Blissex:Precisely. Since crews would be minimal there would be extra room for reconstruction machinery & materials.

Dour Han-Daall:So why did Dr Len ask for protection?

Oliver: It's a very powerful machine. If it fell into the wrong hands...

Damu Hogyl: Yeah, think what might have happened if one of those droids had been in command of the Death Star when our guys attacked it

Lagon: It would probably have seen right through our plan and found a way to stop it

Dour Han-Daall: You don't know that for sure. It's just a bunch of theories and speculation

Domu Hogyl: So was the Death Star at one time

Devin Kasan: Hey, if the Empire gets its hands on this machine there's no telling what they might do with it

Oliver: That's right. So keep in mind we're supposed to look out for this Vreen character - Dr Len's assistant

Togawa Rybu: Does he have imperial connections?

Walex Blissex: If he does we have no record of it. All that Dr Len told me was that he was acting suspiciously.

Oliver: I think we've got company

Devin Kasan: They look like Cloud Car escorts. Why haven't they hailed us?

Dour Han-Daall: I have a bad feeling abou tthis

Lagon: If they're on to us, they must be after Dr Len too

Togawa Rybu: Great. A nice relaxing visit to Cloud City....



Last Updated: August 2001