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Petsi's Parlour

Alternative Names: Petsi’s Place, Petsi’s Dish


A small restaurant located in the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco.

Petsi’s Parlour specialises in ‘real’ food/home cooking, as opposed to replicated or processed food. As such the prices are somewhat higher than other establishments. It has however become quite popular among those cadets in the know as a good place to go on a date or other special occasion. It is also a good place for quiet meetings between friends who enjoy good food and conversation.

The ambience of Petsi’s Parlour is best described as ‘rustic romance’. The restaurant is not large but makes the most of the available space by using small, antique pine tables just large enough for two people. These can be moved together to accommodate larger groups. The tables and matching chairs stand on a floor covered with terracotta tiles. Each table is covered with a red and white chequered tablecloth on top of which stands a small vase holding freshly-cut flowers. The walls and ceiling are decorated with a variety of dried herbs/plants and antique rustic implements. Traditional New Orleons jazz is played quietly in the background and the aroma of cooking food fills the air (Petsi takes great pride in her freshly baked bread). A variety of real wines are available, served in glass tumblers as opposed to wineglasses.

Petsi is a small woman of indeterminate age. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She bustles between the kitchen and the main restaurant wearing a brightly coloured apron and matching chef’s hat. Her husband, Gregor, acts as maitre-de/waiter. Gregor is a large jovial man who, judging by his paunch, enjoys his wife’s cooking rather too much! He happily regales impressionable cadets with stories of his time in Starfleet as a shuttlecraft pilot anoard the USS Potemkin. (Narrator note: Gregor has the potential to become a ‘Boothby’ to the characters). Their daughter, Marselle, assists Petsi in the Kitchens. Marselle is 17 years old, pretty, intelligent and bored! She seeks excitement and hopes to enlist at the Academy as soon as she is 18. She occasionally slips out of the kitchens to talk to any cadets present asking them about life at the Academy, the preparatory programme, entrance exams (& how best to prepare for them). If she overhears the characters planning an exciting/interesting excursion she may well pester them to allow her to tag along. (Narrator note: Marselle may provide a romantic interest for one of the cadets).

Episode Seeds

The characters overhear a conversation that leads them into an adventure:

- A starfleet officer is being blackmailed

- An encounter between a spy and his contact

- Plans to commit a crime

- A conversation that implies one of the above but in reality is quite innocent

A drunken Starfleet officer or fellow cadet arrives and starts to behave in an obnoxious fashion

A local bully takes a dislike to the interest Marselle shows in the characters, seeing her his girl. He waits for them to leave then ambushes them with a few of his cronies to warn them off/teach them a lesson

In her search for excitement Marselle has got caught up in some illegal activity she now regrets. She approaches the characters for help

Petsi’s parlour is recreated on a holodeck by an officer with fond memories of his/her time at the academy. The holodeck malfunctions/is invaded by photonic life-forms and strange things start to happen


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