Star Wars: Ice Planet Meltdown

Cast of Characters

On Hunters Moon:

  • Fir'ith Sivron – Jedi (Twi`Lek)
  • Zoon – Noble (Zabrak)

On The Bounty (YT1300 Transport – heavily modified)

  • Jack Random - Scoundrel
  • ZX81 – Droid
  • M'Tany – Soldier

From Jacks Journal

The Bounty has recently visited Sylar 6 (a planet still controlled by the Empire). The Rebellion has offered me 50,000 credits to retrieve some information from a contact on Sylar 6 and pass it on to the Hunters Moon. I now have a data disk in my possession containing details of troop dispositions, contacts, maps etc. The Hunters Moon is hidden on the dark side of Sylar 2 (an ice planet).

The trip to Sylar 2 is uneventful – easy money! Moving towards the Hunters Moon contact is established despite some turbulence in the upper atmosphere.

Suddenly all hell breaks look – blaster fire, turbo lasers strike the ship - both ships seem to be firing on each other. I attempt to get the Bounty out of there but struggle to regain control – looks like we're going down! ZX81 frantically tries to fix the ship and M'Tany works on the computers. I re-establish some control but we're still going down!

Sensors show the Hunters Moon is also badly damaged and the crew seem to be abandoning ship – rescue pods emerging from it. The weapons start to fire again. ZX81 tries unsuccessfully to determine why the weapons are firing. We crash – badly. The bridge area breaks away from the ship and I'm trapped! The escape pods seem to be coming down about ½ day away to the North.

Conditions are bad – blizzards, extreme cold. I ask ZX81 to help me get out of the bridge section. ZX81 starts to dig in the surrounding snow and eventually breals through. I follow it back to the main ship.

The generators and engines are badly damaged. I jury rig one of the computers to bring it back on line. ZX81 goes to inspect the outside of the ship. M'Tany makes some coffee. There's nothing on the outside of the ship and our weapons haven't been fired. We jury-rig the computer but get no useful information. ZX81 tries to establish contact with someone but there's no response. We jurty-rig the sensor array.

Sensors show blips to the North, a large reading to the East (the corvette?) and possibly some buildings to the East of it. M'Tany suggests scavenging the corvette to repair the ship.

We establish communications with the survivors of the Hunters Moon. We also think someone else is listening in. We conclude that there were droids attached to the ships (ZX81 finds some evidence to support this) that were firing the weapons. We agree to travel to them having first set the ships distress beacon going.

We rendez-vous and exchange information. Zoon treats everyone's wounds. One of the Hunters Moon mechanics also survived but is badly wounded. We rest.

In the morning ZX81 spots something white and fast moving near the campsite (Bi-pedal, small horns, yellow-eyes). It moves away. Fir'Ith tries to establish a telepathic link – it emotes death.

We start to trek towards the crash site, stopping when its dark. ZX81, Fir'Ith and M'Tany take the watch. ZX81 spots the white creature and opens fire. In the melee a second creature appears and takes the injured mechanic.

ZX81 blows away the creature attacking the Jedi. M'Tany does the same with the one fleeing with the injured mechanic. We examine the bodies – they seem similar to creatures that are found on Hoth, but possible slightly bigger – Wampers. The mechanics condition deteriorates.



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